Saturday, 27 May 2017

Vagabonds and Free Loaders Mark from IT

A person would have to be a true vagabond and free loader to let the life and body of someone else be in slavery for any amount of time, but imagine bugged in the head? Australia and Brazil seem to have people who are proud of being absolutely redundant and useless at work. VUT used to have a native man working in IT that I had to try to amuse if I were ever wanting him to serve me. Even so, he destroyed my hard disk, returning it formatted with no need, and therefore showing both incompetence and crime. His first name was Mark. It is incredible that these people even get a job somewhere, but Brazil, especially Rio, is also full of those. Antonio Newlands revealed signs of being annoying and psychiatric on his first days in my sector. He is found attacking me for many years in IT. There is a Brazilian dictum that says, empty mind, office of the devil. Mark had a surname that probably connected to Europe. I should not be disclosing his name here because, in principle, he has nothing to do with the atrocities that I endure, but blanking my HD is already crime enough. He did that in 2001 when pretending to be serving me. A person like Lea Ricci Pinheiro, Rogerio de Oliveira or Alexandre Magno de Andrade spends the entire life being a parasite of their relatives if the relatives let them do that. Lea was kicked out of her family home by the age of 20 yo for disrespecting her mother to infinity. That obliged her to try to get a profession and a job. Otherwise she wouldn't. Not being able to keep on going with her life of parasite of relative, however, she first found a job with the government, became a parasite there, and then attacked two of her female relatives who used to basically serve her in her intimacy for more than 16 years with the worst world atrocities, a gang that is never ending of really serious marginals, and all else. A person who is idle by choice, happy parasite of their relatives, is probably psychiatric, and, if tested, the diagnostic will probably be psychopath, I now reckon. There is only God. Rio de Janeiro is the place of birth of the most vagabond and parasitic people I have ever met in life. They are the origin of every atrocity I endure in life since end of 2001. Lea Ricci Pinheiro is carioca. 




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