Thursday, 21 June 2018

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Monday, 18 June 2018

Character, Reference Letters

Extract of a recent e-letter of mine to a certain authority:

"Here you have one of my reference letters for character.

I am denouncing BPN for crime against me since 2001, but the police does not care about it, so that perhaps Bradley does not mind if I use his good words regarding my character on this special occasion.

Bradley was my De Facto from 2001 to 2004, and he was also the man who proposed to me in public - and I am really proud of that gesture of his - in the end of 2001.

He had a brand new ring, which I had previously told him that I liked, from a popular jewellery store, in a wonderful box, and it was also a wonderful ring, on one of his hands as he knelt down in front of me - his most beautiful gesture ever - to propose. 

That happened inside of the pizza place where we were (Fitzroy Street, Santa Kilda). 

I said no, but nobody in the world cared, ...

I also have a letter from Mother Adelaide, The Superior, from the College Saint Therese of Jesus, and that is the establishment that awarded me the title of Primary Teacher. 

She is now retired.

My licence meant studying for three years with professors who were sometimes experienced researchers, some from Philosophy and Sociology, and I was the only student who worked since the first year: I used to study from 7 AM to midday and work from 1 PM to 4 PM every weekday back then. 

That was unpaid probation, that is, totally supervised teaching.

I was 15 years old when I finished that course, and 13 when I started teaching for them.

I am the writer of The New Rosary, which is now online with, and I also have a course called New Christianity with Edcast, an online course.

Father Rolland, from the Croydon German Catholic church knows me as much as Father Peter from the Epping Catholic church does.

Miss Morrison, from the Grace College, where I resided during the first semester of mine in Australia, also knows me.

Oh, well, the priests from the Anglican church that is located at George Street, next to the YHA, also know me. 

So do all the leaders of the Catholic groups from Macquarie and Sydney universities. 

In fact, even the Notre Dame University knows me. 

Sister Moira is one of the people who must not forget me. 

Have You Done  Something Good for Someone Else Today? was first published in Portuguese by EST Edicoes, a Brazilian/Catholic publisher, and it was the Catholic priest who approved it.

Father Peter, and Father Anselm, both from the Epping Catholic church, as well as the nuns from the Catholic shop in Adelaide have all approved The New Rosary. 

I hope that helps, but you will also find good words from my previous students on Tutor Finder and Udemy.

I really hope that helps,
Dr. Pinheiro"

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Saturday, 16 June 2018

Love for the Abstract

I have just found out that good children from Disfunctional Families love the abstract because they think, in their Inner Reality, that the abstract is safe: won't disappoint, won't change, we know what to expect from it, has got very rigid rules, and so on. 

When you are growing up in a DF, you are looking for what is solid, and all that is solid is unfortunately the function 'mother', 'father', 'aunt', 'brother', and so on, since nobody is doing what they should or very few, and very rarely, are doing what is expected from them inside of those functions that, let's say, genes and society attached to their figure and ID. 

Somebody has written that people are what they frequently do, and another somebody wrote that culture is what we do with frequency (was that me?). 

We then (very unfortunately) understand that those people are their religious names (father, mother, and so on), since that is the only constant thing that we see associated to our togetherness with them. 

The problem with that is that we do what we do based on obligation, not love, not sensations of shared enjoyment, and things like that. 

If you have identified yourself with what I said so far, you are probably the righteous one or the good kid

Your relatives have probably always called you good girl or good boy

That (unfortunately) made you feel proud of yourself.

You do everything right because that is the only way your mind can deal with the pressures it faces: people are the tags you most commonly see associated with the couple (your existence; theirs), so that that is your brother even though you see absolutely no reason for that person to ever be close to you or have contact with you of some sort, any sort. That is your sister in the same sense. The other is your cousin, your fellow, your neighbour, your teacher, and so on. 

People are the theory that is built around their personas, not what you would expect them to be to have that allowance or power over you: your brother should love you, and show that he does through his actions; otherwise, he should not be a brother. That is reason, rationality popping in. 

The person in this situation has to obviously transition from Classicism to Humanism: they must introduce rationality also in their family affairs. 

That is their most difficult challenge.

That will obviously translate in blind faith in the authority for law and order, which will eventually lead to the failure of the being. 

You are not in the hands of your mother because you think she can handle: you don't have a choice. 

You learn: that is my mother; I must respect her. You teach: that is your mother; you must respect her. You think: why is it that I cannot command my own life all the time instead? 

You would like to say: what mother? Why mother?

But, in the same way, you never act like a carioca or an Australian and say to your Inner Reality, why law, what law, you will never dare saying to your own self, what father, why father, and so on.

That will definitely impair you for life per se. 

As someone one day said, who needs chiefs is aborigine, like, if having a superior were something good, we would not all be interested in the evolution chain. 

We basically want to know the root of all to be able to command the race. 

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Friday, 8 June 2018

Needed a Friend

You would not believe this, but it is now 16 years plus that I exist in practically full slavery in First World and having been put into this situation by the Last World that I dumped in 2000.

Even less would you believe that today it is the first time I understand one of the things I was basically bullied with at the Victoria University of Technology in that so dark, in all senses, end of 2001.

Tony Milone, support employee of the institution, had basically bullied me (I now call bullying whatever we cannot really understand that people do, to be sincere, such as the stalking cars thing in 2001) with 'needed a friend' back then.

I am now, quite sincerely, a bit disgusted with Australian native people, especially women, for a lifetime. 

I would not have a clue as to why God would have cursed me with two, not at most one, society that I cannot deal with or understand either in full or in substantial part of it. 

What she meant, now with all certainty, is that I wanted Graham Priest to be my friend, not a supervisor or a fellow academic. 

One must understand that I was denouncing harassment, which, as for the formal definition of the own Australian people, which I think is perfect, is too much unwanted attention and too little wanted attention. 

That means that Priest and Patricia wanted me as their personal friend, not the opposite.

Notice that I was invited to attend a dinner party with my fellows from Logic, Priest, and Patricia in the year of 2000, about middle of the year, but I only invited them to a personal event (and they both attended) by the year of 2001, so that who was interested in personal, not professional, relationship was always them.

Notice that Priest discloses, on a voluntary basis, during work and office hours, official time with me (Research Topic), that he is married in England, so that Patricia was automatically reduced to the condition of affair in front of me in the own 2000. 

She told me that she was a native person, but Priest told me that he was born in Scotland, so that that is obviously an offence in several ways (breach of ethics, since she was a fellow academic, breach of the law if there is any chance that is not true, defamation, betrayal of trust, since she was not there when he said that to me, but that does have serious implications in the way she is seen by me, and so on). 

That was also something that hurt me, for I am also a woman, an academic already before I come, and so on. I disclosed nothing about my personal life in any of those occasions, formal situations for me, work situations, since I always took study to be work, like all the same. 

Australian native women are the devil, just like carioca women: they cannot really have a job. 

And that was, sadly, the opinion of Priest, as for all I understood from his assertions to me back then. 

Basically, if Hyde said what he said to me, for me to not even try Brown. 

That is the opinion that I have on Brazilian people, as disclosed to Trevor in 2001: If you try the men, and it is bad, don't even think of trying the women, when it comes to work - this apart from me, my mother, Marialice, rarest exceptions ever - since they are almost invariably much worse in all that has to do with work and study. 

Shocking in all, more than 16 years that I am stuck with the Australian Academia, that went like a gossip, a horrible defamation, they all believe that by default for some reason, and that is then why they come out of their offices to offer me snacks and coffee, tea, and others all these years, but do not give me a job, or a reason to live (even a postdoc or joint piece could be something). 

I will never forget the humiliation at the MQU, when professor PS refused to let me present at the AMS conference for free or at a reduced rate (I could probably afford a 100 or 200 fee, but not 600 or 800). 

And they all know what I go through from even seeing, so that it is all realistically unacceptable. 

I want to see when I would refuse to give that for free to a fellow in need, were I managing the conference: a chance in life. 

The IT system automatically included me as a panelist, and that would give me free inclusion. 

I was still an AMS (paying) member... 

Shocking: they can date me, can pay my food, can live with me, as for some, but cannot let me present my work for free at a major conference that may literally save the rest of my days on earth as well as the rest of the days of my mother. 


I was there, giving shelter, shower, and all else to the Australian native guy in trouble in Florianopolis before I came (1999)... 


And the song is Australian: down under, vegemite sandwich, and so on. 

There is only God.

Basically, they would have judged that unprofessional was me for some reason in that 2002. 

I then assume that harassing students, looking for sex with them whilst you are teaching them cannot be a problem here. 

Violation of human rights against your fellows or students would be legitimised if you believed the person were unprofessional, and you would believe that if 'certain people' spread that to you, basically. 


I then never realised what they were into, but always found that very weird, and went for the HOD, as I would always do in Brazil, if wanting to get a job or a placement: management. 

That was my career level before coming to Australia (had been offered two academic positions, one in the public and another in the private sector, university, had worked in the functions that are exclusively for managers at least twice that far), but people of my social level and background, in Brazil, think of nothing else: we impress the manager, and they find a way of creating the job, putting us in.

Sad enough. I suffer barbarian violation of human rights, really needed these guys to work for me, so electronic engineers, telecommunication engineers, journalists, and so on, and they are thinking that it is convenient that I am kept away from them because I am basically unprofessional, and therefore all this violation of human rights perhaps protects them from me: time waster, idiot or whatever. 


I was the best they had, the absolute best. They apparently will die without having a clue, perhaps even in terms of what actual Science and Education should be. 

The most shocking part is that my ideas and knowledge are stolen for more than 16 years, and plenty of what is done has some of those. 

Nothing is totally good, since the hands that put those into practice are criminal: they steal from me. 

I don't give those because I want, because they are my friends or anything like that: they are all stolen. 

As said to Trevor in 2001, only the good people are blessed by God in those regards: production of perfect things, eternal, priceless, and so on. 

The demoniac, those with demoniac feelings (can enslave another, brainwash, torture, castrate, and so on), therefore those who do not believe the established order, for instance (democracy, human rights, capitalism, and so on), may steal from us all that matters, but they will never be as happy with the result or as blessed during the execution or finalisation of the execution process because God was not there...

For me and my mother, there is only God, realistically. 

Of course I would not reject friendship, especially if coming from a top researcher, such as Priest, so that I ended up giving him reciprocity in that 2001, him and Patricia, and there they were in our Brazilian end-of-year party.

That is not being unprofessional, for that was my leisure time, not my work time, different from what they did.

There is only God...

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Friday, 25 May 2018

Organised Crime Against Individuals

I was today at UTS, Law Building, ground floor, and, to get to there, I pass in front of the UTS library. As I passed there, this really black man, tall, and all else, one would say good looking, flashed his person on me, basically. 

I found that weird and relatively scary: that was their security guard, who I believe appears at this time of the year.  You know I am the nouveau niger, so that, perhaps together with those in the past, I get that instead of Santa Klaus.

All was over about perhaps 20 minutes ago, but I am traumatised enough, for at least a second time, and that is why I decided to write something. 

I could report to the university, but I believe that is what I did last time, and God knows when that was. 

They are able to repeat exactly the same routine, and I wonder how many people would think that, without being an actor, prepared for that, they would be able to do that, all of them, but I promise you they all did the same as last time, the entire sequence.

Anyway, after exploding at my face in front of the library, this same security guard, who I then find out (again) is from Africa, since he does the same routine and then speaks on mobile with another in his original language, comes to me and asks how I am doing. 

He may not remember, but this time I changed. I now knew, had already happened, so that he was no hope: would not give me a witness’ note or anything. 

I said nothing. I at most moved my head. Meanwhile, another stalker comes behind me where I am staying and even emits noises that resemble sexual desire or something. 

Two reasonably aged whites pass to the right side of where I am, which is at the round table close to the microwave, and they also perform their sequence: the male appears still finishing dressing his tie. 

The woman appears emitting sounds that resemble sex.

Finally, extremely upset with all, that going on for infinitely many years, apparently for as long as I am attacked by Brazil in Australia, I decide to get out and go somewhere else. 

The round table is inconvenient anyway. 

As I am going to the toilet, the same security guard (from the flashing and how are you) stands in front me, on the way, clearly stalking, and I fear he will aggravate. 

He finally says something like, I don’t care, as if that were a let go or something. I left the building, but could not help associating him with Obama, the atrocities I endure, and Antonio Sienda. 

There is only God, all the way through.

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Sunday, 13 May 2018

Security Guards

Today I got more than enough evidence to believe that all stalkers, all these years, at least inside of places, were sent by security guards. Today they sent some bullies that had already been where I am with me in the past, and they sounded as if they were speaking an unknown language. Once in a while, they spoke English. As I used the screen in the way I promised I would when speaking to the security guard today, they all left, so that I have absolutely no doubts the Australian security guards spent 16 plus years checking on my choices via bullies. This particular group repeated the same scheme they did the last time, so that this woman raises, goes to the toilet, comes back from it a few times. She seems to tell others that I am arousing her from staring at her when she passes. All of a sudden she changes that into marijuana, that she uses pot and feared my friendship with the security guard. I now think I am sure security guards at the Sydney Uni organised the theft of my bag, and those at Melbourne Uni organised the theft of my bag in the class as well. That said, Trevor called a security guard who was from Brazil in that 2001/2 instead of a federal cop. I had asked him to find one that had been born in Brazil (federal cop). He must have been able to find only a security guard, and this man, who is probably from Rio, and therefore probably black, is then responsible for all the atrocities I endure since back then on his own. Wilson is a name that appeared a few times in front of me, and I put it together with Bolivar, since his best friend is called Wilson, and they put a preferred beverage of Angelo Ricci in the house in Santa Kilda East in 2002. It might then have been Wilson Security. Britney Spears, upon getting to know of my case, fired the Brazilian security guard, as everyone saw in the news. Basically, I spoke to this man called John, security guard, and I later on was in the same building, place I told him I would occupy later. He came around and spoke to some people of Asian background who seem to be stalking me here for a while. He then told them, in front of me, that 'I volunteered', that I was a professor, and so on. I then hear him checking on everyone's credentials, but he skips me this time. He also came around the group to my back that I first mentioned here later on. He had spoken about racism with the group of people with Asian background earlier, which I forgot to mention now. The group I mentioned first was all white and seemed to be speaking Nordic languages. He came around, heard him asking to see their documents, and they would have proven to him they were students at the university where I am, and then things happened in the way I described. I now imagine that it is 16 years plus of Australian security guards born in Brazil, obviously and trivially, and those would then be the worst obstacle I have to be respected and have justice all these years, so that when the Vicpols stop me and tell me to go to the courts in Melbourne to get an order against Bradley, what happened shortly ago, as I said in my blogs, the Brazilian security guard rushes to speak to them and get the Islamic woman to serve me there, already realised. There is only God... Australia would then have to cleanse their security guards force by copying Britney Spears: Fire all those with Brazilian background. And this is just so that we recover justice and compliance in Australia. The loss Trevor gave all of us... Worse now is what I reported previously: They come with forged documents, pretend to belong to other countries, and so on. Met several by now... They must have caused all episodes of harassment by inspectors I experience since 2002, and all else. There is only God... Australia suffers from ethical behaviour that connects to unconditional support, so that they are ALSO security guards or security, basically. I did attempt to become one in the period, lucky me you would say, but I ended up not working as a security guard, what made them be their mates, not me, I can only imagine. That is probably where the police of Australia got the impression that I was a terrorist existing under special ruling of the Brazilian government or an escapee of a mental institution in the place. Britney's thing was about 2007, if I am not mistaken. No time now to research into that and put here, sorry. Write to me if you find out and send me the link, please. It was important saying they were students because when I denounced the theft at Sydney Uni I told staff that was becoming close to me that they seemed to all be from outside of the university... just to give you an idea of how they got it... I believe they are all outsiders, security organises themselves with them, and still pretends they have checked and they belong to the place. That perfectly matches what I thought happened at the Macquarie University. They seemed to be all undergraduates, the place could never be that crowded, where I was, it was only for postgraduates, and so on. I now imagine the element tells Australians, native, he is protecting them against me, and tells Brazilians, native, that he is protecting me against them, which is why it works: He speaks both languages, most Brazilians he deals with speak only Portuguese, and so on. I know now, 100%, how he did it.

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Monday, 7 May 2018

The Problem of the Cop who is a Professor in Criminology

I just realised what happened at the Macquarie University last year: I had two disciplines taught by cops. I was doing the course to have access to them as well, since I suffer barbarian crime since the end of 2001, and absolutely everyone thinks that the worst of all is the cops. They seem to cause all of it from beginning to end, so not only never do their share, but cause all: It is unbelievable. My fellows tried to tell them about the crimes I was suffering, to get them to play their role as cops. I also tried that, and got really upset when they refused to save the rest of me using their entitlements, and also refused to give me a witness' note or get the ones I had published in the press. They think I missed ethics because I am also a professor, and should not demand that they do anything beyond their role as a professor there. I think they really have a distorted understanding of all: They don't stop being cops because they are professors; Our lives still depend on them. And they could never under mark me because they thought it was unethical that I got the group to denounce the crimes I suffered to them, and I charged them on doing something in the condition of cops. I actually told the other cop, from the other discipline, that I thought the first cop had under marked me criminally. My only chance of getting out of Australia and being in a place where they can believe I am an equal, equal to the police in this case, someone who deserves human rights, is Academia, and I don't have any communication line that works. It is only if I see people face to face that I may have a chance. Accidentally I get something that works, but it is very accidental, and then it is not just an attempt to communicate. It is usually all controlled by the main marginal, and those who succeed in, for instance, speaking to me on Skype or Linkedin are people they are sure won't save me, won't do anything to improve my chances not even of fighting. More than 16 years... but the cop did not want me to be upset and complain to the other cop when he asked me about how things were doing... this in Academia, with my marks and stuff. Oh, God... Once more, crime lifts all ethical barriers in my case, especially atrocity: No more ethical code for me if the other academic knows of the atrocities I endure from seeing them, and does nothing to stop those, to increase my chances, and so on. Ethics means, first of all, defending equal opportunity, and nobody can have equal opportunity if they suffer crime, especially atrocity. Victims of crime would have to be helped, supported to an extreme, and would have to have all facilitated, obviously and trivially. If the only hope the victim has got is Academia, then the other academics are on the obligation of doing all they can to include them, obviously and trivially. First comes human rights, saving the life and body of the person, especially head, then comes ethics. Sometimes you need to help the person a hell lot to make sure they have equal opportunity, so that equal opportunity means more than an infinity of unequal support. In the same way, we help the handicapped: special times, rooms, allowances, etc. Also with the same intentions. There is only God... By the way, one of those cop-professors gives me a witness' note, and they are still native, and I would probably be saved next day. It is repulsive that they realistically don't have any shame...

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