Thursday, 1 June 2017

Adrenalin Shot

So, I was once more engaging in compulsive eating, since, first of all, I am living a life that I never lived before. Before the monster Trevor Skinner appears in my existence, I had the most beautiful and balanced life one can think of, quite sincerely. Only the sports I practiced, variety and amount, left me happy for the week. I now live the life of the obese: I spend long hours in the computer, the computer is my only hope of anything and everything, and I even eat and drink watching a computer screen. Not only the life of the obese, but also the life of the miserable, since playing squash also costs money. Oh, well, that led me to observe that I don't really feel hungry: I couldn't possibly have reasons to. The amount of energy I spend per day, if changed into calories, would probably amount to a five dollar McDonald's meal from the old times (mini-cheeseburger, OJ, small chips). It is quite ridiculous even thinking of having a pack of cookies, like that is probably insanity. Well, just today, I was able to devour two packs of triple chocolate+nuts cookies, one mug of chocolate, one pack of pasta of the type Asian, microwaveable, one pack of croissants, two mugs of tea, and perhaps some extra. As I was devouring my second pack of cookies, I started thinking of Hamish. I then had to give him an explanation: Hamish, I am eating this because... Basically, it is compulsion, no doubts about it, but I also came up with the following theory: In normal life, I would be practicing a sport, having sex, something that meant corporeal movement, so that I would be producing Adrenaline, and that is then what the food is giving me. I then stopped to think: The food, per se, does not give me Adrenaline, even though digestion may make us produce this hormone. I think what makes us produce Adrenaline is always corporeal movement instead, and therefore chewing, moving our hands up and down, to inside of the pack of chips and outside. They always show this image in movies: Obese people grabbing a pack of chips and sitting in front of the TV. I do think that is something we usually do (I am now obese, very unfortunately, probably working on getting morbid obesity by now). Now the explanation, Marcia's theory, so Marciarizing it again, basically: Adrenaline gets produced from those corporeal movements. The more we get chips, the more we move our hands, arms, mouth, tongue, etc. We must need to reach an equation that is balanced, so that what we would be getting in movement from the sport, sex, and so on is reached through those small movements, from the routine of eating things of that type. I am really really believing this. The trouble is that we tend to get depressed with such a life style, of the obese, and we then need to react in order not to, for instance, kill ourselves. Doing something that is seen as normal is way too hard, so say raising, going out, visiting a friend, doing a course, all that is seen as too much sacrifice, since we are literally not in the mood. If a mate came and literally dragged us to the sports, we would probably go, produce the needed Adrenaline, and then recover, never consuming half of the food after that. The problem is that we then need this person who would be a giver. Adrenalin being produced means forgetting all our objectives, concerns, and all else for a while as well, so that that is refreshing our minds, pumping the own brain once more. Weird stuff that we can observe and feel if paying attention. I had already noticed that no human being can survive on consuming pills, for instance. Even if those contain all we need in terms of vitamins and all else, we will need to chew to, for instance, poo. Our stomach misses receiving something that gives it work. The pill comes mashed somehow. Not enough. Also it is chemical, not natural. Perhaps there is some connection between the Adrenaline we can produce via the movements involved in eating normal food and the production of certain acids in the stomach or similar stuff. To be sincere, it may all be more connected than what we think. I am certainly exploding and never needed not even half the food I have consumed, quite sincerely. Impressive, really impressive. I also think we need something that falls inside of the stomach to stop feeling depressed, so that sports may produce that effect somehow and we don't even notice. If we had a device moving our mouths, it seems to me that it would definitely not be enough. We need the hands moving, we need something entering our throats, and so on. Stomach and the elements that get mixed in it, even from the own digestion, probably have a lot to do with mood.

Perhaps we will observe that if the obese gets something more complex to eat, that demands more movements of their bodies, so say a bag of chips that is a tube, such as Pringle's, they will prefer that one. That demands more body movements, not fewer, and that is how I prove my point. Find a way of making it be even more complex, but still attractive, since Pringle's do have attractive colours and images, so perhaps create an L-shaped tube of chips, and you will probably observe that that will sell more if you put both on the same price. If I am right, we are looking for corporeal movement, Adrenaline, not really food. How much difference would this find make for the obese, I now wonder? There are some mints that demand more corporeal movements, I think the name is tic-tacs. I will bet those are preferred if you have the same price on both options: flat bags, all accessible at the same time to the hand, one movement, and box with lid and the necessity of shacking it before getting the mint. Try creating a game, something like pinball, and offer the chip as a prize each, and every, time. You may not believe it, but I am thinking people will buy the complications more times than the easy pick. This would perhaps have an impact in all we do, since our educational theories are also based on desire. Think that this is not important? Perhaps that is one of the things that most matters instead.




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