Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Love and Hate

Today we read a text written by Michael Luckman (Luckman, 2014) at LinkedIn (Recruiters Vs. Job Seekers - Helping Them Connect).
He said: The opposite of Love is not Hate, it is Fear.
We have been thinking of these words for long and we ourselves reached the conclusion that the truth is not exactly what Mr. Luckman said.

The truth is that, to tell love from hate, we must see the effects of the feelings we analyze on the person who is supposed to be loved or hated: In case the feelings of another generate fear in them, then it is the forces of hate or the forces of hell. In case the feelings of another generate happiness in them, then it is the forces of love or the forces of heavens.

One can tell whether a couple is meant to be together or not through how they feel after they became a couple individually: If they feel happier, more productive, more centered, and etc., then being in that particular couple is a good thing for them. If they feel more anxious, less productive, and etc., then the couple was not a good deal for them.

In general, the opposite of love is hate, for we must analyze the effects of these feelings in our psyche: If we love, we want to spend as much time as possible with the person we love, but if we hate, then we would like the person to not even exist.

We do not really like seeing texts like this one, written by Mr. Luckman, around.

He seems to be starting some sort of brainwashing on us in terms of the feelings and words he talks about.

Brainwashing is against God’s principles, and here we do talk about the god from The Bible.

He says, at certain height: But in my life it is my relationship with God, and God alone, that brings me even more than just comfort and structure; it brings me enormous joy and happiness, unconditional love for ALL my brothers and sisters.

Unconditional love is not only an irrational thing, but it is something absolutely forbidden by the god of The Bible.

We should never ever love anyone unconditionally; not even ourselves.

If we do something that we consider repulsive, then we’d better hate ourselves until we can compensate others for what we have done, in case that be possible, or get the forgiveness of a higher authority, since only through repentance can we fix ourselves and acquire wisdom and that should be one of the reasons for us to remain in this world (to acquire wisdom).


Sunday, 5 January 2014

Message for Hamish

Just to make sure you have more than one way of contacting me: +61 416915138

Not only do I keep on thinking about the squash we have never played, but I also keep on thinking about how even the most iniquitous of the men can become the hero of human kind from one moment to another, sufficing that he ask God to operate on him. 

I think that God may have chosen you for several things beyond your understanding.

If you let Him speak through you, as I have always done myself, you will finally do what you should.

When we do common things, the commoners like us and stay as close to us as possible.

When we do spectacular things, we stay above them and really far from them, but we also stay much closer to God.

There is always a choice to be made and there are always losses and gains involved.

Please do not think like the peasants in so troubled times. 

Think like the king, the hero, and the worthwhile. 



Your name has six letters and mine has this amount of letters too.

The distance between H and M in the alphabet is like H-I-J-K-L-M.

Have you noticed?

Oh, well, that is six somehow... .

I believe we have enough sixes to call the beasts, so that there is nothing we cannot get together in this world, realize?

Even the most unthinkable of the miracles... . 

See what I got from the Internet:
Bible prophecy describes a powerful leader and his government or empire as the Beast."

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Our Preferred Quotes

  1. I do have a feminine and a masculine side, I do: It is just that my masculine side is completely homosexual.
  2. A good world is a world where nobody is what I do not want them to be: drug addict, parasite, thief, motorcycle rider, disloyal in competition, usurper, violator, aggressor, cheater, traitor, liar, unscrupulous, unethical, unprofessional, coward, promiscuous, unlovable, and etc. If you ask me who remains at this very moment on earth after you take that all out, I would say I do not know myself, for I would not be writing about a good world if I could simply live in the one we have got.
  3. The problem with men is the following: If one of them is left in a deserted island with Brooke Shields, he will not be happy until he find another man and tell him that he is in a deserted island with Brooke Shields. It is also very likely to be the case that Brooke will not have had sex with him by the time that happens even if she had wanted that to happen, that is, even if she had offered the apple to him. After the other one arrives however he is probably going to have sex with Brooke every day, if she wants, to guarantee that the other does not.
  4. When a woman marries, she loses half of her intellectual capacity: That is because the man has doubled his, nothing else.
  5. A relative is someone you have never chosen for your life, probably never wanted to spend a second with, but, in this world and time, is a someone that may deprive you from anything and everything that means life to you. They should definitely invent a way for us to divorce our families in full and for good at least legally.
  6. What a beautiful and righteous woman cannot do in this world and time is living life like every male does since birth: Just for her own pleasure and selfish achievement.
  7. They will say that if you are a woman, then you are a mother, but if they are a man, they will never say that they are fathers as a consequence. That is just the same as the story of the apple: Are they ever going to be responsible for something that they do as every adult should?
  8. Men claim that women are their parasites because they were made out of their ribs. We have scientifically examined this thesis and found out that both genders have the same amount of ribs. Notwithstanding, Science has recently proven that women have less neurons than men. (Oh, now I know where mines, mum's, and grandma's went!)
  9. When a woman is good for nothing, they tell her to have kids. Men are the first ones to do that. One can then tell that my neurons do not look any better in their heads than they looked in mine: If someone is good for nothing, they should kill themselves, obviously and logically, not increase the loss in human kind by expanding
  10. There is nothing wrong with you having sex with someone else whilst being officially with me as long as you are dead when that happens. 
  11. Whoever does not think that each and every second of their lives may change the destiny of human kind is someone I would not mind never meeting. 
  12. There is nothing wrong with you being yourself for as long as you being yourself do not stop me from being myself.  
  13. If someone tells you that they are a communist sort of person, all they mean is that whatever is yours is theirs and whatever is theirs is also theirs: Be warned. 
  14. You can do whatever you like for as long as it is all at your own expense, especially in what comes to losses.  
  15. Don't ask me to slow down or stop my Rolls-Royce: Just jump in and let me drive you. 
  16. Everyone says that enviousness is sh.. . No, not really, sh.. is what those who have it do as a result of having it.  
  17. So, you do not think that being born in a last world nation, amongst last world people, is a curse?Try to get rid of them... .  
  18. Do not think that if you are the hero since early in your life you cannot have problems and ask for help because nobody will ever help you: Think that they will also scoff at you and attack together with everyone else who is already attacking you when you ask for their help.
  19. A true man will never hurt a woman physically, not even with petals of rose, or let her be hurt. 
  20. Authorities for law and order and rules are a bad thing for everyone: For the marginals because there is a chance that they finally get punished and for the perfect people in society because they will trust them and there is only a chance (tiny!) that they proceed as expected.  
  21. Why is it so irrational counting on an authority for law and order to defend your basic rights? Because if you depend solely on them and they do the opposite to the expected, there is probably (effectively) nobody to save you. 
  22. The greatest problem with going on a voluntary basis to see a psychologist, psychiatrist, or counselor is not the therapy, exposing yourself, or anything like that: It is that if they do the opposite to the expected, the insane will always be you (in terms of what everyone else will be thinking by default) and, unfortunately, even though all laws of human kind favor the mentally ill more than they favor the non-mentally ill, in practice, they will use that to say you are making things up, not mattering how many proofs and witnesses you are able to present.  
  23. Men usually don't say I love you. Have you noticed that? When they say that to you, you will think that that is something very special then, but all that means is that they are (probably) about to commit much worse crime than they have committed that far against you. 
  24. If a man who never had minimum amount of reciprocity with you finally kneels down, as if it were a movie scene, and proposes in public, you are probably going to lose your life over that.  
  25. It is horrible manners using the man of another woman (sexually), but it is even worse manners returning him after you have used. 
  26. There is nothing that the virtuous took their entire life to build that the iniquitous cannot put down in a single day.