Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Crazy People, Crazy Ideas

YouTube brings a video about a guy who wants to privatize even police. I have just told here what happened to my folder containing all my documents in 2004 in Australia. It is a reason to get really angry and upset with The State and police, since, for instance, if the cop were ever reasonable, just like it was with the episode involving Gani Abdulah and VUT, I would be saved right there. It is from small crimes that the big ones are formed. The amount of people who have died as a consequence of the omission or criminal action of the own authorities for law and order, especially police, is incredible already in 2004. Privatizing police? The State was put there because we need impartiality, first of all. I can imagine a system where we are all given a quota of money to spend and we then use it with hospital, police, and other services. Notwithstanding, what happens if we are really unlucky, suffer crime all the time, and the private police is as bad as the public? The money is over and we will surely die from suffering crime, I suppose. The public service in both Australia and Brazil is surely a catastrophe: It is hardly the case you will find more corrupt, immoral, insane, and criminal people in any other social sector. Perhaps, however, sociologists and other researchers are right: They are a reflection of what society is in democracy, so that most of the people in Australia and Brazil must be corrupt, immoral, insane, and criminal toward women, especially if those women, who are attacked, were born in Last World countries. To be sincere with you, I think I do observe that and I also feel that on my skin. Therefore, it is a reflection of society. On the other hand, people are denouncing all the time in Australia and Brazil, and, I am sure that, if it depended on them, I would have gotten my PhD and academic job in 2002, like if my case were ever on TV, as I wanted, if I ever had the opportunity of having some help of marketeers from Australia, and, as said before, I think they are the best on earth, I think we would have committed no mistake: The voice of the people would be the voice of God, my Lord, and both title and job would be mines in 2002, what would have saved the entire world, to be sincere, everyone and everything that mattered. The press, however, is privatized. Only the press saves people both in Brazil and Australia if the crimes suffered are atrocities, violation of human rights. We then have private and public equally harmful and useless. Yet, whilst I saw police stations even being closed by the government in front of my eyes because they did what they should, such as the Broadway police station, I saw no move of any member of the press, not even one individual, to publish anything. Is private better? Perhaps, once more, what is wrong is only one thing: HR. We should never ever hire a person for knowledge, experience, references or anything like that. We should hire them because of their character. I will say and repeat to death: Christians are the best employees on earth if they are true Christians because they will serve everyone, they will be humblest, etc. Only the non-promiscuous, the non-selfish, those with Christian religious beliefs can be useful and virtuous. A person like that will be good at any position they occupy, that is the thing. They will be better in what they have vocation to do, but they will always be good anywhere, in any position, for, when we work, we must serve, and, to serve people well, any person, as democracy demands, we must have Christian beliefs. Does it suffice that the person says I am a Christian, like Agnella Ricci Terra, for instance, did in 2002 in telephonic conversation with me? Obviously not. We need to have psychometric exams to measure capacity of compliance, sublimation, especially in the name of the common good, honor, etc. Nothing else matters, to be sincere. Almost every trade that there is can be learned from doing and observing. In every trade we can have the company paying for our formation and get formed inside of the job instead of outside. That would actually allow even the private sector to have the best employees. Most of the women who become nuns become nuns because they don't have money and would not be eating, dressing, studying, and others otherwise. If the private sector gave them that through inclusion in the way I here suggest, they probably would be as loyal to the company as they are to Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church, what means repeating to death that Mary was a virgin, Jesus Christ was a saint, Jesus Christ was God, and whatever insanity we know is absolutely incompatible with Science, logical reasoning, etc. That includes marrying the own God in a ceremony here, on earth. We need sense and inclusion. We need ways to cut off the Platonic thinking, that is, the thinking of Lea Ricci Pinheiro, Renato Gaui Filho, and Anna Fillipecki. We need to finish with oppression, that is, we need to support Teach for Freedom, Paulo Freire, John Dewey, and alike libertarians. Notice that I am including myself in the lot, since Teach for Freedom is one of my research projects and a few books inside of this topic are found on Amazon Internships, Apprenticeships, on-job training, and everything else is what we want. You want to have the respect of people? Start by treating them as if they were your kids: We all need care. Care leads to inclusion. Proper care leads to happiness. We give them food, accommodation, formation, dental and medical care, insurance, and all else. We make them sign agreements such as the one we here have with HECS, and they must return a certain amount of years of work in our company or pay our investment back as soon as they have another job. We adopt them and replace the possibly idiotic parents. The percentage of idiotic parents is a growing concern. People with proper families is becoming a rare thing. The majority needs parental care. Parental care does not include sex and love that represents that sort of relationship. Parental care means realistically taking care. May God help us all, those who chose our God as spiritual/moral guide and the Common Core as His clearest guidance, preferably embracing New Christianity, and therefore all the modern prophets. 

Allied to that, we need strong philosophical paradigms to brainwash people with. I suggest that New Christianity be the philosophy adopted because it is scientifically more plausible and useful to society. We also need to exterminate wrong doers, especially of the type psychopath, in due time. Identification should be made during college time at most, since the worst cases of manifestation of psychopathy, and therefore actualization of evil dreams at the expense of the existence of others, happen after that time. Psychometric tests once more. As said before, on another blog post, mistakes may occur, but the system is full of them anyway. We kill with mercy: No pain, no suffering. In this way, we will be doing our best to save people from what I endure in the last 16 years plus, which is the actualization of the dreams of the demoniac at the expense of my previously perfect existence. We need to save, preserve, protect, and The State is failing badly precisely there. 




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