Sunday, 30 April 2017

The Stories Behind the Disappearance of my Postal Items

It took me fantastic 16 years plus, but today I got the response: What story is behind the theft of my postal items if there is any?

The answer will shock you: Whenever there is an old man giving me attention in my intimacy I receive all my postal items. 

I got to this conclusion after listing all times during which I got my post with no miss or almost with no miss: one was when I was staying at the George Hotel in Sydney, for instance (an old white native man was the manager, he kept on giving me attention, a lot of it). Another was when I was on number 19 South Tce, 5000 (the guardian was an old white native man, and he again gave me lots of attention). 

Where I am staying right now, there was an attempt of having the same (real estate agent is an old man, white, apparently Scottish, came around a few times. Another old man is the owner of one unit here, came around a few times. About twice for each. Another old man is a neighbour, kept on watching my door day and night sometimes). The difference is that I was conversing with them when I was on 19 South Tce or at George Hotel. When I shared house in Sydney, Hurlstone Park, next door to me was John, a native white old Australian man to whom I also gave attention, so actually, fixing it, it has to do with me giving attention to old men. When I tried the AFP in Adelaide, they put an Andrew to speak to me on phone, as said before. Cameron Plant yelled father to me in 2002, Middle Park, as said before, so that who invented this story must have been him, very unfortunately. They probably connected that to Graham Priest and said he only needed my attention, and I was perhaps selfish enough not to give or something. That I could give my attention to Andrew, etc. It is all quite repulsive. Shepherd is obviously in this category and may say he misses conversing with me, for instance, what then became their national story. I now attribute receiving my post or not to the old man in the own AUPOST shop where my postal items are received (PO Box): If he thinks I am giving attention to men like him, I get my items. If he thinks I am not, then I don't. I still received more postal items when the two old men came around or the old neighbor was watching. Pretty tough, is it not? 

That would mean that they are all native and absolutely unprofessional/unethical and criminal. I then imagine that the fellow from the AUPOST would simply know who steals and prevent the theft from happening whenever he wants, but it may be anything, very unfortunately.

It is now 2005->2017 without my post, receiving at most 5% of my items, believe it or not, with short breaks where I seem to have received it, such as the time at 19 South Tce, beginning of stay at UNILODGE, etc. Only God. Still the day before yesterday, upon accepting to play squash with an older fellow from Scottland, he said Graham during his exit from the court, believe it or not. I never had anything against conversing with Priest, as everyone knows. I have everything against him destroying my career intentionally and criminally instead. Also against him harassing me or interfering with my personal life. There is only God.

Cameron Plant seems to always do whatever The Brazilians tell him to do, what is pretty weird. I think I am absolutely sure that the men he took to the hiking trip with us were the spit face of Rogerio de Oliveira's friends, friends I had never met before Rogerio took me to do rappel somewhere new in Brazil. I was then trying to cajole him to find me a new boyfriend, since he was obviously betraying me and that is what I deserved. He would also attack criminally and prevent me from even going out otherwise. Who would say things in precisely this way, for me to simply give attention to the old men, that that would cost me nothing, is Lea Ricci Pinheiro, so that I do believe it is always what Tony Milone said: Always Rogerio and Leinha (Lea Ricci Pinheiro), very unfortunately. How a human being can denounce others in 2001 in Australia and end up attacked with infinitely more atrocity by the same people she denounced for now 16 years plus and how Tony Milone, in principle an authority for law and order of Australia, can find out all that and not get them punished, is my major query. Not really happening. That then explains the concerns of Trevor (if it was sexual harassment or just harassment, for instance), like if it was just harassment, just converse with him or something...




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