Monday, 23 January 2017

Rights to Hate, Reject, and Dump

I have been thinking about this for long now: This thing that men did to women all over the world and perhaps that the women did to themselves. What is our exclusive power, and power, not curse, which is stopping the race, exterminating it, or making it last forever, therefore the power of eternity, one of the powers attributed to God, has been changed into kindness, in the same way they changed, with Jesus' story, God into nice, friendly, forgiving, and inclusive. Women have been deprived from the rights to reject, hate, despise, and dump since Jesus' story time, I now reckon. We suffer the worst world violations all over the world and the first type we cannot hate, reject, despise or dump is the own women, the Leas or the Patricias, the Veronicas or the Carlas. 

We were given power, not a curse: Creating humans and destroying them by not procreating is power, power of God, not a curse. That does not come attached to any obligation if morality is dropped. In fact, I could have a male kid and use him for sex if feeling the need in the option where morality is dropped, just like a movie I once watched. That is power, not a curse. And it is power well beyond the power that God gave men. They then invented, in the same way they did with the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, that because we were mothers we would have to never reject, hate, despite or dump, like we would be obliged to help others, to never abandon, etc. People obviously confuse procreation with care. The Empire of God certainly does not do that. You don't call a woman mother just because she gave birth to a kid. You call her mother if she is also a carer. Even a whore can give birth. That does not make of her a mother. Mother is a social job, a social incumbency. I have seen plenty of men sexually abusing their kids. Nobody seems to charge them on fatherhood apart from me. In their case, things seem to be detached by default: They procreated, gave birth through their chosen procreator, yet are not necessarily fathers. As for what we see everywhere on earth, lots are actually doing the impossible so that they are never fathers, by the way. We must pay attention to the fact that the god of The Bible is the god of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, therefore the god of the Jews, and the Jews, as for what everyone else thinks, are pretty nasty people, so that it is very unlikely, just for knowing that, that God is generous, kind, and inclusive. As another point, even if we embrace the gift they usually attribute to Jesus, but that I insist was not his gift, that of generosity, and decide to also be carers, being then proper mothers, that obviously does not imply that their attitude toward any other human being who be not our own kids will change: We are their  mothers, not mother of anyone else. When this extension was made possible is the big question. Nowadays vets have the courage of making puppies be fed from other tits, for instance. At least they make sure the mother accepts that, as for what they tell us. We are at most responsible for those we gave birth to, this even in maxima levels of morality, and the own motherhood never implied generosity. All that is attributed in a rational manner to God can be attributed to the mother in terms of relationship to the dependant, and that includes heavy punishment for very small faults. I think men usually change women's generosity, extreme generosity, when voluntarily taking care of them, say at work, into motherhood attributes, so that, first of all, they do not have to give anything back. That is nothing but their disloyalty popping up again: Taking care of them is not something that makes us feel good. It is just something that we do because we want to show that we want to be their friends, at most that. Friendship DOES imply a two-way road, and you cannot get rid of your share in the story by simply creating marketing sentences, such as that is her fulfilling her motherhood instinct, you know, she does not have kids. Having kids? I don't know, but it is only heavy amount of brainwashing that can make a woman want them. At most they are a consequence of being deeply in love with someone, and a consequence that we sometimes don't mind embracing. I definitely don't think there is such a thing as motherhood instinct, and I have more than enough evidence to prove that. Men invented that, in the same way they invented that God was generous, inclusive, forgiving, and tolerant, in the same way they invented that those who procreate are automatically father and mother. That is a title one must earn instead, just like a PhD, quite sincerely. 

Sincerely, even Buddha and Jesus turned their backs to their families and walked away without ever going back. Some say Jesus had wife and kids in Egypt, even that. And he would then have walked away from his second family on the occasion. We have more rights to hate, despite, reject, and dump, not less, for we were given more of God's powers, not less. 

I turned my back on Brazil in 2000 to never go back. I had the rights to. Problem is practice. I turned my back on my relatives and everyone else from Brazil and finally walked away to never be with them anymore, just like Jesus and Buda did someday or even more than once. They are seen as heroes, saints, etc. Why not me? People go and serve them to the best that they can, even with their lives, so why not me? Instead, I am criminally cursed to exist in slavery since at most 2001. First oppressed by the Australians who were being induced to attack me by The Brazilians, Brazilians behind all aggressors/violators all the time, then, when I could not defend myself anymore, almost in the open by The Brazilians. It is all democracy, capitalism, they all sign for human rights, Australia and Brazil, so what in a hell, literally speaking. 

I am not obliged to care about anyone I have ever slept with or even about those I had kids with for as long as Jesus and Buddha are saints and people are not legally forbidden from adoring them, quite sincerely. I hate everyone I dumped because I always dumped them for their mistakes,  usually moral. I am entitled for as long as Jesus and Buddha have even one statue in a public place, quite sincerely. 

Basically, I tried Brazilian or Last World dick, used, and did not like. I was using First World dick, loved in that 2001, and realistically never wanted to spend one more second with anyone from Last World at least in my intimacy. I think I am sure I had the rights to. I also had infinite rights to love dick and not vagina, to love sex with love and not only sex, etc. Who had to do with my personal life is those who had to do with Jesus' or Buddha's: Nobody, regardless of how outrageous it all is. Basically. And this is all my generosity, extreme by the way, because I can only be forgetting all the laws, rules, and principles that the own men created and brainwashed me with my entire life if I still think I have to justify myself in what regards any of it. Adding to that, I dump and you get out of my life, as every woman does everywhere on earth when men dump them: You don't go after me, you don't create problems in my life, and, if you ever want me back, that it be because you prove to me that you are doing more positive things for me, not the opposite, as it is the only acceptable way. Rationality is killing men who do not accept women saying they don't want them before they attack them, not the opposite. This is 16 ys plus I am paying for leaving The Brazilians behind, including Bradley Paul Neal and Andrew Clarkson, but, morality in place, they would be punished instead. Morality out, and I would kill them for their wrong doings, for that is what I think they deserved without morality being part of my universe. How can anyone drop morality and therefore our laws as well and attack me if we did not agree on any of it, and therefore I did not have a chance of skipping it in order not to lose in the way I do? WE chose democracy and therefore maximum loyalty in competition in Brazil and Australia, not the opposite. 

In the same way, morality in and I serve people ethically, and therefore correctly, to the best that I can, as I always do and did, since morality is my choice, and it is the official choice both in Brazil and Australia so far as well, morality out and I can injure them as they all do to me since end of 2001 at most. I will die being moral and I definitely think no immoral could be tolerated in Brazil or Australia, since my choice is the choice of the majority. 




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