Saturday, 24 June 2017

The Eternal Fight Between Parasites and Producers

At this stage of my human existence I have absolutely no doubts that almost the entire human kind is keen on becoming even a physical parasite of other people despite all the laws and systems in place. I have lost a priceless and perfect life, head, and body for the most repulsive and worthless peoples ever seen on earth because they could not accept letting me exist in peace, in harmony, as a unique and independent entity. The choices of each subject that had contact with the crimes I endure so far were exploiting me in whatever way they could. Those who wanted to comply, to do what they should, ended up as smashed as I am. Not even a witness' note has ever gotten to me in more than 16 years. No letters. I get at most 5% of the postal items destined to me since 2005. I was gratuitously attacked by several subjects from the Australian and Brazilian governments, and those generated the attacks of everyone else. Whilst the members of the government, amongst those included police, held me in a way to guarantee I could not fight for my basic rights or defend anything that meant me, everyone else attacked in a merciless manner 24/7 with the worst world atrocities. I will leave this world sure of having had direct contact, my entire life, with two things: disloyalty in competition and parasitism. The reason why I was not who I deserved and wanted to be at the age of 15 years old was already maximum disloyalty in competition. The reason why I could never enjoy life apart from at most two years of it so far was parasitism. And the only reason as to why I cannot even fight is that nobody, absolutely nobody, who accepts a job as an authority for law and order, as a reporter, as a manager, and as quite a few other things would ever do their share and, quite frequently, they would still do precisely the opposite. I did all I had to do in life, all I was told I had to do in life, this since early in life, very early; I never failed doing my share, and I frequently did the share of others, of absolutely everyone else. The day I die, my most important internal query will be Why, like why me, why precisely the opposite to all I needed, asked, deserved, and fought to have, and the words I will have written in my soul are I FAILED BECAUSE I TRUSTED THEY WOULD DO THEIR SHARE. I failed because I trusted the system. I failed because I trusted their official declarations and promises. I failed because I trusted the majority of the people on earth made sense, accepted the laws and rules we here chose, and so on. The day I die, my biggest dream will be going back to the past knowing what I know now. Shame Trevor Skinner was there, existed, to make me be as bitter as my mother, and all through true atrocities. I wish I could say I lived in free societies, since that is what they declare they are. I actually lived horrors that are only compatible with Islam since the end of 2001 and I am in a place they call First World whilst I endure those at the face of everyone else. A simple witness' note and I would have had a chance. Everyone knows, straight away, upon seeing, that it is the sort of crime, the nature of the crimes, nothing else. More than 16 years of atrocities and not only nobody in the First World offers me a witness' note but the only one I got from the Last World got stolen more than ten times by those who were in the First World. Human kind is shameless and God is fair only if it gets entirely wiped off, quite sincerely.




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