Thursday, 29 September 2016

It Was Them: They Did It!

So, following the lines of the previous post, on which a Chinese researcher says that his son is being done by a woman in the end of a discourse to the Vice-President of the USA and press, and that is supposed to be a joke because he is upset about it, but he does not even realise that that would obviously be his fault, his way of raising the son, we get Sarah, our Australian politician, woman to whom I wrote quite a few times, since she appears to be the youngest, and is also a woman, and this was to find restoration of my human rights and justice, who then says that the problem is the others, basically: Let's do something to charge the other politicians, like she is not one of them. It is unbelievable. I think this is called displacement of identity or something. She basically does not include herself in the pack and tell us that we are going to fight The Politicians. Once more, the world must be all bugged or something. I do think that the First World, including Australia, used to make much more sense than this up to that end of 2001. Oh, Jesus!

I periodically get her e-mail since I wrote to her seeking help, so that that is what you get when you write to this one, basically. I got this one on, the date was today, the time was 13:35. By the way, I now could upload a picture, but they did not let me do that with the second Mathematical Fallacies post, and that is why I ended up putting that one at Wordpress. 




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