Friday, 27 January 2017

Logic Involved

One of the things that my destroyers use to convince the First World People to join the wrong side of the story, what means those who violate all the laws of AU and BR for extraordinary 16 ys + to attack us all in First World, is the following reasoning: Only when Brazilians learn how to value their own talent, and therefore how to value Marcia, we let them win, so that if they win, they win as a class.

It is just that those spreading such a thing are the second generation of The Brazilians overseas. In the beginning, we had a student at RMIT who had the typical Asian face and looks. This student also spoke English like a native Australian person, and had actually been born in Brazil. With time, they got people like the woman I met in Sydney, whilst working as a consultant: She had been born in Australia, therefore had no accent when using the English language. Her looks were those of a typical Australian native woman. For instance, she was overweight, big, and tall. Yet, her parents could not speak English at all. They then speak to the native peoples from First World and they accept that it is only when The Brazilians let me win that they will be winning. They convince them with a couple of examples, say the recent results in the Interpreting exams for NAATI. What they say is that The Brazilians are not entering any new level in their society. 

It is just that they forget to check all other levels. For instance, Regina Burashick, from UFRJ, probably entered an Australian location and sector no other woman from Brazil, apart from me until 2001, had entered: She is now working with Mathematics and Academia in Australia, Adelaide, UNISA, for many years, and, from here, she attacks all my rights and guarantees my exclusion. Another one got a job in England, language, at the university. Yet another one got a job at QUT, etc. They are spreading like a plague and those are all marginals, all involved as perpetrators in all atrocities I endure all these years, probably distributing my original ideas, sometimes worth millions, inside of their universities and pretending to be theirs. It had to be possible. Sometimes, they know who is a harasser because they come all over me since Trevor, with hopes of getting something, since I must be desperate (and I surely am, but not to the point of doing the things they imagine I will do). Because of that, they are able to send a woman of no class, no scruples, and she then gets in from offering herself. Lots of times I was in a situation even in my private life of having someone over me, lots of times someone who is married, and The Brazilians basically sent a replacement after I refused to basically serve that person sexually, believe it or not. It is sad enough to notice how people realistically only think of themselves, and never of Australia, First World, white race, democracy, ethics, etc. One must notice that that is how it started: Sever was interested in more stuff, so was Priest, like stuff that is not professional, and with me. Brazil sent a replacement in 2001. Florica Cirstea may have met Sever in a conference, as she told me, but she was there because Rubens Crippa, from Brazil, found a way for her to be there then. Rubens Crippa's specialty is precisely Differential Equations, but there was never any reason for Sever to get someone from that specialty. He clearly had infinite necessity of someone like me, and you can see that by reading my work, the bits that I, even under so much, succeeded in exposing through my publications, more recently through websites. Some things, such as the counter-example for s1-convexity, are pretty obvious, so that any person, from any other specialty, especially after I write a blog post with Master Yaser, should understand why I am right. He gets someone from Differential Equations because who is attacking me all these years is obviously Rubens Crippa and UFRJ. Once more, Crippa never wanted me to leave UFRJ, and did look pretty weird as he told me that I couldn't leave the place. You can read my reports on that in my other blogs. Well, the replacement started there. In 2002, both Lara Mente and Raquel left traces of their visit to my apartment with Bradley Paul Neal. That, according to my dealings with Trevor, would mean they both had sex with him. They were both married, just for starters, but they were also both Brazilian. One of them was married to a native Australian young man, son of the president of AUSIT, in 2001. They would be replacing me, I suppose, like once more, but this time in my private life, as if there would be a limit. 

When the racism levels in the spirit of those who listen to them are lower than the levels of love for the law and compliance, I may be finally saved, I may have my basic human rights restored, and I may have some justice, but this has not happened in 16 years +, very unfortunately. It is all a very elaborated plot, which seems to take all sectors of society one way or another, and it all has to do with what they spread is going on. In Sydney, when the FBI came all the way, Brazilian women implied it had been the Brazilian diplomacy to convince NSW police to say I never denounced things there. In reality, from all I was able to gather, some political moves made it possible that they replaced the chief, and the replacement was of horrible spiritual quality. To the side of politics, behind this all, there seems to be a woman of age and Greek surname and a young woman from the Green Party, this one supposed to be friends with Bradley. Patricia Petersen also joined politics for a time. 

You will see a lot of Brazilian men appearing all of a sudden in the First World universities as well: Adelaide University got one who had IME in his resume, young one. A few American universities got a few old men from Brazil, etc. 

In 2002, I spotted Helen, the secretary, going around with Robin Hill. I understood that was, more than likely, my replacement in terms of Robin Hill, who was then also a harasser. As you well know, he actually sexually and physically assaulted me in front of my students, plenty of them, during my MATLAB class. By the way, he was married to another Asian woman (Helen was Asian) and I got introduced to her someday at the university. Mali seems to have come to replace me with Jake (Panlop), when he started to make sure I would listen to him making arrangements to meet other women. I knew he was married because he had a ring on him. We had been conversing about S-convexity for a while and I was expecting us to produce work together, hope I always kept, but nothing else, since, first of all, I don't ever feel attracted to married men if I know they are married when I meet them, but I also don't feel attracted to superiors, older people, Asians, black men, Brazilian men since 2000, etc. They have been now doing this to me for a lifetime. I sincerely do not understand either why they would all feel comfortable ruining my life, body, and career to be sexually served or why the others, who eventually get to know of the atrocities I endure, would think that crime, if against me, is OK, like they won't do anything to stop it or they won't do enough to stop it. 

The last one to do such a thing to me I think was Corcoran or McHugh: They showed signs of wanting something personal, despite us clearly having a strong connection in terms of work interest and some similarity for certain things in terms of our pieces of Science. Corcoran seems to actually have passed me by in Melbourne at a certain stage, like I only know his face from the Internet. I am sure that only atrocities as heavy as those I endure could force me to need their help, support or anything else, since I was worth millions with my research results already in 2000, and never had problems, until Trevor, in terms of proving my competency in whatever I did.




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