Thursday, 18 January 2018

Brazil and Australia: The Courage of being completely criminal, coward, useless, parasitic, unscrupulous, unethical, and harmful

I now found out what the disgusting people who attack me, and I gladly call them The Brazilians, were into: People like Asha Baliga decided, in that 2002, that I had no value for work, and therefore I had to be criminally impaired or disabled, believe it or not.
They let me do very few things in terms of profession and jobs in this enormous period of time, and I finally succeeded in getting, for instance, some jobs in interpreting. They then invented the Vicarious Trauma, and I now know they intended to impair me with the atrocities they committed against me whilst I was providing them with the best services as possible. The people doing that, so, for instance, those bullying me, and therefore committing atrocities against me, were, for instance, and all the time, cops, federal and civil cops of the government of Australia. Lek Thornisson actually stopped their bullying after he found out about the atrocities through the mouth of people like Hamish. I went to the courts of Melbourne, in more recent times, with a recording of Bradley Paul Neal appearing in one of my calls with the government of Australia, and Bradley was then claiming to be Lau, the operator. The courts were ALSO attacking me, and therefore did not let me have my earned win. A woman presided the session,  a native white woman.
I was doing some disciplines in  Criminology at the MQU, and again I suffered horrible and super heavy crimes, bullying included. I reckon there was not even one day I did not suffer bullying at the library when I was there.
I did record long sessions of bullying, but, once more, it is hard to prove that that thing is with me, and, once more, there is no point, for they all seem to know, the own authority.
I now know that they intended to criminally impair me even in studies, this probably already in 2002.
This is not a joke: Authorities for law and order from both sides, Australia and Brazil, dedicating their resources to attack an innocent citizen with the worst world atrocities instead of doing their share, what they get paid to do, and this for 16 plus years in First World Democracy.
When I asked them why, the answer was that that was the only way I could have the money I wanted...
Now, once more: I was worth millions of dollars with my work in research on first go, 2000. My work was worth that much, my intellectual work. I needed nothing else to be wealthy for the rest of my life.
I now know in what Professor Andrew Clark (Mathematics, Stephen Austin) engaged as he declared to Hamish that I had to enrol that time, and with no miss, otherwise I would not enrol anymore (the students were once more the ones helping me). He also said that if I included Hamish in my plans, I would never be there. As simple as it may seem, all these old men from research engaged in institutional harassment of my person. I had been told that Shepherd, from RMIT, my postgraduate coordinator in 2002, had been accused of harassment. It was me who did not believe.
All these men, all these years, were doing all they were doing on the hope of sexually assaulting me or stuff like that. I did find it weird when an old Australian native man from Melbourne told me to stay in my bedroom like the roommate of mine did. She had depression, as for what she told me. Plenty of them got to have my company, some got to assault me, and so on. Notice that I was complaining to highest about the senility of Graham Priest to the authorities for law and order in 2001, and that included harassment of my person and forcing me to make him company in public. It had to be possible. I told Trevor that there was no worse person on earth than the old people: That they only thought of themselves, were completely ungrateful, and were still highly harmful to me. I said I wanted only people of my age or younger for the rest of my life. It had to be possible: The own Trevor was extremely old and repulsive himself. I remember with enjoyment that I kicked him in a way to make him move miles backwards when he was trying to kiss me in my studio in Santa Kilda. That I do remember with a lot of enjoyment, and not a drop of trauma.
They stole millions of dollars from me in intellectual property, and I spontaneously gave Trevor more than 7 original ideas, each one of them worth millions in isolation, in order to precisely be protected against Brazil and Brazilian people, especially relatives, who I said were the worst enemies I have ever had. Those were millions per second, more than likely, and this since back then, considering only what I gave Trevor directly, in person, those more than 7 original ideas, Deal or no Deal amongst those.
They are shameless: Instead of doing my Marcia Hope or simply paying intellectual property, what means returning what they stole and enjoyed in my place just in terms of property, a small share of what they stole and used without being entitled, and being legally forbidden from doing that, they ferociously attacked also my body and head, sometimes with their bare hands, in order to get me criminally impaired or disabled. They would then be targeting the pension from Centrelink for disabled people, which is not worth, not even in twenty years, one tenth of the first idea they stole from me, that from 2002, Deal or no Deal. I cannot believe this. I cannot believe the amount of absence of shame also in Hollywoodians, who are the people who could have saved me in five minutes by saying on TV that they saw me suffering atrocity.
God does have to finish with human kind, and I really wish for that to happen all the time: You never ever attack anyone else in any hypothesis. You never let anyone be attacked, especially with violation of human rights, not even for a second, in any hypothesis, in Brazil, Australia or anywhere that be democracy and capitalism. You never destroy what is perfect: sexuality, face, body, organs, life, human history, career, Science, and so on. Never do you destroy instead of building or protecting.
What in a hell is this? Was it not true that the vast majority of Australia and Brazil spoke, a long time ago, way before 2001, and they all determined that at least privacy, property, and freedom were to be respected at any expense in both countries? Is it not true that, to be imposed a penalty, especially as cruel as deprivation from any of those, the person would have to be judged inside of a legal setup of some sort? Is it not true that the authority for law and order NEVER had any rights to non-compliance, still precisely the opposite? What in a hell...
There is only God.
Now I understand why I was criminally forced to Centrelink people from beginning to end. When I was in Katoomba, the male cop, of young age, spoke to me on the telephone and basically declared to know very well who my stalkers were. I was being stalked mainly by Centrelink people, I told him. I now know that the stalkers were probably sent by the own police all the time, as I had already calculated to be a possibility, given what they say to me all these years, the own cops.
Love your life? Make sure Australia and Brazil are in the list for extermination in the next war: peoples, countries, cultures, and nations, basically every possible trace of all those.



In the end of 2001, I told Trevor that Australia could not accept any more Islamic people in the Country, that those really had to change their religion before being accepted because they attacked occidental women, and they attacked them very heavily. In fact, they refused to serve them in general. I am now getting the sure impression that it is always the Islamic men who create the worst confusion for me everywhere I have been. I now believe that it was Aladin Zaydegh the person to send Trevor to me. I also believe that the Islamic student Elaine Martin asks me to speak to was the one that most counted when Australia decided to criminally force me to go to Brazil (he said he was sure I would not graduate before him, it sounded like a threat, and he said that out of context. He was conversing with me before that date, so that that was really unexpected). That was when Shepherd bullied me by saying, Bradley wants to go to Brazil. I think Elaine Martin may connect to Anna Fillipecki, from Brazil. I met Tuire through her, and, as said before, I think Tuire is Brazilian, carioca, not Finish. 

I now believe a man called F., who ended up being part of one of my working groups at the MQU, was the man who created the worst confusion there for me, and therefore another Islamic person. He appeared all of a sudden, out of the blue, and seemed to put himself between Michael, my Australian fellow, a native white man, and me. He developed friendship with Michael, and I now think that is how things started going really wrong to my side. 

I also think it was the Islamic student from VUT who launched new attacks over all my communication lines in Melbourne, recent times, so that it was VUT who attacked my intimacy and communication lines already in the end of 2001. I wrote to this student seeking help, sent an e-mail, this recently. I guess I really never had had contact with Islam in my life, before coming to Australia... The MQU now has a room for prayers for The Islamic, but nothing like that exists for Christians...


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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

A Simple Connector

(This post is from a more remote time, I am transferring it from Wordpress to here, since it is more for here)

I am now sharing house with Scientologists and, when I started attending their Church, I was told that Scientologists learn how to respect property, and therefore never steal. By now I know that Hubbard sets you free by telling you that personal integrity is doing pretty much what you like, and by using the e-meter on you until you don't have a trace of emotions when speaking about your wrong doings, so that you can (obviously) do whatever is evil and feel absolutely no pain for doing that.
I suffer a hell lot of crime, true atrocity, all these years, more than 16, only God knows why, and very few things form my place of less pain, such as my ipod and the little songs I and Hamish recorded. To listen to these songs at night, and therefore to have a less worse night, I need to charge the ipod during the day. This process takes ages, and, without the connector, it cannot ever happen.
Well, yesterday, my flatmate, a scientologist of really advanced age, brought an envelope to me. He claimed it had arrived at the address in the way he gave it to me, that is, opened, and I then saw the enormous hole to the side of it. It was a well dug hole, so that we are sure it has been made by human hands.
There was a date on the stamp, 4th of January, which happens to be about one day after the day I put the order in. I remembered having seen the postman delivering something in front of the house for the first time, a man that looked like Shepherd, the professor that is responsible for every second of crime I endure since at most 2002, and the crimes I endure are practised against both my professional and personal life, in fact even against my body. That was a native man for sure. From experience and observation, they never steal my post: All those who stole it were always from overseas.
My flatmate, T., claimed that he had received the envelope like that on the 9th, yesterday. Australia does not fail with their post in 2001, when this all started, like they never failed: I was in Brazil and I got my post with no miss by means of a simple redirection process, and I mean I got even the common letters, not registered or anything else. I remember having told Trevor to, at any expense, not let anyone else be employed in the AUPOST: That was a place where we could only have the native people because there they never failed and that was basically priceless. In Brazil, it is very common that the men go through the postal items of the woman and frequently steal those. That is one of the reasons why living in Australia, in that 2001, was priceless for me, as I told Tony Milone: Nobody could praise privacy, freedom, and property rights more than me. Nobody could love democracy and capitalism, as well as human rights, more than me. It is quite a shock that it is precisely me, who would  never measure effort to save someone from atrocity if being told, the person to get this: More than 16 years of barbarian violation of human rights in First World Democracy, and this after begging an extraordinary number of people and authorities to give me a chance in the story, say publish all.
I now don't have my post for more than one decade, all stolen in a barbarian way since at most 2005. Even so, nobody has ever returned the voided envelope to me: On the last occasion, when a good disappeared, and that was my squash googles, which I had purchased from Amazon, and I was staying on Flinders Street, number 500, when that happened, there was absolutely no sign of the container. We learn it disappeared because things are truly modern and the Internet provides us with the option of tracking the package at any stage of the process when it comes to ebay or Amazon. In the beginning of the postal violations, I used to get several envelopes opened, but nothing had been subtracted from them, so that it looked like someone had been inspecting my correspondence or something (2005, before I block Bradley's mobile number in my mobile. That is when all started being stolen).
Oh, well, T. still kept on showing things to me: It is voided... Arrived today...
My connector was gone and it was an item that cost about 4 dollars. This item is really exotic and there is no sense in thinking someone else in the neighbourhood needed one at the same time as me.
Someone took the item on the 5th, in my humblest, and returned the envelope on the 9th. If Scientologists never steal, say it is the only religion where everyone is completely controlled by the ministers and they really really don't fail, then the thief, after more than one decade stealing my post and never returning any trace of it, returned the container for the first time. There should be a good reason there.
All I know is that an occupant of the house has just returned, and that is a native person. T. was actually quick at saying that it was probably his girlfriend, a woman I quickly saw yesterday, another native.
Once more, that is not my experience: The native really don't steal my post. All these years, more than one decade, who steals my post is overseas people.
A Scientologist should not accuse another of anything, but perhaps the other flatmate is not a Scientologist, isn't it (that is because T. was saying that it was his girlfriend)?
All that I think I know is that someone rushed to deliver the item to me, but the devil was watching all that and made sure I would not get it until yesterday.
It is a shame... items that are so small and cheap, and I cannot have not even those in peace for more than 16 years... Australia is First World Democracy... Australia is not Brazil or Rio. Yet, the entire place, for some unknown reason, is ran by Rio and cariocas, therefore the most unintelligent and unreasonable people ever alive, the most crooked, parasitic, worthless, without scruples and all else for more than 16 years. Explain?
Ebay calls this item USB Data Sync Charger Cable Adapter 3.5mm for Apple iPod Shuffle 2nd 3rd 4th 5th (USB).
The other flatmate, the one that just arrived, was still married in the past to another Scientologist, a woman, and she is a Maori. I think I am sure Maori people don't steal because I have never met cleverer or more creative aborigine in my life: Intelligence and creativity oppose crime, and I think I am sure about that. Things being so, he could not be a thief, since she would not have married him. They split, however, and they could have split also because of that, isn't it: All of a sudden, she finds out he steals...
It is unlikely, but...
I still think my flatmate, the one who disclosed the information about the envelope, T., was probably playing tricks on me like the other people, from the generation of my father, used to do: They want to test us. He wanted to find out if my reasoning was biased or not. Hubbard tells us not to make universal assertions, and therefore not to have paradigms that could lead to bias, so say A Native Australian Person Would Never Steal the Post of Anyone Else. Perhaps this time he did all that to see if I would get carried on by what he was saying and blame the guy who has just returned.
I confronted him. He said it wasn't.
He also seems to think that even the fact that I think it might be him, and that is still my strongest theory. is against the principles of Scientology. I have not read anything about that in their theory, but it may as well be. They punish people for several things.
I know they are now defending human rights in all they do, Scientology. Even so, some scientologists seem to see the crimes I endure for long and not give me a witness' note, in that not being any different from all the other religions I have tried all these years. They are still violating all their declared principles when not giving me not even a witness' note... Now imagine a Tom Cruise knowing and not immediately putting it all in the press to stop crime and save me?
People still have freedom to choose what they do when facing a moral dilemma. Religions cannot make them be what they don't want to be in democracy, capitalism, and so on.
I needed to buy this connector because mine disappeared. I recently came back to a notebook without one: I had left my note where I am staying, in the house I share with Scientologists. Just like in the church of Scientology, Sydney CBD, the doors do not have locks, which is something I really hate: I adore privacy and property and protection to those. Only God knows how repulsive and unacceptable all I go through is on each fraction of second...
The connector disappears on the same day two people, strangers to me, came around the house to pick up e-meters that belonged to Michael Hart, another Scientologist. I then have the impression that it has been stolen by one of those people. According to T., they were in the house to pick up those e-meters, were a couple, a man and a woman, and they both used the toilet at different times with him inside of the house with them. He says the woman looked nothing like Carla The Vaca, the carioca woman who ruined my entire existence and attacks me in Austtralia since 2000 with her marginals, a woman sent by Veronica Pinheiro Vieira for that purpose (there is a pattern I observe during my martyrdom, actually several, and those to steal usually resemble Carla: dark skin, short, women, long and dark hair, dark eyes, and so on).
I now imagine that it is possible that one of the members of this couple stole the connector and still stole it again, meaning from the envelope.
My connector disappeared recently also inside of the university, postgraduate room, library, and it reappeared later on, but it was wrecked: It worked but looked heinous. It looked like someone had chewed the rubber around the wire... First of all, assuming T. did not lie and the woman did not look like Carla, plus the entire couple had nothing to do with Brazil, as he claimed, and assuming they stole the item, those would form a new type of marginal, and therefore it is quite possible that their reasons to steal are different, and so is their pattern of attack.
For a person living a normal life, this small item means nothing, but, for me, suffering so many years of atrocities, it is quite meaningful, and its disappearance ruins quite a lot, a lot more than what is already ruined because of the marginal, and God knows the how much in life had already been stolen from me before I come to Australia by the same animals from Brazil... There is only God... May God finally have mercy and give me my dream job, as for 2001, preferably in Texas, private university, a chance to fight after 16 years plus suffering atrocities without any fighting chance, and, if possible, the full-on justice plan, so Marcia Hope and total rescue, including witnesses telling what they saw in the press, preferably printed press.
I have to move again, and this house is not good for me unless I can share my room with a man of my sexual and moral interest, but I don't even have social opportunities anymore, this going on for the 16 plus years minus perhaps one month in total, like at most 30 days of social gatherings that gave me some opportunity, so say the Wordpress meetings in Adelaide that I attended, where they gave us free alcohol and food, and where I paid nothing to attend. Nowhere can be good for me whilst all is artificial, and nothing is chosen by me because of the atrocities. I never wanted to be in Brazil, but I am forced to its people and all that connects to them, including barbarian cowardice, disloyalty, and violence for fantastic 16 plus years. I never wanted to be in Australia beyond Asha Baliga and The Attack, but it is a true miracle if I can remain in the place and fight somehow for something, so say have an academic job of some sort, when you put that against being in the Last World or in Europe. I wanted and deserved being in the USA since at most The Attack, and being offered an excellent chair there, exactly in the fashion that I asked at that stage. I deserved never suffering any more violence, and all should have been over by Tony Milone, at most there. It is really not happening: That human kind can do the things they do in the way they do to whom they do even for an eternity of 16 plus years and the people they attack can do absolutely nothing else but crying.
All these years I have been exposed to horrendous home environments that I never imagined, not even in my worst nightmare, could ever be part of my life. It is as if I have died in my beautiful pad in Santa Kilda in that 2001 and I am living in the purgatory since then. I am sure that if the people around me were ever of my educational and social level, at any stage of it, I would be saved from all crime, restored to my initial condition, of true citizen of democracy, and therefore I would have lived life from there onward. Things are so bad that I believe T. might connect to Brazil and Brazilians somehow... My only possible joy on earth, as told to Trevor Skinner in 2001, was the young people, so that what made me happy, at that stage of life, was spending time with them in my intimacy, and having them as my students at the university. I am forced from beginning to end to people who are as ignorant as to not know that you cannot leave pots with water dripping in them in the house because that attracts mosquito. I am also forced to people who are so miserable that they smoke hashish. The young people who made me happy, as I told Trevor, were all native from Australia, totally white like me, and so on, but again I am forced to repulsively old people almost all the time, and still non-native almost all the time. Nothing is anything but complete destruction of my being without giving me a fighting chance: An atrocity of no dimension.
I would not reveal all things that happen in my intimacy all these years in blogs, even because I could only publish them by 2012, but you can imagine, from me telling you that now, that it realistically has not been easy. I did tell you about the terrorist... It is truly difficult to even try to do something, even though it might be impossible from every perspective that I actually get somewhere without someone giving me a good hand, so say organising my academic chair in the USA and then giving me the letter in hands, if you cannot have peace at home to have a shower or move from the bedroom to the kitchen. Things are really heinous. They are more heinous to me than they would be for the average individual because my entire life and fight was to have everything for myself, so enormous properties with only me and at most my husband inside. I deserved and fought a lot for that. As said many times now, also in writing, I was a person who had more than five professions, so that I planned my life to never, absolutely never, depend on another person for anything, especially money. All is beyond heinous all the time. You should see how the senile bastards, the so horrendous old men, and the infinitely more horrendous old women, get each, and every, time they think I am hitting rock bottom of life, like without a penny or a job to count on... Only the looks on their faces, of starving wolf from that cartoon with the fast bird, would kill a person who is not used since little to having unwanted attention at waste and very little wanted attention (that was certainly my case). I do cry every second of it, for I was worth millions because of my priceless work in Academia, I did yell in time for protection, especially against South Americans, and there is nobody on earth who would not know what Brazilians are being government, so that all is realistically inexcusable to the side of Australia, in my humblest.
I ended up finding the connector today, meaning the connector that disappeared from the back of the computer. It was in a really odd place, so that I don't think it got stolen anymore, and now it is all back to place, since the lady, according to T., did not look like Carla The Vaca. The other one, from the envelope, remains recorded as stolen. We then consider that T. must have told the truth, and therefore someone stole it from outside of the house. 
Oh, well, all sounds small and absurd when I read this text today. On the other hand, if I don't leave it published, nobody would know why that is important, what I am thinking, and so on. Perhaps it matters to someone. Perhaps that is my hope. I could simply delete it. Yet, nobody would know how much distress, extra distress, I get from all these small things all the way through... There is only God.
Now I feel as if I am a bitch and I have committed the worst sin of all, that of defamation. Yet, I am defamed for fantastic 16 years plus in First World Democracy, and the worst bitch is the own government, its own people. That is how the righteous are: A small sin, and we feel like dying. We really want to do everything right at all times. May God help.


Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Apartment Scam

Yesterday I went, after 6 PM, as instructed by Ellie through telephonic conversation and text-message, to see the apartment advertised on Gumtree as 588 Blaxland Rd, Eastwood. She had the voice of an Indian woman. The voice mail message seemed to belong to an Australian native girl, however. There was a picture of a swimming pool for this shared apartment: An impressive swimming pool with a big D inside of it (thinking about it, I remember having seen that swimming pool before: Perhaps D for Delta?). I love swimming pools and the price was super cheap plus it was very close to the MQU. Well, I arrive there to find no apartment. In the ad, the number seemed to be 13, but there was no 13 in the 588 building. The lady did not communicate with me after I said I was there, so that it was all for me to just waste my time. After 6 PM that building is really dark, and the narrow corridors could be seen as dangerous. Weird enough. This is one of her last messages to me:

Since then, meaning today, the ad disappeared from Gumtree. 

The mobile number I used to speak to her was 0478834652.

I got malware through e-mail once more. That came in an Excel file and the circumstances inside of which the e-mail appeared were very suspicious. Excel is Bradley's speciality, and, from the marginals attacking me all these years, part of The Brazilians, the ones I know before this all started, what means before Trevor, only Bradley has ever attacked through Excel, so that I think I have no doubts it was him again. Perhaps this e-mail is part of his crimes as well, then, perhaps this little group of females... Bradley showed me how he could do things using VB, which comes with Excel, things such as stealing our password from Yahoo. 

I concluded that Bradley is probably responsible not only for crimes against me whilst I was working for the government of Australia as an interpreter (appeared as an operator, entered the call as if he worked for the government), but for crimes against me whilst I was existing on earth since at most end of 2001. I now think that even the absurd complications invented in the Australian higher sector to even enter courses are his fault, so that he must have acquired more contacts in politics, as it was already the case in 2002 (the water ministry attended his book launch). I presented a scanned copy of my diploma from UQ (one year course taught in the English language, postgraduate course, still in Philosophy), my accreditation with NAATI (interpreter and translator, first sitting, exam), one of my TEFL certificates, one assessment from TAFE that is made only for those applying to be accredited as teachers with the TRB (4 out of 4 in all items), and a copy of one of my diplomas from IICSE (the Master's had proper courses, with written material, all in English). They still demanded more and said that the important was the date: It had to be from at most two years ago. In the past, before The Brazilians, one of the elements I provided would be more than enough, and that is obviously just reasonable.

This post is then to say that Bradley could be responsible even for the decision of Asha Baliga: That I could not present my results to SERC. I think that he would then be alleging that I had problems with my English, which would be an argument that Joao Carlos Ricci Terra, for instance, would accept. I am also thinking that he stopped me from seeing his usual mates and even his family after Trevor, and he could then say that, for instance, I had been misunderstood, that we were not having horrible sexual problems (my information to his family) and I was not sexually interested in plenty of his friends, that that was all my bad English. Back then, they put a truck written Paul's Milk and Paul, my fellow from SERC who worked with IT and seemed to like me, left SERC by that time, and all of a sudden. He or his wife could have supported Bradley and only makes sense thinking that it was never about his sex, since I never showed not even light interest in him as a sexual or sensual being. In that he could be supported by Carla The Vaca, who would think Brazilians in general would get convinced of that one for obvious reasons. I therefore now think that it was Bradley who ruined my every second in Australia since at most end of 2001 without giving me a chance and we are sure he is responsible for The Brazilians having the chance of even having news about me, since, as said before, I really don't give information to marginal, to people who I know cannot be trusted. Trevor was exception and I only gave him information, once more, because he was supposed to be representing the government of Australia, not because he was sent by Cameron Plant who said he loved me, but because he was sent by Judith Cook from Equity VUT. In short, I lost even my opportunity with Stephen Austin, which could definitely represent saving the rest of my life and body at that stage, also my mother's, because Bradley moved his sticks, in my best evaluation of all. That was around the time Kaye Marion appeared in a car in front of my apartment in Adelaide, last one, 60/274 South Tce, and the own Bradley passed around by car. For some reason, in this case, he would succeed in influencing people like Professor Andrew Clark or the administrative people from Stephen Austin. I now think Bradley is a lot connected to politics here, in Australia, just like Lea Ricci Pinheiro connected to Gabeira in Brazil (got to know all from seeing in 2005, congress), so that whoever knows a politician can realistically commit is any crime, any atrocity, against anyone else for as long as they like in democracy, capitalism, even where they sign for all human rights (Brazil does), since they will absolutely never be stopped or punished and the victim will never have a chance. Politics is all, folks, realistically all. I am in shock... The Power of One is definitely the book that will help people succeed in human life, my book, now offered through The power is in one person. 

He would also have succeeded in making the Stephen Austin become impossible to access, along with every other American university, this even in terms of postgraduate courses: They now demand, like in Adelaide, therefore that would also have been him, that we list all the courses we have ever done, and, if we omit one, they may cancel our enrolment because of that. That is obviously not reasonable: We do courses to enjoy life, when we have pleasure studying, or even to progress at work, not to be punished because we did not mention one in our list of 100 courses... Why does it matter, for God's sake? We just have to prove that we did the courses that are pre-requisites to the course we are about to attend, as it was that far. It is all outrageous. Stephen started asking us to apply and pay for the recognition of each degree. A person like me, whose life was studying, would have to pay a little fortune. Given my situation, what is done to me, it is realistically impossible. There is only God. How can a man do so much harm to a woman in the 21st century, we ask? My mother took 20 years to divorce my father in Brazil, this many years before this all started. We say, that is Brazil, Last World. That meant that she had to produce all money for all expenses at home, despite my father being one of the wealthiest people we knew, and this for full 20 years. Also meant social abuse and institutional crime. We would never imagine things could be worse than that many years later and in First World, but they are: Women still can't get rid of bad men, and they still find no legal alternative to suffering atrocity because they don't accept being dumped. In my case, I must say that they also don't accept losing the chicken of the golden eggs. As said to Trevor, already before things worsen up, Bradley had stolen intellectual property of mine. They are shameless.

And, with that, the Indian woman who invented that my English was not good for call centre work at the face of an Australian native man who had previously approved my English quite easily, and this is a lady who clearly had really bad English, can only be connected to Bradley's work mate, a lady from SKM, an Indian woman who sat at our table during the only opportunity I had to see Bradley's work fellows after The Days of Trevor. The manager who took over The Salvos, when the agency was helping me get a job, at that stage academic, McDermott trying to help me to best, would then also have been sent by Bradley somehow. That was when Drumi Bainov got killed. Also the chief of the NSW police that blocked Operation Rescuing Marcia, basically, the operation ran by the FBI following my request and suggestion, the one who would have said that I never denounced anything, was also put there by Bradley Paul Neal somehow. There is only God... 

In fact, I now remember that during that party, which was weird in all senses (the only opportunity I had after The Days of Trevor to meet his work fellows), The Managers performed to us for the first time. The music they played was Who Let the Dogs Out, and all managers dressed heads of dogs, but Bradley was a manager and was not dancing with them. Instead he was telling me that: That they were all managers at SKM. All was really weird, including who sat at our table. I saw none of his usual mates there. Psychopaths usually follow a ritual and I now think that is what was going on there: Bradley was a dog, police let him out, and he was then going to party at my enslaved expense forever. Coincidentally, the last time we had sex as something that was my maximum limit for thinking of us as a couple, he, for the first time, put my head down, facing the bed, and did things like they say the dogs do... Shocking. I got a lot traumatised with him, sexually speaking, after that: He had never, absolutely never, treated me like that. I felt as if I were being raped, to be sincere. 

If it was Bradley who sent that Excel file through his mates, mates that he perhaps acquired through the girlfriend he told me he got in 2002, an Asian woman, I think he told me she was Chinese, what then  makes sense with the Chinese always attacking me, and he told me that exclusively because I caught him walking hand in hand with her on the beach and confronted him, then he reads all my e-mails all these years, and e-mails from all my e-mail accounts, and that is one of the things that keeps me without a chance in life. That is because the e-mail of this guy, from a company called Topica, which had an ad that appeared in front of me all of a sudden on the Internet, arrived at my e-mail box just a few seconds after another e-mail, from a woman called Bella, and Bella is the name I gave to the cat that belongs to the house I now inhabit, reached me. Both were about having me employed by their organisations to teach English to Asians... One arrived at (Topica's) and the other arrived at I think that basically means he has people controlling all in real time... That probably also means that the Chinese think that prostitute is me, who lived as De Facto with him, had been proposed in that beautiful way by him in the end of 2001, as said in many places now, and was totally believing that she had a deal with him to protect her at least against The Brazilians, my relatives included in the bunch as most dangerous or feared. I just realised, as I read what I wrote, that Bradley probably took the Asian woman to his family, as he had previously done to me, so that the Asians probably thought I was an inconvenient flatmate, a prostitute. I did speak to his mother by Christmas time on the telephone and she told me nothing. She also seemed to be expecting Bradley to take me to their home, as usual, during Christmas, so that if that is what he did, what a family of crooks... The Chinese would not know that Bradley was in public also with me that year, hand in hand in the same way, and so on. He then must have split the circuit, and gone to determined places with one of us, then to other places with the other. I stopped seeing his best mates and he put me in another circuit of people, which included the Indian woman from his work, so that nobody would know we were still living together and so on. Incredible! I swear to God that only now can I make sense of these Chinese attacking me all these years: They basically think I go after Bradley and I am his prostitute, therefore the woman on the way to their people's happiness or something. Incredible. Shocking! And the entire Australia, all these years, had people bullying me and saying Bradley, as if telling me to go back to him. Just yesterday or the day before yesterday I had another old woman saying Bradley to me as she passed me by, another stranger. Nobody was around her. She was not using her mobile. It was definitely with me. As said before, he had the courage of going to the places where I was staying, when they forced me to backpackers, and he even left items behind for me to know that he had been there, so that he could effectively have abused me at night or something to still say I accepted being with him, I accepted having intimacy with him at that stage, what would then keep The Chinese attacking me and wanting my death, disappearance, failure, and so on. God...




Monday, 15 January 2018

Who Knows What?

So, apparently, ex-boyfriends like Bradley Paul Neal, as for 2001, thought that they could be saying that they knew me more than anyone else, and that is actually why I ended up suffering all these atrocities. Reality is that I tell very little to my partners about myself because I learned, very early in life, that life is information, so that I only tell them all if they are like Rogerio was for those two years, but I never found any man who could keep on being OK for that amount of time or longer, as I told Trevor in 2001, so that I tell nothing to all of them: Pretty soon in the relationship I conclude they cannot be trusted. I lost trust in Bradley at most when he poisoned my wine with drugs and I was sure about it. That was in the winery tour, before I go back to Brazil. I therefore shared nothing with him that could be strategic. The entire story should have developed, according to what I told Trevor, if and only if I disclosed what I told Trevor to Bradley, so if and only if I told Bradley about things. Notwithstanding, I didn't. I told him nothing. In this case, they cheated all the time even in the crazy story that could have originated in those conversations with Trevor, like forgetting this world has law, international agreements, forgetting that authorities must proceed inside of common sense, and so on. It is all really shocking. Who knew the most about my life were people like Anna Fillipecki, Graham Priest, Sever Dragomir, my mother, and so on, since I only released to those I thought had enough discernment to deal with things, and also only to those that feared that I disclosed something about them, but had trusted me enough to tell those to me. Bradley was like a stone from which no milk could ever be extracted, like he was realistically able, like Trevor, to hold secrets from me, things such as a postal box at work. That, I did not hide from any partner, what I think means possible sexual betrayal, but I hid what could be strategic about my past, my mother, those I loved, and so on. I released to Trevor exclusively because I saw in his figure the figure of the authority for law and order from the First World, and therefore a figure that I trusted practically in a blind way that far, 2001. Once more, I would never ever have shared not even half with someone I believed was not part of the structure of law and order of the government. Who made me trust them blindly was certainly my parents. Shame. Anyway, Joao Carlos said that he was going to see Bradley in that 2002 on telephonic call with me. He probably believed Bradley knew more about me than him. He didn't. I told my relatives way more about me, and I told way more to my mother than to the rest. I would not tell several things that happen at work to Bradley, but I could trust my mother or aunt on those. It is a shame. When you are left with only the marginal, it must all be about what they believe the other knows about you, who you trust, and so on. There is only God... Plenty of work fellows would know more about me than my boyfriends, no doubts about it. It is more likely that a work fellow would defend me and say that I would never have intimacy with my supervisor or superior in general than my boyfriend would do that, just because I tell them nothing about my work unless I really trust them. It is also more likely that they will testify on my integrity in general, for obvious reasons: They are observing me in a work environment, I interacted with people all the time there, and so on. It is all realistically something that never gave me a chance. Besides, every boyfriend I dumped, I dumped because they did wrong, and, most of the time, they betrayed. In this case, they would wish for me to have betrayed them, so that they could easily say I did in a situation of questioning. They were dumped, and therefore there was something essentially wrong with them. My relatives could not be liked by me, but if I kept some level of relationship with them, what never happened with the dumped boyfriends, it is because they obviously meant more to me than them, and therefore they were way more likely to know me in whatever it was that they were judging. There is only God... My students were more likely to know who I am than my relatives or partners, obviously and trivially. There is only God... Also a religious authority, so say a priest or a nun, or even my professor, could know way more about me than any relative or partner. 




Friday, 12 January 2018

Latest in Second Hell

Whilst those at my address discuss how I changed, what means how I went from being a prostitute to being a religious woman, those outside discuss how I cannot not realise that I someday breached ethics. Whilst both sides think that I deserve crime in any hypothesis, and atrocities fit me well, I think, from beginning to end, that nobody in Australia or Brazil could have supported a second of crime of any sort against any person, regardless of race, origin, type, religious belief, and so on. I am really puzzled as to why and how people can be like this with others. Once more, in democracy, everyone has the rights to know what exactly they are accused of; everyone is entitled to ample defence, this also in a court of law; and so on. It seems to me that Australia is too Islamic to be acceptable: The Islamic are obviously amongst the most ignorant people on earth, those who still kill because one individual, on his own, judged that the other betrayed him, so say the poor wife, enslaved to be wife, who simply looked at his male friend in the eye. We want democracy that is actual everywhere on earth: That means that nobody is imposed cruel penalties, in any hypothesis, not even the serial killer, so that not even the serial killer suffers torture, brainwashing, castration, or the alike, not even after full confession in national TV. Imagine the totally innocent person who was denouncing crime in highest degree from a Last World nation against her in First World Democracy? A person who never bothered anyone else in life, and who had proof against most of those she was denouncing? You never attack people who go to the police to denounce crime, for it is irrational: The marginal tries to keep away from the police stations. Only honest people or people who are sure they suffer crime would dare going to the police station. It is a chance of less than one percent that you will find a crook irresponsibly denouncing somebody. Not many things are harder than visiting a police station or even the office of an authority for law and order. It is absurd: I was there, at VUT, denouncing crime. How can I end up like this, please? Anyway, it is all absolutely unacceptable. I am lucky if I can find where to stay all these years: if people give me a job, any job, even sandwich maker. Why? They invented that the pervert, Dr. H, harasser, a professor who had assaulted me in a sexual manner, a plagiarist, who presented my own theory in the conference in Newcastle but recorded that presentation to say it was his, since they refused to record mine, my presentation, was the owner of my solution. An entire Country, nation, and people that decides to violate their every promise to its own nation and human kind in general by attacking my most basic rights to exist 24/7, this for more than 16 years so far, because they wished, in their soul, that professor H, born in Australia, First World, male, not Marcia Pinheiro, born in Brazil, Last World, female, had solved The Sorites. An entire nation whose police is able to breach their every law for fantastic 16 years plus so far, federal and civil police, because they wanted the finding, which is the solution to a problem that existed for millennia before I have contact with it, to belong to their native people. It is not only unbelievable in all, it is absolutely unacceptable. I hope the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob now laughs at human kind, and has this special party of justice prepared for me and mum, quite sincerely (Marcia Hope). Reversion in time of our flesh and bones is all I can accept as a good start. This is democracy, intellectual property is one of the things Academia and academics most praise, and it is all therefore realistically unacceptable. Some prostitute from Last World, secretary by the way, a person who very unfortunately had my surname, a person who killed her own mother with intentions, who treated her worse than a dog during her entire life, simply wanted me to be less than her or her son, something like that. And, just like that, all law and order, which very poorly existed in Brazil and Australia, are over. All possible justice systems started working in the opposite direction to the expected. Find sense? I am still trying to move, to find a simple 100 dollar-bedroom where I can stay on my own, therefore in relative safety, since all environments that I can have access to, given the crimes I endure, are quite dangerous, hostile to me. It is simply lucky if I meet a person who someday practice sports. It is basically Brazil from beginning to end: fat asses, empty minds, stupid and superficial lives, quite useless to human kind. Who would give me a chance of fighting is the marginal by choice: drug addict, alcoholic, Centrelink by choice, and so on. Obviously not. Yet, that is all I have access to all these years. It is obviously the case that the individual just wants a world of people like them to stop feeling idiotic. I would have is a chance... What they would do is writing a witness' note and giving it to me... Talk about choosing being Centrelink when you are healthy and have no difficulties with finding work... 

By the way, I will die saying that there is no worse marginal in this entire story than Judith Cook: I did ask that monster what the car was about. She would not give me a clue and Patricia would say ethics in love when I meet her. The first step to give people a fair go is definitely making sure they are well informed, informed to the best that they can be, especially about what people are saying against them. It is all absurd: All the time it seems that it was about The Sorites and some confusion created by a gypsy because I refused to have sex with him. That was Richard at UQ, an undergraduate of old age. I told him that I thought professor H was being unethical when refusing to act as my consultant or supervisor since the topic was his. From there, the gypsy, who was also a native, and a male, decided to go after Hyde and make his little plot, probably knowing of the sum involved in the prize for the solution. H followed his lead being a senior academic, and I was left to imagine things. Since my soul is kind, and I am realistically the best person you can meet in human kind, now we know, I really thought H was doing that to protect my authorship, protect against Priest, to make it worse. I never ever imagined that the native could be worse crooks than the non-native, never. Trevor, however, did start conversation, as I will die remembering and saying, in the following way: Australia is a Country of convicts... It had to be with me. You would not believe if I told you that I thought he was obviously referring to Rio de Janeiro or Brazil in a disguised way. That is what we get from dedicating our professional lives to studying puzzles: Nothing is what appears to be... Had to be with me, had to be possible...




Tuesday, 9 January 2018


Imagine every woman is a VACA apart from you, and your only life, head, and body has been taken over by them in First World Democracy because of illegal technology. You were the most perfect woman ever seen on earth and your life, head, and body, plus family, which you consider to be only your mother, were absolutely perfect, a dream on earth. For the first time in your existence, after an entire life of exclusively work and study, since you hated the place and people where you were, before moving to the First World, absolutely, you were happy: No parasites inhabited the space around you. No free loaders. No thieves were in your intimacy, no rapists, no castrators, and you could finally express yourself as yourself. People finally thought like you most of the time, so that you felt at home most of the time. 

Now imagine you lost your most basic rights, rights to your own head and body, exclusivity over them, rights to freedom and privacy, rights to property, because the Last World Country where you born, basically that shi....., attacked you ALSO in First World through their animals. This time they seem to have lost all shame they had before you left and they attack you institutionally and governmentally. Their crooks spread like a pest and defame you day and night everywhere. Their crooks control all your communication lines now for 16 years plus in First World Democracy, and that includes thought transmission. Their crooks live at your expense with no shame, in the open, and everyone in the First World Country where you are, another shi..... of marginals, not only knows about all that, sees with their own eyes, but actually guarantees that you cannot even fight for your basic rights and your own head and body for that amount of time, more than 16 years. 

A man you hate absolutely, AMA, is your only hope: That this horrendous man, without a single quality, a man who absolutely never was your friend, your mate, not even a partner for anything apart from sex, if so, regret what he has done and undoes. This man, who you find as repulsive as sh.., together with his entire race, people, and Country, apart from your own mother, has destroyed from PhD in record time, two in four, to the last chance you had of being happy with all intention on earth. The men of the new Country are weak and unwise, are pathetic and marginal, and therefore find it easier to utter that you like the Last World man, more convenient to leave your only head, body, and life in their hands, than taking the lead, putting you out of suffering atrocity, when you are attacked day and night inside of your own head since 2003, 24/7 since 2005, and you are attacked through voice, image, shock, and all else that a satellite can transmit and a satellite mobile circuit can allow for. 

They eat your own flesh with you alive in it for more than 16 years, but the Country where you are is formed of mostly marginals, men as coward and criminal as hell, second Country like that, so that the own police is supporting all these atrocities against you since the beginning. They say they are doing your story, since you said a lot of sh.. when you were down and spoke to this man who claimed to be a nurse. They are mostly mentals, retarded people, without any discernment, so that they accept any crazy suggestion, from anyone, in place of the law, of the constitution, and common sense, this even being cops. Now half of their Country is bugged: The absolutely undesirable and unmissable men from the Last World hole have bugged all the men who could possibly be honest and virtuous in the First World shi..... : Wherever you look there is only idiots for whom the official laws and systems should never have existed, since they believe in none of them and still think that they are on the way.

The women are all psychopaths, and envied you to infinity, all those from the Last World and the First World holes. The ones from the First World hole are too stupid and worthless to take the lead and do what they should. They prefer being meaningless, they choose being parasites at work and life or they simply don't have IQ to do anything else. Those from the First World would be your only hope, but most of them are at least bisexuals and find it great if the Last World animals can convert you, can change you into a lesbian. 

These VACAS can only think of themselves and are not only completely ignorant in all issues that matter to human life, health included, but are actually insane and have always thought that the laws and common sense don't matter: What matters is whatever sh.. they have in their own individual heads. They understand that your declared wishes, when speaking to a third party, were being martyred, having your only head, body, family, opportunity, ruined by women, this even from inside of your own head and through the worst world atrocities. They don't have any sort of boundary and therefore cannot imagine why one should ever have obeyed any law, why anyone should ever have had laws, to start with. 

They are obsessed with killing your own mother because that would mean the Last World shi..... would be doing part of what you said. You never meant 95% of what you said, since you were down. The people you spoke to, whose head these violators and usurpers follow, were supposed to work with health and therefore to recognise that you were down, and therefore to never repeat whatever you said to anyone else, to never let anyone else know what you said to them unless what you said was absolutely harmless to you. 

They envied you to maximum degree, they would do anything, and they have done, to not see you being the baby, the lady, the sweetheart of earth anymore, as you frequently were before you were attacked basically by your own technology, your own weapons and knowledge, since those led to the device that is currently on the top of your spine producing maximum damage and loss to your body, head, and life for now almost two decades.

Your intelligence was the most brilliant in human kind in 2001: You had the most creative mind. Almost your every idea was worth millions. All you needed and wanted, at that stage of your life, was that money, those ideas registered in your name, and all you needed to be happy is never suffering any more crime, any more violence, and, in special, never enduring violation of human rights of any type anymore. This was the part that was really essential: Never violation of human rights anymore. Instead you are stuck with international violation of all your human rights by the Country of origin for more than 16 years so far. Even suffering all these crimes, however, you perform well at work. You always perform in an average or above average way, only rarely under the average, even suffering all these atrocities. You have another hope: That someone let you have your usual and dream job, as for when you met the supposed health professional. That will give you chances of fighting, so that you can fight on your own but finally have a chance. 

Your usual professional class, as for when you speak to the supposed health professional, is also completely criminal and insane in the First World shi..... and they end up commanding the others because all others respect what they say. 

Men from the First World hole always find a way of saying you don't love them enough, that you are interested in relationship with the men from the Last World. Men from the Last World are repulsive enough, lying all the time, and they succeed in creating situations to make things look as if. 

You are in such a sh.. Yet, there might be no way out.