Friday, 23 February 2018

Contagious Immorality?

As I told Trevor Skinner in the end of 2001, Rio de Janeiro's or cariocas' immorality seems to be contagious. In fact, the previous blog post here, in this blog, was somehow about that too. I told him that Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil, where I was born, was a place where mum could let me, a kid of about 5 yo, go on a bike on her own inside of high bush to her piano class, a place where people could be trusted, where all seemed to be in the right place, but that only lasted until The Cariocas started invading the place or perhaps the black people. Having been told that informally, I believe that the black people started fighting at the Brazilian courts, all alleging that we were racist, and started to settle in the place as a consequence. If you notice, that is the same process that allowed them to take entire suburbs, and, in more recent times, entire countries, such as the United States of America. It seems to me that there is no better representation of what the black people's culture can do to a previously priceless, productive, highly elegant, well-behaved, exemplary (morality-wise) society, like I am sure the Brazilian society was until the start of the end of the slavery of the black people (Princess Isabel). There, in the Brazilian history books and pictures, you can watch how much loss the white peoples experience when the skin colours mix. My certainty is that that happens also when they mix with the yellows. I do think that ethical research, totally unbiased, will easily prove all that in an almost  mathematical, if not mathematical, way. White people are way nobler, since, for instance, they created human rights, the ethical code, and other very important things that defend the intellectuals and their affairs, therefore the most important piece of society, the one that makes it progress. We need to be protected as an asset, since that is exactly what we are. Who created the libraries? The whites. Who created the universities? The whites. Who created the educational theories that matter and the educational systems? The whites. We are incredibly valuable to the world and human society, but we are never given the value we deserve because we ourselves include the marginals in all our decisions and actions. We need protection that is even biological, since it is obvious that we are much more likely to be extinguished than the other races. We protect animals and plants, why not peoples? We form a people: Us, the whites. We talk a lot about embracing diversity and multiculturalism, but we don't talk about what really matters: Really preserving what is different and exotic. Nothing is more exotic, in terms of races, than the Arians. Some say that they are sure those are ETs: whites, blue or green eyed, and so on. I am sure that the other races are always attacking ours, and this all the time, all over the world, and in the most disloyal way as possible. Once, Rio Grande do Sul, and therefore Porto Alegre, tried to get independence from Brazil: That was the only way we had to preserve our beautiful and so admirable culture. The main reason presented back then was that The Cariocas were our parasites (we produced, worked hard, for them to be in the beach every day laughing and scoffing at us). We just watched the destruction of the Australian culture without being able to move a finger in the same way we watched the destruction of the culture of the South of Brazil and because of the same sort of action by the same people: Carioca, black, Rio de Janeiro, extreme disloyalty, full of coward and violent attacks against The Whites. They refuse to accept civilisation since slavery was over, and literally live to pervert other human beings, to make disloyalty possible in previously compliant and perfect societies. I have written other blog posts about the processes involved, but, whilst that is theory, they exterminate all our share of contribution to diversity and multiculturalism in practice, and at a speed that is much superior to the speed of creation of preservation systems. You must ALSO observe that the picture is exactly the same and it was only my infinite love for Australia and its white native people that made me tell Trevor Skinner to even kill the entire Rio de Janeiro through a criminal tsunami back then, since, in my best assessment, there was no other way to stop them. The picture is that they are our parasites, finally even physical, thanks to the so repulsive Trevors, white men of old age, white and belonging to the government, especially police forces and top national government, and this physical parasitism was made possible only because of their atrocious gadgets, which they stole from us, but please observe the sad reality: We, The Whites, used those exclusively against the own whites (both Robert Naeslund and James Walbert, best known cases before the end of 2001, are white). Not only they steal our technology, but they use it against us. The difference between one skin colour group and the other is infinite, and, in my humblest, a lot of this difference lies to the side of morality. It is definitely not something we should ever overlook, rather the opposite: It should be a matter for war. God told us to do things in this way. We don't obey, we listen to the false prophets, and here we are, one more end of God's peoples and places or at least of those that were very close to being such. 

Have a look at our culture in my blog about the South: our typical dances, songs, food, and all else. It was beautiful man (Tom Cruise's line in a movie, see that scene here)! Australia ALSO had their typical dances, songs, food, and all else. You will notice that we now have graffiti and junk food everywhere in Australia instead. That is carioca culture, Rio de Janeiro: They go engraving their names through organised crime everywhere on earth because The Whites refuse to touch guns and kill them even though they are decimated, just like the Christians in the lion coves. The entertainment factor is still exactly the same: Some idiots full of money that they never deserved, usually stolen from those who work, illegally and unconstitutionally depriving innocent and best people in society from their basic rights to even locomotion and ownership of their own bodies, and forcing them to true atrocities. As they eat their entire chickens, grotesque vision of a type of cannibalism, and have fat dripping from their chins, as they say their GOs from their seats, the Christians ask Jesus and God to descend from the sky and save them from the beasts that inhabit earth. As The Christians, and therefore those who play cooperative games whilst incarnated, lose the fight, they stop moving their mouths for a while, and celebrate: One loyal human, less. Their objective is that we go back to primitivism, a life without rules, an animal existence. It is just that we decided together, as a group, when playing our collaborative games, that refinement and progress that is actual was the way to go, not Africa, but USA from up to 2001. Thus, they want the result of our labour, of all human race efforts, to be destroyed. I always reach the same conclusion: The lessers live to nullify our efforts, to make sure our lives are as senseless as theirs is naturally, by choice. God Himself told us to fight His enemies with weapons that kill, and, actually, kill and enslave those: Not tolerate and include, but exclude to maximum, and still humiliate through physical force, so that they exist to serve us as proper lessers. The mistake is not in the words of God, which The Jews respected until the end of 2001, but in what we let happen to those because of the mouth of some that should never be prophets or leaders. One of the main pre-requisites that, for instance, The Catholic Leaders are never satisfying is that of being married to a person of the opposite gender. The Bible is clear and who should take care of God's temples is married couples. We could not make any less sense: We claim to follow The Bible, yet the most important figures in our religions are not satisfying the basic pre-requisites stated in it. Notice that marrying God or Jesus should be considered blasphemy: Unless we could prove to ourselves that one of those descended from Heavens and said yes, we are operating under an infinite amount of sin. It is all a calamity and God is not my father if this is not the end of human race, The Final Judgement.


Not Always: Whose Mistake?

I have just read an article that says that if you think that everyone else is an asshole, then it is probably the case that the asshole is you (Hole), but I can think of at least one situation in which we would think everyone else is a monster, yet that is really what it is: We suffer extreme violation of human rights, all atrocities that there are on earth, the thing goes for years and years with everyone seeing all that is going on with their own eyes, yet doing absolutely nothing to restore our basic human rights, our initial condition/situation (pre-atrocity), and so on. The simplest case would be mine: Not even an offer of a witness' note has ever come from those around me in 16 years plus. Yet, witness' notes are very easy to make, cost almost nothing, if anything, and can help the victim in the best way as possible, since the hardest part is having people to count on. It seems that most of the people in both Australia and Brazil choose joining the aggressors/violators/usurpers amongst those who could do something and are not victimised as well, very unfortunately. Conclusion is that initially the Australian native society could be in much superior to the Brazilian or South American society in morality, but, with time, they lose all those values that made of the place the wonder it was for me in that end of 2001: The more people try to use the system in a rational way, that is, in a way that fits its official purposes, and get disappointed, so the more the authority refuses to do their share, and, in special, if they do precisely the opposite to what should be their share, the more people become immoral, criminal, and disloyal. John Casti mentions cooperative games in his best-selling book, Five Golden Rules, which I translated on my own many years ago, and it is interesting to notice that, when we seem to be on our own fighting against an entire world of corrupt, immoral, and criminal monsters, very few people or nobody will join us. Most of the people in Australia and South America will prefer joining, that is, adding to the perpetrator's team side or doing nothing. I do excuse the depressed, especially those with chronic depression, but what to say of the healthy members of society, totally healthy ones? Cases of extreme violation of human rights, when the victim can do nothing or very little for themselves, go on forever in both Australia and Brazil, what may mean losing life and even perfect and gorgeous human body for the violence of others without a chance in First World Democracy through a painful and slow process of gratuitous and criminal destruction of those, violence perpetrated by even several highly immoral, criminal, and disloyal members of society at each second of the martyrdom (what is meant is all those savages literally bashing up the only head and body of the person, maybe from inside of their heads through CIA bugs, 24/7 to death in a process that may take decades). My case now lasts for 16 plus years, and I do exist in practically full slavery, enduring very cruel and coward crimes. In this case, I am absolutely sure that everyone else is wrong 24/7, so that, as I keep on saying, it is very hard to find an absolute rule for human existence. Those should be possible only with computers, Mathematics, and so on. If the majority of the members of society preferred playing cooperative games, however, I would have my PhD title and academic position in the First World, probably USA, already in 2002, what would have saved my entire beautiful and perfect head, body, careers, and life in time. Cooperative games are realistically all that should matter, but we must be brainwashing human beings with the opposite to that 24/7 in Australia and Brazil to end up with this result. I will defend to death religious education over non-religious, but the problem is not anymore the official principles to both sides (State and Religion): The problem is how things are in practice, that is, the human being involved. Try to get over that, and, if you find out how, please let me know, and I will gladly publish all here. 


Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Suppressive Person

We really have to congratulate Hubbard for giving us the expression Suppressive Person and the system inside of which we can all use it. I spent years of my life living with my mother, and I now know she was always a Scientologist: She was able to share an apartment only with me and, even so, spend weeks without saying a word to me...

For the first time in my life, I am doing that: It is indeed Total Freedom, which is also an expression of Scientology and the main target inside of its system. We are sometimes in a situation in which we cannot get rid of our accommodation arrangements, and we then have to keep on tolerating situations and people. It is definitely better not speaking than going through inconveniences and hurdles that will bring nothing positive to our lives in the end. A few Asian religions talk about that: The blessing in keeping quiet. I once found a YouTube video of an Asian guy who stopped speaking to his own wife and kids for several years yet lived with them and had only them to count on. 

I think it was Dr. Lea Maria who told me that there is always something we can do to suffer less, so that even if we are in full slavery, suffering the worst world atrocities, and our lives depend on the support of that only person that we cannot bear, but they don't want to support us or our life, we can find freedom in classifying them as SPs and not speaking to them. They can certainly bash us up, and several have done that, but then some can resist pain and things like that. It is freedom, it is some sort of freedom, some level. 

I can see how that stops the negativity involved in that contact from affecting us, so that it DOES help us in a meaningful manner. The necessity of speaking to the other comes from Catholic upbringing, being taught social manners, being disciplined in the ways of behaviourism, and so on. In 2000, a postdoc from Brazil told me that he was sharing a room with another researcher and they would never exchange a word, and I remember thinking that that was inhumane, irrational, and absurd. I now understand that irrational is feeling obliged to do it. The education and upbringing in Australia are very different from those in Brazil, and I now believe that there is no more oppressed woman than that born in South America, especially in more traditional places, such as the South of Brazil. We seem to be to the level of the geisha in terms of freedom to be: I read in Shogum about those being obliged to destroy their feet by forcing them into tiny shoes to please the men. It is not that we were raised to please the men, but we were raised to please people in general, talking here about my own case. I was born to serve my mother, in principle, as she herself said: She needed a friend, and that is why she had me. I grew up with that idea, and became everyone's best friend, but my own. I also became someone who never or very rarely gets friendship to the level that she gives. Usually people demand sex in exchange for keeping on being my friends, I deny, and the friendship is over, sometimes with them starting to attack me criminally as a consequence. I several times felt that my mother needed was a man, and I even tried to find her a husband. I told Trevor Skinner, in 2001, that she and Lea Ricci Pinheiro seemed to like me like a lesbian would, so that I thought they should try to be lesbians (obviously with somebody else) to simply let me live my life in peace. My mother once painted a canvas that had two birds beaking a beautiful flower in it and gave it to me, since I had insisted that she painted something just for me. She said she thought that was my father and her polishing me or something of the type, meaning raising me with love and care. I saw the painting and immediately thought of her and Lea Ricci Pinheiro sucking from me, from my person and  life, as I grew up. I was raised to be their best friend, what they call in some places maid of honour, but like for life, not just for the marriage. It is a shame that some women are really unlovable or problematic to that level, of using the legal and natural allowances to get other human beings to grow and exist for their purposes, but worse is growing up to be the best and the most talented and being attacked by two countries of men and women of that type, finally losing even our bodies for them and their electronic crimes. There was definitely some love involved in our relationship, and also a lot of care coming from my mother to me my entire life, since I was really talented, happy, healthy, and successful in all senses before I was attacked in such a horrible, cruel, and unacceptable way in my intimacy, what now happens for more than 16 years. Yet, it is very important learning that I can do the same mum did to me, and still feel exactly in the same way: Relieved. I wish I could not talk with Lea Ricci Pinheiro when I felt obliged to make her company, what lasted until 1999, to play her perpetual maid of honour. That saves us in all senses, I now think. I do feel inspired and I would love to do more research into this... In any hypothesis, great Hubbard, since he invented it. I would say it is way more important teaching our students how to keep silent when they don't really need or want to communicate, and, in special, when communicating might bring them problems, than teaching them how to do the opposite. People who are interested in others, as it was always my case, certainly need to be taught other skills, like they don't need to reinforce the side of contact, ask for help or things like that: What they really need to reinforce is the skills to the side of being able to hold themselves up, being able to think that is normal, and so on. Great experience. I do recommend. 


Wednesday, 7 February 2018


I think Professor Robert, from Stanford, actually explains Depression in an OK-manner as well:

He talks about loss of pleasure: Pleasure with nothing. He also talks about what is called chronic depression, which is the medical one. Basically, people take a long time to get out of that. Some die from it, for not being able to leave their bed, and things like that. My mother, Dr. Lea Maria, once had a female patient who would call her, by the time of the appointment, to tell her that she could not get out of bed. That would be a cause not to attend the session with mum, so that is actual depression...

It is very important noticing that he said that the person cannot do things that they have to do, so say their washing. That obviously refers to everything on the day, not only one activity...


How Shocking!

Today I accidentally got the video of this professor once more in my YouTube. I then realised how interesting and useful, and, at the same time, how harmful, it is:

If an individual watches too little of it, skipping parts, like they frequently do with books such as The Bible, they may get the wrong impression: Schizoids would be people who say, this was my idea, when it was not. 

I now realise that all my original ideas have been stolen for full 16 years plus in First World Democracy because those who attack me, so The Brazilians, simply thought that I would for sure be reporting that they were my ideas because they OBVIOUSLY were. I gave Trevor Skinner, as I will die repeating, more than 6 original ideas in that end of 2001: One of them was About Schmidt, the other, The Last Samurai, the other, De Saia Justa, the other, the solar power factory in England, the other, Deal or No Deal, and so on. I have no doubts it all got stolen from me...


Notice that schizophrenia, as I have already said in probably many blog posts of mine, DOES impair mental faculties that are basic, and that is the only problem I see with this disease, since it is a disease, and therefore it is something like AIDS. Yet, we even created laws to include those who have AIDS in all sectors of society. I must remind the reader that whilst many people got AIDS from being close, just close, to those who have it, so say the Brazilian male dentist who got it from treating the teeth of the AIDS bearer, nobody ever acquired schizophrenia from being close to a schizoid, so that it is silly not including schizos, actually ABSURD. 

Notice that the professor says very well: Nobody who can keep sequence of thinking can be a schizo. Basically, this disease makes it impossible that the person can say even a 2-minute speech with coherence. 

I am attacked by a particular group of people all the time, what I call The Brazilians. I recently photographed one of my stalkers and put her picture online. That one raised and said that I was doing things too late, basically, since she raised and said that I could have done that ten years ago or something like that, whatever you see in that blog post. Repulsive! These people have been stalking me for eternity hoping that I would denounce what they were doing and therefore that I would be presenting one more symptom of schizophrenia, which is paranoia. Shocking! I decided to publish a post about that one because I thought the native Australian woman would not reject telling the truth if asked, and they probably had cameras inside of the train. 

There is only God, realistically: Getting a person who was spectacular in Science, as I am sure I was, and attacking for full 16 years plus with every sort of atrocity in order to change a perfect and absolutely healthy person into a schizoid? God... And that would have been commanded, quite obviously, by the same Rogerio de Oliveira and Lea Ricci Pinheiro that Tony Milone identified as my aggressors/perpetrators in the end of 2001... Shocking! I did tell that to Trevor  Skinner and to lots of people after him, always including politicians and police amongst those. Shocking! Nothing done. Lea is still alive and free, so is Rogerio. All laugh out loud all these years, obviously and trivially. There is only God!

I now unfortunately ALSO concluded that the gypsy knew what Rogerio and Lea were spreading ALSO in Australia (but I thought things were pretty much under control that far, quite sincerely, 2000), since he is the one who gave Hyde the idea of presenting a talk at my conference in Newcastle that year. Hyde then made sure he knew exactly what my theory was but he refused to be a consultant or a supervisor. He presented at the conference and the gypsy recorded him, but refused to record my presentation, where I spoke about my solution. I recently noticed that the theory he presented there closely associates with my solution, and I then infer that he was counting on the label schizoid in order to claim, later on, that I invented that I had that idea, but I did not have it. Shocking! That car, NOI916, with ethics and ethic written on it, was then a hoax, and I have received only false clues from Australians, native, all these years, I must confess. I now know they REALLY did it all with infinite amount of intention, what then unfortunately did destroy my castle: God, they are C R O O K S, they really are. There is only God... I now think I was correct when I got the impression that it was a 'racist' surge against me, and that led me to Brazil in 2003. Basically, they wanted Hyde to have solved the problem, so that it had to be The Native, it could not be The Non-native...

I recently remembered the eternal fight between the English and the Brazilians: Who invented the airplane, Santos Dumont or The Wright Brothers? Who invented soccer, the Brittish or the Brazilians? We now have who solved The Sorites: Marcia, Hyde or nobody? 


Wednesday, 31 January 2018


Thursday of last week, and Monday and Tuesday of this week, I have been trying to fundraise for kids. A charity called Save the Children called me once more. Amongst so many applications that I put in, this charity was the only charity that would give me a chance. I did not want to work for the same charity I worked before because they did not have a fixed hourly rate and plenty of my fellows became witnesses of some of the crimes that I endure but would not give witness' notes. In fact, at least one of the managers also did. I would like to always do my best to only be with people who defend my basic human rights, so that I would like those who I let be around me to have given me at least a witness' note. I found all very odd because, different from the other charity I worked for, they did not have their own van (with their logo): Instead, they had a social car, a black vehicle. Different from the other charity, their car was not parked in front of where their office is: It was kept inside of someone's building. I never notice because a few years go by, but things always repeat. The name of the manager is Reason, what is already pretty weird. He takes me to distant places, where we will try to collect donations. I first have two ladies who looked similar to me, like both were white, European type, and all else, and we were together during the course. I then notice it is all repeating, like I have done that before. We went twice to the same suburb, which is very close to Manly. The manager only dresses the charity's shirt once we get to the suburb, and it was only me and him when we had the probation, at least on one of those days. It all looks really really odd, to be sincere. I then see the same faces, of all the people I saw the other time, as I go from door to door, since the thing was door knocking. They all seem to know what they are doing and they all seem to be into something that is not acceptable. I imagine that I may look like a prostitute, his partner or something. I don't know. I know he is a black man, and, on the last day, yesterday, I was with him and another man from Africa in the black car and in the just-mentioned suburb. The other man would also only dress the charity's shirt when we got there. I don't really know what that means, but I can tell it is something really dodge. There is only God... all these years, only God... No money was donated to me by any of those people whose door I knocked, so that I apparently lost the job, like before I got it. I had to get a sign up per day to remain there. It all repeated, exactly the same sequence, and I fear that nothing is in the way it was in the other charity, so that there is something very different going on there for some reason. One lady a sort of signed up, and that is exactly what happened the other time: The same lady, the same story, that she had to converse with the husband to decide for good, and so on. Lowest donation. It is all so puzzling, I can  hardly believe it. 


Sunday, 28 January 2018

Morality and First World

I now know what happened to me all the time in Australia and other places. Already in Brazil, Cezar, that friend of Lea Ricci Pinheiro who claimed to be an hypnotherapist and had a business card saying that and everything else, had taken me to the beach, Botafogo, to spend some time with him at a table of a kiosk there without me understanding a thing. 

I used to go out with my father when I was little, and I never ever saw anything wrong with that. We used to play sports, have a meal, and things like that. I now concluded that, for those who did not know me, I could be having an intimate relationship with my father, like, if they don't know he is my father, then it looks possible.

I now conclude that someone used that data, that I used to go out with my father, so say Alexandre Magno de Andrade, and told others that I liked old men. Later on I would have Cezar, appearing with  me in public, so that I probably had an intimate relationship with Cezar, and that is what we were doing in that building in Botafogo, supposed to be his office space, where he would practice the 'art' of hypnotherapy. 

A bit later on Rubens Crippa, HOD from Mathematics, UFRJ, would drag me to a table there and do the same Cezar had done. He did that only after he saw me with Rogerio as a couple. Rogerio did like he used to do in the old times, when we studied together, my undergraduate, and he watched one class there with me. 

Graham Priest would do that next. That was in Brisbane. He would leave notes on his door and tell me to meet him in the cafeteria, as I told Trevor.

Later on, Ray Summit would give me a very weird lift, as I said somewhere. I think I am identifying one more pattern.

As I said before, I believe the senile I am living with is not from the Nordic countries. I believe he is from Brazil. He has coffee that is atypical for Australia, and looks and tastes Brazilian. He has products that look Brazilian.

Khalid made sure I would be seen in public with him at UQ.

In 2002, I was frequently stalked by Vladimir, who was not that old.

Yesterday I was stalked once more by Collin, my ex-fellow from fundraising.

At the moment, without any alternative, willing to save money, I am sharing house not with one, but more than one senile man. Most of the time I am stuck with T, however, and the guy looks and sounds pretty insane most of the time. After Shepherd refused to serve me in postgraduate coordination, I had female prostitutes approaching me, and total hell started. I do think there is a chance Joanne Kelly shared house with a senile or worked as a prostitute, something like that.

In 2004, I was stuck with backpackers and the senile man wanted me to stay in my room, to not go out. I thought, back then, it was because he would abuse me at night, even though I had one more girl with me in the room.

Trevor was obviously one of them, and they definitely invented that I had an intimate relationship with him, and I have already told in several places what happened, how, and so on.

Shepherd started getting to the university when I got there, same as Robin Hill. I now think the entire story in Australia is defamation, and it is coming from Brazil, and still connects to really old things, such as me being seen with my own father in public and things possibly looking as if we had an intimate relationship. 

What sick mind has imagined all this and made all these men do this to me all these years of my life, so that I would be rejected by men of my interest is a puzzle, but I can see how this has destroyed even my last course at the MQU: The professor of Organised Crime made a remark about me and Michael, my fellow, before they all decided to under mark me in a barbarian way (one of them gave me 1 in 50, later on fixing to 3 in 50, just to give you an idea. I told Trevor, in 2001, that I did have the impression that I was criminally under marked already in Brazil. To make things worse, I was 7th both at PGM and UFRJ, but I thought I should be first, as I was at UNESA, entrance exam, and, in the last years (UNESA), exams in general. The MQU had a minimum of four instances of assessment for each discipline and I was getting pass and credit that far in all disciplines I was doing. That was by the third assessment, missing only one. I was sure that I was under marked in all that far, but I was still accepting all because it was pass and credit). T may easily say to others that I don't pay rental, even though I recently went to the real estate agency, L J Hooker, and signed a formal contract with them. Who served me there was David, who was a flower: Long time I don't meet someone who is that kind, that polite, quite sincerely. I am paying 280 every fortnight. I try to move since the start, first week, but I don't succeed. Already in the first week I found T unbearable, typical senile, really hard to live with. He seems to control all that I have access to and all that has access to me. This has been going on for a long time, since at most the end of 2001 in Australia, and I now think that whoever targets me at the time controls all my communication lines and actually my entire circuit/life. 

Australia must be a place where they don't serve prostitutes, but they made me think the opposite right in the beginning. The police then feels comfortable refusing services to me. In Adelaide, they put a man called Andrew to speak to me. Why? Cameron Plant invented that I was with Andrew Clarkson because of his money, more than likely. Andrew was incredibly old for me, but he lied about his age and wore a cream to look much younger. In the first week of actually living with him I was sure that we were incompatible. Notwithstanding, things are not that easy when it comes to moving, splitting, and others. Ray Summit apparently invented that I had an affair with Andrew, who is even impotent, believe it or not. 

I now clearly see that my perfect life, career, head, and body have been, basically, stunted by old men who deliberately pretended, on all those occasions, that that was the case: That I had intimate relationships with them. When the professor of Organised Crime says that I and Michael are not together anymore and that seems to then make all other professors under mark me, in an obviously highly criminal move, and that was on the last element of assessment, what he was effectively saying, more than likely, was that I was again doing prostitution or I was again having my bills paid by an old man or perhaps it is even by someone else or just a man, who knows? I now understand this is all coming from Brazil, and it would then be either Rogerio or Alexandre that who is again responsible for all atrocities I endure, this time overseas, worst world atrocities since at most 2001. Once more, those guys there, with Cameron Plant, looked exactly like Rogerio's friends from when I decided that I was going to split from him and he was still going to get me a good boyfriend: One of his friends that he knew was loyal, faithful, and so on. I told him all that, since I am biblical, never did anything wrong, and was sure he owed me to that size for long. So that everyone who reads knows, I had nothing to do with Michael Z., who is a descent of the polish people. I at most asked him to pretend to be a couple with me, so that I would get less worse from people in terms of jobs and all else. I actually believe that if I were seen with a native Australian single man, like I was seen with Luke in 2004, I would have my job in the Australian Academia immediately, like seen in public, as if we were a couple. I do believe all is connected to my personal life. I cannot be with anyone since the end of 2001 because I am not myself: I suffer crime, finally atrocity, since at most 2002, 24/7. I only think of having intimate relationships when I am OK with myself, so when I am myself, first of all. I am definitely biblical and prefer to have sex with myself to wasting my resources in relationships that are not relationships, and I would always think that a  man who does not give me a witness' note and sees the atrocities I endure cannot truly love me, but I am biblical, and therefore I only accept having intimacy with those I believe I love or can love, those I believe already love me or can love me. A man who does not want me to stop suffering crime, and therefore does not give me a witness' note when seeing the crime I endure, cannot love me by default. I think people always see a lot of fire in me, high levels of interest in sex or high sex drive, which I am sure I have, and therefore they assume I would always be having sex with somebody, which would definitely be my will since I am at most fifteen years old, but what is really sad in all is that I really don't have sex most of the time, and, finally, I am in full slavery, victimised in every impossible way one can think of, 24/7, since at most 2001 not to have sex. As I keep on thinking and saying since Trevor, South American men are truly undesirable when compared to First World men, who, just for starters, are clean and do their share in the household, are simply not impaired, and that is what I say of Brazilian men, that they are impaired (cannot do their dishes, for instance). The fame of macho, this thing, I am sure does not come from their sexual performance, which, once more, as I told Trevor, is really low and unacceptable, but from the violence they are able to discharge on women. Macho then means that they attack women gratuitously, usually the ones that best serve them or more love have for them, and with true atrocity, usually a defenceless woman, who can do nothing to protect her own body or to defend herself against them, as it is with me since the end of 2001. Macho means most coward and disloyal of all, most parasitic and unscrupulous, the least pleasant in all senses: Men who are capable of belonging to the armed forces somehow, like Alexandre Magno de Andrade, and be responsible for the worst world atrocities against me since 2002 in the First World... Believe it or not, I never knew what having fun with men was before I came to Australia. I never imagined that any of them could be like my father and practice my sports with me, just for starters. That was something much closer to what I expected life to be, but, as also said to Trevor in 2001, what I wanted was America, since Australians were still not good enough, and seemed to lie to women, to commit crime against them too. Finally, they commit institutional and governmental crime, all gratuitous, since the end of 2001 against me. Worse, they all can help me quite easily, minimum thing being a witness' note, but they refuse to help and seem to think I am as stupid as to believe there is nothing else they can do all these years, this even when they work at the own police force. Once more, minimum thing a person can do with a uniform from the police is oppressing a reporter and make them publish a note about the crimes I suffer. If they do that using an eye witness and their report, I will probably be immediately saved ...

Incredible: I looked like a super model, was a genius of no dimension with my Science, was infinitely perfect at work and life, never failed with my moral duty, and still did the duty of others in their place when they failed, this during my entire life, but I get this from the entire human kind since Brazil without even knowing, but now finally realising. I am just observing the amount of seniles involved, and how they managed to reduce my life to them all these years, but, in special, in the last months. One more gets me on the Internet. 

Unfortunately, the old people ruined my life and did it all with all intention on earth. I was perfect for sex and love obviously with those that I wanted, and they were all of my age or younger absolutely always. Entire perfect body, looks, life, career in Science, all wasted and stolen by literally senile idiots, God knows why. I have just remembered a weird car ride with Jose Newton from SENAI, and I am then now connecting all inside of the same segment: There is something there. I do believe that the generation of my father was really filthy in what comes to men, at this very moment I do. I remember the senile idiots in 2005 saying that they were spreading that they were doing me. I also remember those stalking me all the way through, sexually assaulting me, and things like that. As another point, whenever there is one of them around me, I get my post, and only then. I now believe who steals my post may even be the native, the senile man I saw there, who never stopped working for the AUPOST all these years, and who I trusted blindly until today's date. God knows I hate them all, and would pay any amount of money to have someone of my age or younger, preferably single, white, and from England, Australia or USA, drugs free, smoke free, and so on dealing with me in their place. They destroyed my life in all senses and with intention all the time, I now see. Shameful enough. Horrible generations of losers, parasites of women, rapists, men who don't conform being absolutely hated by women of my age, despised to the last drop of their bodies and lives to maximum degree. My life and body were absolutely perfect. It is all rooted in the rotten Rio de Janeiro, and this might even have ruined my every relationship since back then. All these seniles may have convinced the men I was with or those who cared about me, and therefore about them being good to me, that I had intimacy with them somehow. I now believe I am not in the USA since 2002 because the seniles invented this sort of thing over and over, starting with Trevor in that wave, but, as said before, there was Priest in 2000 and so on. Why old people are so disgusting, selfish, coward, and criminal is the big question, but I can assure you I always thought I was the best person on earth for having patience with them, donating my time and attention to them, and so on. What we, their victims, think whilst whatever goes on, and what they think... there is only God. Anyway, I now think that is what has kept me suffering crime, first of all, since people could believe I had relationships with them, and that could have a moral impact on my existence, and a moral impact that is as huge as police not serving me in First World for more than 16 years, and that is also what has kept my boyfriends betraying me. Sad enough that the seniles, including women like Agnella Ricci Terra and Eileen, do it all with intentions and planning to the last detail what they are going to do, but people of my age see them as people they can trust and never even imagine how sordid they are or how evil or how disgracefully disloyal and criminal. There is only God... Father, Cameron said. That is because he knew I had Christian formation, and realistically thought of them as fathers. That explains their obsession, all these years, with guaranteeing that I would be doing nothing that I would like to do with my life, including my sports.

All these things for me are puzzles, OK? I can make sense of very little. I must tell you however that I cannot move, since I got desperate to move, first week, and that is just once more. They always succeed in getting me into these situations: They seem to manipulate the entire real estate and job markets in Australia, and we can see that they also manipulate police and others. They are The Seniles... I now think that they are all old men, they definitely started attacking me in Brazil, God knows why, and they connect, all of them, to Rogerio de Oliveira and Alexandre Magno de Andrade, the crooks I hate and once dated in Rio. They both had periods with the armed forces. For the both of them life is a war between men and women and women should pay their bills even with their bodies in haste and horror, as it is in my case, and this goes on for more than 16 years, plus women should not be entitled to any right, just like Islam. I believe very few women can make sense of what I am saying and explain what exactly they have done to get, for instance, all scientists who have direct contact with me not to help me, not to give me not even a job, say a postdoc after I have my PhD or, worse, police to not only not serve for astounding 16 years plus in First World but to also be responsible for all atrocities from beginning to end and still under mark my papers and make others do the same at the MQU last year. It is obviously the same events over and over, that is, The Trevors. I now think Trevor was there just to obstruct justice, and he was sent by Judith Cook and Cameron Plant, so that we have at least two people on earth who know what this is about, the implications involved, and it is even possible that Joao Carlos Ricci Terra and Agnella Ricci Terra attack me based on what they are made believe because of The Seniles and therefore probably because of Rogerio de Oliveira. I see a very strong connection between Rogerio and Cameron, very strong. There is only God. 

By the way, Cezar did that to me after Rogerio was there, following my request for him to see and tell me what Cezar did to me in an exact manner, like in the supposed hypnotherapy. I am thinking Rogerio goes after these seniles and organises these things with them, and, for some reason, they all betray my trust and do whatever he asks. Because they do these things, I get infinitely more loss in life, even though I don't really understand the mechanisms involved. There is only God. In Rio, all is about sex, and it may be the case that Rogerio says that I don't really need sex. One must remember that I end up castrated for real, and this happened several years ago. It is all a consequence of the atrocities. I don't have orgasm or memory of sex anymore. I loved sex and young men, obviously single, from First World and all else before this all started. Since Trevor, my days and nights are spent with the so repulsive and truly hated old people. Whilst their knowledge could be welcome in classes or now in discussions about Scientology, they are really repulsive to me in my intimacy. I also never needed Scientology before I am criminally attacked. It is all a consequence of the atrocities. Shocking. Rogerio told me about a Big Brother, and I struggle trying to guess who this man would be. He said he belongs to the Brazilian/carioca army and is a true brother of his, but I think it must be Bolivar or Wilson, Bolivar's friend, even because they printed Wilson on a truck here in the beginning of my martyrdom. It is all really odd from my perspective, since all was really perfect for me. Whatever this is, however, Michael Z, my fellow, last semester, in Criminology, knows all about it. Nobody will ever tell me. And, whatever this is, it does make professors from First and Last World criminally under mark me and criminally attack me. By the way, the crimes are the most violent ever practised and happen since the end of 2001 at the face of the police with the police never doing their share. I don't see what could justify seeing crime and not stopping it, since I am absolutely always ethical, but there is something, and perhaps only men, and really bad men like Michael, can tell what it is.