Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Last Days?

If I have a single friend left on earth, this friend will wish that we have Marcia Hope immediately and all my martyrdom, what means all atrocities I have endured since end of 2001, will be told in detail on TV from my perspective but through the mouth of a witness, someone who might be a perpetrator but, because of the conditions of life in this world, won't mind appearing as a witness instead in order to allow me to have minimum justice. If I have a single friend left on earth, they will do whatever they can and beyond to guarantee that all in my life and body and in my mother's life and body is back entirely to 2001, end. If I have a single friend left in this world, and they are not bugged, I won't die before Marcia Hope is everywhere for four weeks and the kids of God have paid the price in place of the sinners, since their money comes from kindness and a pure heart, a clean soul, but the money from the sinners comes from darkness, selfishness, and usually cowardice and disloyalty that is extreme against God's people, my people. May I have at least a friend left on earth, and a non-bugged friend, in the same way I was the only friend of so many in my life. May God bless. In the name of Jesus Christ, the spiritual world, all kids of God, dead or alive, So Be It. 




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