Friday, 30 September 2016

Mother Microsoft

So, I bravely wrote to MS for the third time. Basically, every second day I was getting a nasty update, unwanted, but impossible to be stopped according to the own MS. This update brought me malware and I was obliged to reinstall the operational system each and every time. I knew it was crime because I am a victim of crime my entire life, but, in the last fourteen plus years, it is something extraordinary, as I keeping on telling people through my every blog. 

I had a few hypotheses at hand: one, it was hacking. In this case, the update was not coming from MS. They were perhaps using their servers, just like when they use our computer to hack others. If that was the case, however, I thought, they would have to know a lot about MS products, to the point of really working there, since MS has strict protocols to make sure that when we click OK it is their product. This OS that I am using does not give me the option, as said before, but the others, as we know, did. 

I had already gotten attacked in this way before. That was when I was staying at George Hotel, perhaps 2005. I also had the impression it was coming straight from MS. When I contacted, an Asian man answered. In the same way, since I am in Adelaide and finally succeeded in having a bit more peace, I tried their support and everyone who ever answered was an Asian. First were the women. I am being gratuitously attacked by Asians since perhaps even 2000, since I had this very intrusive Singaporean fellow from Grace College, whose room was in front of mine, calling me slut just because I had decided to take Danny Gil to my bedroom that day during day time. Basically, his behaviour was what they call naughty in Australia. I really could not manage to stop him from doing what he was doing and, whilst we were supposed to be playing pool, he kept on touching me with the cue in a sexual way to the point of me being almost naked there. Lucky that it was all empty, but I really like good behaviour. I then thought it was best taking him to my bedroom. It is not the fact that I took him to my bedroom that made her attack however. It seems that she thought that I had to stop seeing him, full stop because I thought he was being disrespectful, and this is something that I shared not with her, but with Shafina, another person from Singapore, Shafina and her sister. I not only do not share her definition of slut, but I felt highly offended, and I do think that Danny could then start thinking it was the opposite, like who was seeing someone else was me. That was heinous from every perspective: Absolutely harmful. I hated Singapore that day, and, with it, everyone from it. 

That was, however, an isolated instance of attack by people who, at least in my head, share this thing of Asian. I forgot. In 2001, after denouncing the Asian man with material proof for hacking, however, the Asians started attacking me, as I have described in my blogs, even by the groups inside of churches during day time. I think they were Chinese, but I little understand of the differences involved, so that they could be anything. In my head, the man I denounced was Chinese, but I can't be sure either. Anyway, they never stopped attacking me, and it was all gratuitous. I was at a jobs agency in Sydney, about 2010, for instance, and I was doing my Australian diploma in management, when this happened: I was at the agency's computer drawing a very complex diagram, and I was finishing. That was an assignment. It had taken me, that far, at least two hours to solve just one question: That one, of the diagram. What was not my surprise when someone deleted my entire diagram at my face. Brett, the native Australian young guy, who, in principle, had been generous, like compared to the rest of his race, by accepting to put me in the management course, jumped from his chair, rushed, and blamed the Asian guy from IT for all. I just registered. 

Things like that, never ending. Oh, well, it would then be natural to imagine that who was doing that, from MS, was an  Asian man. They have been attacking me in a non-stopping basis using IT since back then, basically. Even the component of Maple that disappeared at RMIT, and Blyth witnessed that, must have been stolen by an Asian. In that case, I believe it was an Asian who was my student, one that said he was Brazilian, born in Sao Paulo. I then first told MS that: You will investigate, and you will find an Asian man, I reckon. It has been a continuum. 

Oh, well, what was not my surprise when the updates kept on happening, and I kept on trying all that I found online but nothing was working, just like the MS employee told me, but I still believe it does not work for other reasons, not the reasons he mentions, and that was like the tenth update or something, all on the second days. I go investigating further this time, since I am now fully focused on the issue: I then found a file called parachute. Who always talks about that is Rogerio de Oliveira. I then write to MS again: Look, if you look for the names Rogerio de Oliveira, Antonio Newlands, Renato Gaui Filho, etc., you are probably going to find them as employees for MS in Rio de Janeiro or something. They are attacking me in IT for an eternity now. It can only be one of those. 

All this because the person would have to have expert's knowledge of MS products, not user's or instructor's. 

Believe it or not, not only all updates were stopped for a few days, more than two, but the next update was finally fully clean, and that was yesterday. From there, once more, we can say: Mother is the USA, indeed. Blessed MS, quite sincerely. 




Thursday, 29 September 2016

It Was Them: They Did It!

So, following the lines of the previous post, on which a Chinese researcher says that his son is being done by a woman in the end of a discourse to the Vice-President of the USA and press, and that is supposed to be a joke because he is upset about it, but he does not even realise that that would obviously be his fault, his way of raising the son, we get Sarah, our Australian politician, woman to whom I wrote quite a few times, since she appears to be the youngest, and is also a woman, and this was to find restoration of my human rights and justice, who then says that the problem is the others, basically: Let's do something to charge the other politicians, like she is not one of them. It is unbelievable. I think this is called displacement of identity or something. She basically does not include herself in the pack and tell us that we are going to fight The Politicians. Once more, the world must be all bugged or something. I do think that the First World, including Australia, used to make much more sense than this up to that end of 2001. Oh, Jesus!

I periodically get her e-mail since I wrote to her seeking help, so that that is what you get when you write to this one, basically. I got this one on, the date was today, the time was 13:35. By the way, I now could upload a picture, but they did not let me do that with the second Mathematical Fallacies post, and that is why I ended up putting that one at Wordpress. 




2016: An Odissey to Full Vacuum

Chinese Speaks sadly brings a portrait of the world nowadays: A foreigner dares speaking to the Vice-President and all American press in a formal meeting, which is being recorded and screened everywhere. He says bad ass a few times, and says, to the Vice-President, under the title Joke, that he, the Vice-President, is worse in person than in the book. He, that who speaks, is told to be a scientist.

One, it should indeed be an allowance becoming American, so that the attitude is not acceptable, for it means absolute disrespect for the American nation. Two, cutting off our politeness is not the way to achieve anything better, it is the opposite: People are still going to notice, even if my martyrdom is not enough, that the more vocabulary we learn, the more we learn in general, the more generous and sensitive we are, not the opposite, so that dropping things that mean refinement means increasing violence, oppression, and nonsense, not the opposite. Three, I am sure media time is scarce, and just see my case, like it is all terrifying, and it should all be in the press at most in the end of 2001, when I wrote to the entire Australian press in order to avoid all this, and save the life, head, body, turn, and career that I adored, but, more than 14 years in practically full slavery and there is not even a line of a witness in the press. Media Time, as I will call it, has to be scarce. In this case, you don't choose a scientist to play entertainer. You choose a scientist who will speak about what matters to Science and scientists, since time with all those people who influence everyone else on earth is also scarce. I don't see anything that could matter more than guaranteeing full human rights to every scientist, every academic, and even every student as a national and universal priority. I don't see anyone that could matter more in society than those who connect to Academia, regardless of their situation: student, undergraduate, secondary, postgraduate, researcher, etc. Only intelligence can save our planet from destruction by a meteor or tsunamis or wars with ETs. To have intelligence, we obviously need Academia. Nothing can be more important than preserving our race, and therefore being best prepared to fight space. If nothing is more important than fighting nature and space, and this has to be the case, perhaps fighting even the biblical god, nothing can be more important than strategy, and therefore intelligence, and therefore Academia. 

I am sure the world lost sense in all: Academics without vocabulary? Having to say bad ass to get a laugh? Having to offend the president to get applause? I would not be suffering any crime for any amount of time. It is all inverted: The most irrational and nonsensical are at the top of the pyramid and the most intelligent and wise are crunched at the bottom by absolutely everyone else. We are finally in full slavery, enduring all the other crimes we classified as atrocities, for more than 14 years in First World democracy. I think he is wrong, and the fact that he was allowed to enter and graduate at Rice University should indeed be a joke, and it is not because he is an Asian, even though I did acquire repulsion for their morality already in 2001, putting them together with Brazilians, and black people already back then, but it is because we should realistically demand that the person have minimum amount of vocabulary to enter the university, quite sincerely. I think that Judith Cook, for instance, has done all the evil she has done to Science, Academia, myself, and others because sincerely she did not have is culture. I do think that even the cleaner at the university would have to have minimum amount of vocabulary. I am absolutely against non-elitism in Academia: I am sure it all starts with maximum politeness and consideration. Anyone who reaches the level of calling others idiots, harassing or appealing to any sort of physical violence, so say sexual assault, is not acceptable. Things should definitely go from suspension to dismissal in this case. I also think we should have cameras everywhere at the academic environments and we should guarantee that those recordings last, if possible, forever because it is apparently very human to take advantage of power positions, so say teaching, supervising, managing, etc., and we cannot really tolerate not even minimum abuse in what should be the closest thing to God's House in the world, Academia. God is at least knowledge, and that is for sure. 

I say Sever Dragomir was someone who I thought could have a degree of schizophrenia in 2001, and someone who I believed was unsuitable to the academic environment. Notwithstanding, the amount of papers and experience he had in Academia meant that, for instance, when all his fellows caught him harassing me, he would then accept doing what they were imposing to him immediately, what was that he had minimum respect for me as a student, and therefore organised a joint paper, let me change supervisors, etc. The more contact with culture, education, books, academics, and proper academic environment a person has, the more they should refrain from committing crime, the more ashamed they should be upon being caught committing crime, etc. We can never ever support this that we see in this video: Nothing in it is OK. I cannot say Academia, as it is nowadays, is not properly represented by perhaps Prof. Joe, since I myself endure more than 14 years of the worst world atrocities and I blame RMIT for all that has happened all these years. They are animals, not human beings. Things are simply inverted. Who should be speaking in his place is someone who is like I was in 2001: Someone who would measure words, try to put in a case for our Science, our academics, try to achieve something with the opportunity, something that matters, something for our professional class; someone who would not offend anyone else to get a joke or an applause, and someone whose values are truly biblical if the Common Core is considered. I believe he said that his son was doing someone in the end. That sounded like he was unhappy with it. If so, it should be his fault, but not even that can he see. It was a joke... . 

At a certain height, by the way, he said, America is number one because we pay to see it once a year. It took me a lifetime to understand this joke, but I finally did: America is the number one whore because we pay to simply see it once a year. They all laughed there in the same way they had laughed at all the other jokes before that one (?).




Monday, 26 September 2016

Gastronomical Dreams

I have just watched a YouTube video of someone spending 799 on a burger and eating, then another one of someone spending 2000. The first one at least came with foie gras and perignon, quite sincerely! 

Jesus, so much money, and they buy burger? After being primed by a ton of gastronomical videos in my YouTube channel, I decided to share my dreams in those regards, maybe because a black bun also caught my eyes, but it was not really black, like the company, which I think was McDonald's Japan, used food colouring, but something natural, to change non-black bread into black. The black cheese that accompanies was also quite unbearable. Oh, well, I do dream of a burger made of wholemeal/dark bread, preferably completely full-of-wealth rye, and perhaps one that contains the latest-technology meat from Australia, which I saw in a fair (not even a trace of fat or nerve or anything nasty: All completely soft and dissolving in the tongue upon making contact). As for the cheese, perhaps a light version of catupiry, a cheese sold in Brazil, would be best. We could perhaps also have some broccoli or asparagus in the mix, but then really thin slices, perhaps forming a mat or something: Something delicate, yet beautiful and tasty. 

When I say full-of-wealth, what I mean is full of healthy items on top of the plain rye, so say nuts or seeds, things that mix well, such as those I see in the Burgen version of rye. My dream of Japanese food is all made with wholemeal rice, rice that comes with its skin, basically, of the type they serve in the macrobiotic restaurants in Brazil. That is real wholemeal! We actually don't find it in Australia, quite sincerely. 

I like seaweed, but I once bought some Japanese snack that had salted seaweed in small packs and I had plenty. I felt so bad, I don't even want to tell you. I have the impression that seaweed is not very adequate for human consumption because of that. I love Japanese food as we have it, but, if I could improve, I think I would find a way of making those leaves from spinach, which I know is very healthy and full of wealth. 

Well, my gastronomical dream has to do with healthy, Australian way therefore, not simply expensive. Liver is something healthy, and I learned that when little, from my grandma: It is tasty and healthy. In this way, foie gras, which, as far as I know, is liver in a paste, should be really good. The 799 guys were not doing that bad. It is just that, with all that money, why not eating a decent plate of food? We eat burger and call that fast food, but going to an expensive restaurant with 799 dollars and ordering burger is like going to the palace and not seeing the queen when she is around, basically. 

We buy burger because we have no money and it fills up the honey like some would say. I suppose that, in this case, honey would be our stomachs, of course. 

Burger is not only cheap, it is seriously unhealthy. Even if we make it as we said here, which is a really healthy way of making it, it is still burger, I reckon. Bread cannot be better than other things for lunch or dinner. Bread is proper for breakfast or snacks. We must eat a variety of colours and items, as my mother used to say, to believe we have a healthy diet: The more our food looks poor in terms of colours, the more we will be left in need of items, say basic vitamins, almost as a rule. 

Rainbow eating for you all, perhaps!




Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Now I Have a Better Idea about Australian Culture in Science/Law and Order

So, I am literally cracking my head up for more than 14 years, on top of getting it cracked criminally by others, thinking about why I would ever be attacked instead of praised, why I would ever be violated instead of protected, and why I would ever be criminally sabotaged and defamed instead of supported to maximum degree, when I finally found out a few things that really matter.

One, it was indeed Patricia Petersen who guaranteed my disgraces since 2000. Second, the reason is unbelievable: I would have to succeed in working with Horadam in 2002 or I would be considered unacceptable by Australian native women. As said, Horadam invited me to work on my project, basically, the one I had suggested to Trevor Skinner as agreement and payment for all Academia owed me that far, on top of a few other people. Horadam more than likely got things in exactly the way I proposed: John Casti gave all the supervisory lines to her and the paper, as explained on other blog posts. Horadam, after I come back to RMIT to say I will take it, imposed Asha Baliga to me, like someone in the middle. I also have worked out why, as said on another blog post. Basically, she would be gay if things match the story I suggested to Trevor, and all the evidence, including what the Nordic women did, points at that. I told Trevor that what I was most traumatised with in Academia that far was sexual advances of women, since I had had Patricia in 2000, one of her friends, a girl of about my age, Florica Cirstea, Eva Stenzdur, and Elaine Martin that far. I also had this problem in my personal life a few times, such as when I was best friend with Solange and Elanna in Brazil (won't mention full name, despite Elanna being eye witness and not saving me). I said that I had absolute horror of women, sexually speaking, and nothing could be more traumatising than being harassed or sexually assaulted by them. I then suggested that we did things like that if the best option were a woman: If she were a lesbian, that she put someone else in the middle, as Horadam did. 

Asha dropped the project exactly as I described now several times ALSO on the Internet. It was obviously not my fault, but hers. That means that Shepherd and all these women, including Kaye Marion and Irene Penesis, who know of the crimes I endure from watching a few of them for now several years, but have never moved to do my banner or get my job, have basically violated all my basic rights, human rights, or let be violated, since that 2002 for saying to each other that I had prejudice against women in Academia, believe it or not. I now found out that because of circumstantial, but really strong evidence, on top of what I already knew: Each step on the aggravation of the crimes I endure has been taken by a coward woman, such as Agnella Ricci Terra. So, on top of all the pain I had with what Asha did in 2002, I get all these atrocities because Patricia Petersen simply invented that. We now know why she was in politics in 2005, basically, and she is probably responsible for the end of the Ultimo police station, reasons already stated on another blog post. 

Unfortunately, Patricia Petersen is definitely attacking us gratuitously since 2000, out of racism or whatever. She actually harassed us, as explained, and we did tell that to at least two support staff members at VUT, since that is one of the things that most traumatises us in life: We really really love men, and only men. Sorry, girls! The reason why we did not go from Asha to Horadam, when Horadam seemed to be lightly interested in doing that, is, first of all, that the work was concluded. Based on what we told Trevor in 2001, we already had all we needed to get our PhD. Besides, what Horadam suggested did not align with our research, nothing in common, and that must have been because, once more, native Australians did not read our work. We did not mind presenting, not at all, but Asha Baliga destroyed everything with Shepherd, and Asha actually forbid us from presenting at SERC when we asked her to let us do that, as we explained on another blog post. Without knowing what we are doing, it is hard to suggest something that makes sense, and incompetence, negligence or absence of zeal have nothing to do with the fact that she was a woman. Even if I had extreme prejudice against women, what cannot be the case, given my past, including choosing Horadam exclusively because of the project she had to offer, which was my request, I am entitled to have it. Sorry, girls, once more! I obviously can prefer and choose men over women my entire life, and if you are unhappy, go to the court, basically. Nobody can attack me criminally for feeling better with them and working better with them. Sad enough, I did have a story for marginals when I spoke to Trevor, in case all native women were like Judith Cook, and they obviously are, and if I survived Brazil, after they sent me there criminally, for willing to keep the jobs they never deserved or earned, then Judith Cook and Patricia Petersen would volunteer to go to jail, and finally pay for what they did, saving me at that moment. I came back from Brazil, I did survive, but they obviously never did their share and still spent all this eternity of time making sure I would not go back to the university, believe it or not. Now I know.

I could try to prosecute her or Bradley, but it is the own authorities from Australia who did this to me. Judith Cook and her VICPOL friend plus Trevor, very unfortunately,  and Trevor is another friend of hers. 

I obviously never have a chance. I denounce to the ombudsmen at waste. I denounce to the AFP at waste. As said, Lek Thornisson, from Adelaide, is the last one who got all statements from everyone who I care about, plus 3 full plastic folders from AFP Sydney, and nothing has changed. I am still practically in full slavery enduring every sort of atrocity almost 24/7. I don't have communication lines that I can rely on or anything, believe it or not, this for these fantastic 14 plus years.

To make it all worse, I now know that they forced it all for me to study is with Maria Darcy, not Liu, in Brazil, UFRJ. I absolutely hate Brazil, its institutions and people, and that was the strongest reason to move and acquire another nationality. I have horror of UFRJ and told Trevor, very clearly, that it was a place of basically almost exclusively marginals. I definitely don't match Maria Darcy: she does drugs, is best friends with Tarcisio Dantas, who almost killed me in episode involving drugs that I have already mentioned online (left with no alternative), and she had a personal relationship with one of her supervisors, at least one of them, eye witness. I still said to the same Trevor that she did not learn, she repeated, just like almost everyone from Brazil, and even quite a few people in Australia, such as Sever. I learn, and I only repeat if I learn, basically, and that is the difference: I can then explain in a way that anyone will understand the foundations. They cannot be asked questions about those. Sever had mistakes that I don't think Maria would have, but we still don't match, me and Maria. I told Trevor: We had tried to study together, me, Paula, and her, and we really did not match on any level, me and her and perhaps even Paula and her. The reason why I went for Liu is, first of all, because I did not know how much Crippa had done against me, I had doubts, I thought it could have been in my favour, and, upon looking at what I had done with Shepherd that far, he suggested Liu, not Darcy. On the other hand, for what I had done under Asha, he suggested Regina. Regina refused to see me personally, and said she could not take part of anything in what regarded my research. That is the only reason why I spoke to Jayme about it. Jayme read my material, gave me a call, different from Regina, who was extremely rude, what was atypical for academics in Brazil that far, and said that he realistically did not understand a thing about that, so that he could not help. At no time have I acted with sexism or feminism, and, at all times, my choices had to do exclusively with achieving what I needed to achieve. Now, see what it is having these women in power or with access to Academia: Academia should be a place for work, not to get sex, quite sincerely. And even though I may accuse Priest and Sever of harassment, and I can even prove, materially, that they did that, I don't mind being harassed by them as long as we can get what I want from the course or whatever it is and they can finally accept my rejection, which is, in principle, what happened in that 2002. It is all very unfortunate: All these years. The reasons for me to have my so brilliant and perfect, infinitely productive, career in Science terminated at an early stage, without not even a Chair, are absolutely personal and partial. Even so, there is very little chance that I will ever restore my basic human rights, so who would say having all that happened to me exactly as it is from my end in the press everywhere on earth before I die, as it is my wish, and still get due compensation from human kind as whole for letting any of it happen to someone like me? 

This is then the price that I and the entire human kind, including 200,000 Christians from Indonesia, have paid because Priest decided to basically put his prostitute employed in Academia instead of keeping her inside of the limits of his home. I am afraid Florica Cirstea is another prostitute and so is Eva Stenzdur and the same is true even about Maria Darcy. I further observe that Alice, my Calculus professor, who I did mention to Trevor as a good professional, Helida, my Algebra professor, that I did mention to Trevor as a good professional, and Germanus Strazzeri, my cousin, Philosophy professor, who I also mentioned to Trevor, as well as I have paid with either their career or their lives for the possibly uncontrollable sexual urges of Priest. Quite sincerely, one should limit their drug usage to the walls of  their house. It had to be possible. I was a student of excellence: Both in AU and BR my score was always the same, I was just observing. I never missed a class, I was never late, and I never left early. I was a researcher of excellence. I had about 4 PhDs in record time before I am basically kicked out by native women from AU in that 2003. Of course, they were together with men like Shepherd and Bradley, but it was still their total absence of ethics and loyalty in competition that made this all a possibility. All democracy, all capitalism, and all signing for human rights! It had to be a joke! To make it all worse, I presented a reference letter in 2001 to VUT that came from a native Australian girl. The girl was really happy with my services, what basically means that I obviously had no prejudice. You will still find words of other native females on my Tutor Finder profile. They apparently did all they did because one of them wanted Bradley Paul Neal, my man in 2001, who I was obliged to spend time with in my intimacy in 2002 already because of Patricia and her gang. It is unbelievable. I did not want Bradley, not even for all money on earth, and I still told Trevor that. I now know that Danny Gil was probably waiting for me in BRB together with my Chair (Jones' vacancy). This all can only be a joke. The native women set me up first with a lecture that couldn't possibly have happened at that RMIT: They claimed the lecturer had taught them nothing, then went for exercises that nobody could understand, and they all presented me something that did not make any sense out of context. Who put me in that tutorial was Gary, and I did protest, since I did not know in advance what I would be seeing in order to be prepared. According to the own Gary, I did not have to know anything, I just had to be there, and I was there. I have the feeling that that tutorial was organised by the forces of Cook/Patricia basically, and they must then have complained or something. I don't know, but I don't get a chance for more than 14 years in terms of a permanent academic placement, and I apply quite a lot. Even considering all the atrocities I endure, which include 24/7 crimes against my communication lines, at this stage, I have managed to call people even in the USA directly with no problems, so that things seem to now be serious, even if they were not like that before. I then infer that it can only be something like that. Also in the police station in NSW, for instance, both civil and federal, the male cops made me hand in my denouncement to women when they, the men, were in front of me as I arrived. In my way out of the AFP many years ago, perhaps 2005, a female cop bullied me by saying she doesn't know or she knows, one of those two. I think it is definitely coming always from them because of things like that. At UTS, when I was working there, a female and native security guard kept on harassing me: She would take off the notes I put on board even when those were signed, for instance. I don't know, it is just too much not to be something like that. Leonie, who I mentioned to Trevor as properly included, since she seemed to have the right attitude and concerns, never got her job, as far as I know. They then formed a gang of absolutely unethical women that started to dominate and victimise the women who were not like that. In 2000, when I was once more basically harassed by Patricia Petersen at my postgraduate laboratory (I was a postgrad, but she was a Lecturer), she said that it was either her or Priest, basically, and she meant sex. The entire thing had to be a joke, but isn't. My career was perfect, and I was simply the most productive scientist ever alive before attacked. I would have at least 800 papers and 200 books of my own authorship if I had never been attacked, this already by 2010, about 30 yo, and that is more than Poincare's mark. I don't know, but the women who destroyed my Academia will probably never get to the 100. Human kind should think better before deciding to violate all their strongest laws and attack someone from Academia institutionally and governmentally. I definitely think that the laws should be respected at any expense by the authorities for law and order. I also think that ethics in Academia also means absolute compliance especially in terms of human rights. Nothing more important than being able to express ourselves freely, I reckon. 

Once more, it cannot be absence of ethics saying this about them because civil laws matter more than ethical codes and they have violated the civil laws to attack me even inside of the university. It all appeared also from me denouncing them to someone who was supposed to be authority but was actually a psychopath, someone who is absolutely partial and tends to protect native people in any criminal accusation. Cook started by destroying material evidence against Bradley Paul Neal that I presented to her in 2001, this intentionally and criminally, quite sincerely. Until recently, believe it or not, I kept the hope that that had been just something like acting for my protection, so that she would have kept a copy of my HD somewhere with her and things like that. Poor Marcia: It was me who was prejudicial... . By the way, the ladies from PILCH in VIC decided not to serve me anymore when I reported the episodes involving sexual assault by Elaine Martin during day time, work hours, inside of VUT, just to prove that they are really partial, unethical, and unprofessional in general. That far, and I had reported plenty of crimes by several people, nothing was an obstacle. We were on our second meeting, I think. When they heard of Elaine, their faces even changed, like I sincerely think they are lesbians too, and the whole thing is definitely about covering up for abuse of homosexual or bisexual over heterosexual women. It is all pretty sad. They still worried about splitting me from men since 2001 alleging that the worst threat that I had was rape coming from men, believe it or not. There is only God, realistically. 

Just to give a better idea of what I go through all these years, upon being criminally forced to end up even in backpackers, I was at Urban whatever (not so sure, in front of McDonald's, city), a new one in Melbourne in 2004, when I came back from Brazil. A female native employee seemed to enjoy seeing my face, as in lesbian stuff. I then came back to my room some day to find what I believe to be the mark of her vagina on my towel, believe it or not. A really flat layer of secretion, white, very round, occupied my towel, very unfortunately. So, the problem was men, is it not?

By the way, Leonie was also feminine and into men. Leslie Roberts, who was apparently killed in the period (Professor, Philosophy), also seemed to like exclusively men. I am sorry, but there should be a limit in all this tolerance sort of thing. 




Thursday, 1 September 2016

Calls from Strangers

Coming from a marginal Country, Last World, I realistically give my personal details to very few people. In Australia, I had the care of never listing my home number whenever my name was on the lease. I always paid the extra fee to guarantee my peace. After more than 14 years of atrocities committed by Brazil at the institutional level since at most 2005, when Fernando Gabeira becomes aware of all atrocities I endure overseas from getting report from the witnesses, and even from seeing a few things, I obviously would not list my number, home number, anywhere. I frequently get calls on the home number, however. I then know that it is probably crime. Today I got a call that worried me more than the others: A woman with a very horrible accent, which made her English almost incomprehensible, started the call by saying she was from Telstra. She had the care of splitting words, like spacing them, so that I could understand most of what she said. She called me Miss Pinheiro, she knew my telephonic expenses in detail, and she knew the number of my building, and the name of my street, as well as town. She obviously also knew the home number, which I never give to anyone. Well, it takes me ages to hear from her, after a ton of nice things, such as that I was going to get discounted calls, and all, that she actually belonged to The Holsterer Telstra Services, as for what I could understand from what she said, like God only knows what it was. I then decided to ask for her name immediately, also her number of employee with Telstra. She seemed to have someone around her telling her what to say. She told me she was Ane, but I am sure she said another name in the beginning of the call. She then hang up as I insisted in getting her name, and Telstra employee number. I now fear because I ended up fixing my first name, and address, since she gave me the wrong unit number, and asked me to give her my first name. She sounded Indian, but I would expect Brazilians to be at the background, telling her what to say. Telstra has a sequence for their calls, but I did not think about that, like she should have done their ID questions, for instance. 

I have just found out that I could be prosecuting a jobs agency in Sydney for crime against me because nobody has ever offered me an interpreter there, so that they all assumed my English was fine, including those at the agency, but when the entire agency was going to have the chance of getting a job with Salmat, they put an Indian woman with bad English to stare at me, and judge me in terms of merit, like if I could be part of Salmat's selection process or not. The native man said that my English was OK, and the Indian woman with bad English said it was not. I had formal proof of English at waste, and the fact that none of them did not even think of offering me an interpreter, and I was dealing with them for long at that stage, does prove that my English was more than fine, and therefore that that was pure crime. I now realize that they then injured me to maximum in all that has to do with normal life after that also because it is 6 years to prosecute or seek action through the Work Ombudsman. Since I am sure that it was Brazil that made me publish my solution to The Sorites only six years later, all atrocity, it can only be Brazil all the time. More specifically, that would be cariocas, Rio de Janeiro, all the time. They must then approach these people, especially Asians and blacks, and ask them to injure me to maximum in all they do, so that they are not prosecuted for their actions, basically. If I prosecuted somebody, it would be the jobs agency, so that the Indian woman would not have to worry much, but maybe, just maybe, that is why I get all the problems that I get in Australia all these years. Raquel claimed to be a lawyer. She is one of the aggressors, and Trevor had already mentioned her name when he was with me, but I had no idea that she was attacking me or that she could be attacking me. There is a circuit of men of relatively OK financial situation that seems to be coming around me frequently, a sort of saying that my only choice in life is having a relationship with them, this all these years. They might all connect to Raquel, very unfortunately. She was living in Middle Park when I and Bradley were there. I spoke to her a couple of times. Bradley, Graham Priest, and Patricia Petersen were with me in Copacabana (place in Fitzroy, Melbourne) in the end-of-year party, where she performed (Brazilian carnival clothes, almost naked, that whole story). In principle, she is married to a Brazilian guy, but I think I am totally sure she was around my address with Bradley in that 2002 after being seen with me in public. I think I do have enough evidence to that side. Of course, that is just an extra, but that might even be the reason to attack me, so say they installed cameras inside of the property or something. They would have seen her there, and whilst Bradley is a crook like her, I could use the images, and prosecute her or tell the husband, who could then split from her or do even worse. She was born in the South of Brazil, Porto Alegre, just like myself, but she adopted carioca culture, so that she is just like Carla, and goes almost naked in front of everyone else periodically or something, the carioca carnival thing. Anyway, I observe now that there might be something there. It is very repulsive in all, quite disgusting. It had to be me. I now believe someone like her goes scaring these people from Last World countries who would be the only ones who would never know what goes on in Australia for real in terms of courts and all else, and they then think they must attack me not to lose their jobs, not to be arrested, and others, which is why they go attacking me all these years. That would explain a lot of things, I reckon. The Indian woman from Avon defamed me after stealing my fax (said before, my opinion). She did not deliver my Xmas order, and at least one of my clients was really counting on it. She then seems to have charged me even so. She herself told me on the phone that she did not deliver it, but the difference she started claiming that I owed was exactly that order. And this was after stealing my fax, and blaming the white manager for that. I now think this might be the entire origin of all atrocities against me, including Asha's. A person who had access to the information I gave Trevor Skinner in that end of 2001 could imagine that I could be, for instance, prosecuting Raj, the IT person from VUT. Rajedram (his first name was something like Posinume) was Sri Lankian. Asha is Sri Lankian. They converse, get scared by Raquel, let's say, and attack. That could have been the difference between having Dr. Jones' vacancy at UQ, a dream project, and Danny Gil at home already in that 2002, and suffering all these atrocities, existing practically in full slavery, for more than fourteen years in First World Democracy. I now think, quite sincerely, that it can only be that all the time. I still remember Judith Cook, in her last lines in that call to me in 2002, when I was at RMIT, with me answering from inside of the department, mobile, insisting that I wanted to prosecute Priest. I told Trevor that that was definitely not what I wanted, that I simply wanted my permanent academic position, and, if possible, the title. I now believe The Brazilians lied even to Judith Cook, and therefore threatened ALSO her with prosecution, which now does explain why they keep on doing this sort of thing to me in Australia, like what I described, about the call center job. If I had gotten that job, and I would probably get it quite easily, I would have saved my spine, legs, ears, hands, and all else, I would be existing inside of maximum organization, which is the only way I always existed before The Brazilians attacked in full power (end of 2001 onward, first disguised as native Australians, then relatively in the open, like since 2005), and that takes a hell lot of stress from me, and I would still have a higher salary and way more guarantees than what I have now, believe it or not. I would have worked only for 8 hours per day. I would have put money together, decent money, in only two years. I do think this is all easy to calculate, and put together in a package to prosecute that jobs agency, for instance, but I am now thinking that the possibility of prosecution is exactly what has been keeping me in the deepest s... as possible since that end of 2001. I never mention anything, but Raquel may go around since back then scaring people. She could have told Cook that I was going to try to prosecute her for destroying all my HD in that 2001, for instance, and for giving away my address, home address, to mortal enemies, who then attacked. The woman could then attack me not to be fired or something. I am now thinking that this is probably what is going on all the time. 

I now believe that Raquel might be the reason for even Nelson Ricci Pinheiro to violate my rights for more than fourteen years now. I am now connecting this chance with him coming to me in that 2003/4, when I was in Brazil, Porto Alegre, at my aunt's building, and saying he had an affair with a lawyer and even introducing me to her. Nelson was never into affairs before. He also started treating me in a very odd way, saying very odd things, and his eyes, his conversation, like everything had changed completely. If Raquel had scared him with prosecution, that could be all explained, since, in Brazil, they then appeal to saying that the person is crazy, paranoid, inventing, and all that quite easily. I don't know, but I am now betting this is what destroyed me. Raquel appeared once in public with me, she came with her car, and I entered her car, and she was seen associated with me on some three occasions: Copacabana, end-of-year party; comedy show, since she called me to offer tickets and I picked from her apartment in Middle Park; and the day of the conversation in her car, which was, by the way, a red sports car of the luxury type, like really expensive. She could then have ruined my entire existence since back then by simply scaring people, and that is what I am now thinking. Besides, all the Brazilian people who appear apparently randomly around me all these years are of the type I saw at her apartment in Middle Park, so that they could very easily be coming around because of her. I am now thinking that they do, actually. They are very different from me: do not do Science, are not into teaching or research, etc. I classified Raquel as a crook on the first face-to-face conversation, and the Brazilian woman who passed her details to me was also reticent when she did that, like not so sure she was a lawyer. I know Law because I studied it in an almost professional way a few times in Brazil, so that I ask a few basic questions, and I already know. She definitely did not seem to ever have been a lawyer. 

I have been getting this sort of e-mail (below) periodically and frequently. Notice that the name of the lady is Rachael, she talks about bugs, etc.

When they were succeeding in keeping me in the backpackers' circuit, I heard at least a couple of times, from women from overseas, that I was Rachael. It does sound logical to imagine that they heard Raquel and said Rachael, since that is perhaps how it would translate, like culturally translate, into English. I suffer a lot of crime in all online platforms all the time, including People Per Hour and Fiverr. Even with Amazon, which was relatively OK so far, we had people swapping passwords, like it was not me, and today at most a few books disappeared from my list, like my books, of my authorship. I also had someone inside of that same jobs agency in Sydney, the one where the Salmat thing happened, saying that, in other words, I obviously liked and wanted to have my nipples exposed when I, terrified, told her that the movies people had offered me that option, but I obviously would not accept. It was good exposure for a prostitute, that is what I think. I was doing Razor and they had some women who appeared with the top part of the body naked. I was offered that opportunity. I think everyone knows who I am, and everyone knows even from looking the differences between me, and Raquel, and me, and Carla, for instance, so that nobody, realistically nobody, would think I could be doing that. That had to be crime, and probably already someone that connects to Raquel again, I now reckon. 

Once more, Raquel connects to Didi, from Copacabana (owner), and he started an IT course business in the period, so that they can effectively be responsible for all hacking that I suffer from the Australian side all these years. Just yesterday I got the update trick again: They pretend that it is a genuine MS update and it is crime. On the last one before this one, they changed the date in my computer. I have been guiding myself by the date on the computer to plan my days, do what I put on my diary, etc. I then took the day to be Saturday, went to the gym, but it was a Friday and I lost one day of work. That was lucky, since it could have been worse stuff. On the last one, yesterday, they put me without the computer for at least 24 hours. I remembered they had done that by the same time of the year when it was about 2014, so that it gave me the impression of psychopathy: All millimetrically planned, and highly based on torture. This thing, with the e-mail, is obviously bullying per se, but this is only one e-mail type, what I am showing here. Multiply this by at least twenty to have an idea of the amount of bullying I get via e-mail every day all these years. There is only God, realistically! As a detail that matters, I was given two days, and two days only, to revise a certain article of mine, so that I am now almost unable to complete my task in due time. It was by miracle that I remembered all I had done last time, and God still gave me the patience, and firmness to do it all again. Considering what I go through all these years, all I do is quite miraculous. Shame that the others realistically are not good for much. What an extraordinary difference a permanent academic position wouldn't make, and how much more could I deserve one at most in that 2002? I now have a virtual and non-permanent position only, very unfortunately.

As another point, I have been helping a man who was also born in Porto Alegre on the phone for a while now. He is frequently saying he is going to prosecute people, like we are trying to solve a problem for him, and he threatens the person with prosecution. That is out of context, so that it is really odd, and now that sounds like a match. He works in the Meat Factory Industry in Australia.