Thursday, 15 June 2017

Definition of Enemy

An enemy is a person who does not let us have what we want or need or invested to have from our life or body either via omission or action. In this way, an enemy might be someone who simply did not give us a witness' note when we said we wanted and needed one and they saw all themselves. There would be, of course, a scale of severity involved: The less they do what we ask them to do, the more they are our enemies. I think it is also worth saying that an enemy is that who rejects revising their beliefs when their actions interfere somehow with our destinies, especially if this interference works in the negative direction. What really makes of us, human beings, something unique is how volatile our persona is: We want something now, but we may want something else next second. The more stable our persona is, the more people trust us, obviously and trivially. A person these days may get bugged in their heads, however, and this is actually happening since the WWII: They would then change more often and in more unexpected ways. Friend is that who can put their feet inside of their shoes in a spiritual way, who can actually become the other, as perhaps Tom Cruise would say, when observing things. Any friend can become an enemy, however, if they let their own judgement be more important than the own person's judgement. Whenever they have to act or refrain from acting, what should really count, if their action or omission creates an impact in the life of the other, is what the other judges appropriate. Sometimes people are depressed and confused for several reasons, say suffering atrocities or being criminally denied information about themselves. Friends are supposed to understand that and therefore never consider any thoughts of the person that could represent negative things for their lives or bodies. A friend has solidarity, empathy, and action that are compatible with the senses of the expression Christian Love. As God Himself said in a way: I give you freedom to choose even between me and the devil. Whoever loves in a Christian way sets the other free to choose, but, at the same time, makes the other really see the consequences involved in selecting each one of the available options before they choose theirs, so that if by lying to me they will lose any chance they have of being loved by me, I must tell them that. 




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