Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Trip to Brazil and Dates, Strazzeri, and Asia

I started thinking about what happened many years ago, in 2002, for obvious reasons once more. I then realized that the only person on earth who knew I was going to Brazil to solve my philosophical issue, publish my solution to The Sorites, etc. was Panlop, also known as Jake, from Statistics, RMIT. The reason why I informed him is because I thought I had enough proof that he bothered about me, since he seemed to be the only person at RMIT who wanted to find out what happened between Asha and me. The thing is that the date of death of Germanus Strazzeri then became a main point: If he got killed by then, it could always have to do with Asian men, perhaps their mafia. If he got killed before that, then not necessarily, probably only with the own Brazilians, perhaps cariocas for sure. The thing is that I then went online to try to find the only master's thesis he would have examined according to the Internet. An invitation that would have come from UFRJ. That is when the issues started: I couldn't find it, but before it was all available quite easily to me via Google. To make it worse, the date of death was November 2003. Well, I think I am sure I got to Brazil way before that date and he was already dead. Because there is no police all the way through I think we are left with each other. That is why I still bother. Plus, I would have to be able to put all pieces of this never-ending puzzle together to tell exactly even who is who. There is only God. See: 




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