Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Religious Leaders

Do you think religious leaders can know of crimes, atrocities, and not move to save the victims? Do you think this is OK?

I was just thinking about the few religious leaders that I had contact with these years of martyrdom and who they are or what they say. 

One of them is Pastor Joseph from Adelaide, Christian Church, city branch. He said he went to the police for me or he made me understand that. There it stopped. I think they should do more, like publish in a newsletter that they are eye witnesses of crimes, that the victim is Miss or Mister X, etc. I think there is also pastor John. 

Another was Brenda, President of the St. John's church in Adelaide, CBD. She reported that she went to Melbourne, and I would think she was trying to get the Victorian authorities to come to senses and help me, since this is where it all started. She then said she had come back listening to voices, basically, like she works with spiritism, but she had never heard voices before, so that I concluded that she probably got a CIA bug in her, unfortunately. 

There is also Pastor Lou from the Church of Christ, Melbourne CBD branch. I apparently met his kids the other day, perhaps once more, a man and a woman. Cassandra and Matt. Pastor Sam also spoke to me. I took my Anima Est for them to see, but I cannot be sure they really saw it. I can only hope. I was thinking that is a proof of good services to the church, since the church is about Jesus Christ and eternal life. New Christianity is actually Christianity practically without the figure of Christ, just with his teachings or fundamental messages, but Anima Est was certainly about the existence of the human soul and proving it. I don't know how much these pastors know about all, actually. 

It is now more than 16 years of atrocities, so that I have been to a considerable number of churches. To be sincere, even Scientology is something I thought of and tried. I look for help everywhere and anywhere I can. Any church that is Christian, and St. John's, for instance, was quite a lot Christian, is a church where I can go because their practices and main paradigms (taking away the figure of Christ) will probably agree with mines. Perhaps that is why God gave New Christianity through me, even though my choice of church for myself is The Empire of God. Once more, New Christianity is about putting all christian churches together. I was actually showing the two first pages of the script for the mass at VSU to Pastor Sam the other day. He agreed that there was nothing harmful or bad in the principles of spiritism or in the Lord's Prayer of theirs. Once more, I think that prayer is more correct than the usual one, from the Catholic Church. 

I will never know if they actually prayed for me, but I put in infinitely many requests for prayers in the box they have inside of the Anglican church from Sydney CBD, the one that is closest to Sydney Central, and almost all of them, if not all, mentioned the crimes I endure. 

I am sure that George and Janine, from the VSU, know of the atrocities I go through. Also the leader of the Brazilian spiritist church in Middle Park and a few teachers of theirs, such as Carlos, know of all. In fact, they seem to all be eye witnesses of quite a few crimes I endure. 

As we know, Christ is told to have stopped injustice and crime, so that they could not simply watch and let happen. All the christian churches would have to be obliged to stop crime against me if they can. I do think witness' notes are simple things that anyone can give, so that that would be minimum thing. They can publish those in their newsletters, they can give them to me, and so on. That would already be something. So far, nothing. 

I coincidentally ended up attending mass at one of the churches of the Melbourne University (Anglican or Catholic) during Easter. I did not plan to do that and I also did not realize it was Easter, but I think I have actually done that for the second time. They gave us a cross made of vegetable straws by the end of the mass. I was actually bullied by the end of the mass at the Catholic church located inside of the Newman College, so that I did not feel like coming back there anymore. They did invite us all to have dinner at the college during the mass, however. I found that pretty odd because my formation and upbringing is Catholic (that they bullied me). Some young native white people said stuff to me, actually. One liners, but it hurts. I wish they were witness' notes instead. Whenever I have an opportunity, I do ask for help, so that I probably left my business card with the priest if he was by the door, and I think he was. I also would have asked him to please pray for me and mum, that I endure atrocities, and blah blah. The bullying happened outside of the church, they were all in circles conversing. I remember having thought of joining them. 

To be sincere, I think that Trevor Skinner was Brazil, and he had a Brazilian flag, or perhaps, actually more truthfully, a terrorist flag, inside of his brain. I think that whoever sent him invented that I never really wanted to be in Australia or with native Australians, that I actually missed Brazil or wanted Brazil. That probably matches the delusional story that a few, like Edimando Cordeiro and Anna Fillipecki, invented, perhaps for having contact with Rogerio de Oliveira: That I had problems with working in Brazil. Once more, I now have been publishing for more than 16 years wherever I can, and that reduces to the Internet, still by miracle that I got it, evidence, very material evidence, that I never had any prohibition in terms of work in Brazil, precisely the opposite. I had complaints against a couple of work environments, non-addressed ones, such as PGM/RJ and SENAI/CETIQT. I never missed Brazil or Brazilian people in my life, especially cariocas and Rio, precisely the opposite: I fought every second of my existence to get rid of everything, absolutely everything, that connects to them at most in 2000, and everyone as well. Taking away my father, mother, grandmother, myself, and Rogerio for only two years in my undergraduate, I realistically just wanted to get rid of all possible connections with Brazil and Brazilian people my entire life on earth. And, once more, as I say for now more than 16 years, material proof is not missing, material proof of all I say: I never gave not even my mobile number to anyone from Brazil apart from my mother. Not even when Graham Priest, who was a First World research icon, tells me that I should be speaking to Da Costa, from Brazil, do I feel like doing that. I could have called him. I had no interest in any Brazilian researcher during the term of my life. I found out about Nonclassical Logic from reading Singh's book, the book of an Indian. I liked Malba Tahan's material, and he was a person from Middle East who taught in Brazil. I liked the books of Leithold and Bartle, and they were working in the USA before being killed. I think they were born by there. I acquired some interest, from working with language, not having a choice, in Paulo Freire's work, and I then wrote a bit about that. Paulo was seen as an educator, I think. I had mentioned him to Trevor as being a person to suffer injustice, one more, since Brazil and The Brazilians are like that: They criminally obstruct the progress and steal the earned fame of those born in their Country if they are serious about what they do, if they are really into helping people in a generous manner. It was Graham Priest that suggested that I attended that session where my stalkers found a way of connecting to me, the session for internationals at UQ. I did not even know about it. I think I also only chose the native, 100% native, people of Australia, at most English and American, to be with me in my intimacy. I chose nobody else. Everyone else simply happened. I also choose the white people, and everyone else is just accidental.  This Trevor, however, seemed to be saying that I should live in Fitzroy because that is the place for Latin Americans. That happened after a long time of conversing with him, so that was when I thought that he was worse than he seemed. George Hannah told me that I should live in Altona or something because he himself lived there. I would think this is all racism then. Yet, once more, I am a genuine European descent: Spanish and Italian. As far as I know, both Spain and Italy are part of the First World, so that I was just going back to my roots, my origins, when I moved to Australia. It is all very weird. My race is the Australian, American, and English race, obviously and trivially: We are all white Europeans. Just to add to the cake: The food that I usually consume when poor is Italian-style, at most Asian or Indian. When I have more resources, I opt for Japanese, sometimes French, and one of the things that does not leave my mind is Macrobiotics, for instance. I do see a lot of value in a few teachings and foods that belong to that line. Macrobiotics was started by Tomyo, who, as far as I know, was Japanese. I don't know, I have no connections to Brazil or Brazilians or Latins. At most I attended a few parties of theirs in Australia and I could consume the food, but then I eat anything, even McDonald's, in a civilized manner and even smiling. I love squash and chess, for instance. I think both did not originate in Brazil. I also find swimming quite OK. Did it originate in Brazil? I love Jazz, dancing it, and I think this is an American-black rhythm. I don't know, just nothing in common. Painful is the fact that I told that all to Trevor: It is a cultural problem. What the authorities for law and order have done to my life and body in this world is absolutely unacceptable, quite sincerely. You cannot force a human being to anything in democracy unless it is a legal issue and the law is being completely complied with as you do that. It is all true atrocity, I never found a chance in any of it, but I am sure my rights did exist in the laws, and therefore none of it could ever have happened. I still think, once more, that all Judith Cook had to do was spreading that I was born in Brazil: I was then immediately going through the metamorphosis of Kafka and roach I became, basically. Since back then, everyone sprays over me, tries to squash with the feet, and so on, quite sincerely. I am obviously no human being and therefore nobody owes me service, not even the basic ones. It is lucky when the cleaner does not come around and demands that I move, so that she can clean where I am, quite sincerely. And, once more, a person of minimum level of intelligence can be a sectarist, but never a racist. Prejudice against people born somewhere should not be racism, but it is the level of ignorance in Australia that leads them to believe that overseas is the name of a race, and born in Brazil is a synonym for subrace, plus born in Brazil and female must mean something that is not human, and therefore if the laws apply to our behavior when we deal with First World men, for instance, they would certainly not apply to our relationship with what is not human, and therefore whatever is born in Brazil and is female. And let me please, once more, remind my readers, if I, by miracle of God, have those, that anyone can suffer from the curse of being born in Brazil, even a person who is unlucky enough to get their mother's airplane doing emergency landing in the Country, like they were on the way to somewhere else or something. One more little detail: Even my religion, when I arrived in Australia, was something that was not from Brazil. It was Seicho-no-ie, Japanese. 




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