Friday, 27 January 2017

Nothing More Important than Full Authorship

I think there is absolutely nothing more important than full authorship of our lives on earth: That it be good or bad because we did this or that, not because someone else did this or that.

People everywhere on earth should definitely be attacked and killed before they can usurp the rights to freedom, privacy and property of someone else: Those rights mean life. 

Human life is a gift from God to us and our bodies are a gift from our parents, so that we can live it. If the gift is ours, nobody can enjoy it in our place, and that is the only possible truth.

One thing is being attacked by normal people. Another is being attacked by the government in democracy and capitalism, as I am, now for more than 16 years, maximum violation of human rights. The UN should exist to invade and administer countries whose governments reject complying with their own constitution and international agreements on human rights. Nothing that I go through is really acceptable. There should be mechanisms in place at all times, so that nobody goes through what I go through since that end of 2001: Our bodies, intimacy, ideas, etc. would have to be absolutely ours. 




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