Saturday, 5 November 2016

The so Little that Saves Lives but People Don't Do

What most hurts in all these years of victimisation, of martyrdom, is the so little I have ever needed, or asked, from people that they never did, and this even when they get paid by the government to do what I asked, even when that is actually their job.

I was just recalling me on phone with Judith Cook at RMIT, she called. It sufficed that woman said that Trevor Skinner was Brazil and I would never go to Brazil, for instance. That, per se, would have saved my entire life, career, and organism. 

When I was there, face to face with  her, at her office, it sufficed that she said that she had investigated things and the worst in all I endured at VUT was Bradley Paul Neal. Evidence was everywhere, with time I noticed: Even the physical aspect of the woman they put there to stalk me, the one who said she was Italian, was that of Bradley's work fellow, a native female who told me she was a lawyer. If she ever told me that officially, that is, inside of her office, even without giving me a piece of paper, I would be able to, after having Bradley forcing me to get an interdiction order against Andrew Clarkson, and getting one, since that was also needed, get one against the own Bradley. That per se would save my entire body, age, life, and career, believe it or not. 

How long does that take? Probably less than 15 minutes. 

If Trevor ever did the minimum thing I asked Australia to do in case they'had the courage of forcing me to go to Brazil, as they have done, in that 2001/2/3, which was finishing with the interdiction order there, I would go back to Brazil in 2004, as soon as I realised what they had done to me in the Country when I was there, and, using my local knowledge plus resources, I would be rid of all atrocities I endure in less than six months, believe it or not. And, actually, if they finished with such a law before I arrived there, Agnella Ricci Terra would never have had the courage of progressing any further with her crimes against me or my mother, that is the reality of things. It is only that damn law that made this all possible. 

I even accepted, as for my speech to Trevor in that end of 2001, the possibility that the native Australians, 100% native, were racist, and acted upon having prejudice against me, even with me being their only possible race (white European), but, as I said to him, then give me my rights or conditions to fight against my usual violators/aggressors in Brazil, so that I can recover there, basically, and then go to another place, say USA. 

It is unbelievable. They had the care of keeping me under maximum victimisation all these years, now about 15, not letting me have not even my post (stolen at a rate of about 95% since 2005, when I blocked Bradley's mobile in my mobile), and they could not dedicate less than six months of their lives to finish with that damn law... . 

Yet, I myself always go the extra mile for everyone else all the time during the entire term of my life, even enduring what I endure. Won't say I obeyed Hamish and went somewhere he wanted me to go under all this all the time, perhaps unfortunately, but I always go the extra mile for what is reasonable. I was serving a woman from Brazil who was from Rio, and I take for granted that every carioca is a marginal, and, even under so much, for so long, because of the same Rio de Janeiro, this time in Australia, I even spoke to other people about her situation seeking help, since she did seem to be suffering extreme violation of human rights herself. She seemed to be being denied the rights to have a lawyer, for instance, as for memory. I absolutely always help and do whatever I can for things to be fair in this world for all of us, not only for me. So simple, so little. Judith Cook worked for the government in a branch called Equity. It is all a  joke! 

I just needed Asha Baliga to have minimum amount of loyalty with me and let me present at SERC in 2002 for me to have a chance of completing my degree, sticking to SERC, etc. Not even that. I needed her to guarantee I would have an academic desk there. Not even that. Minimum thing, minimum loyalty. Never encountered. Finally like this because of the own police, own human rights people, etc. There is only God, realistically. 

I feel sorry for whoever invents that they can do this if we commit a mistake in Science, since even top researchers like Corcoran, Dragomir, and Priest were proven by me, now also in writing, to have committed is atrocities against Science, and absolutely nobody ever bothered not even criticising their work properly. I don't think we can use the life of another, violate therefore their basic human rights, in any hypothesis. I think the laws exist for a very good reason, and this reason, as for Australia and Brazil, is supported by the entire peoples, the entire countries. There is no possible excuse for disloyalty in competition, regardless of what sort of competition we refer to: for a man, for a job, for a degree, etc. I can now present is tons of mistakes in Science that are as huge as life, and mistakes that are seen in major scientific journals, so that we are sure the theses of those people, if they ever graduated, must also contain essential mistakes. With this, once more, and in the name of equality in general, there is realistically no excuse for what happens to me in this world. I was also a student, not a professor yet, as for formal titles, not as for standing or work or merit, and, as a student, I obviously had the right to commit mistakes. That is why we get a supervisor, first of all. So, realistically, only dying or getting saved from all this and having it all in the press as it is for me all these years, not to say my entire life on earth, to simply understand the rationale behind this all. It can only be a joke! Once more, when can we get rid of last world countries if we have nothing in common, as for what we think, when can we get rid of their peoples? What else could I have done? Once more, not even my mother had my physical address in Australia, and I did love her with all my heart before I am attacked, like, at that stage of life, I must admit I loved nobody that be not myself, but, if space were found in my heart and soul, that was for her that far. It can only be a joke! I sacrifice to maximum, she does not have not even that, and even so we find someone in Australia, working for the own Australian government, to make this all possible. Once more, it is for nothing else but illegal and highly criminal transference of my strategic information to my mortal enemies in Brazil and overseas that this was all made possible. Yet, the damn Trevor was sent by Judith Cook from Equity VUT, therefore by the Australian government. Explain, please. 




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