Saturday, 21 July 2018

Reasoning of Marginal

So, I just heard and understood the reasoning of the marginals from Rio who attack me now for full 16 plus years in First World Democracy: if they think I did something slightly outside of the rules of Australia, then the laws don't exist FOR THEM, and they can attack my intimacy and person with any sort of atrocity...

The way marginals reason... 

It had to be with me. 

They basically think they are God when judging others, and then the laws don't apply to them, so that they are probably not citizens of anywhere they go. Perhaps it all comes back to being God, is it not? Laws don't apply, and they can judge plus condemn us to penalties that no human being has agreed another receives in both Australia and Brazil. 

In their opinion, I did something wrong, so that I lied to someone or whatever. The implication would then be that there is no law on earth... 


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Monday, 16 July 2018

Psychopathy and Gang Action

So, this is the 17th year I am stuck in Australia, without any hope, being institutionally, criminally, and unconstitutionally attacked by The Brazilians, and those are mostly Rio de Janeiro/carioca government and associates.

I am attacked with truly coward and atrocious crime.

Believe it or not, I get to stay in the same places and go through the same situations over and over. 

As said before, I can only move to where they 'let me move', first of all.

People are sordid enough to repeat scenes over and over, and seem to all have a very determined objective, which is obviously coming from the South Americans. 

It is really odd. 

Only those who control cameras, observe me and what is around me, and so on would really be able to testify on what I say.

It is incredible...

The investment made by those who ruined my entire existence throughout this series of never-ending atrocities is extraordinary, so that we wonder if they ever had something else to do...

I have just been involved in a horrible episode of talking about the crime I saw online and I did report to the FBI immediately after doing that. 

I come to the university and they put a boy inside of the cubicle for the higher education students, where I am, and this boy resembles somehow the boy who was raped in the video.

First, he should not be in the room, since he is too young and unlikely to be a higher degree person. 

Second, it can only be done on purpose, which must be why a few keep on saying, 'they will sue you', as the scene unveils...

I still believe this is a repetition, so that there is a chance I saw this boy close to me before and after the online rape...

Just a few minutes ago, a young man, with voice that is usually seen in gay men, said, as if speaking on the mobile, 'I care', this whilst passing in front of the boy. 

These people are really sick...

There is only God, realistically...

At least I can write a blog post sometimes and relieve my head from the pressure...

Hopefully somebody sees as I see and will bother reporting what I went through in the future.

I was horrified with the boy and what I saw...

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Sunday, 15 July 2018

Fake Names, Suspicious Actions

I don't know, but I am getting the feeling that The Brazilians are really smart.

I now think quite a few Brazilians came to Australia to remain illegal, and therefore hide behind fake names, and forged documents. 

If the person  is illegal, they won't be giving me a witness' note, since that implies putting their names down, signing, presenting ID for certification, and so on. 

More than anything else, the how they end up in Australia matters. 

Imagine they came through my stolen intellectual property because LRP put them  here.

Now the person is only going to do what she wants. 

They received an order from her: if you do something that I don't like, then I will speak to immigration and get you expelled from Australia.

The witness' note would be something in this category, so that they won't do that.

I can never find different places to inhabit through Google when I am in certain periods of the year (time to get hired in Academia, to check results and protest, and so on) or on a certain budget. 

I then paid attention to the sequence of moves, and all that happened at UTS recently followed exactly the same sequence of moves: person x, person y, location w, branch h, and so on. 

That would be 'the exit sequence' for UTS.

I can never act in time because of the loop I enter, and it is always the same employee, this woman, and what follows is always more women, also in terms of accommodation.

I still cannot see how I will ever get a chance in this game, but each time I lose worse. 

If I try Linkedin and Google to locate somebody of interest, I also end up with only that same group of people, what probably means someone who will not help. 

I have the sensation that all is controlled, and planned in such a way that I really don''t have a chance. 

There is only God...

I totally depend on other people noticing that they must get me a chance, they have to help me get out of Australia, be in the USA through Academia, and so on.

A donation of about 100 K could get me in the USA through a course for even two years. 

The academic position, face to face, offered to me could give me a fighting chance.

A lawyer that accepted working for free in very brief interventions or even a diplomat of extraordinary skills, perhaps even someone from another discipline that involves human relationships, could also solve the problem.

These people who I manage to stay with seem to also defame me, the 'illegal ones', people with suspicious names and behaviour that seems to connect to South America, but I don't know what they invent so far, and to whom, so that I cannot address any of it.

I know that the things that I can see and need to be solved all depend on finding a friend by the level of management that is charitable. 

Anyone with really powerful communication skills and really good will, will to help, would also solve all however.

May God help...

To make it worse, I got convinced that something like that was what they invented about me in 2001: that I myself was illegal in Australia.

Given the amount of people I meet, one must think that I am really bad at connecting to others, but I can guarantee that existing as if in slavery but looking like you are not is not easy: you meet someone who matters, you are connecting to them, and that may become your salvation, like you will perhaps get your dreamed witness' note from a First World person, or you will get a contact in research, someone who will get you the so dreamed American academic face-to-face job, or something else, but your notebook, which contained their contact details and your mobile both disappear or the notebook gets stolen and the mobile starts getting electronic attacks, criminal invasion again...

All of a sudden, your so reliable e-mail account, which was working well that far, shows signs of unreliability: everyone tells you that they cannot receive your e-mails or send theirs to you...

You try to find somebody you trust  is your friend for something, but the e-mails with their names disappeared or the search tool does not locate them and returns zero... 

Your SMS does not work... 

The person thinks you are an always fail because you did not receive their SMS and therefore did not do what the  message said and so on... 

Apart from all that, please notice that I chose Mathematics, IT, Logic, and things like that, so that I realistically am not good at communicating or bonding with others, like miraculously the boyfriend would connect to me as much as I connect to  him, but that is all the space I have got for success in society normally and naturally.

That is why I ask for help, and I do say, even in public, like this, that I am indeed a social failure. 

So, what are you doing, with so many social skills, that you don't help in 16 plus years...

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Thursday, 21 June 2018

Hello, Bella!

Bella again. 

See how cute:

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Monday, 18 June 2018

Character, Reference Letters

Extract of a recent e-letter of mine to a certain authority:

"Here you have one of my reference letters for character.

I am denouncing BPN for crime against me since 2001, but the police does not care about it, so that perhaps Bradley does not mind if I use his good words regarding my character on this special occasion.

Bradley was my De Facto from 2001 to 2004, and he was also the man who proposed to me in public - and I am really proud of that gesture of his - in the end of 2001.

He had a brand new ring, which I had previously told him that I liked, from a popular jewellery store, in a wonderful box, and it was also a wonderful ring, on one of his hands as he knelt down in front of me - his most beautiful gesture ever - to propose. 

That happened inside of the pizza place where we were (Fitzroy Street, Santa Kilda). 

I said no, but nobody in the world cared, ...

I also have a letter from Mother Adelaide, The Superior, from the College Saint Therese of Jesus, and that is the establishment that awarded me the title of Primary Teacher. 

She is now retired.

My licence meant studying for three years with professors who were sometimes experienced researchers, some from Philosophy and Sociology, and I was the only student who worked since the first year: I used to study from 7 AM to midday and work from 1 PM to 4 PM every weekday back then. 

That was unpaid probation, that is, totally supervised teaching.

I was 15 years old when I finished that course, and 13 when I started teaching for them.

I am the writer of The New Rosary, which is now online with, and I also have a course called New Christianity with Edcast, an online course.

Father Rolland, from the Croydon German Catholic church knows me as much as Father Peter from the Epping Catholic church does.

Miss Morrison, from the Grace College, where I resided during the first semester of mine in Australia, also knows me.

Oh, well, the priests from the Anglican church that is located at George Street, next to the YHA, also know me. 

So do all the leaders of the Catholic groups from Macquarie and Sydney universities. 

In fact, even the Notre Dame University knows me. 

Sister Moira is one of the people who must not forget me. 

Have You Done  Something Good for Someone Else Today? was first published in Portuguese by EST Edicoes, a Brazilian/Catholic publisher, and it was the Catholic priest who approved it.

Father Peter, and Father Anselm, both from the Epping Catholic church, as well as the nuns from the Catholic shop in Adelaide have all approved The New Rosary. 

I hope that helps, but you will also find good words from my previous students on Tutor Finder and Udemy.

I really hope that helps,
Dr. Pinheiro"

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Saturday, 16 June 2018

Love for the Abstract

I have just found out that good children from Disfunctional Families love the abstract because they think, in their Inner Reality, that the abstract is safe: won't disappoint, won't change, we know what to expect from it, has got very rigid rules, and so on. 

When you are growing up in a DF, you are looking for what is solid, and all that is solid is unfortunately the function 'mother', 'father', 'aunt', 'brother', and so on, since nobody is doing what they should or very few, and very rarely, are doing what is expected from them inside of those functions that, let's say, genes and society attached to their figure and ID. 

Somebody has written that people are what they frequently do, and another somebody wrote that culture is what we do with frequency (was that me?). 

We then (very unfortunately) understand that those people are their religious names (father, mother, and so on), since that is the only constant thing that we see associated to our togetherness with them. 

The problem with that is that we do what we do based on obligation, not love, not sensations of shared enjoyment, and things like that. 

If you have identified yourself with what I said so far, you are probably the righteous one or the good kid

Your relatives have probably always called you good girl or good boy

That (unfortunately) made you feel proud of yourself.

You do everything right because that is the only way your mind can deal with the pressures it faces: people are the tags you most commonly see associated with the couple (your existence; theirs), so that that is your brother even though you see absolutely no reason for that person to ever be close to you or have contact with you of some sort, any sort. That is your sister in the same sense. The other is your cousin, your fellow, your neighbour, your teacher, and so on. 

People are the theory that is built around their personas, not what you would expect them to be to have that allowance or power over you: your brother should love you, and show that he does through his actions; otherwise, he should not be a brother. That is reason, rationality popping in. 

The person in this situation has to obviously transition from Classicism to Humanism: they must introduce rationality also in their family affairs. 

That is their most difficult challenge.

That will obviously translate in blind faith in the authority for law and order, which will eventually lead to the failure of the being. 

You are not in the hands of your mother because you think she can handle: you don't have a choice. 

You learn: that is my mother; I must respect her. You teach: that is your mother; you must respect her. You think: why is it that I cannot command my own life all the time instead? 

You would like to say: what mother? Why mother?

But, in the same way, you never act like a carioca or an Australian and say to your Inner Reality, why law, what law, you will never dare saying to your own self, what father, why father, and so on.

That will definitely impair you for life per se. 

As someone one day said, who needs chiefs is aborigine, like, if having a superior were something good, we would not all be interested in the evolution chain. 

We basically want to know the root of all to be able to command the race. 

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Friday, 8 June 2018

Needed a Friend

You would not believe this, but it is now 16 years plus that I exist in practically full slavery in First World and having been put into this situation by the Last World that I dumped in 2000.

Even less would you believe that today it is the first time I understand one of the things I was basically bullied with at the Victoria University of Technology in that so dark, in all senses, end of 2001.

Tony Milone, support employee of the institution, had basically bullied me (I now call bullying whatever we cannot really understand that people do, to be sincere, such as the stalking cars thing in 2001) with 'needed a friend' back then.

I am now, quite sincerely, a bit disgusted with Australian native people, especially women, for a lifetime. 

I would not have a clue as to why God would have cursed me with two, not at most one, society that I cannot deal with or understand either in full or in substantial part of it. 

What she meant, now with all certainty, is that I wanted Graham Priest to be my friend, not a supervisor or a fellow academic. 

One must understand that I was denouncing harassment, which, as for the formal definition of the own Australian people, which I think is perfect, is too much unwanted attention and too little wanted attention. 

That means that Priest and Patricia wanted me as their personal friend, not the opposite.

Notice that I was invited to attend a dinner party with my fellows from Logic, Priest, and Patricia in the year of 2000, about middle of the year, but I only invited them to a personal event (and they both attended) by the year of 2001, so that who was interested in personal, not professional, relationship was always them.

Notice that Priest discloses, on a voluntary basis, during work and office hours, official time with me (Research Topic), that he is married in England, so that Patricia was automatically reduced to the condition of affair in front of me in the own 2000. 

She told me that she was a native person, but Priest told me that he was born in Scotland, so that that is obviously an offence in several ways (breach of ethics, since she was a fellow academic, breach of the law if there is any chance that is not true, defamation, betrayal of trust, since she was not there when he said that to me, but that does have serious implications in the way she is seen by me, and so on). 

That was also something that hurt me, for I am also a woman, an academic already before I come, and so on. I disclosed nothing about my personal life in any of those occasions, formal situations for me, work situations, since I always took study to be work, like all the same. 

Australian native women are the devil, just like carioca women: they cannot really have a job. 

And that was, sadly, the opinion of Priest, as for all I understood from his assertions to me back then. 

Basically, if Hyde said what he said to me, for me to not even try Brown. 

That is the opinion that I have on Brazilian people, as disclosed to Trevor in 2001: If you try the men, and it is bad, don't even think of trying the women, when it comes to work - this apart from me, my mother, Marialice, rarest exceptions ever - since they are almost invariably much worse in all that has to do with work and study. 

Shocking in all, more than 16 years that I am stuck with the Australian Academia, that went like a gossip, a horrible defamation, they all believe that by default for some reason, and that is then why they come out of their offices to offer me snacks and coffee, tea, and others all these years, but do not give me a job, or a reason to live (even a postdoc or joint piece could be something). 

I will never forget the humiliation at the MQU, when professor PS refused to let me present at the AMS conference for free or at a reduced rate (I could probably afford a 100 or 200 fee, but not 600 or 800). 

And they all know what I go through from even seeing, so that it is all realistically unacceptable. 

I want to see when I would refuse to give that for free to a fellow in need, were I managing the conference: a chance in life. 

The IT system automatically included me as a panelist, and that would give me free inclusion. 

I was still an AMS (paying) member... 

Shocking: they can date me, can pay my food, can live with me, as for some, but cannot let me present my work for free at a major conference that may literally save the rest of my days on earth as well as the rest of the days of my mother. 


I was there, giving shelter, shower, and all else to the Australian native guy in trouble in Florianopolis before I came (1999)... 


And the song is Australian: down under, vegemite sandwich, and so on. 

There is only God.

Basically, they would have judged that unprofessional was me for some reason in that 2002. 

I then assume that harassing students, looking for sex with them whilst you are teaching them cannot be a problem here. 

Violation of human rights against your fellows or students would be legitimised if you believed the person were unprofessional, and you would believe that if 'certain people' spread that to you, basically. 


I then never realised what they were into, but always found that very weird, and went for the HOD, as I would always do in Brazil, if wanting to get a job or a placement: management. 

That was my career level before coming to Australia (had been offered two academic positions, one in the public and another in the private sector, university, had worked in the functions that are exclusively for managers at least twice that far), but people of my social level and background, in Brazil, think of nothing else: we impress the manager, and they find a way of creating the job, putting us in.

Sad enough. I suffer barbarian violation of human rights, really needed these guys to work for me, so electronic engineers, telecommunication engineers, journalists, and so on, and they are thinking that it is convenient that I am kept away from them because I am basically unprofessional, and therefore all this violation of human rights perhaps protects them from me: time waster, idiot or whatever. 


I was the best they had, the absolute best. They apparently will die without having a clue, perhaps even in terms of what actual Science and Education should be. 

The most shocking part is that my ideas and knowledge are stolen for more than 16 years, and plenty of what is done has some of those. 

Nothing is totally good, since the hands that put those into practice are criminal: they steal from me. 

I don't give those because I want, because they are my friends or anything like that: they are all stolen. 

As said to Trevor in 2001, only the good people are blessed by God in those regards: production of perfect things, eternal, priceless, and so on. 

The demoniac, those with demoniac feelings (can enslave another, brainwash, torture, castrate, and so on), therefore those who do not believe the established order, for instance (democracy, human rights, capitalism, and so on), may steal from us all that matters, but they will never be as happy with the result or as blessed during the execution or finalisation of the execution process because God was not there...

For me and my mother, there is only God, realistically. 

Of course I would not reject friendship, especially if coming from a top researcher, such as Priest, so that I ended up giving him reciprocity in that 2001, him and Patricia, and there they were in our Brazilian end-of-year party.

That is not being unprofessional, for that was my leisure time, not my work time, different from what they did.

There is only God...

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