Saturday, 10 June 2017

When the Bad Taste Screams

I never ever did this in my life: Depreciating women. To be sincere with you, I did think it was as if it were a matter of ethics, since I am a woman and could someday be in such a situation, but, today, after recalling a sequence of extremely unpleasant events from the past, all ran by women, I accidentally bumped into this and could not resist. Men might find this sexy, but I do think what she did ruins not only the dress, quite sincerely. Watch to see why they pictured her as a skeleton but still displaying the right leg like that. It is really odd!

Besides, given that they declared to be the love of the life of each other and were even hugging each other in these images, she can only be a slut, quite sincerely. Were she on her own... Jesus!

I am not a man, and I don't have the slightest for women, but I do think those legs widely opened and the black stripe in the middle do look like an invitation... Men from Rio, for instance, would follow the observation of the image with a remark of the type, I really wanted to be that black stripe...

She could have wiggled the black stripe, is it not? Perhaps that would have been clearer...




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