Sunday, 5 March 2017

Voluntary Impairment

When I was in Brazil, several people told me about what I would like to call voluntary impairment. So, voluntary impairment could be what I told Trevor in the end of 2001, which would be drinking alcohol in excess or doing drugs, or it could be the situation in which a person impairs their own body in order to receive money from some source, so say when a man chops his own finger at work to pretend it was a machine and, in this way, get retirement wages.

They say that Lula, for instance, a previous Brazilian president, did that to himself. He graduated in a technical course from SENAI and worked for a time with machines. He then lost a finger, and that allowed him to retire from that job, get retirement wages because of that, become a politician also because of the retirement wages, and a few years later become even the president of Brazil. 

It is very rarely the case that people want to stick to the profession that is connected to the first job they have. I myself first graduated in primary teaching. I really did not like it, this already by probation time. I thought it gave a lot of work and some kids act as if they are not even there, like perhaps alienated or something.

I never actually worked as a primary teacher from the first segment beyond  the duration of my course, which was three years. I used to do the course in the morning and work in the afternoon at the same college, where I attended my classes.

I never understood those who invest in voluntary impairment, however.

I think that one thing is being born with some disability or even acquiring it naturally somehow or, if ever criminally, by means of the crimes of others, not our own, and another thing is seeking impairment by intentionally destroying our own body. That is a sacrilege of no dimension. Bodies like mine was in the end of 2001, an infinitely blessed organism, were put in this world to make the owner happy, in first place, so to then allow for them to, for instance, get the best men around, and have quite a few disputing over their love, to make this world and race more beautiful, and therefore more admirable, in second place, and to allow for maximum progress that is possible to get through an individual in third and last place. Those are God’s intentions and also the intention of human kind, since we choose the rules we choose when we can choose.

As our good god told us, our bodies are the containers of our souls, and our souls are His breath. Respecting His breath, His own organic matter therefore, is respecting our bodies, taking care of them to excellence. Showing gratitude to our Lord is investing in perfecting our organisms to maximum, precisely the opposite to destroying them in an intentional way.

As for getting money easily, that is, acquiring a job and then simply deciding not to work in it and using legal tools to get money from that vacancy for the rest of our lives, it sounds like a necessity when what we do does not match what we want to do, what we were made to do, etc. in countries where not even minimum support exists in the direction of our vocation. With the money easily gotten, Lula could, for instance, become the president of Brazil, which was his dream.

Of course, because he became the president, I lost my perfect existence without a fighting chance for him and his allies, with me lots of people have been victimized and attacked all these years, so that perhaps, in his case, just in his case, he should have kept working with machines, and machines only, but other people could finally become researchers, professors, even in the Country that they chose, perhaps finally teaching those they would like to teach because of that event.

He may have had an accident. He may. It is possible then that God wanted him to become the president of Brazil and me to be attacked internationally by his gang for even 16 years plus.

Given the consequences of his retirement, however, which are that I endure 16 years plus of atrocities in Australia, I would think he did cut his own finger, quite sincerely: The World of God is perfect. Nothing is to harm us, especially human kind as a whole. The Christians would have to be God's people, and quite a few of the Christian Indonesians would have to be true Christians. I thought that even the Islamic Indonesians were kind when I first had contact with those in Brisbane, so that they must have been very kind, definitely God's people. 200,000 criminal deaths because of Lula and his allies right at the beginning? No, I don't think that finger was a work of God. It was rather a work of men, and really evil men, just like those who ruined my perfect career and Science all these years, along with other things. 

And, quite sincerely, I strongly suggest that we make this all become topics for research in PhD courses: I more than want us to, first of all, lose prejudice against certain topics in Science, and, second, scientifically prove what I here state. If it is a God's thing, then it is for the welfare of human kind as a whole. I do believe that if liar detectors or other means that can be trusted are employed, one will prove that Lula criminally impaired his finger like everyone says he did. That is a demoniac act, not a God's thing, and that is why the consequences are heinous for human kind as a whole, including the criminal exclusion of more than 200,000 Christian lives from the world. 




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