Thursday, 1 September 2016

Calls from Strangers

Coming from a marginal Country, Last World, I realistically give my personal details to very few people. In Australia, I had the care of never listing my home number whenever my name was on the lease. I always paid the extra fee to guarantee my peace. After more than 14 years of atrocities committed by Brazil at the institutional level since at most 2005, when Fernando Gabeira becomes aware of all atrocities I endure overseas from getting report from the witnesses, and even from seeing a few things, I obviously would not list my number, home number, anywhere. I frequently get calls on the home number, however. I then know that it is probably crime. Today I got a call that worried me more than the others: A woman with a very horrible accent, which made her English almost incomprehensible, started the call by saying she was from Telstra. She had the care of splitting words, like spacing them, so that I could understand most of what she said. She called me Miss Pinheiro, she knew my telephonic expenses in detail, and she knew the number of my building, and the name of my street, as well as town. She obviously also knew the home number, which I never give to anyone. Well, it takes me ages to hear from her, after a ton of nice things, such as that I was going to get discounted calls, and all, that she actually belonged to The Holsterer Telstra Services, as for what I could understand from what she said, like God only knows what it was. I then decided to ask for her name immediately, also her number of employee with Telstra. She seemed to have someone around her telling her what to say. She told me she was Ane, but I am sure she said another name in the beginning of the call. She then hang up as I insisted in getting her name, and Telstra employee number. I now fear because I ended up fixing my first name, and address, since she gave me the wrong unit number, and asked me to give her my first name. She sounded Indian, but I would expect Brazilians to be at the background, telling her what to say. Telstra has a sequence for their calls, but I did not think about that, like she should have done their ID questions, for instance. 

I have just found out that I could be prosecuting a jobs agency in Sydney for crime against me because nobody has ever offered me an interpreter there, so that they all assumed my English was fine, including those at the agency, but when the entire agency was going to have the chance of getting a job with Salmat, they put an Indian woman with bad English to stare at me, and judge me in terms of merit, like if I could be part of Salmat's selection process or not. The native man said that my English was OK, and the Indian woman with bad English said it was not. I had formal proof of English at waste, and the fact that none of them did not even think of offering me an interpreter, and I was dealing with them for long at that stage, does prove that my English was more than fine, and therefore that that was pure crime. I now realize that they then injured me to maximum in all that has to do with normal life after that also because it is 6 years to prosecute or seek action through the Work Ombudsman. Since I am sure that it was Brazil that made me publish my solution to The Sorites only six years later, all atrocity, it can only be Brazil all the time. More specifically, that would be cariocas, Rio de Janeiro, all the time. They must then approach these people, especially Asians and blacks, and ask them to injure me to maximum in all they do, so that they are not prosecuted for their actions, basically. If I prosecuted somebody, it would be the jobs agency, so that the Indian woman would not have to worry much, but maybe, just maybe, that is why I get all the problems that I get in Australia all these years. Raquel claimed to be a lawyer. She is one of the aggressors, and Trevor had already mentioned her name when he was with me, but I had no idea that she was attacking me or that she could be attacking me. There is a circuit of men of relatively OK financial situation that seems to be coming around me frequently, a sort of saying that my only choice in life is having a relationship with them, this all these years. They might all connect to Raquel, very unfortunately. She was living in Middle Park when I and Bradley were there. I spoke to her a couple of times. Bradley, Graham Priest, and Patricia Petersen were with me in Copacabana (place in Fitzroy, Melbourne) in the end-of-year party, where she performed (Brazilian carnival clothes, almost naked, that whole story). In principle, she is married to a Brazilian guy, but I think I am totally sure she was around my address with Bradley in that 2002 after being seen with me in public. I think I do have enough evidence to that side. Of course, that is just an extra, but that might even be the reason to attack me, so say they installed cameras inside of the property or something. They would have seen her there, and whilst Bradley is a crook like her, I could use the images, and prosecute her or tell the husband, who could then split from her or do even worse. She was born in the South of Brazil, Porto Alegre, just like myself, but she adopted carioca culture, so that she is just like Carla, and goes almost naked in front of everyone else periodically or something, the carioca carnival thing. Anyway, I observe now that there might be something there. It is very repulsive in all, quite disgusting. It had to be me. I now believe someone like her goes scaring these people from Last World countries who would be the only ones who would never know what goes on in Australia for real in terms of courts and all else, and they then think they must attack me not to lose their jobs, not to be arrested, and others, which is why they go attacking me all these years. That would explain a lot of things, I reckon. The Indian woman from Avon defamed me after stealing my fax (said before, my opinion). She did not deliver my Xmas order, and at least one of my clients was really counting on it. She then seems to have charged me even so. She herself told me on the phone that she did not deliver it, but the difference she started claiming that I owed was exactly that order. And this was after stealing my fax, and blaming the white manager for that. I now think this might be the entire origin of all atrocities against me, including Asha's. A person who had access to the information I gave Trevor Skinner in that end of 2001 could imagine that I could be, for instance, prosecuting Raj, the IT person from VUT. Rajedram (his first name was something like Posinume) was Sri Lankian. Asha is Sri Lankian. They converse, get scared by Raquel, let's say, and attack. That could have been the difference between having Dr. Jones' vacancy at UQ, a dream project, and Danny Gil at home already in that 2002, and suffering all these atrocities, existing practically in full slavery, for more than fourteen years in First World Democracy. I now think, quite sincerely, that it can only be that all the time. I still remember Judith Cook, in her last lines in that call to me in 2002, when I was at RMIT, with me answering from inside of the department, mobile, insisting that I wanted to prosecute Priest. I told Trevor that that was definitely not what I wanted, that I simply wanted my permanent academic position, and, if possible, the title. I now believe The Brazilians lied even to Judith Cook, and therefore threatened ALSO her with prosecution, which now does explain why they keep on doing this sort of thing to me in Australia, like what I described, about the call center job. If I had gotten that job, and I would probably get it quite easily, I would have saved my spine, legs, ears, hands, and all else, I would be existing inside of maximum organization, which is the only way I always existed before The Brazilians attacked in full power (end of 2001 onward, first disguised as native Australians, then relatively in the open, like since 2005), and that takes a hell lot of stress from me, and I would still have a higher salary and way more guarantees than what I have now, believe it or not. I would have worked only for 8 hours per day. I would have put money together, decent money, in only two years. I do think this is all easy to calculate, and put together in a package to prosecute that jobs agency, for instance, but I am now thinking that the possibility of prosecution is exactly what has been keeping me in the deepest s... as possible since that end of 2001. I never mention anything, but Raquel may go around since back then scaring people. She could have told Cook that I was going to try to prosecute her for destroying all my HD in that 2001, for instance, and for giving away my address, home address, to mortal enemies, who then attacked. The woman could then attack me not to be fired or something. I am now thinking that this is probably what is going on all the time. 

I now believe that Raquel might be the reason for even Nelson Ricci Pinheiro to violate my rights for more than fourteen years now. I am now connecting this chance with him coming to me in that 2003/4, when I was in Brazil, Porto Alegre, at my aunt's building, and saying he had an affair with a lawyer and even introducing me to her. Nelson was never into affairs before. He also started treating me in a very odd way, saying very odd things, and his eyes, his conversation, like everything had changed completely. If Raquel had scared him with prosecution, that could be all explained, since, in Brazil, they then appeal to saying that the person is crazy, paranoid, inventing, and all that quite easily. I don't know, but I am now betting this is what destroyed me. Raquel appeared once in public with me, she came with her car, and I entered her car, and she was seen associated with me on some three occasions: Copacabana, end-of-year party; comedy show, since she called me to offer tickets and I picked from her apartment in Middle Park; and the day of the conversation in her car, which was, by the way, a red sports car of the luxury type, like really expensive. She could then have ruined my entire existence since back then by simply scaring people, and that is what I am now thinking. Besides, all the Brazilian people who appear apparently randomly around me all these years are of the type I saw at her apartment in Middle Park, so that they could very easily be coming around because of her. I am now thinking that they do, actually. They are very different from me: do not do Science, are not into teaching or research, etc. I classified Raquel as a crook on the first face-to-face conversation, and the Brazilian woman who passed her details to me was also reticent when she did that, like not so sure she was a lawyer. I know Law because I studied it in an almost professional way a few times in Brazil, so that I ask a few basic questions, and I already know. She definitely did not seem to ever have been a lawyer. 

I have been getting this sort of e-mail (below) periodically and frequently. Notice that the name of the lady is Rachael, she talks about bugs, etc.

When they were succeeding in keeping me in the backpackers' circuit, I heard at least a couple of times, from women from overseas, that I was Rachael. It does sound logical to imagine that they heard Raquel and said Rachael, since that is perhaps how it would translate, like culturally translate, into English. I suffer a lot of crime in all online platforms all the time, including People Per Hour and Fiverr. Even with Amazon, which was relatively OK so far, we had people swapping passwords, like it was not me, and today at most a few books disappeared from my list, like my books, of my authorship. I also had someone inside of that same jobs agency in Sydney, the one where the Salmat thing happened, saying that, in other words, I obviously liked and wanted to have my nipples exposed when I, terrified, told her that the movies people had offered me that option, but I obviously would not accept. It was good exposure for a prostitute, that is what I think. I was doing Razor and they had some women who appeared with the top part of the body naked. I was offered that opportunity. I think everyone knows who I am, and everyone knows even from looking the differences between me, and Raquel, and me, and Carla, for instance, so that nobody, realistically nobody, would think I could be doing that. That had to be crime, and probably already someone that connects to Raquel again, I now reckon. 

Once more, Raquel connects to Didi, from Copacabana (owner), and he started an IT course business in the period, so that they can effectively be responsible for all hacking that I suffer from the Australian side all these years. Just yesterday I got the update trick again: They pretend that it is a genuine MS update and it is crime. On the last one before this one, they changed the date in my computer. I have been guiding myself by the date on the computer to plan my days, do what I put on my diary, etc. I then took the day to be Saturday, went to the gym, but it was a Friday and I lost one day of work. That was lucky, since it could have been worse stuff. On the last one, yesterday, they put me without the computer for at least 24 hours. I remembered they had done that by the same time of the year when it was about 2014, so that it gave me the impression of psychopathy: All millimetrically planned, and highly based on torture. This thing, with the e-mail, is obviously bullying per se, but this is only one e-mail type, what I am showing here. Multiply this by at least twenty to have an idea of the amount of bullying I get via e-mail every day all these years. There is only God, realistically! As a detail that matters, I was given two days, and two days only, to revise a certain article of mine, so that I am now almost unable to complete my task in due time. It was by miracle that I remembered all I had done last time, and God still gave me the patience, and firmness to do it all again. Considering what I go through all these years, all I do is quite miraculous. Shame that the others realistically are not good for much. What an extraordinary difference a permanent academic position wouldn't make, and how much more could I deserve one at most in that 2002? I now have a virtual and non-permanent position only, very unfortunately.

As another point, I have been helping a man who was also born in Porto Alegre on the phone for a while now. He is frequently saying he is going to prosecute people, like we are trying to solve a problem for him, and he threatens the person with prosecution. That is out of context, so that it is really odd, and now that sounds like a match. He works in the Meat Factory Industry in Australia. 




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