Thursday, 29 September 2016

2016: An Odissey to Full Vacuum

Chinese Speaks sadly brings a portrait of the world nowadays: A foreigner dares speaking to the Vice-President and all American press in a formal meeting, which is being recorded and screened everywhere. He says bad ass a few times, and says, to the Vice-President, under the title Joke, that he, the Vice-President, is worse in person than in the book. He, that who speaks, is told to be a scientist.

One, it should indeed be an allowance becoming American, so that the attitude is not acceptable, for it means absolute disrespect for the American nation. Two, cutting off our politeness is not the way to achieve anything better, it is the opposite: People are still going to notice, even if my martyrdom is not enough, that the more vocabulary we learn, the more we learn in general, the more generous and sensitive we are, not the opposite, so that dropping things that mean refinement means increasing violence, oppression, and nonsense, not the opposite. Three, I am sure media time is scarce, and just see my case, like it is all terrifying, and it should all be in the press at most in the end of 2001, when I wrote to the entire Australian press in order to avoid all this, and save the life, head, body, turn, and career that I adored, but, more than 14 years in practically full slavery and there is not even a line of a witness in the press. Media Time, as I will call it, has to be scarce. In this case, you don't choose a scientist to play entertainer. You choose a scientist who will speak about what matters to Science and scientists, since time with all those people who influence everyone else on earth is also scarce. I don't see anything that could matter more than guaranteeing full human rights to every scientist, every academic, and even every student as a national and universal priority. I don't see anyone that could matter more in society than those who connect to Academia, regardless of their situation: student, undergraduate, secondary, postgraduate, researcher, etc. Only intelligence can save our planet from destruction by a meteor or tsunamis or wars with ETs. To have intelligence, we obviously need Academia. Nothing can be more important than preserving our race, and therefore being best prepared to fight space. If nothing is more important than fighting nature and space, and this has to be the case, perhaps fighting even the biblical god, nothing can be more important than strategy, and therefore intelligence, and therefore Academia. 

I am sure the world lost sense in all: Academics without vocabulary? Having to say bad ass to get a laugh? Having to offend the president to get applause? I would not be suffering any crime for any amount of time. It is all inverted: The most irrational and nonsensical are at the top of the pyramid and the most intelligent and wise are crunched at the bottom by absolutely everyone else. We are finally in full slavery, enduring all the other crimes we classified as atrocities, for more than 14 years in First World democracy. I think he is wrong, and the fact that he was allowed to enter and graduate at Rice University should indeed be a joke, and it is not because he is an Asian, even though I did acquire repulsion for their morality already in 2001, putting them together with Brazilians, and black people already back then, but it is because we should realistically demand that the person have minimum amount of vocabulary to enter the university, quite sincerely. I think that Judith Cook, for instance, has done all the evil she has done to Science, Academia, myself, and others because sincerely she did not have is culture. I do think that even the cleaner at the university would have to have minimum amount of vocabulary. I am absolutely against non-elitism in Academia: I am sure it all starts with maximum politeness and consideration. Anyone who reaches the level of calling others idiots, harassing or appealing to any sort of physical violence, so say sexual assault, is not acceptable. Things should definitely go from suspension to dismissal in this case. I also think we should have cameras everywhere at the academic environments and we should guarantee that those recordings last, if possible, forever because it is apparently very human to take advantage of power positions, so say teaching, supervising, managing, etc., and we cannot really tolerate not even minimum abuse in what should be the closest thing to God's House in the world, Academia. God is at least knowledge, and that is for sure. 

I say Sever Dragomir was someone who I thought could have a degree of schizophrenia in 2001, and someone who I believed was unsuitable to the academic environment. Notwithstanding, the amount of papers and experience he had in Academia meant that, for instance, when all his fellows caught him harassing me, he would then accept doing what they were imposing to him immediately, what was that he had minimum respect for me as a student, and therefore organised a joint paper, let me change supervisors, etc. The more contact with culture, education, books, academics, and proper academic environment a person has, the more they should refrain from committing crime, the more ashamed they should be upon being caught committing crime, etc. We can never ever support this that we see in this video: Nothing in it is OK. I cannot say Academia, as it is nowadays, is not properly represented by perhaps Prof. Joe, since I myself endure more than 14 years of the worst world atrocities and I blame RMIT for all that has happened all these years. They are animals, not human beings. Things are simply inverted. Who should be speaking in his place is someone who is like I was in 2001: Someone who would measure words, try to put in a case for our Science, our academics, try to achieve something with the opportunity, something that matters, something for our professional class; someone who would not offend anyone else to get a joke or an applause, and someone whose values are truly biblical if the Common Core is considered. I believe he said that his son was doing someone in the end. That sounded like he was unhappy with it. If so, it should be his fault, but not even that can he see. It was a joke... . 

At a certain height, by the way, he said, America is number one because we pay to see it once a year. It took me a lifetime to understand this joke, but I finally did: America is the number one whore because we pay to simply see it once a year. They all laughed there in the same way they had laughed at all the other jokes before that one (?).




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