Friday, 23 December 2016

Message Bank and Telephone Providers in Australia

Today, 23rd of December of 2016, after my mobile was out of action for a few days (since Thursday) because it was not ringing, like all calls were being deviated somehow and I was then getting the noise of text message, but, when I read them, they all said that I did not answer the calls, I found out I had 40 voice messages that I never heard. 

I never set up the voice mail messenger, so that I was really not worried, and I was thinking that nothing was entering there. I then found out that it is automatically set and the phone then automatically answers, this in all Australian telephone lines, I reckon, mobile and landline. 

To make it all worse, upon trying to listen to them I couldn't. One, they get deleted  7 days after being received. Two, I can only listen to them if I finally set up the voice mail messenger. 

Basically, I have been contacting a few people, and, if I ever get their help, my life can be effectively saved, my career, and all else, at the current state of affairs, or I can effective finally acquire a fighting chance. I was assuming none of those people I was contacting was wiling to collaborate, so that I kept on trying more people, but, in the end, they may actually have decided for calling me instead of writing an e-mail because that is the quickest way to reach me, and, in this way, they will guarantee that I get their message. Unbelievable! 

And the service provider cannot find out or disclose not even their number... . 

If the voice mail messenger did not answer those calls instead, those people would probably have called me again or sent an e-mail, when I finally would know they want to collaborate with me, so that the fact that they have that set by default may actually have stopped justice and restoration of my most basic human rights, and it is now 15 years of maximum violation of all my human rights in Australia mostly because of Brazil... . 

That is really bad luck for all of the involved: Those people who trusted the machine to do that sort of job, me, whose only life, head, body, career that matters, etc. can be saved in their current state of affairs with that call, and those who depend on me being saved, so that I save them too, like my own mother, if still alive. 

It is all really bad: Such a detail, and if the companies did not do that us, and they probably do it to get more money from us, since we pay for the service, we would have a much better chance of basically saving people from criminal death, impairment, etc. 

Shame that the oppressor realistically always succeeds in doing this to the small ones, who are frequently their victims. Sometimes they are victims of true atrocities for even one decade and a half where everyone has their rights to freedom, privacy, and property guaranteed by law. 




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