Friday, 30 September 2016

Mother Microsoft

So, I bravely wrote to MS for the third time. Basically, every second day I was getting a nasty update, unwanted, but impossible to be stopped according to the own MS. This update brought me malware and I was obliged to reinstall the operational system each and every time. I knew it was crime because I am a victim of crime my entire life, but, in the last fourteen plus years, it is something extraordinary, as I keeping on telling people through my every blog. 

I had a few hypotheses at hand: one, it was hacking. In this case, the update was not coming from MS. They were perhaps using their servers, just like when they use our computer to hack others. If that was the case, however, I thought, they would have to know a lot about MS products, to the point of really working there, since MS has strict protocols to make sure that when we click OK it is their product. This OS that I am using does not give me the option, as said before, but the others, as we know, did. 

I had already gotten attacked in this way before. That was when I was staying at George Hotel, perhaps 2005. I also had the impression it was coming straight from MS. When I contacted, an Asian man answered. In the same way, since I am in Adelaide and finally succeeded in having a bit more peace, I tried their support and everyone who ever answered was an Asian. First were the women. I am being gratuitously attacked by Asians since perhaps even 2000, since I had this very intrusive Singaporean fellow from Grace College, whose room was in front of mine, calling me slut just because I had decided to take Danny Gil to my bedroom that day during day time. Basically, his behaviour was what they call naughty in Australia. I really could not manage to stop him from doing what he was doing and, whilst we were supposed to be playing pool, he kept on touching me with the cue in a sexual way to the point of me being almost naked there. Lucky that it was all empty, but I really like good behaviour. I then thought it was best taking him to my bedroom. It is not the fact that I took him to my bedroom that made her attack however. It seems that she thought that I had to stop seeing him, full stop because I thought he was being disrespectful, and this is something that I shared not with her, but with Shafina, another person from Singapore, Shafina and her sister. I not only do not share her definition of slut, but I felt highly offended, and I do think that Danny could then start thinking it was the opposite, like who was seeing someone else was me. That was heinous from every perspective: Absolutely harmful. I hated Singapore that day, and, with it, everyone from it. 

That was, however, an isolated instance of attack by people who, at least in my head, share this thing of Asian. I forgot. In 2001, after denouncing the Asian man with material proof for hacking, however, the Asians started attacking me, as I have described in my blogs, even by the groups inside of churches during day time. I think they were Chinese, but I little understand of the differences involved, so that they could be anything. In my head, the man I denounced was Chinese, but I can't be sure either. Anyway, they never stopped attacking me, and it was all gratuitous. I was at a jobs agency in Sydney, about 2010, for instance, and I was doing my Australian diploma in management, when this happened: I was at the agency's computer drawing a very complex diagram, and I was finishing. That was an assignment. It had taken me, that far, at least two hours to solve just one question: That one, of the diagram. What was not my surprise when someone deleted my entire diagram at my face. Brett, the native Australian young guy, who, in principle, had been generous, like compared to the rest of his race, by accepting to put me in the management course, jumped from his chair, rushed, and blamed the Asian guy from IT for all. I just registered. 

Things like that, never ending. Oh, well, it would then be natural to imagine that who was doing that, from MS, was an  Asian man. They have been attacking me in a non-stopping basis using IT since back then, basically. Even the component of Maple that disappeared at RMIT, and Blyth witnessed that, must have been stolen by an Asian. In that case, I believe it was an Asian who was my student, one that said he was Brazilian, born in Sao Paulo. I then first told MS that: You will investigate, and you will find an Asian man, I reckon. It has been a continuum. 

Oh, well, what was not my surprise when the updates kept on happening, and I kept on trying all that I found online but nothing was working, just like the MS employee told me, but I still believe it does not work for other reasons, not the reasons he mentions, and that was like the tenth update or something, all on the second days. I go investigating further this time, since I am now fully focused on the issue: I then found a file called parachute. Who always talks about that is Rogerio de Oliveira. I then write to MS again: Look, if you look for the names Rogerio de Oliveira, Antonio Newlands, Renato Gaui Filho, etc., you are probably going to find them as employees for MS in Rio de Janeiro or something. They are attacking me in IT for an eternity now. It can only be one of those. 

All this because the person would have to have expert's knowledge of MS products, not user's or instructor's. 

Believe it or not, not only all updates were stopped for a few days, more than two, but the next update was finally fully clean, and that was yesterday. From there, once more, we can say: Mother is the USA, indeed. Blessed MS, quite sincerely. 




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