Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Not Even the Dogs Would Like to Be Dogs

I keep on getting videos involving dogs sent to my YouTube. This is just one more of those: Dogs The owner seems very proud of the reaction of his puppy, and the puppy does look happy indeed, like for most of it. I would like to observe that the dog is holding on to the lead, however. It seems that it is happy with the thought of going out, not necessarily seeing the owner therefore. I watch one after the other and my conclusion is always the same: Not even the pet would like to be a pet, like all of them seem to prefer being free. 

We petize, let's say, the animals. They are naturally wild however. So are we. Just the thought of having any other human being commanding my life and decisions is like a horror movie for me. I go through all I am going through for extras 15 years in absolutely haste, horror, and with infinite amount of pain plus criminal loss, and only God knows why He would let such a penalty be imposed to someone of my nature. 

In the video I am, let's say, quoting here, you see the sweetest dog in the world. I would say however that the wiggling of the tail, which lots of vets have declared to be happiness, is actually anxiety and inability of both understanding and dealing with the human world. I think you will notice that dogs do not go like that with the own dogs. I would say things are more intuitive than they seem and we are also more similar to them than we think: We are anxious, we move up and down. We are impatient, we fiddle with a pen, with our own fingers, etc. So does the dog. This one is up and down and the tail goes crazy. On top, his facial expression does contain sweetness well beyond belief, but, at the same time, it contains what I will call suplice, which is an impression of incapacity of doing something to get what we want. We depend on someone else and our eyes go a sort of without life, as if we had been transferred to conformed mode. Perhaps they show perplexity and incapacity. Poor dogs. Poor me. No wonder some overseas miserable people who came around me in backpackers, to which I was criminally forced for long, would call me Tessa, and Tessa is the name of the dog of Bradley, which he never really watches over. His mother or sister do. No wonder. Adequate. I am also full of suplice all these years: Poor Marcia of all internal and external injuries that are created with all intention on earth by Brazilians and Australians for more than 15 years in democracy, First World. Not even a fighting chance for what used to be my most priceless head, body, life, person, etc. Only God is for us, little dog, only God. Do you pray? They say that if we pray we have more chances. 




Friday, 23 December 2016

Message Bank and Telephone Providers in Australia

Today, 23rd of December of 2016, after my mobile was out of action for a few days (since Thursday) because it was not ringing, like all calls were being deviated somehow and I was then getting the noise of text message, but, when I read them, they all said that I did not answer the calls, I found out I had 40 voice messages that I never heard. 

I never set up the voice mail messenger, so that I was really not worried, and I was thinking that nothing was entering there. I then found out that it is automatically set and the phone then automatically answers, this in all Australian telephone lines, I reckon, mobile and landline. 

To make it all worse, upon trying to listen to them I couldn't. One, they get deleted  7 days after being received. Two, I can only listen to them if I finally set up the voice mail messenger. 

Basically, I have been contacting a few people, and, if I ever get their help, my life can be effectively saved, my career, and all else, at the current state of affairs, or I can effective finally acquire a fighting chance. I was assuming none of those people I was contacting was wiling to collaborate, so that I kept on trying more people, but, in the end, they may actually have decided for calling me instead of writing an e-mail because that is the quickest way to reach me, and, in this way, they will guarantee that I get their message. Unbelievable! 

And the service provider cannot find out or disclose not even their number... . 

If the voice mail messenger did not answer those calls instead, those people would probably have called me again or sent an e-mail, when I finally would know they want to collaborate with me, so that the fact that they have that set by default may actually have stopped justice and restoration of my most basic human rights, and it is now 15 years of maximum violation of all my human rights in Australia mostly because of Brazil... . 

That is really bad luck for all of the involved: Those people who trusted the machine to do that sort of job, me, whose only life, head, body, career that matters, etc. can be saved in their current state of affairs with that call, and those who depend on me being saved, so that I save them too, like my own mother, if still alive. 

It is all really bad: Such a detail, and if the companies did not do that us, and they probably do it to get more money from us, since we pay for the service, we would have a much better chance of basically saving people from criminal death, impairment, etc. 

Shame that the oppressor realistically always succeeds in doing this to the small ones, who are frequently their victims. Sometimes they are victims of true atrocities for even one decade and a half where everyone has their rights to freedom, privacy, and property guaranteed by law. 




Thursday, 17 November 2016

Sunrise Show

I have just found out that the Sunrise Show, that one with the window open to the public, like basically you can appear on TV if you go there, happens every day at Martin Place in Sydney from 6 AM to 9 AM. It also happens on Sundays. Please, whoever can save a life today and is willing to do that, even if it is for the possible millions attached to the action: Go there with a banner saying, I saw Marcia R Pinheiro suffering atrocities in Australia. No constitution? Of course, that is only if you are an eye witness, but I can obviously give you the names of people who are eye witnesses so that you also become one. They say all we need is 30 seconds of exposure. If you send a recording of your achievement to me, you will get refunded for the expenses you can prove plus your time there. If we win, and we get to have Marcia Hope, you get 1 million in each 100 we collect in donations through the show, which, hopefully, will be made also from the reports of people like you. Maybe we will have to insist and do it a few more times to get heard, but it should eventually work. Suggestion is a white magnetic board, biggest, so that you can change the message, you can use it for other things later on, etc. So, that is to use the board instead of a banner to get the message across. Hopefully you yourself will get interviewed and will then get to describe what you saw. We have some hundreds of witnesses by now, since it is about 15 years of martyrdom, but we need a start, and you will be the start of the flame. For being the initial sparkle, you get the largest pay. Please shout to save. Write to if you need more information. 

As an end-of-the-year message: May God always bless those who, in being able to do something, would never let another human being be deprived from their rights to freedom, privacy, and property, regardless of who is depriving them from those and who the person who is deprived from those rights is. As you know, in the same way they nowadays have meat cooked in even three ways, I am deprived from these basic three rights in multiple ways since the end of 2001, it now being full 15 years without those in First World Democracy. That who saves me from this and guarantees Marcia Hope in three countries (AU, BR, US), 4 weeks, with all the martyrdom told on TV as it is from my perspective, at least 500 millions collected from each one of these three countries, is going to be the closest thing I will have had to a friend in 15 years. Long life to those. As you know, just the original ideas I gave in person to Trevor Skinner in that end of 2001 amount to millions per month. Deal or No Deal, About Schmidt, The Last Samurai, De Saia Justa (BR), The Biggest Loser, and solar energy factory (UK) are just a few of those. As I keep on thinking, just the first 3 millions from the first idea they stole would make my happiness for the rest of my life and guarantee my PhD title and academic job almost instantaneously. Extreme cruelty, disloyalty, and selfishness is what led to me existing in such conditions since that end of 2001. 




Thursday, 10 November 2016

Organised Criminal Stalking and Harassment

Building shows one more episode of violence/crime that happened around me as I am trying to go out at night or look as if. I now realise this has been happening to me since 2000 at most. It started with an Islamic black man terrorising me inside of the cab where I was (I was the paying party, it was only me and him inside of the cab). I was coming back from an outing involving Julia Sawyer back then. I have already published that in another blog here. Basically, the guy kept on telling me what he claimed to be a real-life story. That involved a woman leaving the female flatmate on her own and going out for fun at night. When she came back, someone had killed the flatmate or something. It was something perhaps involving blood and walls as well; a horrific thing. I was sharing a unit with Endang, who was Islamic and Indonesian, back then. You will read in another blog that I was practically forced to that too, like I wanted an apartment for me to rent on my own, then perhaps sublet, but I was stalked by other women. I now think that it was all Carla, sincerely. I now remember her telling me she entered my college to have sex with a boy I was interested in and her telling me she said she was my friend when people asked. I then think she made friends there and those friends are the ones who stalked me as I was looking for a place to rent, so that they would take precisely the apartment that I so much wanted. Those women who stalked me were white and native. Coincidentally, I now was able to create a clear association between those women who told me they were also from Grace College, as I was inspecting the target-apartment with them, and the woman who appeared in my building on Charnwood Road saying, Go Back to Brazil. She yelled from the last unit to my left there, during the day, all following the introduction of the woman who claimed to be Italian in Neil Barnett's office. The physical type of all the three is identical, and it is possible they all met Carla The Vaca at my college as she entered it and pretended to be my friend, now I know, 100%. It can only be her all the time then, even the house in St. Kilda East that ruined my RMIT, my life in general, my career, and is still criminally destroying my only life, head, body, perfect time in this world, now for so many years, with so much intention and atrocity, not even a fighting chance for previously so perfect white Marcia as the negro race people from Rio destroy my all against absolutely every law of Australia and Brazil, what now lasts for one decade and a half only God knows why. Where is police, I wonder? 

When I was in St. Kilda, and once more trying to enjoy the privileges of the lifestyle of the single people, so that I was actually using my so beautiful white Hyunday, zero, to go out at night on my own, I was again terrorised by men. Whilst in front of my apartment there were men from South America, apparently Colombians, saying they would be raping a woman soon, and I thought this woman could also be me, to my left side there was a couple who used to let a lot of men enter their apartment at night time, after parking their vehicles in the building, garage, and hit the walls, sometimes saying Get Out to me. I was in Adelaide and Hamish advised me strongly not to go out, to stay in, and I understood that was so that he would help me save myself from the atrocities I endure, but it was not quite like that, as you probably know, since I am still enduring almost full slavery on top of other atrocities, so long passed from, let's say, this order of his. I am now here, just started in a new place, and this happens one day after I was seen with a woman at night. She was actually inviting me to go to a casino where we could be meeting boys. I now believe that absolutely all of it was rooted in Veronica Pinheiro Vieira and Andre from Rio de Janeiro, black race, Brazil, to be sincere. I am again stalked by Islamic women, and by women. I never ever had women around me in my life before that, especially so many, so that who put all these women, and I hate women absolutely, like for everything on earth I always chose men in my life, and that can only then be a result of the criminal interference of these black race people with my existence since I very regretfully, and God knows I regret with all my soul and life already in 1999, tried to be friends with Veronica Pinheiro Vieira, my blood cousin, for the first time in my life, was obviously the same Veronica Pinheiro Vieira and soccer club. And one would think that there could not be worse women than Stella Puget de Almeida, Eliane, Lea Ricci Pinheiro or Marcia Britto were in my existence... . Oh, bad luck that never goes away basically. Anyway, I again have Islamic women around me, where I live, and it can only then always be Carla The Vaca. I now know that when I was trying to split from Bradley and desperately looking for a place I could afford, a place just for me, as I had in Brazil, me the owner of all, as it is the only way I feel comfortable in life, who made it impossible was the black race people from Rio. More specifically, it can only have been, all the time, Andre, Veronica Pinheiro Vieira, and their envoys, including Carla The Vaca and Mario. I now deeply believe that Veronica Pinheiro Vieira ALSO had sex with Rogerio de Oliveira, as incredible as it may seem (Lea Ricci Pinheiro stalked him in his building on Marques de Valenca, and it is apparently because of that and because of her being able to push him to an extreme, that he started betraying me, the first prostitute being the own Lea Ricci Pinheiro). Jayme Ricci Pinheiro said several times he saw Lea Ricci Pinheiro having sex with the own father. I sincerely believe this for long now, what he says he saw. I also believe all the problems of Lea Maria Ricci with Jayme Braganca Pinheiro were rooted in the same place as my problems with Rogerio de Oliveira were: Lea Ricci Pinheiro. Lea, also known as Leinha, is definitely the own devil, as I said to Trevor Skinner in that end of 2001. Lea Maria says she forced her way out of her womb, since both father and mother did not want her and tried to abort many times. When Andre, Veronica Pinheiro Vieira's partner, cracked on me, and I was realistically in deep need of sex when he did that, I bravely, and very strongly, rejected him, given that he was the partner of my cousin and I don't betray and do not let others betray. Veronica then must have started saying that I needed a female friend, which is then the reason for her to put these Islamic women to stalk me everywhere I go, and she is probably the reason for us to have the support staff member from VUT saying to me, she needed a friend, utterance I never understood in time (only by now, quite sincerely). It must have been the own Veronica who asked Andre to behave like that, I now believe. That was precisely to see if I would do what she did, I reckon. In seeing that I had immense respect for people, especially their intimate and romantic relationships, she felt ashamed, but she then decided women could have sex with my men and I should turn to women or something, like too bad or whatever. That is the same decision that Lea Ricci Pinheiro had in what regarded me, so that all prostitutes should think and proceed in the same way, very unfortunately. Shamefully enough, regardless of how much they say they love us, and how much they seem to need our company, support or help, they will never not even share what they have done to us when we were basically not seeing, this regardless of how many times and in how many ways we confront them even with direct questions. This also coincides with the choices of Bradley Paul Neal, and Rogerio de Oliveira: Regardless of how much we confront them and even ask direct questions, they will never ever share with us what they have done to us when we were basically not seeing. As I keep on thinking, God condemned promiscuity because that destroys character even when it is in the open (all accepted being promiscuous, all know what the others are doing, etc.). 

I now think it is too coincidental not to be what it is: Someone keeps a close watch on me and attacks me in this way each, and every, time they think I won't succeed, let's say, if I go out, this since at most 2000. Not succeeding may as well be not bringing men home. I think I am entitled to go out for going out and bring nobody home, first of all. Second, nobody could ever have decided a second of my adult life in my place, for I only had one life, especially in what regards what to do with my sexuality, perfect 2001 body, head, face, etc. Third, it has to be illegal. 

I now think I am sure that who is doing this to me is Carla, the black woman whose 'man' stalked me in Australia in 2000 as soon as I arrived with no success, Mario. I think I am sure Mario was sent to catch me as a partner, almost sure who sent him was either Veronica Pinheiro Vieira or Andre, her husband/partner. They are all black like Veronica and Andre, and all those never had not even a trace of something in common with me or rights to believe they did. I think I am absolutely sure that Mario, after trying to approach me and get me to like him or be at least his friend, called Carla and asked her to come too, since she arrived later, that being because they wanted to guarantee that I would never leave their circle of control. Carla then attacks me in multiple ways since 2000, all ending up in practically full slavery for more than 14 years. I think Carla and Mario must have stolen money in Brazil to come to Australia, perhaps a refined trick involving credit cards and high limits. Both Veronica and Andre look unhealthy and do drugs. Both Carla and Mario look OK and do not seem to do those. The woman next door to me at Charnwood Road looked like Carla, the one I think was never on the lease, as said in other blogs. She was also short, black, and with similar body. We just got black people again (video, unit where they have just broken a window), even though of a different type (blacker), since Carla, Mario, Veronica, and Andre are more to the side of what is called mulatto in Brazil. My mother was always saying that this race is really disgusting because, first of all, they are neither black nor white. I think I agree with her, that mulatto ends up being the most criminal race on earth, the most coward, parasitic, and unscrupulous. Anyway, I told that all to Trevor in 2001, what had happened that far, but I never really imagined what I clearly see now: These episodes were all criminally organised, one by one, by Carla, Mario, Veronica, and Andre. 

On my first day of living in Melbourne, I was at the main shopping street, light of the day, really early, say 3 PM, going down to a shop underground, a shoe shop of some sort, as for memory, when I felt that heavy hand inside of my bag. I turn to see who was doing that and I see two women. The one with the hand inside of my bag was again black, Carla's type (mulatto), relatively OK in looks like Carla. I remember having thought that Australia was then not such a perfect place. 

When I was inside of the tram in North Melbourne, this whilst basically sharing a house with Andrew Clarkson, the driver, who was again a black man, this time Islamic, physically stopped me from doing my duty and paying the ticket. He literally raised his arm and held me, practically forbidding me from doing that. I now think I am sure that he was asked to do such a thing by Carla's friends, who can only be again mulatto, basically a woman who is black and does look relatively OK, just like Carla. I however kept that in my mind and, upon reflecting on things, listening to his arguments, etc., got convinced that not paying was the right thing to do, just like in Brazil: If you don't have money, you don't pay for your ticket and it is all fine, like if you are on what is called low income. That is because Brazil used human rights to create arguments to support this law: The entire Country published that everyone had the rights to go and come, that transport was what it was, public, so that people would have to be entitled to use it for free upon need. I then a sort of purchased that fight without that ever being part of my normal world before. In 2001, I got my brand new bike stolen by the friends of Trevor Skinner, who I now know for many years were also black, probably connected to the black woman next door, and therefore almost surely connected to Carla The Vaca ( I don't know her surname, likely to be Silva, quite sincerely, but she was doing a postgraduate course in Human Movement at UQ in 2000 with Mario). I lost the equivalent to 400 Australian dollars and that was my investment for me not to have to pay the so expensive tram tickets and still do some exercise. I think I am sure Bradley Paul Neal knows very well who stole that bike, and I think the money went to him or the own bike went to his brother, Steve. I just have this intuition since back then. Anyway, because of the theft of the bike, and the heavy induction of the driver from North Melbourne, tram, I ended up riding the tram without a valid ticket a few times, and they caught me perhaps three times in that 2002 without a ticket, with me being subjected to a fine of at least 200 dollars each, and every, time. I then did try to use the legal arguments Brazil used to pass the law that allowed Brazilians to travel for free in public transport when they were in low income. I was in low income, but the Victorian authorities were really rigid on that and I ended up paying the fine before the due time three times, so that I actually lost more money than I would have lost if I purchased another Merida, what is really odd and irrational. I did try, however, in all those times, to use the argument of the poor people (let's call it like that). Nothing. 

I now think I am sure that who put those inspectors (all women looking like lesbians, Judith Cook's type, all native) over me, to fine me all those times, and still oppress me heavily on the street not only inside of the tram, were the acquaintances of Carla The Vaca. In this case, they may be black people from the own Rio working for the trams, perhaps lawyers friends with Andre, Veronica's partner. They did that to always make it look as if I am the marginal, basically. I think I am sure that who steals my correspondence in Australia since at most 2005 is Carla The Vaca's friends. Basically, in 2004, as I was passing by the cubicle where my PO Box is located on A'Beckett St, Melbourne, this woman, who was again black, mulatto, Carla's type, made sure I would see her by letting the entrance door open. She challenged me with her starring, and also by showing a quite provocative expression toward me, facial, plus making sure I noticed that she was responsible for delivering correspondence directly to the pigeon holes, those inside of the most reserved area. I now think that this Carla, this prostitute, parasite of men, just like Veronica, spread, since 2000, that I am a housewife or that such is what I want to be. I think I am sure she is responsible for my every disgrace in every sector of my life since back then. I just don't know why. I believe Andre is friends with Rogerio de Oliveira, since they are the same type of man (ugly, drug addict, mallandro, dishonest, bisexual, unfaithful, etc.), and Rogerio must have told him that he would like me to be like his mother, a housewife, and therefore a parasite of men. Perhaps because of that both Andre and Veronica decided to attack my perfect and priceless life, career, head, and body since at most 2000 together, finally internationally and with no shame, with the worst world atrocities, since that end of 2001, when I did the impossible to get them all arrested or prosecuted, whoever it was that was doing all that to me. As said in other blogs, Mario would have convinced Priest to give me financial, emotional, and professional loss in that second semester of 2000, so that nothing that Priest did was actually his idea. The conclusions are drawn from simple realities, such as Mario stopping me to let me know that UQ had demanded that he did an extra IELTS test. As I listened to him, he did not like my reaction, which I am not sure I remember, like my words or something, so that he can only have gone after Priest and gotten Priest to demand the same from me, as he did. 

I am basically attacked internationally by these negro race people that I came to Australia to get rid of and things worsened up to the level of infinity after Trevor Skinner, who was basically at least Judith Cook from Equity VUT and Cameron Plant, the Australian man who believed that it should be two Brazilian women for each Australian man in 2001, as for what he declared. I am not a negro, and since 9 years old I dream of a place where they don't go, a place for me and my race, European white, basically. I dreamed of a totally racist Australia, to be sincere, a place like my Porto Alegre was when I was born: Rate of negro race people close to zero. I wanted people only like myself: blue or green eyed, white, into sports, community-minded, etc. I thought I had found that in Australia up to that call in 2001, the horrific call that brought all these disgraces to my life, including that Trevor Skinner (Bradley's call). 

I don't know what this is, but everyone seems to know everything I go through and effectively do nothing to protect my previously so priceless and perfect head, body, face, sexuality, life, career, Science, etc. against those who attack me, imagine helping me get justice? I am not a black person, so that protection against black people should be expected by default, since realistically they definitely live to attack us, as said to Trevor in that end of 2001. It is realistically impossible to understand or accept any piece of it, from beginning to end. I really don't understand. It is like, please explain. 

To make it all worse, I am recalling the negro race person, this Indian woman, again of Carla's type, therefore mulatto, stalking me by the photocopying machine room at RMIT. Just like the tram driver, the only function of that woman there seemed to be making me do worse than I usually do, much worse, and still precisely the opposite: I always present excellent work, best I can do, and that is, I believe, the white people's way. The woman was there to push me as strongly as that driver did, so that I would hand in a thesis that was, in my opinion, a draft, not a thesis. I already said in other blogs that cariocas, the black people from Rio, destroyed Brazil because people just seem to get convinced of their discourse. It is not that it is logical, but, given the situation and persistence, we end up being brainwashed by what they say. I don't know how to explain that well in scientific terms, I confess, but I am sure it is something horrific and they do that to us all the time. I told Trevor, my Porto Alegre was safest, family-like environment, no betrayal, nothing, before the arrival of the negro race people. They started getting in through the courts, as far as I know, so that this is just like the USA: We don't want them, and we have very strong reasons, logical, not to want them. One of them is biological preservation. They impose themselves through what I can only call institutional crime, and here we are: In slavery, suffering all the other atrocities, 24/7, for even more than 14 years, in what should be our land, exclusively ours, finally, land of the whites. All formally called democracy, system that was invented exclusively by whites, capitalism, another system invented by whites, where they sign for human rights, and whites invented those, yet, because of the negro race people, there we go, one more infinitely perfect and priceless, priceless for the entire human kind, not only for white people, human existence is over because of absurd crimes, never even imagined possible by white people in practice, all gratuitous and infinitely coward and disloyal. I don't know, it is incredible, but I do believe this is all connected to their race: they make whites attack whites, they make the own blacks attack blacks, they create confusion, they create violence, they make us betray each other, back stab, etc. It is just not right becoming worse, especially because of processes we don't even understand or master, such as this sort of brainwashing to which I refer. I think that naked bodies shaking, dancing, in public places, not at home for their partners or something, was again a negro race invention. I am not Islamic, but I also think we should not provoke the man that is not ours, especially sexually. If it is accidental, as my case with Cameron Plant in 2001 certainly was, then it is OK, but never intentional, and, in special, never premeditated, since sexual lust that is attained like that is not a result of love or of intents to seek it, and therefore is sin. 




Saturday, 5 November 2016

The so Little that Saves Lives but People Don't Do

What most hurts in all these years of victimisation, of martyrdom, is the so little I have ever needed, or asked, from people that they never did, and this even when they get paid by the government to do what I asked, even when that is actually their job.

I was just recalling me on phone with Judith Cook at RMIT, she called. It sufficed that woman said that Trevor Skinner was Brazil and I would never go to Brazil, for instance. That, per se, would have saved my entire life, career, and organism. 

When I was there, face to face with  her, at her office, it sufficed that she said that she had investigated things and the worst in all I endured at VUT was Bradley Paul Neal. Evidence was everywhere, with time I noticed: Even the physical aspect of the woman they put there to stalk me, the one who said she was Italian, was that of Bradley's work fellow, a native female who told me she was a lawyer. If she ever told me that officially, that is, inside of her office, even without giving me a piece of paper, I would be able to, after having Bradley forcing me to get an interdiction order against Andrew Clarkson, and getting one, since that was also needed, get one against the own Bradley. That per se would save my entire body, age, life, and career, believe it or not. 

How long does that take? Probably less than 15 minutes. 

If Trevor ever did the minimum thing I asked Australia to do in case they'had the courage of forcing me to go to Brazil, as they have done, in that 2001/2/3, which was finishing with the interdiction order there, I would go back to Brazil in 2004, as soon as I realised what they had done to me in the Country when I was there, and, using my local knowledge plus resources, I would be rid of all atrocities I endure in less than six months, believe it or not. And, actually, if they finished with such a law before I arrived there, Agnella Ricci Terra would never have had the courage of progressing any further with her crimes against me or my mother, that is the reality of things. It is only that damn law that made this all possible. 

I even accepted, as for my speech to Trevor in that end of 2001, the possibility that the native Australians, 100% native, were racist, and acted upon having prejudice against me, even with me being their only possible race (white European), but, as I said to him, then give me my rights or conditions to fight against my usual violators/aggressors in Brazil, so that I can recover there, basically, and then go to another place, say USA. 

It is unbelievable. They had the care of keeping me under maximum victimisation all these years, now about 15, not letting me have not even my post (stolen at a rate of about 95% since 2005, when I blocked Bradley's mobile in my mobile), and they could not dedicate less than six months of their lives to finish with that damn law... . 

Yet, I myself always go the extra mile for everyone else all the time during the entire term of my life, even enduring what I endure. Won't say I obeyed Hamish and went somewhere he wanted me to go under all this all the time, perhaps unfortunately, but I always go the extra mile for what is reasonable. I was serving a woman from Brazil who was from Rio, and I take for granted that every carioca is a marginal, and, even under so much, for so long, because of the same Rio de Janeiro, this time in Australia, I even spoke to other people about her situation seeking help, since she did seem to be suffering extreme violation of human rights herself. She seemed to be being denied the rights to have a lawyer, for instance, as for memory. I absolutely always help and do whatever I can for things to be fair in this world for all of us, not only for me. So simple, so little. Judith Cook worked for the government in a branch called Equity. It is all a  joke! 

I just needed Asha Baliga to have minimum amount of loyalty with me and let me present at SERC in 2002 for me to have a chance of completing my degree, sticking to SERC, etc. Not even that. I needed her to guarantee I would have an academic desk there. Not even that. Minimum thing, minimum loyalty. Never encountered. Finally like this because of the own police, own human rights people, etc. There is only God, realistically. 

I feel sorry for whoever invents that they can do this if we commit a mistake in Science, since even top researchers like Corcoran, Dragomir, and Priest were proven by me, now also in writing, to have committed is atrocities against Science, and absolutely nobody ever bothered not even criticising their work properly. I don't think we can use the life of another, violate therefore their basic human rights, in any hypothesis. I think the laws exist for a very good reason, and this reason, as for Australia and Brazil, is supported by the entire peoples, the entire countries. There is no possible excuse for disloyalty in competition, regardless of what sort of competition we refer to: for a man, for a job, for a degree, etc. I can now present is tons of mistakes in Science that are as huge as life, and mistakes that are seen in major scientific journals, so that we are sure the theses of those people, if they ever graduated, must also contain essential mistakes. With this, once more, and in the name of equality in general, there is realistically no excuse for what happens to me in this world. I was also a student, not a professor yet, as for formal titles, not as for standing or work or merit, and, as a student, I obviously had the right to commit mistakes. That is why we get a supervisor, first of all. So, realistically, only dying or getting saved from all this and having it all in the press as it is for me all these years, not to say my entire life on earth, to simply understand the rationale behind this all. It can only be a joke! Once more, when can we get rid of last world countries if we have nothing in common, as for what we think, when can we get rid of their peoples? What else could I have done? Once more, not even my mother had my physical address in Australia, and I did love her with all my heart before I am attacked, like, at that stage of life, I must admit I loved nobody that be not myself, but, if space were found in my heart and soul, that was for her that far. It can only be a joke! I sacrifice to maximum, she does not have not even that, and even so we find someone in Australia, working for the own Australian government, to make this all possible. Once more, it is for nothing else but illegal and highly criminal transference of my strategic information to my mortal enemies in Brazil and overseas that this was all made possible. Yet, the damn Trevor was sent by Judith Cook from Equity VUT, therefore by the Australian government. Explain, please. 




Friday, 28 October 2016

Ear Drums and Things Entering through Ears

Drums brings the most fantastic images I have ever seen of the human ear. That ignited a debate inside of my own head: How could the CIA bug, the last one, around since at most 2002, get inside of us through the ear? All we know is that it does get inside of the head like that. Well, from watching this movie, there is at least one hole through which the damn thing could be squeezed: This hole we see at the top right of the drum. Unfortunately, though, the information we have leads us to believe that the person who inserts the bug has to tilt the head of the victim to an angle that is something between 45 and 90 degrees to succeed (unfortunately because this looks incompatible with the images, like they would have to tilt down or something for us to be able to imagine the minuscule snake squeezing through the hole we see. There must be another hole, and I am going to try to find it). A rush of cold is the maximum the victim would feel, this for a fraction of second, and the entire process of insertion takes something between 30 and 60 seconds. After that, the bug is seen inside of the ear bag. From there, it will perhaps lose some blue coloured material, which will apparently come out of the ear if you use cotton buds, and it will be moved via vibratory mobile allowance, satellite mobile, to the top of the human spine, from where it can cause maximum damage and allow for maximum control of the victim's organism, thoughts, and life. That is when the person becomes a slave of that who bugged them. In principle, they are all mobile numbers that are not officially in existence in the telecommunications system, just like the crossed line crimes of Rogerio de Oliveira and brothers (Junior and Marcelo) a few years before I come to Australia: Brazil does a lot of crossed lines even officially (Porto Alegre, for example, had a telephone number through which people could make new friends, and it was a crossed line). The marginals from Rio found a way of using those lines, which are not (officially) seen as available in the telecommunications systems to commit crime, including drug distribution. Rogerio also communicated by means of a radio called PX, a radio that a cousin of mine, son of Ilda Terezinha, also used. In my cousin's case, he apparently made healthy usage of the gadget: To help him with roads, remote help, etc. The bug we talk about works via satellite, what means anyone anywhere on earth can get bugged and be remotely monitored and even physically destroyed if ever becoming a victim. I was told the entire Brazilian community asked to have Rede Globo off in Australia, so that the satellite, the only one I know Brazil has got, would not be transmitting to Australia. This is of help if The Brazilians are using the satellite for the purposes of controlling these bugs in people's heads, since, if the Australian government were ever honest, the organs that monitor the sound and image space would detect unauthorised usage of lines, what could then lead to investigation and stop on atrocities against those who live in Australia if those were ever coming from Brazil. I was told that the Australian organs that monitor the space for sound and image are corrupt, immoral, and criminal. I was told they are sick of knowing of such illegal activity since the start. Apparently the criminal death of the entire group of space scientists of Brazil in the first years of my martyrdom was due to the fact that they were ethical and would stop this sort of thing. I was also told that a group of space scientists from the own Brazil stopped the Brazilian satellite for a while in the first years of my martyrdom (they used maintenance as an excuse) and some victims were able to record the voice transmission to their heads via mobile, normal mobile. They were in a call with a person who was in Australia, and such could easily be proven, but the voice they recorded was of someone who was clearly in Brazil, impossible-to-be-confused voice, so that it could be nothing else, like they could still claim the transmissions were happening to the mobile itself instead of the head of the person, but they would still have to admit that they were happening. Australian and Brazilian authorities seem to know about all since at most 2005. For some reason, we will never be protected or saved from crimes like this. This snake thing, the CIA bug, is a miniature of a simplified mobile circuit. We imagine, for instance, that one would not need battery, since it works on human body heat or something of the sort. It would not need local storage, since it is all about transmitting to the usurpers, etc. Since the entire mobile fits our SIM cards, by eliminating unnecessary components, we would probably have a stripe of that SIM card. The Japanese have reduced mobiles to the size of wrist watches, normal ones, long time ago. We then imagine we take one of those and take away the unnecessary components. We then organise it all in a string and it will become a ring in the victim's head after the insertion, as for CT scans. The ring will be covered of human flesh with time, so that it will look natural, as if it were at most a congenital fault. Medicine cannot help the person after the thing is on the top of the spine because the damage has to be reverted and only a team formed of engineers and doctors of medicine can try to address the problem of adequate reversion of all the damage. As you can imagine, shocks, for instance, are very possible. The press published, by 2007, that the Pentagon had found a way of basically frying people alive using satellites. And this is without the device, but, with it, they could obviously target a specific individual. As you know, electric shocks have been banned from quite a few places in the world around the time Brazilian scientists proved that they healed no problem, only destroyed the human faculties, and this was decades before I come to Australia, like in 1990 Brazil already had rules to forbid any cruel mental treatment because of the research results proving those to be inadequate (solitary confinement, electric shocks, brainwashing, etc.). Technical information is very important when it comes to understanding how things work. For instance, it is very rarely the case that a human being would dream in colours. They also don't dream in 3D. It is something else. If you are able to see such images in a human head, then they are probably the result of brainwashing via image, image with voice, whatever you see, never the own person's dreams. Some people are unable to dream their own dreams because a certain part of their brain has been destroyed. This part can easily be destroyed by the CIA bug, since you can even fry a person alive. If you can fry a person alive, you can obviously give them heart attack, produce scars on their skin, etc. In order to revert the damage of the electric shock, you would have to revert the own shock, for it is all electricity, and this is just the start. In order to fix the head already damaged by criminal shocks, you would have to then know how many the person has received, basically. Electric shocks should destroy the roots of the hair, colour, beauty, vitality, and should still kill neurons, memory, and other faculties. With electricity beams you can break human bones, so that if you can burn people to death, you can also break their bones using the satellite. Basic knowledge. Even simple oral suggestions made from outside of the human head can lead the person to do what they don't want to do, imagine from inside, and still through images as well, on top of voices? Only if the victim knows they are bugged can they do something not to do what the brainwashers want them to do. Once it is all reverted, this device would have to be extracted in the same way it entered, so that it would have to be perhaps through the ear bag not to damage the drums. Vibratory movement again to take it out. Obviously the case that people can be lobotomised via CIA bug, and they can also be castrated, since large part of lobotomy had to do with castration. They used to believe aggression came from having sexuality in the past. This was labelled cruel psychiatric practice in Brazil and banned in general from it many years before I come, again definitely by 1990 they had already banned that from their medical circuit, and again it was scientifically proven to help with nothing, just to destroy the individual and their essence. Sexuality is usually a solution, something that keeps the person healthy and connected to human beings and life, not a problem. If the psychopath ever loved sex more than causing pain and suffering, we would probably never die in their hands or something. Sex heals and saves, not the opposite. I told Trevor Skinner in 2001 to give me an academic that loved sex with women because, as I said, they were so completely cold and criminal, tyrannic, that only sex and love for women could make them be simply ethical, believe it or not, simply do what they must do by default. I was obviously referring to supervision, and Trevor asked me if Priest, since we had material proof at waste and witnesses at waste against him, harassed me sexually, like it seemed that, for him, things were different: They could be sexual, sexual harassment, and they could be non-sexual, non-sexual harassment. I said non-sexual, as for what I thought, since I had the impression he was even gay, like Danny Gil, my ex BRB boyfriend, had told me something about earrings: Left was gay and right was straight or whatever. I found that odd, since men who wear earrings should do men in my humblest by default, however he insisted that it made a difference, and, at that stage, and very unfortunately, he was wearing earrings on both ears. Priest had one earring on one ear. I now forgot which one, but I think it was right. That is supposed to mean one of those. I would think that, if anything, that must be homo or bi, but let Danny tell us better. Anyway, I also reported a hug between him and another male researcher that I witnessed. I also said that he obviously knew that Patricia was a prostitute and was having sex with my fellows and others all the time, so that he should, by all probability, be gay. This is just to make a point on how important having sexuality is, not the opposite. I told Trevor that I thought that men who were impotent were what most destroyed human kind, women who were frigid, etc. I said I actually thought, by the ways and looks of Patricia, that she was frigid, so that she could prefer women or whatever, but her eyes, and other things, led me to believe she was frigid, and that would be a good reason for her to attack people like me. I said I little believed the reports of prostitutes (my definition) about their orgasms, especially after I heard  Veronica Pinheiro Vieira and the story involving the 12 stitches. I said I thought most of them were socially and intellectually unbearable, and therefore unlikely to be missed in conversations, scientific interactions, and things like that. Having usually an alert mind, they would like to be part, so that they actually ended up committing crime against women who did not suffer from their problems (intellectual and social) for being frustrated in those regards. Promiscuity and sin in general, as I told Trevor, should lead to mediocrity in Science, so that we should not accept or privilege those in the metier. That was all to make an argument as to why I would be more valuable, together with nuns and priests, than Priest, Patricia, Bradley or any other promiscuous person. That was obviously said because I was feeling, already back then, as if I were being treated with maximum inequality, so that I was trying, at any expense, to find arguments, logical ones, to make them basically barrack for me, whoever was behind that heinous man, and I knew it was at least Cameron Plant and Judith Cook, but I had judged both of them as racist, perhaps extremely racist. Wax shows several holes, not only one. I am very confused. I will try to find a rule and a how this could happen, the tilt and the insertion. I was told things as if anyone could get bugged like that, through the ear, tilt, etc. Same position of insertion, everyone, so that there must be a clear path to the bag of the ear in that situation. Please help by writing to Operation shows an ear being operated in a way to cleanse the part that is located behind the ear drum. Having into consideration the size of the tube they seem to insert there, the hole must be really big, quite sincerely. It is hard to understand the usual book picture of the ear in this case. I think I am sure holes do exist. If you look at Doctors, however, and remember that this is a show that started between 2001 and 2015, you won't be able to see any holes. Information like this, irresponsibly given, may actually be destroying human kind, since people may not believe the victims' reports, and the authorities can use these images to criminally deny all. They are obviously inaccurate, otherwise the doctor that operates the patient in the last video showed here, before Doctors, would have destroyed their drum, but they claim it was left intact. I actually communicated with this show, Doctors, using their Internet interface, and that communication was about the CIA bug. That was before the time they exhibited this, so that these doctors are definitely committing crime against us all. I have the impression that most of it is actually coming from males and females who, like Florica, Bradley, and Patricia, deny their sexuality in public or even to their partners: They will die claiming they are heterosexuals, for instance. Some, like Bradley, Rogerio, and Reginaldo, will die claiming they are faithful to the partner. Reginaldo at most admitted, after a long time of dating me, that he had had some homosexual experiences. Rogerio at most admitted, after a long time with me, that he used a bit of marijuana (by the time he says that to me, he was using cocaine and had actually become a dealer/distributor). Desire can obviously be created through images, sounds, and subliminal, or even clear, messages, or nobody who never met Tom Cruise would desire him in sexual terms. This device can then literally make one person desire another when desire is not present. What that means is that someone might be used as if they were homosexual when their choice is absolutely heterosexual because they are victims of the CIA bug. I do believe it is possible that all the homosexual actions of Kevin Rudd, Rove, and De Generes' spouse are manufactured by a CIA bug in their heads. To make it all worse, you can also change a completely healthy person, totally to the side of loving their partners also sexually,  into a frigid, impotent or uninterested one, since it is obviously all about electric charges, first of all: Our brain works thanks to a network of neurons that communicate via electric pulses. Through simply manipulating the electricity flow inside of the human brain we should be able to get anything that means desire, will of doing things, and others. A person could then go from completely active and spring of change to apathetic because they are bugged.  I had told Trevor about the tyranny of my female relatives and even one of two male relatives, such as Nelson Ricci Pinheiro, over my sexuality. I then mentioned that Lea Ricci Pinheiro, for instance, once told me that she was older, I had many more years to live, and I should therefore leave all the men to her whenever we were together. During my martyrdom, I was provoked with some written messages directed to the side of saying that my sexual turn would never come, so that part of what I endure should be because the people who did it were obsessed with depriving me from my right to freely express my sexuality. When I was at RMIT, 2002, a gigantic message was published in one billboard as to state that I could only have sex if I became a lesbian (Come Out to Play). As said before, in another blog, I am realistically ingenuous, so that I actually thought they were talking about me getting out of home. I then put some effort into that task, always believing Trevor could only be there to help or he would not have been sent by the own government, authority for law and order, very unfortunately. As I tried to follow what I believed was the hidden message in the billboard, I was basically attacked by Islamic men, some quite white, saying Bradley, or talking about my relatives, things like that. An Islamic couple stopped me by the beach, in front of our Middle Park apartment, to talk about my relatives as I was trying to find something in that heinous story that would have been to help me by going to the beach during the day on my own, Bradley not being around, as it became almost a rule those days. Another Islamic couple, both couples formed of black people, George Hannah's type, stopped me by Crown Casino. They were again talking about family. These people were complete strangers that approached me out of the blue to say those things, things that sounded so intimate. It is all very unfortunate. I told Trevor Skinner about what I called attacks perpetrated by Dona Aparecida over me whilst I was trying to see if I could marry Edson Isair de Sousa, a miserable person, of very little in common with me, who got me as his victim over the Internet. I said the woman was a freak and constantly came around my place to tell me to cook and clean and things like that. She was ignorant, like Edson's entire family, and had spent her entire life as a house wife. She probably had only primary school. I am still being a victim of perverts and promiscuous people from Australia and Brazil, who attack me still nowadays with things like this: At the moment, I am renting a unit where they subject me to quarterly inspection, exit quality, so that, in theory, I would have to be cleaning the unit to picture perfect level each and every time. In practice, I am kept in full misery since at most 2004, so that I would be forced, also by my economical situation, to do that myself. That is human rights violation per se, as we know. As if it did not suffice, however, the native Australian male told me that he gets that at most once a year, so that we also have proof that it is racism. That is happening to me since Bradley's call at most. When I left my apartment on Charnwood Road, an apartment that I really loved at that very moment, the best place I had been that far, and I left it in haste, for realistically being attacked from all sides, thanks to Judith Cook, a native Australian male came to inspect it in the name of the real estate agency. That man abused me badly. He basically made me clean the super clean again in front of him and with my hands. I am sure it is all crime and abuse I would never have been subjected to if the own Brazil, especially relatives, were not attacking, in the most violent way as possible, my basic rights in Australia. The support people from VUT found out that they were doing that and unfortunately found in that an excuse to promote generalised attacks to my intimacy, basic human rights, and person, especially in terms of the own Brazilians. For some reason, human kind signs under what they do instead of protecting my rights to maximum, and this even after I have requested that from them in infinitely many ways (only in 2001 I contacted/tried to contact, since I did use Internet, only eventually letter and face-to-face, more than 8 world authorities and the entire Australian TV press to protect my basic rights, so rights to privacy, freedom, and property, against Brazil, Brazilians, and a few others. I was already worth millions of dollars because of my intellectual production). Everyone must know that the popular culture in Brazil contains things such as a woman's place is between the oven and the fridge, women should heat the belly button on the oven and get it cooled in the sink, behind a great man there is an even greater woman (cannot be the same or above, only under or behind), a woman's place is the kitchen, etc. In compensation, I myself ate out my entire life, had a profession since the age of 15 years old, and was working outside of home since 13. I was a prodigy at school for as long as the system was flexible, what means up to 2001. I was the first Brazilian female ever, in my best guess, to get this far in research, this even with all the atrocities I endure, what basically means the opposition of the entire human kind and all its systems in place to all that I do or want to do with my only head, body, spirit and life to the maximum level of opposition that is possible, or almost that, like we still have things such as Islamism and Communism, and this for more than 14 years so far in First World Democracy, Capitalism, a place where they sign for Human Rights, etc. It was partially like this in Brazil my entire life, but, when compared to the usual situation of women all over the world, I still had quite a lot, very unfortunately, like what I had should be basic, not maximum luxury, if one can understand this. I always managed to be the boss of my home and life since the age of 18 at most whilst I lived in Brazil, so that I myself never had that culture destroying me, especially in full or intrinsically, whilst I lived there. Ironically enough, it was precisely the First World People and Country that brought all these disgraces to my life, never-experienced-before disgraces. It was definitely because I trusted them that I ended up like this. It is definitely for trusting their authorities for law and order, their capacity of complying at any expense with the laws they claim to defend with their lives, that I end up like this, nothing else. The opposition I faced in Brazil my entire life, opposition to my success, happiness, achievement and well being, was so enormous that I had even poetry presentation destroyed by their people, and my own relatives destroyed at least two of those with their presence and actions, believe it or not. I was supposed to be on stage presenting my poem, and I got to do that, but they simply ruined it all making noises, disturbing the other members of the audience during my presentation, and things like that, believe it or not. I also told that all to Trevor Skinner, once more trusting the discernment levels of Australia, its people, and government. Sad enough: Even so... I also made it clear to Trevor that that was why nobody, absolutely nobody, from Brazil or in Brazil knew my physical address in Australia, like that I told. When I was renting on my own, I made sure it would not be listed. Not even my mother was ever told: Not because she herself would harm me, that I believed that, no, but because she would end up telling Lea Ricci Pinheiro, nothing else. My mother was one of the rarest people in the Country, culture, and race, Country, culture, and race I condemn in an absolutely manner my entire life on earth,  so South American race, Brazil, etc. My mother was one of those who could applaud, who could wish for my happiness and achievement. Even so, as I told Trevor, only up to the level she herself achieved, so that she was also selfish and could also sabotage my win quite easily, as I believe is part of all that has happened to me since that end of 2001. I actually believe she must have done like Agnella and contacted Joao Carlos asking him to interfere with my life here, from where all the atrocities came. I and my mother share the belief that there never was and there never will be more destructive place and people than Brazil and Brazilians, especially Rio and cariocas: They destroy absolutely everything. As I just said, even poetry presentation (why do I mention that? It is about five minutes, like at most, that you have to watch the person. All you have to is nothing, basically, just watch. Even so...). I actually believe that not many crimes are worse than misinformation, that being one of the reasons why I thought of myself as a priceless person in this world and time in that 2001: It is exclusively because we don't have anything officially published about the CIA bug, especially in what regards government as a source, that it has been able to claim so many beautiful and perfect lives, heads, and bodies, nothing else. These doctors, from this show, Doctors, are then committing a heinous crime by misinforming us when they expose such images of the human ear canal.