Friday, 27 January 2017

What is Help and What is Destruction

Dr. Lea Maria had a dictum that meant a lot in these regards: Hell is full of good intentions. 

That basically means that lots of human beings have claimed to have good intentions when committing even the worst world atrocities against others. For instance, when the USSR existed under Communism, the government would be saying that was the best for the USSR, that they had Communism. As soon as they stopped that, however, people would be lining up to get McDonald's. They were used to eat in darkness, and inside of a very limited set of ingredients before that date. Was that good for the USSR?

Possibly, but perhaps it was not good for the people who lived in the USSR. You see, there is a difference between being good for an abstraction, a Country, a flag, and being good for a human being or a set of those: Good for the USSR as a Country, as a flag, yes, possible. Good for the USSR as a people, not necessarily. 

You can put lots of money together by not eating, but you can also die from doing that. Not eating is good for your budget, an abstraction, but not necessarily for you. That is basically it.

The psychopath went on killing people who were having sex with love in a certain American movie. He said he was cleaning the world or something, perhaps God asked him to do that. That is then good for cleaning and God, but, once more, they are abstractions. 

There is no possible help that opposes the will of those that are supposed to be helped when we are talking about adults who have legal rights to decide over their lives. Any subtraction of their rights to administer their own lives is a violence that is amongst the greatest that can be practiced against them. One second without autonomy is loss enough, imagine years? A human being cannot suffer worse violence, in terms of what is not physical, than being deprived from their freedom. The rights to be the authors of our own destinies are fundamental to guarantee that our lives are considered lives. 

What a wonderful world this would be if people were happy with what they have as themselves: their own body, their own head, their own choices. If they are not happy with those, however, they have to be obliged to conform because nobody can pay for their unhappiness that be not themselves. Find some theory to hang on to, that that is karma, curse, whatever. Nothing more important than freedom, than never suffering any violence, of any sort. Nobody is guilty of your disgraces, but, even if they are, we have chosen the laws and official systems, not physical reaction. We must be able to convince ourselves that life in community is worth it or we must be set apart not to injure others. Life in community means common decisions and one of them is how we deal with our own unhappiness. We have decided for being civilized, acting as a group, and following whatever our official rules say should be followed. If we are unable to comply, especially to the point of violating human rights, we should not be let alive because each one of us only has one chance in that body shape, in that human configuration, and it would not be fair that we lost not even one trace of it for someone else. We were each given theirs and we have rules that we decided would be the way we would approach things. 

Once more, periodically killing people is the same as periodically cleaning places: A necessity. We should definitely kill the members of our society that cannot respect the body or turn of others. People who are able to violate human rights that are as basic as freedom, privacy, and property usually betray their partners, usually hide their sexual choices from their most intimate people, say their best friends, usually lie at work, say allege headaches they never had to get a day off, and use names that can apply to any other being when dealing with their sexual partners (baby, love, etc.). There has to be easy ways to tell who is a psychopath from who isn't and Psychometrics can help us there. If those are periodically killed, a case like mine and mum's would never happen, so that people who are really productive and important, who literally move the wheel, would be able to express themselves in a proper way whilst on earth, which is ultimately what we want. Not killing these people means that a ton of really good human beings, who could bring extraordinary contribution to human kind, will never do that. We don't want them arrested, since that means they can still do something against the good people. We want them killed. 




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