Monday, 20 March 2017

What is a Relative?

A relative is a person who, in principle, has no compatibility with you whatsoever, but the law ties to you for reasons of blood and genes. It is lucky when they are not the cause of all your problems, finally your destruction. A relative is an animal you cannot control, a pest: Everyone on earth will support their atrocities against you because the dominant philosophy is that they matter. They call family only those relatives that originally had blood and genes in common with you. God Himself however, The Bible, calls family you and your sexual partner. I agree with The Bible, not with the dominant thinking. Yet, I lost my perfect opportunity on earth, from beginning to end, my perfect and gifted organism, my absolutely perfect career in Science for the damn relatives. I did not have not even a chance of fighting from beginning to end. Yet, they were denounced to the right authorities still in time. A relative is an unwanted person, someone who appears in your life to be your parasite: they won't let you live, they won't let you achieve, they will steal from you. They will haunt your days on earth and ruin your life. It is lucky when they don't try to have sex with your partner. It is lucky when you can count on them for something. If they ever attack you criminally, you won't find any justice regardless of where you are, what you do, and who you are. A relative is an eternal problem: Everyone invents you are responsible for them. The best relative you can have are the dead ones: Those won't bother you. Nobody will ever stop them, nobody will ever defend you against them, and everyone will still let them do always infinitely worse than what they have already done. The excuse will always be that they are your relatives. Family is important. You just change the labels, the sigmatoids involved, call disease blood and genes, and now what you have is a disease in common, disease that they gave you. Perhaps in this way we will increase our chances of enjoying our lives: Changing labels, changing sigmatoids that we use to refer to this thing they invented is a good thing. Animals abandon them as a rule and live happy forever and ever, without ever looking back. The same did Jesus and Budha. We say we are more civilized. It should mean something better for us, for our lives, for our bodies, for our existences. It doesn't. I think the labels are equivocated: Disease would make more sense. Blood and genes is what they gave you. Call that disease. Now we will have a chance. Perhaps police will arrest them when we denounce. Perhaps they will save us in time. 




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