Thursday, 23 June 2016


I just realized what the governments of both Brazil and Australia have consistently been doing to me for now more than fourteen years in a row so that I do not enjoy not even a fighting chance for my most fundamental/basic human rights, which are, by the way, fully protected, protected to maximum degree in Brazil, in the constitutions of both nations: They say I lie.

In 2001, word was spread that in Brazil I could not work full time or I could not work at all and that was the reason for me to be in Australia. Some dared saying that I was a schizoid. It is all absurd and public facts testify on what I assert: I was found teaching at CURSO SUPERIOR in Rio de Janeiro in 1999, soon before I go to Florianopolis to leave my assets with my mother who had an entire house downstairs where those things could be stored and serve whoever visited the place. When I was working at CURSO SUPERIOR, my worker's card was signed by their staff, what means that the WORK MINISTRY knew that I was there working, and therefore the federal government. If I had any impediment in terms of work back then, I would obviously have been prosecuted or similar thing. This is a public piece of evidence that proves that I never had any legal impediment in terms of work in Brazil. As for  being a schizoid, I always had tons of people who matter testifying on my mental sanity, but technical information should do the trick: No schizoid would be able to keep routine going without medication, so that I would never be able not even to get to VUT to work during the hours that I should on my own on a regular basis if I were a schizoid, given that I was definitely not taking medication, and you can prove that I wasn't by consulting the pharmacy records or my credit card statements, since I buy all with my cards, like either 100% of the time or close to that. That was since I learned that using money creates inflation (Brazilian teaching). Of course I also do not have prejudice against any type of illness, so that I could be a little schizo, like I said Sever was, and modern psychologists actually say that all of us are a bit schizo, but it is just that I really have signs of at most the extreme opposite to all the symptoms of a schizoid: For instance, schizophrenia brings paranoia, which is something Sever had in excess, but I am so non-paranoid that I shared all that wealth of information with Trevor Skinner in that end of 2001 with no fear. The minimum thing that schizophrenia brings by default is paranoia, incapacity of keeping routine, and incapacity of learning. I am sure people should trust that mental illness is an illness, and therefore is nothing different from cancer, AIDS, flu, and others: If you are diagnosed and medicated, all would have to be fine, and there is no worse loser than yourself when it comes to not being diagnosed or medicated. Some diseases are contagious and therefore are way more harmful to society than mental illness, which is definitely NOT contagious. In the past, people used to think that if you have a mental in your family, then you are mentally ill. This, as we know, is the same thing as thinking that if you walk together with a black person, then you are a black person: Ignorance. Obviously not. I did walk even hand in hand with several mentals. I am sorry. I did commit this sin. Jesus would love me for that, however, as far as I know, not hate. Danny Gil was an hyperactive person, like to the least. That is mental illness. I believe Priest was suffering from senility when I met him, and that happened in 2000, and, even so, I was seen in public with him. I am sorry. I failed excluding these people from society after Human Resources said nothing and let them in. If I deserve atrocity for including them, then please also crucify Human Resources, like as a minimum thing. 

Anyway, they then invented that I had not graduated, that I had no undergraduate. I definitely studied even in more than one undergraduate course, all being the same thing, however, just different universities, and I definitely graduated. One could even see the official documents online until recently, documents that testify on that. I did a four year course called Licentiate in Sciences, specialization/accreditation Mathematics. In Australia, this course was assessed by DEST in Victoria and the result was that it was definitely equivalent to at least an Australian Bachelor with several concentrations, one of them being Mathematics. 

With time, and after Trevor, things got much worse: Now RMIT claimed that I was never doing a PhD under Asha Baliga in that 2002. I have plenty of witnesses that can testify on the contrary. People Services, which RMIT claimed was in charge of their payrolls back then, from 2002 to 2004, denies that I have ever worked at RMIT, but again I have eye witnesses and the bank statements can prove that they paid me for that. VUT claims that I owed them money, as for what goes around extra-officially, but nobody has ever sent me a document in those regards and all their employees, when speaking to me directly, say the contrary.

NSW police denied that I had denounced the atrocities I endure to them, station under the Council, before 2008, the date on which the FBI goes to them and asks. 

I now understand that both countries, Australia and Brazil, keep on consistently saying that I lie and the material evidence, as for the outsiders, does look convincing. I do not know what to do in what regards that, and all that I learned from my parents and grandmother is that we work, and work, and work, and people should respect us from so much watching or something. I sincerely do not know any other strategy, very unfortunately, and that is why I try to do all that I can in terms of work even being in what should be my leisure time, since, first of all, I lost any chance of having leisure since that end of 2001 for the crooks and marginals from both Rio de Janeiro and Australia. I sincerely can only hope. Please pray the New Rosary to protect and help me, help me get full restoration of human rights, maximum human justice for all these fourteen plus years of atrocities, all published in the press to maximum amount of detail and from my perspective, also maximum amount of veracity, and all as quickly as possible. 

To all who make sure the impressions about me will be those I here describe: Please pray as well. Please find God in you. Even if so late, even if after so much, a little gesture of empathy, solidarity, and compliance can bring me a lot, so say a fighting chance, my permanent and non-virtual academic position. 

By the way, that is probably why they steal my post since 2005 (about 95%): It is really difficult to prove that it is stolen, especially in a definite manner. In this way, I could always be lying, seeing problems that don't exist, and therefore perhaps being delusional or something. It is impressive: How so many people can get away with so much against me for so long using things like what I am mentioning. Pray, however, and soon there will be an army to make it all be in the way it should always have been: Maximum respect for my existence and presence on earth, maximum. Also maximum gratitude, given that I am who I am: A person who realistically would never defame someone else or let anyone else be defamed. A person who would always stop crime, especially atrocity, if there were anything that could be done. A person who would always honor her words to others in normal conditions (without suffering crime). A person who would never lie in normal conditions (not suffering crime): Would either say nothing or tell the truth. A person whose every second of the 35 weekly work hours (40 minus lunch) was spent doing the best she could do for the entire human kind, for the entire Country, and for the entire institution she worked for. 




Sunday, 12 June 2016

Marks and Women Getting Those

I was here remembering the day I got my first ten out of ten from my dear professor Roberto, from UNESA, my model when it comes to teaching: Basically, he had the habit of marking exams in front of his class, with us all watching him. I found that really great, once more. 

He would then be making remarks as he marked and graded each one of his exams. He had beautiful exams and also had a special method to award grades. 

Basically, he went on marking mine after marking a few and all exams before mine had mistakes, so that he happily graded them 6, 7, and at most 8. When it got to mine, he could not stop ticking right, but he then started to become upset because he had nothing to say, different from the others, and he then started spending each time more time reading and assessing the answers, and that we all noticed. When he got to the last question, his semblant had changed quite a lot, like he started so happy, but, in the end of it, he was like all frowned forefront, eyes down, and this sort of thing. He then became silent. It was Monique, the more talkative in the class, but also the worst student, who said: Go, Roberto, give the grade. He did not move for a while, double-checked, and this sort of thing. His blue eyes, Paul Newman's eyes, this time had a bit of rage in them, quite sincerely, but, after he drew his one and zero, very reluctantly, he starred at me, still very serious, and said ten out of ten. He was silent again, and slowly passed to the next one. When he finished with the entire pile, he turned to me and said, now a bit less upset: 10, Marcia 10. That then became my best memory of him, quite sincerely. 

There was still one day on which he was really happy that he had finally found a mistake in my exam, but again the worst student in the class, one that once even kissed him on the lips in front of us to get a pass mark without deserving upon his request, said to him that I was right after he explained why he thought I was wrong and I addressed his issues and argued to the side of why I was right. It was funny because bad students usually don't like good students. I guess that was a joint fight or something. Perhaps it was important for her that at least one of us won or something. I remember her saying: Give, Roberto, give. Then it was me who starred at her in disbelief. He again would say: 10 Marcia 10. This was all because he really did not like giving tens and apparently had never given that many or any before. I became a legend for him since I always got a ten out of ten: When I like a professor and their classes, I tend to excel, since I think that getting good marks is ALSO paying them. In Brazil, they actually have laws as to state that the professor can only make a certain percentage of the class repeat the course, like nothing beyond that percentage is acceptable: The teacher will be badly regarded and may lose their job. Certain things are very well thought in Brazil, as said before. People like Prof. Darcy Ribeiro contributed quite a lot to the national education system. 

Anyway, my dream was definitely professors like Deborah Brown and Barry Jones when I came to Australia: Oh, how easy for them was giving tens. They were just like me! I did not watch them marking, so that I do not know how they felt, but I myself ADORE giving tens and only tens. I plan my exams with basis on the Bloom's Taxonomy, which became my passion since I learned about it in my CSTJ classes. As said before, there is no better education than that given in the Catholic establishments in Brazil: I actually had professional researchers teaching me Sociology during my college, so good they are. Anyway, I could not believe how easy it was for Brown and Jones to give me my ten: That was First World! In compensation, as I told Trevor, NAATI, for instance, had under-marked my exam by much. I was positive that I deserved much more than what they gave. To their side, it is all pretty hard, since they must hire the person in full blindness, like they don't speak that language and others. Against them is the fact that the person who marked my exams probably marked quite a few others and graded them just the same, which is a typical sign of laziness. Lots of teachers have I met in Brazil who did not bother not even marking their exams: They would always distribute grades around the pass mark, believe it or not. A teacher whose classes I watched, and that was inside of the public system (Catholic schools are private and usually very expensive), just because I was doing probation, used to teach, with no lie, exactly the same class over and over. He had like two or three weekly encounters with the students and he would teach the same topic in exactly the same way (board, chalk, and printout, same printout), give the same exercises, and then leave. When I asked him why, he said that I would see that they would not learn not even those. It is impressive! Hyde did not plan his exam and he was teaching me, an overseas person who was aiming at becoming a professional researcher (I told that to Priest). That was at least irresponsible. He could however have so much practice that it would not matter much. He actually passed all questions via board or even dictated, and he seemed to have a lot of difficulties to even elaborate them as he passed those to us. That was horrible for me because I intended to do research exactly on this topic, and he actually knew that. The marks I got from his class could actually determine my future. It was fortunate that I passed, but it was unfortunate that I did not get as much as I deserved. He came up with only discursive questions and therefore ultra personal ones in terms of marking. The contents were not well distributed and definitely did not reflect our interactions during the course. Assessment would have to be the most important part of any course we do: That is when we get to know how much we learned and that is all that will count for us in terms of the future. 

I think I already mentioned one guy in Brazil called Carvalho who once gave me 5 out of 10 in EPB, Brazilian Problems Study. The issue is that his classes were not classes, there was no content as such, and his exam was also not an exam. I was a top student and that was not acceptable. I did complain and he did change the grade to 7, but again I deserved more. He was trying to harass me whilst I conversed with a female fellow in the atrium of the university, as I think I described somewhere, and he then asked us how old we thought he was. I said 54, if I recall well, and he then confessed that that was exactly his age, but he was furious that I guessed. My fellow said 30 and something and she got good marks straight away. In Australia, similar thing happened between me and Gary Malinas, not that he harassed me, I don't think so, but he gave me 5 out of 7 or something. It was Matthew that observed that I would need one more point or something because there was H1 and H2, whatever. I went after him to learn about my exam. He then said he gave marks to us based on our faces and attendance and he actually did not bother doing anything else, not even reading. It could be OK for him to say that, but I am sure that he could have been fired in Brazil just for that one. He ended up giving me a 6. 

I feel that it is really hard to get properly appreciated if you are a woman, this regardless of your achievement, and I feel that is really easy to get appreciated if you are a man, this regardless of how ridiculous it is what you do. I know lots of people say this, not only me, and I also have already referred to that on another blog post. Men get applauded even for climbing a wall, basically. Nowadays the media is changing a bit, and I finally saw a few women getting the same attention for doing the same stupidities, but it was all like that until recently. I don't see any value in climbing a wall, and I do think media is a scarce resource and has to therefore be very well used, just like it is when we have only a few vacancies or items in general, this considering almost everything else. Instead of showing that person selfishly climbing a wall, the press could be talking about how it is more rational to live by the couples, and faithful couples, for instance, I don't know. We could be talking about healthy food, optimization of human effort, and things like that. We could be solving and preventing crime. We could be saving people from extreme violation of human rights, so say from slavery, brainwashing, castration, torture, and others. 

Of course, were it my boyfriend, I would like to see him in the news because he climbed a mountain somewhere, since nothing else could be a reward for that effort, like why would anyone else think that he did something good or great, right? In special, I would like to see him there because he would probably have left me on my own during leisure time to do that, I reckon. In not being my boyfriend, however, I wonder what social gain is happening there instead of social loss. I watched the news about the woman who lost her life for the crocodile and I learned that there could be crocodiles in that area. I also learned about the signs and where they could be putting them. I also learned about the time of the day, that they are more likely to come over us during darkness. This token of information can save my life and the life of others, but I don't see how the information about the guy who climbed the mountain could do any sort of good to human kind, basically. Media time is scarce. Our personal resources, especially time, are scarce, so that... . 

I think it is actually very easy to tell when an educator is fair with the grades and when they are not: When there is fairness, we notice that the students are not revolted, they accept their marks. When the exams are well planned, and all things are well explained, so say that the exams are good for them to find out how much they have learned, how much they have studied, etc., the students are actually OK with their marks, I reckon. I had different rows of questions, supervised my students extremely well during the exam, down marked if I caught them cheating, and all that. Even so they seemed to be all fine with all, as I was myself with most of my teachers: I guess we just know what is fair and what isn't. 

Oh, well, and why did this all come to my mind? Because I was thinking of why I end up suffering all these atrocities: I achieved too much when they expected that I achieved too little, basically. It seems that there is a generalized expectation in what regards women from lesser countries: They will still beg for their marks. A VUT fellow from research, still acquiring her credentials, like me back then, actually told me that she had looked in many places in Australia before finding her supervisor, that we had to like them. I immediately understood that she meant on a personal level. That is when I got scared, but there was another one at UQ that had already given me this impression. I also had met women in Brazil whose graduation and employment in Academia seemed to be directly connected to how well they connected to their supervisors on a personal level. I actually concluded, as I told Trevor in that end of 2001, that knowledge and information in Science are protected by keys of power: Nothing of that is necessary and the way it was in the beginning is the way it should always have been. The entire system is devoted to supporting harassment and guaranteeing that the student will not have what they deserve or earn the rights to have; that they will get only what the other party, so say the supervisor, wants to give instead. 

I had achieved highest at UQ, had solved a problem of millennia. The own academic, Hyde, told me so with all words. I think I have no doubts about what should have been my future. Instead, the same academic started by threatening me (a male): OK, you have solved it, but then it is going to take your lifetime to write your solution. I definitely took that to be a life threat: Why would that be so? The solution was so simple! I knew how to write and had proven with exams that I could. The other rejected accepting the topic and gave me no alternative that be not him or the first one. That is how it all started! In the second university, I solved another major problem, this time something that was thirty years old. The researcher who supervised me seemed to not have liked it at all, but things seemed to have progressed to death threat quite quickly instead of reward. In searching for alternatives, I was asked to produce my first solo paper, and so I did. That who asked also did not like the fact that I succeeded or so it seemed, so that I started getting one of his fellows to threaten me as I left his room after that. When I tried the third one, I selected one of his papers and found a problem with it. That was the conjecture: I could prove that it was not true quite easily. I then thought I was going to gain his support if I proved that I could be useful to him in terms of research. I showed all to him on the hope that he was finally going to stop being nasty and snob and support me. That far he was my co-supervisor but had never ever talked to me about research. In fact, he rarely talked to me. He accepted that I was right, and then told me that he was going to do his own research from that moment onward, like he needed to work more on his results because it had been a horrible shame being proven to be wrong or something. Basically, the more I achieved, the worse it was. That also happened in the third university, as incredible as it may seem, and we now had both men and women playing assessors. Finally, I am here, more than fourteen years attacked gratuitously in First World by the race of all losers on earth because they could accept losing for me even less and human kind did not bother defending any piece of me or my rights against them, despite the so much I begged to be defended against them (more than eight world authorities, the entire Australia TV press, this just in that end of 2001). I find it impressive. As I keep on thinking, those males from UQ could simply picture me wearing masculine clothes and being called Marcio, like inside of their own heads or something. What is the big deal? If they had done that, I would obviously have presented my solution in full in that 2000, they would have toured the world with me and it, and I would get offered a chair somewhere. It is incredible. Instead, because I am a woman, I am punished more and more all these years by the entire human kind: Full deprivation of my every basic constitutional right for more than fourteen years in First World democracy. 

Joke, it would have to be. Brazilian men never accepted women in research, like at most lesbians would ever publish in an adequate manner or to an adequate level. Since this all started or even before that, IMPA, for instance, started having only males in its board. It is incredible. The men would say they let this all happen because the women did it. I say they could not even have started, not even 1999 or whatever it was, 1998, UFRJ, was ever acceptable. It can only be a  joke: Born with the wrong gender or something. Joke. 




Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Islam and Occident:

Impossible Intersection and Interaction?

In the end of 2001, I told Trevor about this nice young male from Islam that I had met at the Crown Casino in Melbourne one night. I was with Fidelia, who was supposed to be dating Antonio, but things nowadays are out of control, as for what any Christian or New Christian or Empire's member could think: Antonio was actually engaged in Africa and therefore could never be dating any other woman in Australia. He was also divorced from his Australian wife and had kids. Fidelia then took me to the Crown Casino, basically, like we both went via public transport, but I think that it was her who wanted, not sure. We ended up in a nightclub because she liked dancing, just like me. We started dancing and I lost her company early because she found another man there or something. I was left on my own to go back home, which, back then, was a unit I shared with Antonio, where I paid AU$ 100 per week for my tiny bedroom. That was in North Caulfield, if I remember well. Well, having been left like that, just like Lea Ricci Pinheiro left me some day, as I described in one of these blogs here, with Blogger, I appealed to the same solution, so that I also found a man. In my case, I was completely single, and therefore nothing in morality was against what I was doing. I was just thinking in my usual way, which is getting a boyfriend, believe it or not. The man who approached me seemed to be more into quick intimacy, so that I ended up engaging in more than that, and I actually took him home. He spent the night there, and seemed to actually want to date me next day, for my astonishment. Then it was me, who, happy with the night, with the corporeal interaction, but, also because of that, seeing no motivation to do anything else, said bye-bye to him in a warm way. I kept on thinking about how Islamic men could be modern after that day, since I am sure he was single, and everything else. He did not come back to claim possession, and was OK with being released like that. I did get some notes on a light post around the unit later on about a Maskarade Party, and I attributed that to him, but I definitely forgot him in all senses after I dropped him at a bus stop. I told that to Trevor on top of Endang's boyfriend's stuff. Endang's boyfriend was from Lebanon, and they were both Islamic. Not only did I see Endang surrounded by plenty of men at all times, men to spare, who she even introduced to me, and one at least that I thought I could date, a guy called Adang (his name reminded me of Adam), but she actually spent the night with her Lebanese boyfriend inside of her bedroom when he came over, so that my idea of Islam changed quite a lot by then. I then saw George Hannah at VUT, and I immediately classified him as an Islamic person because of several things, including his attitude toward me. Notwithstanding, I saw him in what I believe was sexual action with at least one Australian native married woman, as reported in another blog here, so that he had nothing against starring at, or even having sex with, the woman of another man, what I think is against the Islamic beliefs, like perhaps the guy would have to agree or something, as a minimum thing. I told that all to Trevor. I was then not too scared about Islamic people at that stage: They actually looked like The Cariocas, who I totally believed did that all on an almost daily basis. 

Gani seemed to be homosexual, as I reported in another blog here. That, to me, pointed at what I expected: Men who hate women, who injure women, especially physically, who treat them as lesser, tend to like the own men, and it all comes together inside of a cake, so that we have a cake of hate, disloyalty, parasitism, aggression, crime, etc. 

As said somewhere else, I totally believe in an unavoidable connection between promiscuity, homosexuality, drug addiction or use, and crime, especially atrocity. Most of the people who are key-people in all I endure fall inside of these categories. I however was talking about Islam, and my idea of them when I spoke to Trevor. I found Endang quite nice, and I also thought that she had been really nice to me. Apart from one month, so thirty days, which I think she called Ramada or something similar (there was a special name, I don't recall, but that means fasting during the day and can eat after hours, if I understood well), during which she would wake up at one of the Small Hours to cook meat, and I would be raised by the smell of the meat being fried, and the noise of the frying pan, everything was reasonably OK at all times. I always do the impossible to not bother people, and that is perhaps why I hate sharing house so much: I definitely shrink myself into places in order not to annoy others. If there are people watching TV and I have something I would like to watch, I will let them keep on going, for instance. They were already there or something. I do think it is very hard to share my personal space with someone else and feel OK, relaxed, entirely myself. That is also why I thought that, to marry someone, I had to find a really special person, someone like me: Able to watch not only over their needs, but also mines at all times. Someone who wanted us both equally happy, and really together as one. It is weird how life goes, and really goes in my case, like quite criminally, in fact atrociously, and it is even weirder having the delusions that I have by now, after so many years of continuous and deliberate aggression, violence, and crime that comes from every possible side. One of them is that Hamish would be my one, I reckon. It is ridiculous, but everything happens like that after a long time suffering deprivation of basic human rights. The average time Brazilians take to obey their laws, and do the minimum thing for victims of human rights violations is, as said before, 20 years, so that I would still have 9 years to go if it all depended on Brazil. I see Australia as responsible for all, their own government, as I keep on saying, it all represented in the figure of that damn Trevor, and therefore there is a very small chance that they will ever act in the direction of restoring my rights, and giving me justice. The Brazilian Congress became aware of all at most in 2005, when Fernando Gabeira, personal friends with Lea Ricci Pinheiro, saw several crimes that I endure, and heard about them from witnesses. That is why 2025. 

Of course, there is always the possibility that I end up in worse situation than that in which I already am, and that would also be expected given the nature of the crimes that I endure, but I have faith in God, and therefore I hope for the best to the end. I hope that someone will finally have heart for me, and publish it all in the press as it is from my perspective, but absolutely all that I go through since at most that end of 2001, and the world then pities me enough to run Marcia Hope in at least three countries that I see as absolutely involved in all: USA, BR, and AU. The hope would then be that material compensation, of the size of the violation and intentional plus criminal loss and pain given to me mostly by Brazilians, came to my hands. In this case, I would hope for a figure of at least 100 million from each Country, I reckon, since I lose millions in intellectual property from Trevor's Days onward, all having started with the ideas I personally gave that man in that end of 2001, and they were at least seven, as reported in several places by now. One of them was Deal or No Deal. They may say that ideas are nothing, but I myself had lived for them that far, and I also told Trevor that, at that very moment, after my precious and perfect human body, my PhD title and job, there was nothing more important than my intellectual property and protecting it. The first 3 million dollars from any of the TV shows they stole from me all these years, so say Deal or No Deal, and I would be happy for the rest of my life since that 2002: I would have been able to get my PhD title, buy my own university/institute, and even American citizenship, not only Australian. I would also start my own group of scientific journals to publish my own research, so that everything that I needed and wanted would be made true with simple 3 million from one of those shows. I am afraid that only men count when it comes to intellectual property in this world, and Islamic women could easily be bugged in their heads to give their original ideas, worth millions, to their husbands on a daily basis, but nobody would ever care. Whilst they are denied even Primary School, their husbands would be regarded as geniuses at their enslaved expense. I do not see much difference in my case, for Bradley was already stealing my ideas, and this was a progression from Danny Gil, who had stolen my sunglasses, my underwear, and had destroyed my best party dress for keeping it with him and throwing it in the washing machine. I am the owner of Bradley's sewage water system for agriculture, for instance. I told that all to Trevor. What I see on earth is that my being does not matter in what comes to rights, only the masculine being matters, and this is what the own women do to us, starting with my own mother, very unfortunately, as I explained so many times in so many places by now. Call this culture, but I will keep on calling it all crime, atrocity, and maximum violation of human rights. 

Anyway, the point was saying that I saw very little of Islam and then believed that they could be OK to interact and mix with us in the Occident, but reality is that many Islamic men and women have become aware of the crimes that I suffer and all that occurred to them is that they could then take something or do something else on top to me. Once more, I insist, Islam is not an acceptable religion because it violates women's rights by default. We cannot accept any element of their religion in Australia, Brazil, US or anywhere on earth where human rights is considered something basic, quite sincerely. There has to be limitations in what we can accept. Even the fact that all those Indonesians get killed, and the Australian press refers to them all as Christians means something really bad in my humblest. There were OBVIOUSLY Christians and non-Christians in that bunch, not only Christians, but the press wants to push it in order to state that God does not protect His people or that Christ doesn't. The most radical would call this heresy and those with legal inclinations would call this disrespect for multiculturalism.