Saturday, 27 May 2017

So Far, Mathematics Involved, Relatives

Some desperately try to help. These are usually a few. Most simply do their legal obligation, denounce, and that is it. Those are majority. A few are responsible for my every disgrace even in life, such as Lea Ricci Pinheiro. Professor Germanus Strazzeri, who married Carla Perozzo, my cousin because she is the daughter of Maristela Perozzo Puget, who was married to Mario Perozzo, and Maristela is the cousin of my mother, Lea Maria Ricci Pinheiro, then Ricci, died before I arrived in Brazil, in that so repulsive and sad 2003/4 period that brought all the crimes I could not even fight against since then to my existence thanks to a few like Agnella Ricci Terra, assassin of her own mother, Maria Ribeiro Ricci. Walter Braganca Pinheiro, owner of a yatch club, brother of my father, Jayme Braganca Pinheiro, someone of some power and money, probably got killed via bug and heart attack, which is the same way I imagine a few died, such as Morgado, member of Elon Lages' group, IMPA. Like Zemanek, Professor Drumi Bainov, Professor Alex Rubinov, he was already old and looked unhealthy his entire life (super overweight and all that). Even so, I think I have no doubts and he was killed via device or poisoning or drugs in the water like Germanus. Cause of death would probably be heart attack, but it was still assassination. I was Googling him by the time he died, and that is why I think I am sure. I was also thinking that he was the wealthiest relative. My father was induced to suicide by Nelson Ricci Pinheiro. I call that assassination. Because I called Nelson and tried to get him to stop Jayme Braganca Pinheiro at any expense from traveling, given his conditions, and I did hear his voice and I knew him a bit, I call that very cold assassination. Maristela Perozzo had already died from trying to get justice for Claudio Perozzo, who would have been assassinated by his own wife, Carmen. Eye witnesses reported on a woman matching her physical description inside of the car where he got shot soon before his death. Claudio was dealing with a lawyer and trying to split from Carmen alleging betrayal. He got pictures and all else. In this case, she would probably get no money after the separation, but they did have a fair bit of money. Carla cowardly abandoned the mother during that fight. She also intentionally increased pressure over the mother in an unbearable way and I am an eye witness of such. So did Mario. Again I was an eye witness of that. I blame both for her death even though the causa mortis declared on paper was heart attack. She got threatened and all else. Carmen, as far as I know, remains at large. Ilda Terezinha Ziglia died recently, believe trying to make the Brazilian authorities create sense and do their share. She had many connections in the Brazilian army and government. Ney Amado Costa died recently. I believe he died trying to publish on his TV that I was suffering crime and the government of Brazil was refusing to do their duty since at most 2001, that being the only reason for the crimes, especially atrocities, that I endure, all originating absolutely always in a coward carioca. They keep on dying. Almir de Almeida, father of Stella Puget de Almeida, died from sadness, since his daughter made my fellows set me up in an episode involving drugs and I almost died or got impaired already from that one. That is when he learned she did drugs, for instance. He was an exemplary detective of the carioca police, as far as I know and saw. He died driving his car and had been drinking in excess for a time because of his incapacity of accepting the actions of the daughter and the decisions of the mother, Terezinha, in what regarded what to do with the daughter. He saw me as another daughter, I am pretty sure, and I saw him as another father. He was one of the best friends of my own father, Jayme Braganca Pinheiro. Every Christmas they had long conversations at my grandma's window, for instance. Stella is once more involved in all crimes I suffer. She became the leader of a gang of marginals, all black people, apparently. She sent several to attack me in Australia all these years. From what I saw online, I think she killed the mother also from sadness and took the apartment. She became a public employee, employed by the Brazilian army, thanks also to my company and support. There are some relatives that were more connected to me, such as Clayton Ziglia. I cannot locate him. It is possible that he would give me a witness' note and would succeed in getting it to reach me. It is all pretty sad, quite sincerely. There is only God. Someone said that I would be kept alive and relatively OK for as long as there were a relative who cared, and only in this way. There is only God. I do think my only hope of getting witness' notes, for instance, is with the relatives. People seem to be usually uncaring, indifferent, and even frequently opportunistic. There is only God. My own mother, Lea Maria Ricci, also suffers crime all these years. She did try to pass me a witness' note more than 10 times when it was about 2010. More than 10 times people from here, Sydney, and I was living in Hurlstone Park at that time, stopped our fax communication attempts. It was around midnight here and around midday there. She was under rain, and already so old. I had finally managed to have a fax machine in my bedroom, a bedroom, not an apartment. A shared house. More than 10 times she tried my fax, more than times the criminal interruption happened. I finally asked her to send it to Avon, since theirs worked 24/7. It was received there and they stole. The woman with Indian accent and voice, who was the only person to ever receive my calls and faxes there that far, and I think I was with them for at least six months, said it was the native white female manager who stole. I think it was obviously her, who also created great confusion with a Xmas order of mine and invented a debt I did not have. I wish people were like me and helped anyone and everyone in need if they could help, therefore I wish that they had Christian attitude. Crime is already bad enough, but atrocity? Things that take away your every chance and democratic freedom? A witness' note is something I would always give if asked. It is really really simple. Shocking. Not even one has been offered to me by anyone in Australia this far and plenty know. Not even when I ask. I end up thinking that my only hope is indeed my relatives. Even so, only the old ones, since the young ones seem to be highly criminal and have very few principles and honour. Only God. I am still in shock with the little or null value my x-men have: A witness' note is realistically something simple. Marcello Catardo was even the leader of a student union and his entire family is spiritist. That was my first contact in life with spiritism, since, that far, I was completely Catholic. Nothing. Could definitely have used the powers of his union to get it all in the press and immediately save both my mother and me. Years and  years in a row knowing of all, even watching. Only God. Bradley Paul Neal is entirely responsible, denounced for crime against me already in 2001, before succeeding in attacking me in much worse ways. Only God.




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