Thursday, 23 June 2016


I just realized what the governments of both Brazil and Australia have consistently been doing to me for now more than fourteen years in a row so that I do not enjoy not even a fighting chance for my most fundamental/basic human rights, which are, by the way, fully protected, protected to maximum degree in Brazil, in the constitutions of both nations: They say I lie.

In 2001, word was spread that in Brazil I could not work full time or I could not work at all and that was the reason for me to be in Australia. Some dared saying that I was a schizoid. It is all absurd and public facts testify on what I assert: I was found teaching at CURSO SUPERIOR in Rio de Janeiro in 1999, soon before I go to Florianopolis to leave my assets with my mother who had an entire house downstairs where those things could be stored and serve whoever visited the place. When I was working at CURSO SUPERIOR, my worker's card was signed by their staff, what means that the WORK MINISTRY knew that I was there working, and therefore the federal government. If I had any impediment in terms of work back then, I would obviously have been prosecuted or similar thing. This is a public piece of evidence that proves that I never had any legal impediment in terms of work in Brazil. As for  being a schizoid, I always had tons of people who matter testifying on my mental sanity, but technical information should do the trick: No schizoid would be able to keep routine going without medication, so that I would never be able not even to get to VUT to work during the hours that I should on my own on a regular basis if I were a schizoid, given that I was definitely not taking medication, and you can prove that I wasn't by consulting the pharmacy records or my credit card statements, since I buy all with my cards, like either 100% of the time or close to that. That was since I learned that using money creates inflation (Brazilian teaching). Of course I also do not have prejudice against any type of illness, so that I could be a little schizo, like I said Sever was, and modern psychologists actually say that all of us are a bit schizo, but it is just that I really have signs of at most the extreme opposite to all the symptoms of a schizoid: For instance, schizophrenia brings paranoia, which is something Sever had in excess, but I am so non-paranoid that I shared all that wealth of information with Trevor Skinner in that end of 2001 with no fear. The minimum thing that schizophrenia brings by default is paranoia, incapacity of keeping routine, and incapacity of learning. I am sure people should trust that mental illness is an illness, and therefore is nothing different from cancer, AIDS, flu, and others: If you are diagnosed and medicated, all would have to be fine, and there is no worse loser than yourself when it comes to not being diagnosed or medicated. Some diseases are contagious and therefore are way more harmful to society than mental illness, which is definitely NOT contagious. In the past, people used to think that if you have a mental in your family, then you are mentally ill. This, as we know, is the same thing as thinking that if you walk together with a black person, then you are a black person: Ignorance. Obviously not. I did walk even hand in hand with several mentals. I am sorry. I did commit this sin. Jesus would love me for that, however, as far as I know, not hate. Danny Gil was an hyperactive person, like to the least. That is mental illness. I believe Priest was suffering from senility when I met him, and that happened in 2000, and, even so, I was seen in public with him. I am sorry. I failed excluding these people from society after Human Resources said nothing and let them in. If I deserve atrocity for including them, then please also crucify Human Resources, like as a minimum thing. 

Anyway, they then invented that I had not graduated, that I had no undergraduate. I definitely studied even in more than one undergraduate course, all being the same thing, however, just different universities, and I definitely graduated. One could even see the official documents online until recently, documents that testify on that. I did a four year course called Licentiate in Sciences, specialization/accreditation Mathematics. In Australia, this course was assessed by DEST in Victoria and the result was that it was definitely equivalent to at least an Australian Bachelor with several concentrations, one of them being Mathematics. 

With time, and after Trevor, things got much worse: Now RMIT claimed that I was never doing a PhD under Asha Baliga in that 2002. I have plenty of witnesses that can testify on the contrary. People Services, which RMIT claimed was in charge of their payrolls back then, from 2002 to 2004, denies that I have ever worked at RMIT, but again I have eye witnesses and the bank statements can prove that they paid me for that. VUT claims that I owed them money, as for what goes around extra-officially, but nobody has ever sent me a document in those regards and all their employees, when speaking to me directly, say the contrary.

NSW police denied that I had denounced the atrocities I endure to them, station under the Council, before 2008, the date on which the FBI goes to them and asks. 

I now understand that both countries, Australia and Brazil, keep on consistently saying that I lie and the material evidence, as for the outsiders, does look convincing. I do not know what to do in what regards that, and all that I learned from my parents and grandmother is that we work, and work, and work, and people should respect us from so much watching or something. I sincerely do not know any other strategy, very unfortunately, and that is why I try to do all that I can in terms of work even being in what should be my leisure time, since, first of all, I lost any chance of having leisure since that end of 2001 for the crooks and marginals from both Rio de Janeiro and Australia. I sincerely can only hope. Please pray the New Rosary to protect and help me, help me get full restoration of human rights, maximum human justice for all these fourteen plus years of atrocities, all published in the press to maximum amount of detail and from my perspective, also maximum amount of veracity, and all as quickly as possible. 

To all who make sure the impressions about me will be those I here describe: Please pray as well. Please find God in you. Even if so late, even if after so much, a little gesture of empathy, solidarity, and compliance can bring me a lot, so say a fighting chance, my permanent and non-virtual academic position. 

By the way, that is probably why they steal my post since 2005 (about 95%): It is really difficult to prove that it is stolen, especially in a definite manner. In this way, I could always be lying, seeing problems that don't exist, and therefore perhaps being delusional or something. It is impressive: How so many people can get away with so much against me for so long using things like what I am mentioning. Pray, however, and soon there will be an army to make it all be in the way it should always have been: Maximum respect for my existence and presence on earth, maximum. Also maximum gratitude, given that I am who I am: A person who realistically would never defame someone else or let anyone else be defamed. A person who would always stop crime, especially atrocity, if there were anything that could be done. A person who would always honor her words to others in normal conditions (without suffering crime). A person who would never lie in normal conditions (not suffering crime): Would either say nothing or tell the truth. A person whose every second of the 35 weekly work hours (40 minus lunch) was spent doing the best she could do for the entire human kind, for the entire Country, and for the entire institution she worked for. 




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