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Negros X Whites = Why Are We Always Violated?

I was always very confused about all that happened to me since that end of 2001, but Judith Cook did tell me it was all to be blamed on the Indian woman from EOC, and therefore on a negro woman. Once more, I did tell EOC and the woman was removed from it, so that she should be a no-doubts case. I arrived at Shepherd's room long time after Asha had dropped my dream project, as for RMIT, a project I had described almost in full detail to Trevor Skinner by end of 2001, to the level of where to get the paper, what sort of paper, who would help with supervision lines, etc., and she was saying good things about me, like it seemed that she was saying that I did an excellent job with the paper, the thesis, and my presentation, which she never let me put on air, basically. She had only two minor remarks, one of them was actually wrong, and I would prove that later, once more, and she therefore seemed to be doing my story, the story I had given to Trevor, which would be that the negro race people would be together with me, since we should be all oppressed. Well, I have just been all compliments to Prof. Eric Arceneaux, who I found on YouTube, since, first of all, I had told Hamish I wanted to learn how to sing from those guys who prepare people on TV to sing, and some of those shows were actually my idea, the shows on skills, by the way, those that started after Trevor speaks to me in that end of 2001. I then found this guy somehow in my YouTube search engine, and loved it: It was just like what I expected. I was then all compliments to him, put him in my blog with Blogger, as you can see on, and I even practiced all his classes and thought I had improved my singing quite a lot, finally recording a new piece, which I sent to him together with a link to my website to reassure him that I had really appreciated his work, that it matched my thinking when it came to Education (holistic, skills, etc.). He then added tokens to his video, as you will see in the recording I here publish. You will notice that he said, where is the hat, for instance. When The Brazilians started to victimize me more heavily in Australia, what happened after Trevor, they talked about me needing to wear a hat to become somebody, like that I was not beautiful, interesting or attractive otherwise. They always used the native Australian people to hurt me like that up to when I go to Brazil, forced criminally to do it, due to things just like what I have just described, and I then find out they were behind each, and every, criminal attack I suffered also in Australia. He also says something in French because I know French a bit. He still puts his finger on his face to imply crying, so that that is to mean that I am singing badly, and therefore have not improved with his classes, as incredible as it may seem. From there, since, very unfortunately, despite my considerations regarding people as individuals, I do notice, as told to Trevor in the end of 2001, that people frequently attack others as a class, I concluded that the negro race people, therefore the Indians as well, as Judith Cook said, organized themselves and made use of electronic gadgets to victimize me better since that end of 2001. Once more, all whites are attacked with priority and privilege in Rio de Janeiro by all negro race people in the place all the time, all gratuitous. Notice that the same happened in the USA by the time of apartheid: Negro race people could always be to the white side, never strong violence, or very rarely, but rare would be the white who would have survived any visit to their side. I now believe Asha had an American Dreamz bug in her ear and some security guard, another person of negro race, more than likely, let her aware of where I was at RMIT, so that she would calculate what to say by the time I open Shepherd's door, and I would then think it was my story and the poor women of Australia, as oppressed as I was in terms of Science, would then have helped me to best by saying that I did all I had to do to best, but they could not graduate me or keep on going with the project because of the agreement they had with whomever or ethical concerns because of Comellas, whatever. Once more, that story was never supposed to happen either, I was just depressed and confused, Trevor should be there to help me and was supposed to be a nurse. Only what was absolutely in my favor should ever have been passed to others. Notwithstanding, given my state, of total confusion, criminally induced by everyone else, I ended up thinking that chances were higher to the side of the women doing my story, what then led me to conclude they had helped and Shepherd had attacked. I had a truck passing in front of my eyes, a sort of stalking me on my way from RMIT to where I was living, and they had MEN'S WAY on the side of it. That was to make me think men were all attacking, is it not? I also had the name JOHN SHEPHERD appearing on a box at my house, my address, in St Kilda East, at a certain stage, Brendon Matheson having brought the boxes home, another one written DAVID on it as well. Well, we then think Shepherd would be attacking me, is it not? Joanne Kelly still said that he was a harasser, that a female student had once denounced him. Never ending stuff. Oh, well, now that he made this aggression, quite gratuitous, and I put that together with the tons of negro race singers who recorded similar messages clearly with their voices in my songs (the only ones I could download for free from the Internet, which I was also getting for free, in an Irish lodge in Sydney), songs that I was using to help me rest at night, given the nature and amount of crimes and aggression, violence of every sort that I endure from 2001 to now, this after Obama was elected ( I don't believe he was elected for the first mandate, I think I am sure it was crime, and it was even illegal that he were a candidate, I believe he did not have an undergraduate ), still with the flight I had after his election when coming to Australia, which had exclusively negro race songs and movies, I conclude, once more, that the white people are being crunched for now 16 plus years, being attacked with maximum disloyalty in their intimacy and at work by negro race people. As I told Trevor in 2001, already sick of the negro race people in Australia, and their disloyalty with me, we include them properly, we act with maximum generosity, in the case of Princess Isabel she even freed them, but they are always acting with maximum disloyalty and backstabbing us. They are our parasites everywhere on earth, and they do all in the most shameless way as possible. Once more, Monica Pereira not only incited my entire college class to cheat, but she almost bashed me up in a room with my fellows to force me to do that. She is the person who prevented the nuns, Catholic white nuns, from saving me since at most 2014 by blocking our communications, first of all. She also injured me much worse, social networks and all else, herself. She is a person of negro race. A true marginal her entire life. Believe it or not, my school was supposed to have exclusively white people like me, but the nuns let her attend without paying a cent, the only one who did not pay in the class, also the only negro. And that is what she did already back then. Not only they don't have gratitude or reciprocity, as I told Trevor back then, but they are realistically in this world exclusively to destroy our peace, happiness, achievement, and steal all we have got without giving us a chance, and therefore to behave and act in a completely demoniac way. I still cannot believe that Oprah pretended to be helping, me, even acquired a private TV channel in Australia for that purpose, and she wanted nothing else but to scoff at me instead. They published in the press that the channel cost 1 million to make the scoff better. Were it not Obama, once more, I would have been saved by the USA at most in 2007. Instead, all these extra years of atrocities. It is unacceptable that we have even one place on earth without maximum apartheid. Once more, apartheid is to protect races under highest threat, such as white: we lose genetically, we lose physically, and we lose because of their gratuitous crime and extraordinary disloyalty everywhere on earth. More than anything else, they are our parasites, parasites of the white peoples, and they realistically live to injure us all gratuitously when we least expect. Only apartheid can save the white race from extinction. Once more, Mario, the negro race man sent to attack me in Australia by Andre, man of Veronica Pinheiro Vieira, another negro, said he married Carla The Vaca exclusively because of me and my attitude plus decisions. As for what Carla used to tell us, she adored him, so that I should have been responsible for what is best in her life. Instead of being grateful, and returning the favor of me helping her with at least maximum respect for my person, she is responsible for my every disgrace in Australia since 2000, starting with Priest forcing me to sit for an IELTS when I already had a TOEFL with more than enough score before I arrive in Australia. Asha Baliga destroyed white people, Australia, Brazil, women, Science, research, Education, compliance, etc. with what she did. They have no shame. From beginning to end, no shame, not even a trace. I still remember the negro race woman stealing my documents also recently at Carnegie in Adelaide, as described in another blog, and the negro race man stealing my vibratory platform when moving my things recently to Melbourne, all without a trace of shame or regret. One of the negro race men who took the things from my apartment in Adelaide, and those were realistically the finest that dealt with me in a long interval of time, even wrote in an e-mail that he had sent it to Melbourne. Not even so. I had to buy another, believe it or not. And I have so little these days, given the amount, nature, and extension of the atrocities I endure, it is not a joke. Not to be believed, one of the reasons why I ended up in Australia is finding a place like my Porto Alegre, where I was born: Not even a trace of a negro race person, and, because of that, quite sincerely, safe even to the level of a kid going on her own on a bike inside of high bush without suffering any violence. See: 

Sorry. No sound in the first one. So, pay attention, there was nothing odd in the recording before I sent him a message using my YouTube channel. I am now going back to his classes, as he instructs us to do, and as I think I should do, in the same way I went back to Julie Andrews' song a number of times to improve my singing before finding him. And, all happening in a space that is shorter than 2 weeks, I get this. 

Now, there is once more a negro race man who I thought was definitely going to save me as soon as he found out, Ed Motta, a famous Brazilian musician, and instead he became friends with one of the groups that is amongst the worst aggressors/violators, the house of Hermolga, Angelo Ricci, and he could then manage to know all these people who attack me with crimes of this sort. Once more, it was after I asked Ben Falah, from Udemy, to help me stay in the USA through a job (apparently he could be open to other proposals, but not a job), that I had the sound criminally destroyed both in my computer and in my online classes. Before that, the sound was super good, super clear (I changed computers since then). 

Thinking about it, I concluded that the thing black people most hate in whites is their generosity, what New Christianity has called Christian Acts. Thinking about all my contacts with them, what they do not seem to have is spontaneous kindness. When Eulalia Mancome, my black friend, asked Antonio Sienda to help me move from Andrew Clarkson's house, he hesitated and demanded an extraordinary amount of money for what he had to offer (AU$ 100 per week for a bedroom where there was a double mattress occupying almost the entire place and a desk, nothing else, something located in North Caulfield, which (the suburb), quite sincerely, I liked, but was a bit far from the CBD). All white people who I know would quickly help the person, check on how much they have later on, and then propose or find an alternative place for them, like they first help. They think very differently all the time. The doorman of SENAI was nothing but Christian in all I saw. The black kid killed him, shot to death. I think, quite sincerely, that they hate is kindness. They don't conform with us being faithful, for instance, and that being a natural desire in the white peoples, like, without any external interference, if they are left without anyone trying to change their minds, they are always faithful and romantic. I still remember Sergio Bastos, for instance, another negro race man from SENAI, asking me if I believed Rogerio de Oliveira (my white fiancee) was faithful. I said that, at that stage, I did. He was really unhappy and he seems to have invested, together with Fillipecki, in the opposite direction to the expected (make him be unfaithful). It is all very unfortunate. They changed the Christian church close to here, where I am right now, in Melbourne CBD, as reported in another blog, into a mercenary place. No whites are seen there anymore. They talk about donations and monthly payments to the institution. I think that, because they are so ungrateful (with us, whites), they would like us to do things with second intentions when we help them, so that they always try to find a secondary interest in what we do for them. From there, they get irritated each, and every, time we are simply generous and caring. 

You will notice that they say, I care, I don't care, when they are targeting me as well or people who are in my situation (they say that all of a sudden, as he does, like out of context, not making sense), and I assume they would be all whites. He does say that at least once in the class I here mention. Basically, it is only by doing what they seem to be doing indeed, like killing all my possible white helpers or making them be unable to help, that I would be stuck with black people (Ney Amado Costa, Germanus Strazzeri, Prof. Roberto, Walter Braganca Pinheiro, etc.). 





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