Monday, 26 September 2016

Gastronomical Dreams

I have just watched a YouTube video of someone spending 799 on a burger and eating, then another one of someone spending 2000. The first one at least came with foie gras and perignon, quite sincerely! 

Jesus, so much money, and they buy burger? After being primed by a ton of gastronomical videos in my YouTube channel, I decided to share my dreams in those regards, maybe because a black bun also caught my eyes, but it was not really black, like the company, which I think was McDonald's Japan, used food colouring, but something natural, to change non-black bread into black. The black cheese that accompanies was also quite unbearable. Oh, well, I do dream of a burger made of wholemeal/dark bread, preferably completely full-of-wealth rye, and perhaps one that contains the latest-technology meat from Australia, which I saw in a fair (not even a trace of fat or nerve or anything nasty: All completely soft and dissolving in the tongue upon making contact). As for the cheese, perhaps a light version of catupiry, a cheese sold in Brazil, would be best. We could perhaps also have some broccoli or asparagus in the mix, but then really thin slices, perhaps forming a mat or something: Something delicate, yet beautiful and tasty. 

When I say full-of-wealth, what I mean is full of healthy items on top of the plain rye, so say nuts or seeds, things that mix well, such as those I see in the Burgen version of rye. My dream of Japanese food is all made with wholemeal rice, rice that comes with its skin, basically, of the type they serve in the macrobiotic restaurants in Brazil. That is real wholemeal! We actually don't find it in Australia, quite sincerely. 

I like seaweed, but I once bought some Japanese snack that had salted seaweed in small packs and I had plenty. I felt so bad, I don't even want to tell you. I have the impression that seaweed is not very adequate for human consumption because of that. I love Japanese food as we have it, but, if I could improve, I think I would find a way of making those leaves from spinach, which I know is very healthy and full of wealth. 

Well, my gastronomical dream has to do with healthy, Australian way therefore, not simply expensive. Liver is something healthy, and I learned that when little, from my grandma: It is tasty and healthy. In this way, foie gras, which, as far as I know, is liver in a paste, should be really good. The 799 guys were not doing that bad. It is just that, with all that money, why not eating a decent plate of food? We eat burger and call that fast food, but going to an expensive restaurant with 799 dollars and ordering burger is like going to the palace and not seeing the queen when she is around, basically. 

We buy burger because we have no money and it fills up the honey like some would say. I suppose that, in this case, honey would be our stomachs, of course. 

Burger is not only cheap, it is seriously unhealthy. Even if we make it as we said here, which is a really healthy way of making it, it is still burger, I reckon. Bread cannot be better than other things for lunch or dinner. Bread is proper for breakfast or snacks. We must eat a variety of colours and items, as my mother used to say, to believe we have a healthy diet: The more our food looks poor in terms of colours, the more we will be left in need of items, say basic vitamins, almost as a rule. 

Rainbow eating for you all, perhaps!




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