Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Islam and Occident:

Impossible Intersection and Interaction?

In the end of 2001, I told Trevor about this nice young male from Islam that I had met at the Crown Casino in Melbourne one night. I was with Fidelia, who was supposed to be dating Antonio, but things nowadays are out of control, as for what any Christian or New Christian or Empire's member could think: Antonio was actually engaged in Africa and therefore could never be dating any other woman in Australia. He was also divorced from his Australian wife and had kids. Fidelia then took me to the Crown Casino, basically, like we both went via public transport, but I think that it was her who wanted, not sure. We ended up in a nightclub because she liked dancing, just like me. We started dancing and I lost her company early because she found another man there or something. I was left on my own to go back home, which, back then, was a unit I shared with Antonio, where I paid AU$ 100 per week for my tiny bedroom. That was in North Caulfield, if I remember well. Well, having been left like that, just like Lea Ricci Pinheiro left me some day, as I described in one of these blogs here, with Blogger, I appealed to the same solution, so that I also found a man. In my case, I was completely single, and therefore nothing in morality was against what I was doing. I was just thinking in my usual way, which is getting a boyfriend, believe it or not. The man who approached me seemed to be more into quick intimacy, so that I ended up engaging in more than that, and I actually took him home. He spent the night there, and seemed to actually want to date me next day, for my astonishment. Then it was me, who, happy with the night, with the corporeal interaction, but, also because of that, seeing no motivation to do anything else, said bye-bye to him in a warm way. I kept on thinking about how Islamic men could be modern after that day, since I am sure he was single, and everything else. He did not come back to claim possession, and was OK with being released like that. I did get some notes on a light post around the unit later on about a Maskarade Party, and I attributed that to him, but I definitely forgot him in all senses after I dropped him at a bus stop. I told that to Trevor on top of Endang's boyfriend's stuff. Endang's boyfriend was from Lebanon, and they were both Islamic. Not only did I see Endang surrounded by plenty of men at all times, men to spare, who she even introduced to me, and one at least that I thought I could date, a guy called Adang (his name reminded me of Adam), but she actually spent the night with her Lebanese boyfriend inside of her bedroom when he came over, so that my idea of Islam changed quite a lot by then. I then saw George Hannah at VUT, and I immediately classified him as an Islamic person because of several things, including his attitude toward me. Notwithstanding, I saw him in what I believe was sexual action with at least one Australian native married woman, as reported in another blog here, so that he had nothing against starring at, or even having sex with, the woman of another man, what I think is against the Islamic beliefs, like perhaps the guy would have to agree or something, as a minimum thing. I told that all to Trevor. I was then not too scared about Islamic people at that stage: They actually looked like The Cariocas, who I totally believed did that all on an almost daily basis. 

Gani seemed to be homosexual, as I reported in another blog here. That, to me, pointed at what I expected: Men who hate women, who injure women, especially physically, who treat them as lesser, tend to like the own men, and it all comes together inside of a cake, so that we have a cake of hate, disloyalty, parasitism, aggression, crime, etc. 

As said somewhere else, I totally believe in an unavoidable connection between promiscuity, homosexuality, drug addiction or use, and crime, especially atrocity. Most of the people who are key-people in all I endure fall inside of these categories. I however was talking about Islam, and my idea of them when I spoke to Trevor. I found Endang quite nice, and I also thought that she had been really nice to me. Apart from one month, so thirty days, which I think she called Ramada or something similar (there was a special name, I don't recall, but that means fasting during the day and can eat after hours, if I understood well), during which she would wake up at one of the Small Hours to cook meat, and I would be raised by the smell of the meat being fried, and the noise of the frying pan, everything was reasonably OK at all times. I always do the impossible to not bother people, and that is perhaps why I hate sharing house so much: I definitely shrink myself into places in order not to annoy others. If there are people watching TV and I have something I would like to watch, I will let them keep on going, for instance. They were already there or something. I do think it is very hard to share my personal space with someone else and feel OK, relaxed, entirely myself. That is also why I thought that, to marry someone, I had to find a really special person, someone like me: Able to watch not only over their needs, but also mines at all times. Someone who wanted us both equally happy, and really together as one. It is weird how life goes, and really goes in my case, like quite criminally, in fact atrociously, and it is even weirder having the delusions that I have by now, after so many years of continuous and deliberate aggression, violence, and crime that comes from every possible side. One of them is that Hamish would be my one, I reckon. It is ridiculous, but everything happens like that after a long time suffering deprivation of basic human rights. The average time Brazilians take to obey their laws, and do the minimum thing for victims of human rights violations is, as said before, 20 years, so that I would still have 9 years to go if it all depended on Brazil. I see Australia as responsible for all, their own government, as I keep on saying, it all represented in the figure of that damn Trevor, and therefore there is a very small chance that they will ever act in the direction of restoring my rights, and giving me justice. The Brazilian Congress became aware of all at most in 2005, when Fernando Gabeira, personal friends with Lea Ricci Pinheiro, saw several crimes that I endure, and heard about them from witnesses. That is why 2025. 

Of course, there is always the possibility that I end up in worse situation than that in which I already am, and that would also be expected given the nature of the crimes that I endure, but I have faith in God, and therefore I hope for the best to the end. I hope that someone will finally have heart for me, and publish it all in the press as it is from my perspective, but absolutely all that I go through since at most that end of 2001, and the world then pities me enough to run Marcia Hope in at least three countries that I see as absolutely involved in all: USA, BR, and AU. The hope would then be that material compensation, of the size of the violation and intentional plus criminal loss and pain given to me mostly by Brazilians, came to my hands. In this case, I would hope for a figure of at least 100 million from each Country, I reckon, since I lose millions in intellectual property from Trevor's Days onward, all having started with the ideas I personally gave that man in that end of 2001, and they were at least seven, as reported in several places by now. One of them was Deal or No Deal. They may say that ideas are nothing, but I myself had lived for them that far, and I also told Trevor that, at that very moment, after my precious and perfect human body, my PhD title and job, there was nothing more important than my intellectual property and protecting it. The first 3 million dollars from any of the TV shows they stole from me all these years, so say Deal or No Deal, and I would be happy for the rest of my life since that 2002: I would have been able to get my PhD title, buy my own university/institute, and even American citizenship, not only Australian. I would also start my own group of scientific journals to publish my own research, so that everything that I needed and wanted would be made true with simple 3 million from one of those shows. I am afraid that only men count when it comes to intellectual property in this world, and Islamic women could easily be bugged in their heads to give their original ideas, worth millions, to their husbands on a daily basis, but nobody would ever care. Whilst they are denied even Primary School, their husbands would be regarded as geniuses at their enslaved expense. I do not see much difference in my case, for Bradley was already stealing my ideas, and this was a progression from Danny Gil, who had stolen my sunglasses, my underwear, and had destroyed my best party dress for keeping it with him and throwing it in the washing machine. I am the owner of Bradley's sewage water system for agriculture, for instance. I told that all to Trevor. What I see on earth is that my being does not matter in what comes to rights, only the masculine being matters, and this is what the own women do to us, starting with my own mother, very unfortunately, as I explained so many times in so many places by now. Call this culture, but I will keep on calling it all crime, atrocity, and maximum violation of human rights. 

Anyway, the point was saying that I saw very little of Islam and then believed that they could be OK to interact and mix with us in the Occident, but reality is that many Islamic men and women have become aware of the crimes that I suffer and all that occurred to them is that they could then take something or do something else on top to me. Once more, I insist, Islam is not an acceptable religion because it violates women's rights by default. We cannot accept any element of their religion in Australia, Brazil, US or anywhere on earth where human rights is considered something basic, quite sincerely. There has to be limitations in what we can accept. Even the fact that all those Indonesians get killed, and the Australian press refers to them all as Christians means something really bad in my humblest. There were OBVIOUSLY Christians and non-Christians in that bunch, not only Christians, but the press wants to push it in order to state that God does not protect His people or that Christ doesn't. The most radical would call this heresy and those with legal inclinations would call this disrespect for multiculturalism. 




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