Thursday, 17 November 2016

Sunrise Show

I have just found out that the Sunrise Show, that one with the window open to the public, like basically you can appear on TV if you go there, happens every day at Martin Place in Sydney from 6 AM to 9 AM. It also happens on Sundays. Please, whoever can save a life today and is willing to do that, even if it is for the possible millions attached to the action: Go there with a banner saying, I saw Marcia R Pinheiro suffering atrocities in Australia. No constitution? Of course, that is only if you are an eye witness, but I can obviously give you the names of people who are eye witnesses so that you also become one. They say all we need is 30 seconds of exposure. If you send a recording of your achievement to me, you will get refunded for the expenses you can prove plus your time there. If we win, and we get to have Marcia Hope, you get 1 million in each 100 we collect in donations through the show, which, hopefully, will be made also from the reports of people like you. Maybe we will have to insist and do it a few more times to get heard, but it should eventually work. Suggestion is a white magnetic board, biggest, so that you can change the message, you can use it for other things later on, etc. So, that is to use the board instead of a banner to get the message across. Hopefully you yourself will get interviewed and will then get to describe what you saw. We have some hundreds of witnesses by now, since it is about 15 years of martyrdom, but we need a start, and you will be the start of the flame. For being the initial sparkle, you get the largest pay. Please shout to save. Write to if you need more information. 

As an end-of-the-year message: May God always bless those who, in being able to do something, would never let another human being be deprived from their rights to freedom, privacy, and property, regardless of who is depriving them from those and who the person who is deprived from those rights is. As you know, in the same way they nowadays have meat cooked in even three ways, I am deprived from these basic three rights in multiple ways since the end of 2001, it now being full 15 years without those in First World Democracy. That who saves me from this and guarantees Marcia Hope in three countries (AU, BR, US), 4 weeks, with all the martyrdom told on TV as it is from my perspective, at least 500 millions collected from each one of these three countries, is going to be the closest thing I will have had to a friend in 15 years. Long life to those. As you know, just the original ideas I gave in person to Trevor Skinner in that end of 2001 amount to millions per month. Deal or No Deal, About Schmidt, The Last Samurai, De Saia Justa (BR), The Biggest Loser, and solar energy factory (UK) are just a few of those. As I keep on thinking, just the first 3 millions from the first idea they stole would make my happiness for the rest of my life and guarantee my PhD title and academic job almost instantaneously. Extreme cruelty, disloyalty, and selfishness is what led to me existing in such conditions since that end of 2001. 




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