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Open Extracts of a Letter Sent To an Australian Politician

These are things you can use

to help me in this journey of trying to be regarded as a human being, what does not happen to me since at most end of 2001. 
If people saw me as a human being, as a fellow human being, I obviously would never suffer violation of human rights, especially extreme.
Instead, it is more than 14 years without rights to freedom, privacy, and property in First World Democracy. 
Please read S-Convexity and Our Work 

I have done no wrong, rather the opposite: In that end of 2001, I tried to denounce the wrongs of others.
I tried to do that because the victim of their crimes was primarily me. 
In some cases, we had both material proof and witnesses. 
With (Prof. XXX), for instance, I was being obliged to sit leg to leg with him in his really squeezed room, and I was still obliged to be like that under his desk. 
That not only made me uncomfortable to an extreme, but was absolutely unnecessary and not advisable in general. 

I had begged several times to the HOD, YYY, who they put away from his HOD position after I complained: Please let me simply drop XXX's book extracts with my comments in his pigeon box. My notes were from someone who had worked for at least three years as a primary teacher, who had professional accreditation in primary teaching, national, as for Brazil, and who was still a professional secondary teacher, teaching since 1984. 

We should always have a choice in terms of how we do things at work, and what is generally supported by the literature and the laws should be what we take to be reasonable, so that I was just defending my rights to fair treatment on that occasion. 

On at least one occasion XXX told me that I was being treated like that because I was from Brazil. He said that at my face, as if that were acceptable. WWW (Prof. WWW) had already done that to me in 2000: He said the same thing in the same way.

I think that being born somewhere could not make of me a lesser person, someone who is not entitled to a fair go, and therefore to maximum compliance of the authorities for law and order when they deal with me. 

I think that for me to be classified as a lesser person it should take more than that, if that were ever allowed, even if that allowance were of practical nature, not legal. 

I also cannot change the place of birth after I am alive, so that I cannot be blamed for not doing something about what he said. 

I actually believe I know quite a few women who forged documents to pretend they were born somewhere else, and I totally believe it is because of the stigma created by the Brazilian origins. 
All I have to say, in that case, is that, first of all, being Academia my choice, all is cumulative, so that I couldn't really put my past to zero and start over by forging documents (I would lose my degrees and other documents). 

Another point is that crime should not be something advisable, and, in special, this suggestion could never come from the government, so that if XXX was suggesting that to me, that should not really be a legal thing, is it not?

(University PPP) belongs to the government, as far as I know, and that makes of XXX a public employee of the government of Australia.
I think I am sure public employees should give example of compliance, not the opposite.

I also would like to tell you the story of the woman who was flying over Brazil, had her private airplane showing problems with navigation exactly over the Country, was pregnant, and got, as a consequence, a Brazilian kid. 
If nothing else, think of these cases: I could be one of them. 

I actually think I am that: I descend from white European people, Spanish and Italian, and I little or nothing have in common with South Americans, especially in what comes to the points that create the stigma. I actually hate everything about South America, starting with their typical food.
I was here precisely to be with people who had my culture, personal culture, or something closer to it, which is definitely what I thought I had found when I here arrived, in 2000.

Please help. 
As you know, I also have a blog about human rights (only recently did I succeed in having blogs, but I have been trying for an eternity. I get hacked since the end of 2001 because there was massive breach of confidentiality in all my denouncements at the University PPP, like all authorities for law and order of Australia seem not to have minimum respect for the ethical codes of their professions or the constitution of their Country, quite sincerely, at least all those that are alive, not bugged, and free in general): HUMAN RIGHTS 

You can visit this blog even to have ideas on what fights to join, quite sincerely.
I even discussed the issue involving Islam, so that you would even find scientific argumentation to ban Islam from earth in my blogs. 
I don't know what you personally think, but I am sure that the constitutions of Brazil and Australia condemn human slavery. 
Brazilian science has proven that even in terms of Psychiatry all cruel procedures should be banished: slavery, electric shock, etc.

You may have theories of your own, and I can only hope that they do not include support to human slavery, brainwashing, electric shocks, and others. 
I know that QLD, for instance, has electroshock as a psychiatric treatment. I also know they bug people in Psychiatry there. 

There are scientific studies of weight proving that shocks, solitary confinement, and slavery only bring injury and will never heal the alleged psychiatric problem. These studies are now quite old, decades. 

I can only hope that you do not have any personal theory that says that some type of person, so say born in Brazil, righteous, romantic, into biblical love or whatever is a lesser, and therefore if the laws apply to us when we deal with other people, they don't apply to them because they are not other people, they are lessers. 
If you do, I can only beg that you pray more, quite sincerely.
If you don't, then please defend my human rights, and therefore not only immediate restoration of all my basic rights in Australia (lost in 2001, more than 14 years in practically full slavery and suffering all other atrocities), but also maximum human compensation for all (only for Trevor, due to personal interaction, I lost more than 7 original ideas worth millions, things like Deal or No Deal and The Last Samurai). 

I need you to go to the TV and say that you saw, in the condition of eye witness, some of the crimes that I endure.
Once more, to get to see, all you would have to do is, for instance, speaking to LT, from AFP here, in Adelaide.
You could also speak to tons of other eye witnesses, since he only got to see himself from speaking to those.
The LLL managers, for instance, seem to all have seen, those from here, Adelaide, 5000.
I think I should never have spent not even one second in slavery. I think we should all be equal in rights and duties. 




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