Tuesday, 24 May 2016


I call VACA a person without any discernment or respect for other people or for the human conventions. I call VACA the person who is a parasite, a free loader, a violator of human rights, and is incapable of having minimum understanding as to why the laws should be followed and human rights in general should be respected at ABSOLUTELY ANY EXPENSE. When it is a man, we call him MALE VACA, and, when it is a woman, FEMALE VACA or just VACA, since VACA is originally a female (cow). 

I call VACA someone who is not worried as to whether they have done things right or nor in terms of morality. 

Basically, I was told that the problem the old women had with me has been solved by the atrocities that they commit since that end of 2001 against my life and organism and I was told that the problem the young, but incapable-of-living-and-let-live women had with me has been solved in the same way. The former could not see me happy, active, and achieving highest at work. The latter could not stand their men being sexually interested in me or the possibility that I were interested in them. 

All that I have to say is that there cannot be a race or a world without rules. If those did not exist and all was theory, then I should have been informed, so that we would be playing the same game. I am sorry, but we cannot start playing chess and then, all of a sudden, everyone changes the game to checkers, tells me nothing, and, because of this incredibly disloyal move, they win. 

I don't care what your reasons are for you to attack my basic rights or let be attacked, but I do hope I will have your collaboration, even with you being a marginal and all the authorities on earth supporting all these atrocities, even with all the media on earth supporting with them all that you do, so that we reach an end that will displease me and God less than the current possible end would: Stick to me and my rights even being a marginal. I know you ALSO expect to be punished. I don't necessarily want you to be punished. I just want you to help me get all printed in the media as it is to me. I can even reward you for staying with me to the end and guaranteeing the truth is told as it is. I have no choice, despite this being my only life, body, perfect turn, as for end of 2001, etc. I know we should get a lot of money out of this if justice happens as it should, so that I can even give you some, but please help me first. Stick to whatever you can do in this journey until we can get this all published.

The Australian native men seem to think that they can do this to me because they invented some parallel story since I became heavily victimized by Brazil and Australia, and they then decided that they can put people outside of their professions and normal lives by means of violation of human rights, like that basically they can command Brazilian women's lives, especially if they need the services of the native Australian men to protect themselves against aggressors/violators of the Country of origin (in my case, they simply served me to Brazil through that Trevor instead of actually serving me, and therefore protecting me, especially my basic human rights, especially against Brazil, as said so many times). I am not good at dealing with marginals and getting what I want, otherwise I would have gotten what I wanted from Priest, Bradley, Cook, etc. I am really not good at it, like I seem not to be able to negotiate with them and get what I want to get. I also don't know who can do that. I cannot think of anyone I know who has someday managed to get something from marginals and was a honest person. I noticed that between marginals the thing is fear factor and threatening power, so that it is all realistically about how much we can do against them. I think that we have created the laws to guarantee that people would never do what they wanted to us, and that we would all have a fair go whilst on earth. We created the laws to replace God, basically. I think I am sure that the majority of the people everywhere I go would like the laws/rules to be obeyed, even the own marginal. Several times I heard, as an explanation, from the own marginal, so say Léa Ricci Pinheiro, that the other people, those she injured, did not respect the law either, or their professional class didn't or whatever else to that extent. I also noticed several times that she herself got disappointed for not being punished, like I could tell by her face, expression, etc. And that is when I learned that what they say, that Satan is part of God, could actually be true. The psychopath, and all those who let me be attacked, and, in particular those who attack, would have to have this nature, seems to always increase the level of the clarity of their crimes, as if asking the authority to notice them. I think I am sure that the marginal really wants to be caught, that what they really expect is that they are arrested/punished, as weird as it may seem. Most of them seem to keep on committing crimes just for the love of being caught, believe it or not, like it is never enough. 

Anyway, I hang on to that hope, and I truly expect that the fact that I was kept alive somehow by the own marginal all these years makes us fulfill the spiritual promise recently made to me: That justice will happen in an exemplary way soon, and God's people will, once more, reign sovereign, this time forever. 

As another point of learning, the pleasure of the marginal seems to be this game with the own authority, since I have already offered agreements several times, and, if they were really unscrupulous and after money or fame, they could have gotten those. At this stage, and for long, I reckon their pleasure is more that of a really sick person: It is definitely about the game, the chancy factor. Not even millions of dollars, possible fame of the type being seen as a hero, and things like that, would make them choose what I propose over what they have, and some would have gotten nothing, like would still be completely miserable, to the same level they were before they attack me. It is all very shocking, but if you are going to pray, please pray The New Rosary only, not the old one. This will ALSO make a lot of difference. Thanks. 

After putting this all in the press as it is for me through a surprise banner, you saying you are a witness, and there is no other way to get it, trust me, comes an academic, permanent position, in the USA, so that I have a fighting chance, and, after that, an academic position, permanent and non-virtual as well, anywhere, so that I feel less worse and go through fewer difficulties, and also suffer fewer crimes. Thanks. 

I can create disciplines, if necessary, so that chancellors and people like that can create positions, all based on my research: Paradoxes of Language, Real Analysis, Small Worlds, Alphabetized Convexity, Common Mathematical Fallacies, Mathematical/Classical Logic, etc.

If you find me a collaborator in the USA, we can try to get a postdoc scholarship. I found something online. In this case, any of the projects I offer on my Linkedin, the one connected to drmarciapinheiro@gmail.com, can be used. 

Please help ASAP, for the end of 2001. If you save me or get me a chance, plenty of people shall be saved or get a chance as well, as you probably know: I always care. If you see the profile I recently got from a famous psychological test, you will see that I am THE GUARDIAN, and that means that I watch over the rights of ALL OF US, not only mines. Rarest case of all. Please help. 




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