Thursday, 8 June 2017


Will always be true:

* A marginal will never accept any agreement that may give some justice to the victim. Their objective is not really the money, for that could be offered in larger amount than the result of their crime for the person to save themselves even during a martyrdom. Their objective is really destroying, preferably the other. They understand they are lesser people: people who are cursed for some reason, less blessed by God. They know they can achieve up to a certain amount only because beyond that it is only people who belong to God. They are not happy with this result, which would be perpetuated by the human social agreements, our laws, in civilized places, as it is supposed to be the case of Brazil and Australia, where the most civilized regimens ever created were the popular choice: democracy, capitalism, agreement on human rights, etc.

* A man will always choose unfairness in the relationship with women if the women are not together against them, literally against them, or if they are not the creators of morality, those whose logic has been used to draw the moral paradigms of that society. 

* Crime is always crime: If in democracy it is decided it is a crime, then it cannot be good for anyone. Crimes that could be good are those that a fair court in democracy would accept are not crime. No other crime is OK.

* The law was created to promote equality in civilized places, so in democracy, capitalism. If a person claims that by twisting the law a little things will be fairer to their side or to the side of someone else, then they are marginals. Unless a fair court would consider what they have done fair. 

* Righteous people like being well treated. They will find a way to be happy anywhere where they are respected as an individual, an adult, a person, a professional, a partner, a relative, and so on. They can only be equally happy, a group of righteous, if the entire place where they live is righteous, and therefore if the Old Testament is obeyed, what means that the bad people are identified and eliminated on a periodic basis. Any attack to anyone else's rights will hurt just the same. 

* Righteous people could be happy in a world without laws. They once were. It is necessary however that all the knowledge of weapons, deaths by instruments and strategies, and all else that could be used for possibly non-righteous purposes, be given to them. This is not knowledge they would seek, for they live for the good things and people, so that the only possible way to be happy where there are no laws is the non-righteous agreeing with sharing all their knowledge of possibly non-righteous use. That will never happen, for The Evil knows all is knowledge. Therefore they must be killed and the righteous can only be happy where all are righteous. 

* The righteous will produce and will find a way of being happy with whatever they produced and got for themselves, so their family, their partner, their produce, their labour. They will always be happy in the World of the Righteous. The non-righteous may have everything that there is on earth, and they are still not going to be happy. That is why they attack the righteous. The righteous will see a nail and polish. Will swap for ten. Will polish. Will swap for 20, and so on. Will get to the point of swapping all for a car. Someone who is evil will crash with them and destroy the car. They will see the nail and start over with the same energy as before. The non-righteous will have all that there is on earth, will sit and demand that the righteous serve them. If the righteous does not serve them, they will probably starve to death or eat anything that they can find, including their own kids, possibly dying of sickness because of that. 




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