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Native Women and What They Think They Are Doing

I think I also found out what the native women think they are doing. When I met Hamish, I had absolute certainty that he was single. He also told me he lived with his parents. When we were kinda getting a bit more into it, the girl who worked at Unilodge called him and certain weird things followed. Other girls, native and white like her, moved to in front of my unit on 274 at a certain stage (South Tce), and they then said that Hamish was insane (they used the word crazy). I then infer that they used what I told Trevor in a distorted manner, maybe for not understanding well what I said: They then try to make sure I have nothing serious with them all these years. Basically, I can have one-off sex, but not date, for instance. The reasoning behind that would be that Andrew Clarkson and Bradley were both psychiatric, so that they would not let me go and would like to kill me. They would like to do that so that I am not seen with another man. On the other hand, I also said that I did succeed in having what I would call normal relationship with Bradley when we were basically living together in my place, but he did not have his items there. He was then faithful and doing the things that normal men do when having a normal relationship with a woman. Who did this to me was probably Judith Cook, who then must have blamed my personal life for whatever happened at VUT. Again, unprofessional and unethical plus criminal behavior, and again she is a native. A group of white native women was around me when I came back from Brazil in 2004, they were kinda stalking me by the beach in Middle Park, since I came back to stay a few days in my old apartment with Bradley. First of all, I chose that apartment from browsing the Internet with Trevor. They said: We were thinking of your personal life. That probably meant that Judith Cook was saying that she ruined my professional life because she was thinking of my personal life. What we know from that is that Bradley wanted to go to Brazil, since that was what Shepherd told me in 2002 out of the blue. Bradley would then try to be with me in Florianopolis when he went to Brazil, so that his plans were marrying me in Brazil, where he could get my money and things like that. He would have done that after he was absolutely sure, from being told infinitely many times by me, that I definitely did not want him, and, if anything, we were trying to be friends, and friends only, with whatever we were doing at that stage. I again believe Judith Cook was following the instructions of The Brazilians and so was Bradley. I think I am sure Bradley was visited by at least Lara Mente and Raquel in our apartment in Middle Park in 2002. Shepherd would have perhaps played the role of father, marrying us both then, something like that. That meant not doing his duty as a postgraduate coordinator and still attacking me with atrocities since back then. Shame, real shame. I had chosen the native when I spoke to Trevor because, first of all, I believed they were the most professional people, the most ethical and conscientious. Poor me! If Shepherd had done what he gets paid to do, what he promises RMIT and Australians that he will do in exchange for his salary and position, which would obviously be guaranteeing that, for instance, I would be presenting my results at SERC, I would never have asked for a leave of absence and I would never have gone to Brazil, and that would have saved my entire blessed and perfect existence per se. There is only God.

I am afraid I was always only interested in the native people of Australia, nobody else, so that whoever decided to finish with my existence by doing what they are doing made sure they would be doing precisely the opposite to all that was expected and possible to predict. I think I am sure people who are highly competent in psychology and turn to the other side can manipulate human thinking and make others do things they don't want to do even if they are not bugged in the head, but, once more, I do believe substantial part of the native Australians is bugged in the head. Priming and other techniques, some mentioned by me in my writing, would allow for all this to happen. Brazil and Brazilians were things I tried to exhaustion and dumped with infinite joy in 2000 to never see back to my existence, so that I realistically have no doubts about how much they were never part of anything that could possibly be called good in my life. Black and Asian peoples are peoples I never wanted to relate to, was never interested in, and was at most stuck with, so that I was actually deprived from all that matters to me in Australia since that end of 2001, on top of all that matters to me in general, my own original being from 2001, for now more than 16 years. I cannot have a clue, not even now, as to why people ever let this happen to me, even one second, especially the cops. May God never forgive and destroy them all is my best wishes all the way through, quite sincerely. My life and body were perfect, were exactly what I wanted in that end of 2001 for the first time in my life, as I told that damn envoy from hell, Trevor Skinner. What has been done to me is unacceptable: A bunch of free loaders, majorly from Rio de Janeiro, using that man as a means to get my priceless and unique information that they would then use to finish with everything and everyone that matters to me on earth, and absolutely nothing and absolutely nobody ever mattered more than my original being from that end of 2001, as said also to the hell raiser, Trevor Skinner. There is only God. 

It seems to me that native white Australian men are frequently promiscuous and hate being forced to do what they should. Australian native women were sending Bradley home in a religious manner in that 2002, beginning of the year, just like I asked. Bradley then got scared, for things were just what they should be but, just like the father, a convicted pedophile, that is not what he likes. He then decided to ally himself, together with the other native men who were like him, to black and Asian peoples, also South American, since they would never do the same for anyone else, and therefore they would be able to be as disloyal as they like with women like me. Because of their wishes for being unfaithful, promiscuous, and therefore injuring women to best, I have lost my only perfect opportunity on earth, that is definitely what I think. And you wish that they did things at their own expense at least when the things they want to achieve won't benefit us in any sense. You also wish that the laws and rules were religiously followed. Shame.

I think the Islamic people have influenced the native men so that they would act like that, therefore Asha Baliga, the Indian woman from EOC, etc. Who would have contacted those and made this all possible would have been Carla The Vaca and Angelo Ricci, in my best evaluation. People like Alvaro and Taneja, one from interpreting and the other from Mathematics, would be Indian-Brazilian, so that things are very easy for the perpetrators. Hamish passed me by car yelling freedom once. The car was full of Indian men, nobody else. He was not driving. An Indian woman started being the best fellow of Bradley at SKM in 2002. Judith Cook blamed the Indian woman from EOC, who did get removed from it, for all. Asha is from Sri Lanka, which is next door to India. I suffer a hell lot of crimes in Australia that come from the Islamic people, as said in a few places (more recently, a 200-dollar platform got stolen by basically an Islamic moving company, an Indian woman appeared in a repeated manner in my calls, same one, different names, and so on). 

By the way, Brazil has one of the worst postal services on earth, and I was absolutely happy with the AUPOST services, as said before in many places. They can only be bugged, quite sincerely. I also had very good bank services in Australia up to Trevor. I totally believe Asians, black peoples, and South Americans have been continuously attacking us all criminally so that our service provision and products, here in Australia, but also in the US and England, look like garbage and they can then claim they are better at serving and other things. Our men have sold our countries and peoples, our habits and choices, and all else in the name of betraying us (and guaranteeing we won't be told). The peoples who destroy us all, even physically, with them, what I call The Brazilians, simply provide them with promiscuous sex, uncommitted, so that they can have other people, even public partners, say my case with Bradley, and get to have sex with these women, who don't give a damn, such as Raquel and Lara Mente. It is a shame. I much preferred our choices, standards, laws, habits, culture, etc., but my life is used to make The Brazilians take over and destroy all, especially myself, without giving us any chance. That is when what they said, that they would not have attacked me heavily if I had entered Brazil as a Brazilian, makes sense: I was indeed absolutely Australian since arrival, apart from very few things, all depending on what was actually typical or not, as said to Trevor, and had nothing and wanted nothing to do with Brazil and Brazilians, black or Asian peoples. Quite a shame that men are able to do the things they do to us all the time with so much cruelty and disloyalty. I definitely expected way more from them. 

By the way, they wrote door delivery on one of the trucks that they sent to haunt me in that 2002, and I do assume that meant having prostitutes delivered to their door, so Lara Mente and Raquel, for instance, in the case of Bradley. Once more, during all my martyrdom, if a man who has a partner approaches me and is sexually interested in me, and I refuse them, and I always would if they have partners and I know that, they seem to send a prostitute to them, so that they will always betray the woman even with me refusing in an absolute manner to do that. There is only God.

People like Julie Sauders, Kaye Marion, and Irene Penesis seem to be in favor of affairs and seem to not have problems with being an affair. Kaye Marion actually seemed to proudly be telling us, in the staff room of RMIT in 2002, that she had done oral sex on Pavarotti when he was married. I arrived at Penesis' RMIT office and she was being massaged by the fellow I was about to help doing some relief lecturing, Calculus, but he was married. Julie Saunders seemed to have engaged in suspicious activity with at least Bradley, Alan, and Nimalrasi, and all of them are married men. I definitely think they portrayed me as a woman who did not mind being betrayed or could do nothing about it, despite me suffering every sort of atrocity to even be back to conversing with Bradley already in that end of 2001 and denouncing all to the authorities all the time. I could do nothing, I am existing in practically full slavery since the end of 2001, as I say everywhere now that I have some Internet (they kept on deleting my websites up to about 2014), and therefore it could not be acceptable using my case as an example of good woman who would not mind being betrayed: I simply never had a choice, like all these years. May God never ever forgive not even one person who is part of these atrocities against me, who lets them happen, not even one that has done that for one second being able to save me or give me a fighting chance instead. May all of them burn in hell and endure the worst pain of all 24/7 for the rest of eternity. May those be cursed up to the third generation. 

Not to be forgotten: Patricia Petersen and Eva Stenzdur suspiciously appeared at RMIT, working there, marketing branch, in that 2002/3, and Eva had an affair with her supervisor at VUT. Patricia was told to be public affair of Priest in 2000. I now think Irene must have told Patricia about my certainty: That that time I would get my title and job, since the HOD was really ethical. Patricia then told the Vice-chancellor of RMIT, and she found a way of replacing that superbly ethical man with John Hearne, who would not do anything that a decent person or HOD should be doing not even in 16 plus years of atrocities against me. 

Carla The Vaca is a prostitute and I actually think she was the owner of a brothel in Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro, a brothel where both Lea Ricci Pinheiro and Veronica Pinheiro Vieira would have worked for a time. I do think Australia was mostly moral, and that is why I loved the place in that end of 2001. I think it was not on their interest to have a moral place, since, in it, they would be rejected. Patricia reported having women from BRB trying to kick her out at UQ before 2000, before I there arrived. I do think that is the right way to go, and no tolerance could exist for women who have the courage of having intimacy with our men. I think that if they ever do it, then they take them from us immediately, like I want no return, please, policy my entire life on earth: Please tell me what is going on and take the bastard. Better lonely than badly accompanied was a famous dictum in Brazil, and I liked it a lot.

By the way, what prostitutes most do is serving old men, so that everything is compatible with that. I once watched Lea Ricci Pinheiro, for instance, in a pub with a much older man, who, sincerely, seemed to be as gay as Fernando Gabeira, also as old as him, burning her leggings with his cigar and then putting the tip of his tongue inside of the hole he just created. To be sincere with you, a woman like me would prefer death if having a choice: destroying our leggings in public, possibly burning our skin, relating in our intimacy to an old and repulsive person, and still get a nasty tongue, of smoker and gay, on our skin? Only prostitute or women who would be able to work as such, quite sincerely. 

I spoke to Patricia Petersen after I spoke to Trevor and she then said that she had no sex with Graham Priest, this going on for four years in a row. Since I end up in the way I do, I assume she lied also there. However, that would probably imply that one could simply converse with Graham Priest and he would call that relationship. She said it was either him or her when I tried to get her to be more present, since Priest seemed to be harassing me a bit. That means she obviously did not mind that another woman had something intimate with him. At the same time, as every woman of this type, she said that she was really upset that Leslie Roberts, who seems to unfortunately have passed away during my martyrdom, was found on his lap in his office some day with locked doors. I find it really hard to get coherent discourse from people like Bradley, Rogerio or her, like promiscuous people, to be sincere. That all comes together in a nice package however: Perhaps she convinced Priest that The Brazilians were training me so that I would become his companion or something. Brothel owners have their ways, and, in several places of the world, including Japan, as we know from reading my blogs, women are lured: They think they are going for a job in teaching and soon they are sexual slaves. Interesting enough is the fact that Zemanek, who presented a show called The Beauties and the Beast in Brisbane, which I watched a few times, also passed away during my martyrdom and Patricia had told me that she worked in his show. It is just that I did watch this show, which is probably for old people, and they always had the same people in it, so that it would be very unlikely that she ever worked there, as I told Trevor. 

I had actually asked Trevor to locate and speak to Priest's wife in England, since he told me he had one in 2000, and get her to help me with my research, since Patricia was like that. All I really needed was the job, so that that should be easy. I thought that she could be a moralist, like I think I am. I also told him that he told me he had a daughter of my age and I am a Christian in terms of formation, so that I am inclined to put families together. More than anything else, I thought Patricia was completely inadequate for him, for our Philosophy department, for the university, and for our logical group. I also thought she was destroying his standing and person. I told Trevor I thought he was even trying to tell me that he was gay, given the story of the earrings and things like that, so that I realistically saw no reason for him not to be back to his wife and kids, precisely the opposite. I also thought it would be much easier to get his original wife to help me out when similar issues appeared. This sort of issue should be a minor thing, but, without someone to help, things may acquire a Dante sort of feeling quite easily. 

As another point, Matthew Carter, one of the fellows from Logic that inspired my interest before I speak to Trevor, a person who knows of a few crimes that I endure from even watching, and, who, in principle, has done nothing to help ever, had his name printed on the Internet as if he had died in the US recently. The date of the death is very close to the date on which I finally got a formal title of PhD for the first time, 2015. I could not locate him when trying the Melbourne University and I have tried hard. I even called their staff twice. Some think he pitied me and tried to get Patricia to stop attacking me and to guarantee I would have minimum chance of fighting, so say my academic job. There is only God. The way Germanus Strazzeri, who is my cousin, in-law, disappears from my existence, and he is a person I mentioned to Trevor as someone who would be guaranteeing my proper inclusion in Academia if necessary and if I were forced back to Brazil, which I was, is very suspicious and I think I am sure, and I also think I have good intuition, that it had to do with Trevor and his friends. The most likely person, in terms of having to do with all these deaths that I here mention, and at least these, is actually Patricia. There were two women who looked exactly like Joanne Kelly stalking me in Brazil. I do think Joanne is part of her team, perhaps her karate group from BRB. One of them was at IMPA and was from England. She conversed with me, guaranteed that she was sure about what I was going to do, then rushed to the computers to send an e-mail to somebody, who I then believe was Patricia. I do think it is possible these ladies are involved in his death and this one, from IMPA, could, for instance, have caught a bus, gone to Severino Sombra, and poisoned his water. Alternatively, she could be present at the sessions involving the only thesis the Internet let us know he judged at UFRJ, and she could then bug him with the CIA bug. Anything is possible. I have plenty of fantasies and also theories, some based on good circumstantial. Once more, what we really don't have, all these years, is police. 

When I was staying in Katoomba, old lodge, where everything seems to be about to fall, Patricia Petersen passed me by car wearing an exotic outfit, reckon it was red. She did do what Alan, the Maori woman, the postwoman, and a few others did when stalking by car: She glanced at me in a challenging way. She also did not stop and did not speak to me. I also think she did not have the intention of doing that. I soon saw some signs saying cult to the goddess or similar thing around there. I do think she is responsible for Graham Priest to stop treating me in a professional manner, the little he gave me, such as news about workshops, opportunities to present my work, get togethers of my group, in Logic, etc. I notice that people like her, Rogerio, and Bradley like isolating their partners, since, in that way, their partners are simply dominated and victimized by them. When people care about those, they lose, since they are seen as the wrong doers, as it is all that could happen. I did see Priest as a father, as I always do with my bosses, teachers, professors, etc. Therefore I did take care of him as such. I think that, when his head was right, he also saw me as a daughter, which is the correct attitude for pedagogy, and so much so that he mentioned that he had a daughter that was my age. It is a shame: I had a perfect and priceless career in Science that far. I also had a perfect and priceless body, inner and outer configuration, etc. Real shame.




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