Sunday, 5 March 2017

Just in Case

Look, I go from beginning to end of my martyrdom without having the slightest idea about what is actually going on. I would think one crime would be enough for the authorities for law and order to come and punish my aggressors/violators in an exemplary way plus give me best justice, but we have a ton of crimes instead since the end of 2001, and the authorities seem to like them so much, they practice them themselves with frequency. I am then left with my destroyers, basically, from beginning to end, like my only hope reduces, from beginning to end, to succeeding in having an agreement with those who destroy me intentionally, without giving me a chance, all these years. I tried that my entire life in Brazil before I came and I never succeeded, closest thing having been the PGM agreement, let's say. I asked Australia to help me in the end of 2001, and Australia seems to have made all that was my super strategic knowledge end up in the hands of my mortal enemies so that they could do what they are doing to me without giving me a chance, God knows why. I thought they had some basic duties toward me, and, amongst those, we had maximum defence to my rights to freedom, privacy, and property. All I go through shocks me very much. Oh, well, but just in case, I''d better say that I love working, that I prefer working to not working, that I love producing and achieving in all I do, and therefore that I prefer producing and achieving to not doing that, and that I love being fairly treated, so that I prefer getting paid to serve the South Americans who attack me, so say performing linguistic work for them and getting paid for it, to having my original ideas stolen, for instance, and getting nothing in return. Perhaps that is not so clear for those who destroy me or who let me be destroyed. I am sure nothing that I go through could not even have started in that end of 2001, so that I have no doubts about the corruption and immorality of the authorities involved, also about their guilt. I do blame them with exclusivity. I hope to be saved someday and to have my martyrdom told by all means available to human kind in the most meaningful way as possible, the most accurate description as possible of all I went through all these years, things told by the eye witnesses, even if those are the perpetrators that we decided will appear as if they are simply eye witnesses. I wish for having Marcia Hope, which will be a show to collect donations 24/7 as my martyrdom is told 24/7, for 4 weeks in a row in BR, AU and US, the three main nations involved in all, and I wish for collecting at least 500 millions from each one of the mentioned nations. I wish for having, in special, the intellectual theft I endure told, if possible also in writing. I think it is important that human history and human kind get to see how much I was worth as an individual, and how much this could realistically never have happened to someone like me. Once more, I love working, producing, achieving, and I do not mind serving The Brazilians in language and getting paid for it plus being told to be doing that if I would otherwise be serving them even in my intimacy without being told to be doing that and without getting paid, the latter in total haste and horror, absolutely against every law on earth, and with me being able to do nothing apart from what I do from beginning to end: crying, denouncing, collecting all evidence I can, passing to authorities, etc. There is only God. So, you know, managers, you are monsters, and you have acted against the constitution of your countries to attack my basic rights or let them be attacked now for fabulous 16 years plus. Please do not deprive me from more of my existence. Before this all started, I had quite a few professions that I loved and acquired on a voluntary basis. One of them was translator. Another was interpreter. Please do not destroy anything anymore. If anything, help, for it is all your fault. If you cannot revert all you have done, put me back to the end of 2001, together with my mother, who, as far as I know, endures the same sort of crime in Brazil for quite a few years as well, only by miracle of God still alive, if you cannot ever create minimum decency and finally comply, giving me minimum justice, including all told in the press as it is for me to maximum amount of detail, then please do not injure me further in any of my professions: Do precisely the opposite. My life was always mostly work, and that is what I most loved doing on earth. Ask God to teach you how to be more what you promise being, what you promised being to me, to the other Australian citizens, to the other Brazilian-born people, etc. Nobody in Australia or Brazil could have forced me to anyone else, to anything outside of the laws of Brazil or Australia. I have no idea about what you think you are actually doing or why anyone on earth let you do this to me for any amount of time, but I am pretty sure you know, just for being in the position of authority, what you should be doing instead, which is, I am sure, precisely the opposite to all you do and let be done all these years. Please try to your best not to injure me any further, revert all damage you have already been personally responsible for, either for action or omission, and concentrate on making Marcia Hope possible, plus maximum production, achievement, and number plus quality of additions to my CV in all that remains of me, all that you have not yet ruined or let be ruined by means not only of crime, but true atrocity. I absolutely always did my share and way more than that. Whatever you may think I did wrong in any of the years of my martyrdom, which started in the end of 2001 with a telephone call of Bradley to my Charnwood address, I am sure would be forgiven in an honest court if all that is involved became known by those judging, so please be what you promised being, not only to me, and do all that still can be done that aligns with your obligations toward God, this world, your nation, and myself plus my mother. May God move your spirit, and may your spirit command your body. In the name of Jesus Christ. 




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