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A Little Note on Possibilities and Weeping Statues:

It Is against the Catholic Church

Unfortunately, I had told Trevor that I thought those crop holes would have to be demoniac, first of all, since nobody would go around destroying my crop, for instance, and making it be a God's thing. In second place, I kept on looking at one of those pictures and found it all too geometric not to be a farce. I then imagined that we could do that with Science actually and suggested to Trevor that we got a university such as UNICAMP, in Brazil, one that I knew was really good in Applied Science, to do such a thing and see if they would not get the same result quite easily.  I was betting the USA would have done that to us.

Since then, we had at least two of those and they actually were about Hollywoodian movies. 

We, more recently, saw a picture/painting moving in Australia (Sydney, picture). That has just happened.

Unfortunately, we must admit that such things ONLY happen in the Catholic churches, first of all, or with their statues.

That, per se, is suspicious, since I really read the Bible, did what is there, and God sent me to Seicho quite a few years ago, as I said before. God could not really choose the Catholic Church over the other churches because plenty hold very similar philosophy, such as the protestant churches, and those are even closer to what is in the Bible because their priests are married.

Notwithstanding, I bothered doing some research and I then started thinking about when the Catholic church would have acquired Science because I then thought that some people were so fanatic about its teachings that they created Inquisition to kill scientists who disagreed with their theories, theories told to have been given by God perhaps.

I then worked out that if the Catholics ever truly accepted Science, that would have to have happened at least after Inquisition.

Inquisition was over by 1834 according to Inquisition is Over.

I then thought that the dates are compatible because the first apparition of a weeping statue happens in 1949 according to Weeping Statues. That means that they started weeping soon after the end of the WWII, right? 

What happened at the WWII is that the Americans, for instance, started to think they should rule human kind, since they won the war and had great ideas, as for what we all thought. They then came up with the idea of the CIA bug, for instance, and manipulate the will of people from inside of themselves, along with other things. 

It is not that I would not accept if they said that those are indeed miracles, but, first of all, what do they prove?

I am still alive and walking and talking, having survived more than fourteen years of the worst atrocities ever practiced against a defenseless innocent person in first world democracy, and this is definitely a proof that God exists, for instance, because I am a believer, God gave His message to me in 2002, and etc.

What is a statue, though? Why is that a miracle?

First of all, they adore statues in the Catholic Church, but the own Bible tells us not to do that: 

Ye shall make you no idols nor graven image, neither rear you up a standing image, neither shall ye set up any image of stone in your land, to bow down unto it: for I am the Lord your God.

I do think that the Catholic Church is a wonderful institution and still provides the best education available. As I said on my Facebook, had I become a nun, I would be in the USA in at most 10 years from the end of 2001, would never have stopped teaching or being formally connected to Academia, and would never have gone to Brazil, which is what I most wanted in life, and, if I never went to Brazil, I would save my perfect life, head, and body in full, and they were all absolutely magnificent, given by our God exclusively to me and guaranteed by every law of Australia and Brazil as an asset of my exclusive ownership: Here, in this world, exclusively for my enjoyment. The Catholic nuns have also raised plenty of kids that were abandoned at their doors before abortion and contraceptive methods became more popular and accessible. Every woman that becomes a nun gains a decent life: Wonderful and healthy food, safe environment, sponsored education, guaranteed work placement, and etc. My own mother and myself enjoyed the privileges of the life amongst them for about six months when I was a kid. I still remember the feeling of being amongst them and I will say to death that if I had ever been given the opportunity of speaking to them before mum takes me to Rio, I would have saved my entire existence because I surely never wanted to go to Rio and thought I had more than enough sample at home to know the place, like I was really sure in my heart and soul that the place was demoniac and would bring only loss to us, especially to me. Had I had an opportunity, and I was so little but knew so much, I would have managed to save at least myself and my future. 

We must never finish with things that work and serve God’s purposes better than other things we haven’t finished with, such as the public schooling system in Australia and in Brazil. We are not finishing with police either, but they certainly do not work and it is because of their generalized failure that I am suffering atrocities for more than fourteen years in Australia.

I am not saying never close the Catholic Church, but, before we do that, if our reasons are that it does not work, then close other things that are way more harmful and EQUALLY do not work.

I do not see the media working in our favor either. Jaime Olivier, for instance, is sick of knowing of some of the really heavy crimes that I endure, and he knows since 2005, but has done nothing to help me or stop them. If he simply opened his mouth on air and said that he saw me suffering crime, with his very eyes, and I read somewhere his fortune is above 30 million dollars, and he could therefore even buy a TV channel in Australia to do that if necessary, since Oprah, who is American, woman, and black, did that, I would be saved immediately. Should we close Jaime Olivier because he does not work in our favor? Yes, I think so. I do think he should never have fame or a space on TV if he is not thankful enough for that and for having us as his audience. Being thankful does include using his fortune for our common welfare. If people let me suffer crime, even when seeing themselves what I endure, then anyone can suffer crime in Australia as a derivation, since nobody was more productive and compliant than I was everywhere I have been and worked, and this since the age of 13 years old. I never had told a lie until the end of 2001, like I had told at most three lies in my life that far and one of them was undone on the same day and told for very reasonable purposes (all told before the age of 12 years old). I don’t even remember more than one, but I am adding two just in case. I had the purest heart on earth (the Bible puts this as a condition for God to trust us) and also the cleanest soul because God only trusted me to be a vehicle for His message in that 2002, this amongst nuns and everyone else. If people let crime, especially atrocity, happen against someone like me in first world democracy, capitalism, then they can let is anyone, anyone at all, suffer crime in it, that is for sure. I was still so blessed by God that I quickly became a phenomenon, having solved The Sorites Paradox on my first attempt to produce good Science and having full house on my first public talk on the topic, this in first world.

Basically, I had told Trevor ALSO about Jaime Olivier and I would think I was the one to put him to have a better show, where he would look better, since I told Trevor that he was, basically, kinda cute, but he looked dirty and weird. Some investment could make him look good. They actually did that and he then started appearing without dirty hands and without picking from his own home yard, which were two things I found really repulsive in his old show (up to the end of 2001).

All that I am saying is that, yes, close the Catholic Church, if you wish, but not before you close those with more sin than them.

Also analyze benefits and harm before doing that because, as I am saying, at least education and some sort of good support for women, they have provided throughout human history, and really good education, exemplary. I had classes with first class researchers when I was doing my college with the nuns in Brazil. I will never forget my teachers and their teachings. The professor who taught me how to really do Mathematics, how to understand all, was from the college, not from the university. I had classes on Philosophy and Sociology, for instance, that were absolutely remarkable and brought me a wealth of information, insight, and understanding that I have used throughout my life.

Obs.: Just to clarify, when I say demoniac, I am not talking about having sex being a demoniac activity, rather the contrary. As I keep on saying each and every time people ask me about that, the Bible, King James' version, is absolutely in favor of sex and even says that men should get a wife as soon as they have their first ejaculation, basically. It also says that women who are partnered should be absolutely satisfied in terms of sex and actually allows only them to walk away if they are not, and this even with the husband's best friend if they want. Demoniac is not about having sex, but it is about the reasons and how you have sex, on top of morality in general, and, for instance, being socially useful instead of harmful. I love sex, by the way, and find it hard to find people who like sex more than me. It is just that what I really love is sex with love and views to remain together, as a true couple, and therefore faithful and all else, for even after death. I hate wasting time and, if I could, as already said, I would have solved my sexual problem in the biblical way on the first boyfriend. I say I am biblical in love, but that just means choosing to have sex with love most of the time or all the time, either with love already built or on the way. The Americans talk about making love and this would make sense in my current context here.
As another point, in case you did not understand why I have referred to Inquisition and Science in the Catholic environment, let me tell you that before Inquisition we never saw statues weeping, as for all I could find today on the Internet, so that it is really not possible that God does that to us. First of all, we were hundreds of years after Christ when Inquisition happened and therefore we had before and after and nothing. It is really not possible that it be anything else because it would be a blasphemy of the own God with Himself if He did that to what He/His representatives condemned. I find us all, with all this, including the note on Islamism, really really stupid, sorry to say. How many years... . 




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On Gym Equipment You Can Have at Home: Step

I have just acquired, in a true bargain (less than 30 bucks), a step through the Internet.

I am very happy with the delivery and the fact that it appears to be what I saw online, but I am unhappy with its shape and the fact that we cannot really tell, from seeing it online, that it is what it is.

I have just watched some professional step class online and they actually use this sort of equipment in the First World, so that it is not something outrageous for those born in The First World.

I, however, came from Brazil, and spent a few years in Rio, and my mother and grandmother were really nuts about body shape whilst my father was nuts about health in general. I married all their best instructions and learned a lot about all, but mum also always put me to do the best that was around and I then also learned from her what a good place/environment/professional is.

Basically, this step is, very unfortunately, CRIMINAL.

I have attended numerous step classes in Rio, since I really like dancing, but I like Jazz, and that is the closest thing we can find in terms of gym.

My teachers were definitely amongst the best in the business, and I have learned that from attending classes in Australia. My teachers had a choreography and a music to match it, but, most importantly, they had true teaching to give and true care with my body.

The first thing I observed from trying to use this step is how dangerous it is: When we move frontwards instead of sideways, for instance, we may easily get in trouble with our feet, since it is not wide enough.

It is also too wide to the sides, what makes choreographies a bit troublesome.

To make it worse, the design is not really smart: Why do they have these gaps, for instance? We should have a flat surface. The idea of having something that sticks more to our shoes might be good for safety, and it does work for cars, so that that is better for our runners because we then should be stopped from sliding when they get wet, but the gaps between the elements of the decoration are stupid. Not only will they accumulate dirt, but they can get us to have an accident. The round shape to the sides is also stupid because we get much more from an evenly cut step than from a rounded one in terms of calculation of our moves, for instance.

It should just be like the ones we have in the clubs that I attended in Rio, what means more square than this and more rational in general.

Anyway, I do think that the First World is not really paying attention to our health when giving permission for equipment to be sold or used for gym.

As another point, I just watched a video online that scared the crap out of me, realistically: The lady had two other ladies and the way she moves on the step looks like me on my lousiest days in class (like a drunk person perhaps): Definitely not acceptable for a teacher. No, no, and no. She should definitely go very slowly and carefully with her feet in order to instruct her students well AND not injure herself.

I found another one that is not too bad.

It is all here, on the next lines:

Step I am talking about

So, here, ALSO in my picture, you think it is the same step we get in these gym clubs I have been to, but it is not. Its dimensions are 78 x 28 x 19.5cm (Page of one of the sellers).

Right class: Right Step Class

Wrong class: Wrong Step Class




Friday, 17 July 2015


You won't really believe this, but it all now looks like the same to me, and all looks like a big joke.

Once more, THIS IS NOT A REVELATION, but if I apply the same reasoning I applied to Elohim, Ya-we-h may as well be Ya from German, We from English, and H from Portuguese, and we then have Yes, we are men, what DOES MAKE A LOT OF SENSE: Maria had sex with one of them, one of the Elohim, and Yaweh was born to be sacrificed so that she would not be killed: We all know that, according to their custom back then, she should have been stoned.

Ashamed, the Elohim disappeared after that, basically took off, but Mary was left with a wonderful husband and sure protection against stoning. She so much knew that Jesus had been born for that purpose that, even being a woman and a mother, she sends people after Jesus when he was in Egypt trying to enjoy his human life. Mothers would usually sacrifice themselves, take the loss, especially a woman who is told to be so good and religious. She knew that he was born to be sacrificed and that is why she did not hesitate in interrupting his human life with a request for help. 

Yaweh is then told to have appeared to Rael, and have told Rael that our kind came from their Science. I am still trying to make sense of their life style and thinking that the only way out is that we are a perfect copy of them, like we are their materialization, but we do not have the mastering of life and death and we depend on the human body, different from them.

That also makes sense with the fact that Yaweh, who is supposed to be Jesus, likes men and gets 12 to go with him, and we understand that those went without their families, so that they were just men. They took one woman, however, right? The one they saved from stoning.

It is also understandable that the Elohim would not appear on earth talking about morality again if what has happened is that one of them had sex with Mary and their own laws were broken because of Yaweh, who sacrificed himself so that Mary would not be stoned.

The detail is that that one who broke the law and had sex with Mary was not the god of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, who would not have to be ashamed, therefore.

Yahweh brings something about Yaweh, just spelled differently. Yahweh, discussion brings a discussion about how Jesus and Yahweh could have been different figures.

As another point, I could never before make sense of why we would have a Jewish god or a God that was told to be the God of the Jews (Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob), like why would He ever work for us, for instance? Now, however, with the name being a mix of languages, I can finally accept that God is also ours.





This is nothing that came to me as a revelation, it is only my own imagination, OK?

The Catholic Church invented the Holy Trinity and I always got impressed with the term and the meaning each and every time people talked about that around me.

I now am connecting Elohim to El-O-Him, and therefore El in Spanish, O in Portuguese, and Him in English or Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 

I am thinking that it is possible that the Elohim are simply highly developed spirits that can materialize at their own will. I connect this to several things, including the black holes.

I initially had the image, in my imagination, of a membrane and our spirit coming out of something already in materialized state.

We then become Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, all together, basically.

With this, all our gods could be the same, that is, highly developed spirits, and no conflicts would exist with the fact that we have so many here and so many people claim that theirs is The God and they have had contact with Him/Her or their intermediaries.

That a sort of unifies all religions on earth, makes sense of the Catholic Scriptures, and make us all understand better both the start of human kind and how it has been managed.

I then imagine that the last stage in the spiritual development is the Elohim and it all makes sense to me somehow.

Lots of people who had near-death experiences report to have seen a light and having people who have already died coming to pick them up and show them the way, which would be the way to get to the light.

The Bible talks about burning bush and the skies opening for the face of God to appear, for instance.

There is also a funny passage in the Bible that refers to a vision of one of the biblical characters and, on it, some three or four pairs of feet and eyes are seen, and they are flying, so that it did give me the perfect idea of a flying saucer. 

That would also explain the seas opening, since it could be the spaceship making some sort of transmission and opening them.

It would also explain offering meat to god (lambs, plenty, Bible) and things like that.

I think it was in Genesis that even an apple would have been offered to God, what then made me remember the arrival of the Portuguese at the Brazilian coast and the Indians offering them gold and other things.

People fear who they think is more powerful and start offering stuff, I reckon.

I also offered Trevor a lot of things trying to negotiate my rights. One of them were some 7 original ideas worth millions, and one of those ideas was Deal or No Deal, which is still on TV.

That is a natural reaction in human beings, so that it would be expected that God arrived in a spaceship or something that was unknown to us, but that seemed to be more powerful than us.

I do think that things make sense like this. 

When they materialize, it would be expected, as for the laws of Physics, that some energy were released, so that we could have the burning bush and the light appearing even without any spaceship. The Egyptians had the Sun God, for instance, and their drawings seem to point at an arrival of a human-shaped being with light around or close to him. 

In this case, the god of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, our God, would be one of the Elohim, but the nicest, the kindest, and the most helpful one, which is, coincidentally, what the Islamic chose to say about Him, that He was the Most Merciful one (True Name of God).




Wednesday, 15 July 2015

The True Name of God

It appears to me at this very moment that the true name of God is Elohim (Elohim).

This is one of the things that most tormented me in the end of 2001, when I spoke to Trevor: The name of god.

After studying, as a scholar would, the Catholic Bible for a whole year, King James' version, which I got from an ambulant seller in Rio de Janeiro for a bargain price of 10 dollars, a wonderful book, which seemed to have been tinted with gold powder on the edges, with the figure of Jesus in an emblem that popped out of the book, a black and red book, mostly black, with something that resembled leather quite well used as a cover, I had been left in confusion as to the own name of god. I understood that He was definitely the god of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, but I had read the Final Judgement part and I knew that we had to say His name to be saved. Yet, what name? It should obviously be something in the original language, I imagined.

As I suffered all these atrocities and turned to God even more, getting even more revelations, such as the New Rosary, I believe I have finally found all answers: We should definitely abolish Christianity and Islam, and try to find a theory that fits all gods that exist, or the majority of them, since either we are all insane, and have hallucinations of every sort with gods, group hallucinations, with His messengers or something, or we really have contacts with the beyond. I preferred the latter, given my preference for believing that we are something, we are someone. I have been putting this all together with the Collective Unconscious of Jung for a while, already very impressed with the American movies when I spoke to Trevor in what regards intelligence and prediction power. I remember having mentioned that we could easily make those crop holes appear if we wanted by simple use of Science.

Since Trevor, we got a few more appearing and I did get the hunch that they had been made in the way I proposed, which was actually using UNICAMP, which is a Brazilian university that is very good for Applied Science because they impressed me at least once with their findings. I EAT SCIENCE since I am very little, to be sincere. Nothing has ever interested me more. Basically, they had invented a foam that was biodegradable and it would disappear in the environment in impressively short time. I never forgot. Unfortunately, given the Country and the people from Brazil in general, that beautiful result ALSO disappeared for good. Were it in Australia, they obviously would have applied that, as they did to worthless creations even, such as the solar car and the super bike at RMIT (gazillions of dollars in total sh..). 

I never said these bad words before this all started and I really took that story of not cursing very seriously. We must admit, however, that sh.. is not a curse, it is just an alternative name for poo, which is universally seen as a human necessity, basic one.

Anyway, coming back to the topic, there are these people, called Raelists, who actually claim to have had contact with Rael, who then claims to have seen Yaweh, which is one of the biblical names for God.

I immediately thought that they were a bunch of drug addicts and their theory was not something that could be believed.

Notwithstanding, it was because of their theory that I would not forget the term Elohim, which is what they present as creators or gods.

I also only read their stuff because of the crimes I suffer, so that I am now imagining that this is the purpose of all these atrocities. My grandmother, who was definitely a saint, Maria Ribeiro Ricci, was always very impressed with the possibility of the end of the world in 2000. She used to speak about the prophecy, which she cast over the shoulders of Nostradamus, all the time. She said like this, the world will not pass 2000 (well, best I can think of in English). She actually said it in Portuguese, her mother tongue. That was De 2000, o mundo não passará. I always believed my grandma blindly, for I never saw her telling a lie, for instance. I myself followed her example until the end of 2001 and had never told a lie in my life, as for the overall feeling. That is perhaps why God chose me as His vehicle in 2002.

Anyway, I have been thinking about the Bible since back then and the thing is that they could, and should, be several gods, since their messages are, at least sometimes, clearly conflicting or debatable.

One says that one of the biblical characters should not have consulted a medium. Yet, because he did that, he saved his life, according to the Bible. He then gets punished, but, quite sincerely, that was an irrational god.

The other does not seem to mind that we consult the deceased, saying nothing about that. Jesus, for instance, says he would come and wake us up. In fact he said that about his apostles, right? He is also told to have appeared after death to his apostles. If he did, then we should not fear that and that is OK, right? 

Anyway, all weights considered, everything is way more acceptable like this: God is not omnipotent and is not omniscient, like I said and PROVED in my philosophical blog. God is a bit human, since we were also told that He built us at His image (and at least that).

I have just observed, as another extraordinary coincidence, that the Arabic people use the term ar-Rahim for The Most Merciful. That sounds a lot like Elohim and El in Spanish is the same as Al in Arabic. 

Being so used to go through bad translations by now, I would think these words are close enough in sound. 

I also noticed that the Islamic book was built several years after the Catholic Bible and several people have noticed an extraordinary number of coincidences. I observed one that is really remarkable: The same Moses. 

We simply did not have access to translations of their book, but, by now, and that is also what I had told Trevor in 2001, to worry about translating their book and make it accessible, we do.

We now have their book online, and ALSO the Catholic Bible, what allows us to compare them quite quickly.

It is obviously reasonable to imagine, and I put several things together to get to my conclusions, so that I have also considered that the same David, the same Goliah appear on the Islamic book, for instance, and Mohammad wrote their 900th and something chapter first, before all others, and took more than ten years to write the book, that the Islamic book originated in the Catholic Bible or at most in the Jewish book, and it is an adaptation to what Mohammad would like to have seen. A true message of god would not take that long to come to us, I imagine, and would not need to be written for so many years. People who are in this world would have died in the middle, if nothing else.

As another point, all sights of God reported in the Bible seem to be passive of explanation through ETs and spaceships, all mysterious events of the Egyptians, which generate their admirable processes, such as mummification, also can get easily explained through extraterrestrial contacts, and etc. (Seicho talks about Amaterasu, a sun goddess, and Amen-Ra is the sun god, and they can then be associated with the god that appears behind the bush, which would be the Catholic god, and this god, from behind the burning bush, appears also associated with light and something that could be seen as sun, therefore).

I wrote a draft, given my physiological condition back then, so that this could not be a proper paper, just a draft, about Rael and, on it, I talked about us taking over, stealing their spaceship, which is no different from what I am writing about in the theory for The Empire. We just have another type of reasoning. 

I realistically do not see any advantage in having anyone else deciding anything about my life or my body, rather the contrary. I think that is all heinous and I fought my entire life to never be in this situation. What happens to me on earth was certainly not only never deserved, but is unacceptable, for there is realistically nobody in this world and time that could love freedom any further, yet, since that end of 2001, I do consider myself to be existing in full slavery and to have my choices either severely limited by Brazilians or exterminated in full by them, very unfortunately. This is all democracy, capitalism, the promised paradise. I really don't get it. 

If I am right, however, I should be about to have my human rights restored, since I now seem to have completed some mission and we can then make sense of God letting this happen to me or making this happen to me. 

May the god of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob sign under this and may our Elohim not be on the way, basically.

Have faith and pray The New Rosary, and please DO include my name in your prayers and requests for maximum compensation, justice, and full restoration of my human rights.

May the god of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob be accepted by you as the best and only god. So be it!

As for the mention to Nostradamus, my blessed grandma, whose prayers kept me without suffering crime during the term of her life, it was just to say that we should worry when the sun splits into two, since that is the beginning of the end. 

I have just "retranslated" a few pieces of his work, and I would also not have done that if not suffering these atrocities. You will find those pieces in one of my blogs here. 

Now, just for the jokes time: Too bad for the Jews, who make such a big deal on the way to pronounce Yaweh. Elohim is apparently something anyone can say. 

As another point, I have just found out that Mohammad's father was called Allah. I sincerely would not have doubts anymore, I reckon.

See with your eyes: Mohammad

Even if they claim that the god of Mohammad's father was Allah, a deity, as I have just seen in the same source, saying the name of god is a horrible sin ALSO in Islam and it was during my time on earth, in fact very recently, that I heard of a woman being killed for using the name of their god, Allah, in vain. Basically, this is absurd. Mohammad and other people would have said his father 's name several times, and therefore god's name in vain. We cannot really accept any self-contradictory religion, so that Islamism cannot really be.

Now, if you accept what other sources state, that Mohammad's father's name was actually Abdullah, and not Abd-Allah, then it is possible that a person would not be committing blasphemy in saying his name. We still would have the other problems we here mention to hang on to, however.