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What We See Is Definitely Not What We Get

I have just written SS, and it occurred to me that what women born in lesser countries get is violation of human rights by default: Sometimes we are even infinitely superior to men at work, as I am sure I was since I started working because I worked way more, I produced way more, I created way more, and I still contributed to the environment way more. The comparison is made with men because both societies I had contact with in life are chauvinist and the productive mass is mostly formed by men. Women usually volunteer to play house duties roles, and some still look very happy like that or as if it all fits them perfectly well. 

We are abused by absolutely everyone else, this even before birth, if I think well. Basically, I was obviously supposed to be given a functional, not a disfunctional, family, for instance: The government or whoever it is should obviously make sure I am only born if there is enough support for my life and person. We are born being abused and sometimes we are born even from the abuse suffered by our mothers, like some of us would be kids of rape or criminal deprivation of trivial things, such as contraceptive, abortive systems, etc. 

I was abused by all my relatives since my birth: For instance, I have a mark on my left leg, lower part, that has never been explained by my mother. According to her, I was not born like that. As I recently said on a blog post, I actually believe that has been caused by the mother of all my problems in life, Lea Ricci Pinheiro, so that not even the rights to learn what really happened to us at a certain age, when we could not defend ourselves or properly record events in our memory, do we have. The abuse that became institutional, governmental, and practised by at least two countries, Brazil and Australia, all these years (more than 14, since at most 2001), was actually committed first by my own mother then. Perhaps they hope we will get used to being abused and won't complain or fight for our rights any longer at some stage, as I heard several times in Australia all these years (keep silent, do not complain, etc.). Yet, all the declared laws, systems, and rules of human kind point at the opposite direction: I am equal, I have the legal rights we see in the constitution by default, simply for being born, etc. 

Geography and gender seem to dictate all we will get on earth, never our value, our fight or even the systems in place, like officially in place, unfortunately. I worked so hard people had nicknames for me everywhere I went, quite sincerely. At school, they called me CDF (iron head, head that can face any challenge and win). George called me Christian at VUT (I was not promiscuous, I was actually very selective with who I take to bed, and actually biblical, so that it had to be with romance or with intents to have it). I did no wrong: As I told Trevor, in that end of 2001, I had not even told a lie in my life that far, like I would not answer if I did not want to disclose something, but I would not lie. Because I am a logician, I am obliged to open brackets and say that I had two or three incidents when I was less than 9 yo, when one could say I lied, but I actually told the truth on the same day on those so few occasions. I had no sin, for all I did in my life was with a pure heart and a super clean body, like in what depended on me (if they had disease, were promiscuous, etc., I did all I could to be clean in my body, which I took to be, since early in life, the home of God, the home of my soul). 

We are basically doomed by geography of birth then: Regardless of what we do, regardless of who we are or even of who our parents are, we will pay a price, which may be equivalent to our own life and body, for simply being born somewhere. 

What everyone gets quite easily and it is reasonable to expect that will be given to us quite easily, we don't get not even writing about it, talking about it, lecturing about it, for four decades or something. I couldn't get the supervisor I asked in 2000 for my PG Dip. I could not get rid of Priest in the second semester. I paid a fortune for that course, it was my dream. It cost me my only real estate property, and I am crazy about possessions, achievements, and all else. Nobody on earth would expect a university from First World, which, first of all, had, as top marketing headings, when advertising themselves in person to me in Brazil, that I could study whatever I wanted in any way I wanted, to forbid me from having the supervisor I chose for my second half of course, from stopping dealing with Priest, especially in one-on-one mode. Yet, that has happened. I was obliged to do courses in Mathematics, but my only interest was Nonclassical Logic, the course was supposed to be entirely in Nonclassical Logic, and I still told Priest, the person in charge of the course, that that is what I was coming for. Nobody on earth would suffer such an abuse if they came from First World, I think I am sure: Nobody would see a French woman being told this sort of thing or an American woman or even an Australian woman. I think I am sure it would never happen. The Australian woman would probably not pay for the course, and, even so, would not get what I got. In Brazil, they say money buys pertinence to human kind, so that Pele, for instance, became white after he became rich. Well, all I have to say is that women who are righteous and born in Brazil, not even so, for I was obviously in the situation of a very wealthy person, coming from last world to first at my own expense, having funds to be in Australia even without a job for more than one year, having my car, about 10K, as a reserve in the bank, etc. Sad enough, if black people in the 70's became white, and therefore human beings, as for the cultural meaning of the thing, after becoming rich, women born in Brazil not even so. 

The levels of institutional disrespect for women born in lesser countries are unbelievable and it all literally starts AT HOME. That is when you know you have no chance in life, basically: I wanted justice against Renato Gaui Filho, Antonio Newlands, Tarcisio Dantas, Joao, Gustavo, and Stella Puget at any expense when those had the courage of setting me up with drugs all together, some for omission and others for commission. The cop told me, via telephone, that he forbid me from even arriving at the police station. He literally said he would be waiting for me outside to stop me from entering, believe it or not. According to the cop, that was because I would get no justice, only more injury. It is possible. I almost died as a result of the poisoning with illegal drugs. I also almost lost all my mental functions already back then for their joint violence, gratuitous aggression, and crime, which was already atrocity in my humblest. This is one episode of infinitely many I went through in Brazil, a last world nation that I really despise, and where I never wanted to be, occupied by last world people that I would be glad I never met in my life, taking away very few, such as my own mother, father, grandmother, and myself for obvious reasons. At so much expense, and after so long having to cope with all those I hated so completely from even first second of contact, such as Lea Ricci Pinheiro and Hermolga Maria Ricci, I finally reached my so dreamed First World Country in that 2000. That was just to find out that, for them, I was even less than I was in Brazil when it came to equality, property, freedom, and privacy. Basically, it was only the coward and atrocious betrayal of the Australian authorities for law and order that made what I call my martyrdom possible since that end of 2001: I trusted all systems and rules in place. I trusted that at least in First World people would be in favour of maximum compliance and maximum respect for human rights. I ended up like this because, as a woman from overseas told me, I was the dog. Basically, they decided that I was the same as a dog for them, that is what she meant, so that I was not entitled to human rights, believe or not. I am sure that whoever saw my beauty, perfection of my body, career, life, that far, especially if thinking in terms of comparison with others in similar situation, would never see in me someone who is less than others, rather the contrary: I was way more moral than everyone else everywhere I was in life that far apart from the convent and places like that. I was cleaner than everyone else everywhere I was that far in life. Bradley Paul Neal, native Australian man that I very unfortunately lived with in that 2001, had one shower per day, and that was before going to work, not after. He used to go to bed with me without having a shower, believe it or not. I would have even two showers a day, and definitely one before going to bed instead, obviously cleaning myself for what should be my partner and also for my bed, for which I should have respect. We can only have clean sheets if we go to them after we clean ourselves, is it not? I was also way more serious in terms of both attitude and action everywhere I worked that far. George Hannah was rarely at our common room at VUT. Tons of women, Australian native, can testify on that because, first of all, despite his marital status, he had plenty going after him and finding only me in the room to let them know he was not there. I always did the best that I could at each, and every, second of my life, this since very early, and the best is always something I measure in terms of human kind as a whole, the world as a whole, and even the universe, so that if my five minutes producing a paper that solves a major problem in Science will help the world and I could be using these five minutes to, for instance, have irresponsible sex, that is, sex without love, I will choose the paper. The irresponsible sex will lead to waste of my resources, since it will all be lost after it is over: I take nothing, and still may lose life over disease and others, like the probability is much higher. The paper can effectively save human kind because even if I fix a mistake of the past, say Sever's, the resources of those researchers may now be applied to solve problems such as the sun splitting into two. 

It is precisely me who gets what I get, so that I know there couldn't ever be a reason that is different from I was born somewhere and therefore I am not a person. Persons, first of all, equate full human rights list enjoyment.

By the way, to the record, ALSO in Australia I got a cop, civil cop again, this time physically stopping me from entering the police station in Victoria, VICPOL station, when I was trying to formally denounce Trevor Skinner for what I had been through that far (2004), believe it or not. The cop seemed to actually be waiting for me in front of the station's door, like he was about five meters from the actual door when I arrived, literally on my way, and he then questioned me about my reasons to be there. As I answered his questions, he literally said that he was not going to let me enter to denounce Trevor Skinner, believe it or not. At that height, I already knew that all I told him had ended up in Brazil in real time (or the same as if), for instance, given what I got in Brazil when there. I also thought I was sure he was never a nurse, and probably never worked or studied at VUT (he said he did), since, if he were a professional nurse, he would know that nothing that I told him that were not absolutely in my favour could have been disclosed to anyone else, given my health status, like I was going through criminally induced confusion, for instance. He also set me up for my maximum loss, but he could never have done that being part of the government of Australia and getting my attention in my personal life exclusively for being an envoy of Judith Cook, from Equity, VUT, where I went for help with my human rights. By the way, I just remembered that the two VICPOLs that bullied me in Melbourne, those who appeared at the door of a health centre where I asked for directions saying, she is already in the health system, did that a time after this incident at their station (trying to denounce Trevor), so that I think, all these years, it is about denouncing Bradley or Judith Cook, but it may as well be all about the own Trevor Skinner. I asked Lek Thornisson (last cop, AFP, Adelaide), and his fellow if they knew him and if this name would stop their action if he were denounced, they said they had never heard of him and nothing like that would stop their action. Yet, I am still enduring atrocity, so... . It had to be possible. I am now thinking, quite sincerely, that all Trevor decided to do, with his horrendous senile mates, was actually criminally impairing my perfect and healthiest-in-history, as for Science, body and head, this because his fellow in age, security guard and trainer at ISTA (one that, by the way, told us he had worked as a casual for CIA), said, after verifying that I did not want him, sexually speaking, that they then would be impairing me, like at my face, during the class, very unfortunately, like absolutely no shame, all of them, all the time. That is why they all kept on asking me to apply for vacancies for people with disabilities, putting that at my face, and others, I now know. Wow! First World... . They must still have relied on the statistics that I saw myself: Plenty of women drop PhDs and even Master's in Australia every year, obviously for having experiences like mines. Most of them end up in the health system. I now know... . Jesus! Getting a woman that was infinitely perfect, physically, mentally, and professionally, mind me saying, criminally taking her out of at least two universities (VUT and RMIT), and making all their staff attack her with civil crime, all her acquaintances let her suffer crime, which progressively became worse, true atrocities, this for now more than 14 years, still guaranteeing that she cannot even fight for her life, basic rights, perfect age, career, body, etc. Wow! Is this what they have called First World, for God's sake? First World Science? Science? Now I am thinking that it is because of those statistics, so well known by Judith Cook, but completely unknown to me in that end of 2001, that the lady from VUT (Judith Cook) decided to do what she did (if that is so usual, I may as well become one more figure, and, in this case, she will get away with all she does and did for life). Mind me saying, once more, I was obliged to do several things in the period of my martyrdom, which, as you know, is not yet over, and one of them was researching into the databases of the courts of Australia (they have libraries inside of the courts where you can go and do that). Believe it or not, I only found one overseas person who ever dared prosecuting an Australian university for prejudice/racism. The guy starts with all given to him by the judge, and therefore all loss for the university, and ends up paying even their costs, like it is very clearly the case that money and power governed all. As for sexism, I also found only one case ever: A woman prosecuted her employer. She was put out of work for at least five years, she won, was a native, but got only 10k in the end. What these people knew was statistics, obviously also about human rights violations and Australia, not only the Brazilian ones, which I, very unfortunately, gave to Trevor for free in that end of 2001, I now see. At a certain stage, when I was collecting for cancer, I had another stalker, another repulsive senile, obviously friends with Trevor, and, by the way, they all even looked like him a bit (the security guard and this one), and he seemed to have plotted for me to fall and get my legs injured for life, to be sincere, given that I fell due to something on the sidewalk that I could not really see before I stepped over, something almost imperceptible, and he appeared as a helping hand after I fell in a fall that almost made me do the splits for the first time in life to the end and obviously remain like that for life. The guy seemed to be following me for a while and I was actually worried about him at that stage. Thanks to my jeans, believe it or not, and, once more, God really loves me, my legs did not go all the way through: The pants were really strong, and it all stopped half the way. He was very close to me and could easily have stopped me from going even one centimeter down. I got impressed with the fact that he waited until I fell all the way, given how close he was to me, and I then concluded, that, just like the car accident in New Zealand, they had once more plotted to impair my body. There is only God, quite sincerely, this all the way through. I also would like to once more state that I know of at least two Australian women, native, who had their perfect bodies criminally impaired by coward Australian native men (I think I have no doubts, and, being from Brazil, I know very well what this is. One of them was my teacher at ISTA, and became impaired for life, they got her knee. I think I am sure that she, like me, was a top professional. With the criminal injury, she stopped doing security for life, and now instructs. Another I saw on TV, young female cop. She got again the knee impaired in what could be regarded as a fair situation, but, once more, being from Brazil, and, in special, knowing what I know now about Australian native men, I am sure it was all crime. Again, she was a star, and again she stopped working in her chosen functions for life). You are a security guard or even a cop, you then live out of your legs, and therefore also knees. You are a top researcher, and you then live out of your head, so that it is expected that the Australians tried to keep me in permanent confusional state, I suppose, if that is all they do in life, and, sincerely, it definitely looks like it. If those women are there, with impaired knees, and they are even native, we know the women either attack together with the coward men who plot to do things like that to women or silence, so that this is very common in Australia, and they do this all the time. Recently, a female took her female friend for a dip in the sea. The place was full of crocs and the female friend got eaten. Do I think that the woman who lives in the area killed her friend who was there visiting her, apparently for the first time in life, having come from somewhere in Australia (Yahoo News)? Oh, God, yes, I do. An old man died eaten by the crocs in the area where he lived, and he had lived there for many years, perhaps since his birth. Do I think he was unwarned and ended up accidentally eaten? No, I actually think his relatives killed him and put his body to be eaten there instead, since that is what cariocas would do, quite sincerely. An Asian man was about to give statements in the Australian police station, as I reported in another blog, and he got killed one day before that. The cops were on TV saying that it was obviously not connected to that on the first day of investigations, that they were sure. Do I think the cops killed him and he was denouncing native people, just like me? Oh, God, definitely yes, ABSOLUTELY. May God finally give us justice, quite sincerely, to all of us, hardworkers, people he let be perfect before they were attacked, perfect to the point of being better than all their competitors in whatever they did. 

Once more, we have to stop subsidising assassins and psychopaths: Either finish with the Carer's Pension in Australia and the legal interdiction in Brazil or make that all go to the hands of the government, so that nobody who is not a member of the government, accredited as a carer, can get the money and the service, quite sincerely. I am reaching the conclusion that Bradley and his completely miserable family wanted me impaired for life and him to get the famous Carer's Pension, that being the reason of all his investment. He got to know about the interdiction law in Brazil, since Trevor can only have disclosed all that put me under maximum risk to the most dangerous ones all the time, and he then had a first plan, which was marrying me in Brazil, Florianopolis, which is why Senai/Cetiqt started a branch there, thing that connects to my conversations with Trevor in 2001. Since that did not work, and I had already told at his face, also after Trevor, that basically he could only be crazy if he thought I could love him or want to marry him, so that his chances, when he goes to Brazil after me were really reduced, he went for the second plot, which was Carer's Pension here. As he said, what he spent with me meant nothing, since it was almost the same he spent with only himself, and the pension actually is a few times the money he used to give every month to his mother. I now know what that book that Rhonda, his sister, showed me, after Trevor, meant: She came up with a book as to state that Australians thought Brazilians were completely miserable, that she had found that book in a local library. Bradley obviously heard about my father's pension, the 6k per month, and thought that nothing better than Brazil, I now know. The reason he organised my failure at RMIT with Cameron Plant, like failure in the sense that I never got what I earned, deserved or asked, was then that: Money. We now know what happened: Danny Gil was apparently waiting for us in BRB together with our job at UQ, vacancy of Barry Jones. We basically missed the train because RMIT academics decided to attack instead of helping, and they then helped swap the good HOD for the criminal one, along with others, so that our dream vacancy, as for back then, went to the Canadian woman, friends with Patricia, our Danny went to some native Australian woman, and our life and body went to the crooks who plotted instead of what should have been, the request: I would get the PhD as a flash PhD from Asha, go to UQ, and get my dreamed chair. Oh, God, how many evil sisters can we get in fairy tales? I thought I had only one, and that was in Brazil. Jesus! Missing nothing. As another point, one of the people who attack me since that damn Trevor said that things would get much worse after I became Australian, what happened quite a few years after Trevor. It was after 2005. The Brazilian side had the hope that the Australians would reject me so completely or I would be so upset with them that they would become Australians from coming to be my husbands or carer's, and the Australian side wanted me not to become Australian because otherwise they would not be able to try to get the Brazilian money, from my father. Now it all makes sense to me, very unfortunately. 




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