Thursday, 19 May 2016

My Personality at Work

God knows that we could have saved our entire perfect life, career, organism, age, and all else if we were simply given what was fair that we were given at most in 2002: Our permanent academic position and PhD title.

It is actually impossible to conform with injustice, gratuitous aggression/violence, and, in special, with human rights violations against us. 

It is also impossible to conform with immorality and corruption of the only authorities for law and order that we have if we always proceed with maximum compliance and morality, as we always did. 

Apart from crying over the spilled milk, as they say, we are left with trying to acquire at least a fighting a chance, even if such comes only by now, in the fifteenth year of slavery in First World Democracy, slavery together with several other types of atrocities. 

Unable to determine the cause for us not to be offered a permanent academic position in a way that we could take it so far, a non-virtual one, we ended up subjecting ourselves to a few psychological exams, exams that tell people who we are at work. This is just in case: You will find a psychiatric/psychological profile for us on Keirsey Tests




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