Friday, 27 May 2016

If Someone Asks You about Me

What I truly believe has happened to me in life, actually probably since a few years before I leave Brazil, is that I have this really attractive male cousin called João Carlos Ricci Terra, who was the only one in the family, apart from me and Jayme, who really looked like a First World person, like perhaps a native white American, 100% American, or at most an European of white ancestry. That was outstanding beauty and exoticism for Brazil, especially Rio de Janeiro, where João Carlos was born, and to where I was dragged against my will when I was nine years old (I was born in Porto Alegre, RS, where the dominant phenotype is my phenotype in most of it, mostly Italians and Germans are my original people). 

João has magnificent blue eyes and is completely white, like of paper color, just like his mother. Jayme was also like that. Jayme is also blue eyed, but his eyes are less expressive than João's because João is also blonde. Jayme is also kinda blonde, but his blonde is not as expressive as João's, I reckon. They are both very tall men, as for Brazil, but really not tall enough, as for Australia. I was very tall in terms of women, as for Brazil, but my body was delicate and slim, different from the Italian, Brazilian or even the Australian dominant body type. Jayme got knocked out by Nelson and Léa at an early stage of his life. Well, also by his own mother and father, but just because of the pressure of Nelson and Léa, very unfortunately. Both Nelson and Léa were way less interesting and attractive and energetic and pleasant than Jayme, and therefore, given Brazilian and family culture, they really massacred over him. Perhaps based on what had happened to Jayme, my parents and all others decided to protect me a little from Nelson and Léa, but I finally got hit, despite my herculean efforts not to go through the same. As I spoke to that Trevor trying to protect myself forever, trying to finally get saved forever from Nelson, Léa, Bradley, and all associated marginals, I ended up getting precisely the opposite, only God knows why. Brazilian or family culture (like my original family's culture) include destroying people who could be greater than them if they are older, as said in several other blogs. People like me, Jayme or João Carlos, of extremely exotic type when compared with all other family members, much more likely to succeed in anything they do, starting with how attractive they look when compared with the others, would become targets of everyone else, especially if ever spending time in places like Rio, where they are mostly black and criminal, where they mostly live to literally attack, and violate white people, to injure them to maximum degree, and it is all gratuitous. 

Anyway, João had a lot of concern with mental illness, and so did I, mostly because we were always sure, all of us or many of us, that Jayme never had any problems in his life, rather the opposite, like he was one of us, and we find it hard to understand why he ends up in the way he does. I myself think I am sure of this why, as I told Trevor, but people like João could have difficulties in believing that it is all realistically done with all intention on earth by those who cannot accept that the other is so special in all senses, like Jayme was always wanted, always invited, absolutely always, like you will hear from Nelson, who destroyed him, that he was chased during the school breaks by the girls. This is something you never see happening, not even in Brazil, place of prostitutes, as they say: He was really really cute. There was something in his eyes, on his semblant, something really really heavenly. As I said, Diego Talavera was ALSO like that when he was born: His eyes had a magnificent color. I think they were ALSO blue. And he was full white, like us, the others I refer to. Diego goes through a process of criminal termination of all his enchantment (I described this on another blog post), and, basically, demoniac possession, for I have no other way to put it. It seems that João is the only one who really escaped all these atrocities that destroy anyone who is of exotic physical type in my family, even because the own João seems to have destroyed me, as unfortunately as it may seem. I really trusted that he was my best friend in the family because one, he also chose overseas, English speaking cultures, and First World people, two, he had my physical type, and three he was intelligent, for he would not succeed otherwise. I told Trevor that, what is very unfortunate, because, from all I infer, it was precisely João who was ruining my life in Australia since 2000, it all having started with the detective that he would have sent to find out information. That then made Rogério attack me since back then instead of being together with me somehow or at least not attacking. It is all very unfortunate. When I spoke to Trevor, I still had a lot of love for João, for, believe it or not, even having any joy because of a relative is a rare event in my life. João had given me some small joys or reasons to believe that he was more of a pleasant company than a harmful one. When I spoke to Trevor in that end of 2001, I remembered what I always remembered in terms of his person, which was his care, the care of being nice to me, a little girl abandoned to the old people and their needs, him giving me some reason to live, to have joy with my existence: He carried me over his shoulders on the street, and actually down the street. I was so little used to human contact and kindness that I worried all the time about his welfare: I actually thought that he could hurt himself, that perhaps I was too heavy or something, believe it or not. It really did not matter how long that lasted for or why he did that, but I perceived that as a really generous gesture of his, given what the others did, like if you consider what I did for Diego myself, what included carrying him infinitely many times like that, then he did nothing, but if you consider what I myself get from those damn relatives and Brazilians in general, that was a treasure of no dimension, so that this is the drama of the really neglected kids, those who suffer harassment since little: Unwanted attention at waste, and very little wanted attention. I had him in my heart and mind as a true hero, like compared with those monsters who had my surname, he was a god, basically. We tend to hang on to the least worst, as I keep on thinking: When the hell is deep enough, whatever drop of holy water that you get you spend the rest of life saying thank you, I reckon. Anyway, I actually only carried Diego on my shoulders for remembering how nice the feeling was when he did that for me. I never forget this particular day when I and Rogério were still a very respectable and loving couple and he came in my direction when I was carrying Diego like that, like we met a sort of half way between his home and mine. That was beautiful to see because Rogério also had exotic type, as for Rio de Janeiro, and so did his entire family, apart from the parents and sister (he had beautiful blue eyes, even though none of the eyes that I here mention had half of the beauty Danny's eyes had). It was him, blue eyed, white, tall, slim, and me, green eyed, white, tall, and slim, plus Diego, who was also blue eyed, and white. It was like a typical American or European family perhaps, and I am very much into photographic memory, like I picture things more easily than I can write or describe them orally, and I am also very much into aesthetics, like since little I have a passion for beautiful looks, beautiful things, etc. Rogério was not the same as us, however, because he was a bit ugly, like he had a twisted nose and bad hair, already a bit of a black person. No wonder he ended up joining the black people and attacking my basic rights to exist ALSO in Australia and already in 2000. 

Anyway, the point is that Agnella Ricci Terra had actually told me, as I tried to release myself from the obligation of taking care of my own mother, what I do since at most five years old, and get her to finally take responsibility for her sister, perhaps in exchange for the so much my mother had done for her and her son in life, also for her own mother in her place, since she was the eldest, that she was going to ask João to watch over me in Australia. As she said that, I did panic, for I know my relatives very well, and there is absolutely nothing that they have not destroyed in my life, this since I am very little, instead of helping, doing their share, etc., and I am sick of saying that even in blogs now. Even simple poetry presentation Agnella and Hermolga had been able to completely ruin together. I then said no, for her to not even attempt to do such a thing. What I now believe is that she kept her idea and went to the end instead. Since it was never to help, she first had contact with Rogério and he asked her to check on whether I had somebody in Australia in 2000 or not. João then sent a detective and took pictures of me with another man, Rian, pictures that said nothing, like we were just hugging and kissing in the sun, in a park, but pictures that could mean, to Rogério, that I had someone else. I have already explained in several places this story of mine with Rian, I reckon, Rian Aldridge. We just kissed and hugged, mostly because he wanted, like I was there to actually visit the Blue Mountains with him, and I actually did not have any expectation whatsoever in what regarded sex or intimacy, and I swear to God that I didn't. I was there as a genuine tourist, as for free time (we were both serving IBM). It is just that, when we met at the train station, it was something like unavoidable: He was there to have stuff with me for sure, and I myself was not prepared to say no or to play hard to catch, rather the contrary, I reckon. I was so excited with all, like I had passion for IBM, Olympic Games, and all that I was experiencing in Australia that far, including close contact with the English men, that I could not help myself. I had seen Mr. Fisk at Fisk Schools and I never forgot his manners and his kindness. I also had one of the best times of my life with that little group in terms of learning, and that lasted for as long as we had Emília as a teacher. Mr. Fisk's family built that course with their hands, basically. I then got a really good impression of the English. In compensation, I had had English classes with an American woman, and that was the one that made me end up at Fisk Schools, when, in principle, her classes should be enough to teach me English: Her classes were the end of the world and taught me nothing apart from confusion. She was a native American woman. I also had dealt with John Casti, who I took to be a native American man, and I actually hated him in terms of personal contact: I thought that he was a person of very little generosity, and understanding in terms of life. He had, in my opinion, abused by much my good will. That is actually the reason for me to be upset with Five Golden Rules and not accept his offer, of translating his Cambridge Quintet. I also got upset with Anna Fillipecki for this one (she is the one who got me the idea of translating FGR for him). I had already met Carrie, João's wife, and I hated her too, like I thought the woman was a person of, once more, very little discernment and generosity when it came to life. I couldn't believe the things they offered me in exchange for my precious friendship, support, and even services: Casti wanted me to marry him, basically, and perhaps work as his gardener. Carrie wanted me to be her nanny. She still stated that I ruined her fruits as I, with all patience on earth, tried to wash them in water and soap, as my father used to do, especially after I noticed something nasty over them, which she later on would let me know was wax, put on them so that they would look good when they weren't. I hated her. With this, I felt really happy when I listened to Priest and he had an English accent, when I met Barry Jones and he had an English accent, and when I met Shaun (sorry for the spelling, but he is also a violator, so damn it), and he had an English accent. Also Rian was English, I found out, just without the accent, what is a shame, as for back then, when I really loved their accent, their language, and all else about them, the English people, who I took to be the cleverest people on earth that far. Anyway, I was all happiness and joy when I met Rian there and it just came automatically, I cannot even explain. I only know that that is all I could do, like he was completely sure that that was what should happen, and my body did what he expected, which was kissing him in the way that he wanted. That was awesome, but also weird. Anyway, it was not supposed to be, that was not my intention, and we did nothing beyond that. The picture however traveled oceans, ended up in Rio, in the hands or imagination of Rogério, and that was when I got him to attack my life in Australia in worse ways, very unfortunately. 

Well, I then believe that it was actually João that was called by my own mother as I entered a crisis, and I entered a crisis mostly because of her call to me. I could not manage to move out of Bradley's apartment, perhaps because I was in fear that my mother would take my life from me, as it apparently happened, like she was once more obsessed with my company, thanks to a lot of atrocities in the own Brazil which included (now I know) criminal delay in visa provision. I knew Bradley was attacking me criminally and yet I was unable to get rid of him, as I told the VUT support people back then. This on top of betrayals and all else. What I believe, and please understand that if there is one thing in life that I give everyone else but nobody gives me is information, is that João then installed a camera in my Charnwood apartment, but Bradley took it out. With this, I lost my only opportunity of being known by João in terms of who I really was. João then started relying only on the word of others, as he told me he was doing when I called him in 2002: That he would only speak to Bradley, not to me. I then have been a victim of this sort of choice and his power over the entire human kind for now more than fourteen years I believe. It is all a shame: If all these forces were used in my favor... If any of these people ever proceeded like my true friends, relatives or partners, then I probably would have no problems in life, so: Oh, dear!

Anyway, this all is to say that if you are ever approached by a Brazilian and they ask if you  know me, helping me would then be saying that you know me with all certainty on earth (since the problem is that João does not think he knows me) and I need these things (of course, you would understand that João, like every carioca/person from Rio is a marginal, a psychopath, but there is no law and order, nobody for my basic rights for more than fourteen years, and that is why this is better than nothing): a permanent academic position in the USA (preferably Texas), Mathematics, Real Analysis, and having a really young man, from secondary school, hopefully going through his first sexual experience, as a boyfriend, so that I would have a chance to have a chance in all regards. He is a marginal, and still responsible for all, so that he will not be willing to give me justice. All we can hope for is this sort of thing. And perhaps have your ears covered with cotton as you speak to him because I was told that he may like playing weird games with your ears (like the witches, dwarfs from hell or whatever: It may be a joke, but it may also be true, is it not?). The important thing is saying that you do know me, regardless of how, and you know that that is what I need. Never say more than that and never expand either: Very few sentences, only one thing, so that he does it. I think that, in this way, it will work. Say that my heart and soul belong to Hamish, this Adelaidean-Australian man, for now quite a few years, so that it would be nice if he could organize things in a way that Hamish could go with me. This is all very important because things start, in the end of 2001, with me being sent at least four senile men as possible husbands or lovers or whatever, and it seems to me that I suffer atrocities all these years, so that, for instance, Priest is not told to have harassed (that would probably have been, as said before, Bradley's idea), but to have been corresponded, and the same with Crippa, Renato, and a few others. On top, so that they think that I was into old men. Men of old age go abusing me and using the academic job and achievements all these years to try to get me, basically. There is only God, as I keep on thinking. Even the cops sent old men to me (Adelaide) in a way to make me think (this time) that I would only be served by them (police!) if I did these old cops, their bosses, believe it or not. I still think/hope that they are all bugged in their heads and that is why they act like this. I still totally believe that the Australia I thought I knew and was passionate about in that end of 2001 is the actual Australia. 

I think that who really destroyed my perfect everything on earth was Bradley Paul Neal. I think I am sure that if he did not call because of his spy on my road in that end of 2001, Trevor would never appear, and it is only Trevor and what I spoke to him that made all my martyrdom possible. It is also only Bradley and his friends that determined my failure at RMIT and in Australia and my heinous return to Brazil in that 2003/4. I now understand that justice had happened in the Australian way in that end of 2001, but, as it is their way, they told  me nothing officially or face to face. Because of that, Bradley could destroy and nullify everything and still injure me for life, this even physically. It is all a horrible shame. I think that Cameron Plant was fired, as he should have been, from ANZ, IT. I believe that he then got the job with Smith & Klein because of João Carlos, who dropped his to give it to him (he worked for them), and we then went from justice to nonsense and support to crime. I think Bradley was told to leave me alone, and take a prostitute in my place, and that was Katia Moura. He was told to do with her what he and Cameron wanted to do with me. That was also fine. But Bradley then came back to me and it looked as if I wanted that, even though I was protesting and doing all that I could to get rid of him all the time, but still get protection against Brazil, my PhD title, etc. I think Priest was told to stop harassing me, and he then invented that he was helping me professionally instead, so that it was not harassment of sexual nature. He invented that I had no talent, and perhaps had bad English, so that what he was doing was taking care of me, similar to what Rubens Crippa or the own João or even Patricia or Eva Stenzdur or Florica or Sever or George or Cameron would be saying to justify their crimes. All was then withdrawn and taken to be what Priest had said because of James Harland, Notre Dame Journal, and RMIT plus Bradley. You know what I mean? I also think that both Patricia and Stenzdur, two of the prostitutes, were put out of the academic environment, but at least Patricia returned recently, being supported in all that happened by Kaye Marion, Irene Penesis, Julie Saunders, and Lally, since they were all prostitutes as well (Kaye told our entire department about oral sex with Pavarotti when he was married; I caught Irene being massaged on her back by the fellow who was teaching Calculus, but he was married, this in her office; Lally was told to have paid a visit to the backpackers where Thomas was staying and I believe I saw him with her herpes recently (lip), but she was the girlfriend of an Australian native man who was from Melbourne University; and Saunders was at least with Alan Lebel, who was pregnant together with his Australian native partner). I think that João got his story reinforced, like the story he was told, probably by Léa: That I was a schizoid or had been marked as such in Brazil. The thing is that Léa got me her friend, a hypnotherapist, who was also a psychiatrist, to converse with me, and even run a few hypnosis sessions. Her friend then had pity on me, liked me as a human being, and kinda let me know her intentions. He never did what she had asked him to do, and she asked him to do that because all she thinks in life is getting my father's money, this since she was little, and the only way she could put her hands on that money was if my mother died (criminal or natural death), and she succeeded in interdicting me using the Brazilian law, and what she asked was that he classified me as a schizoid. He never did that to me, and he had enough honor not to do that, but he said, in front of Rogério and her, just for fearing both in the same way that I did, that he had done that. It would be impossible that he had done that for several reasons: If I were classified as such by him, I would have to have seen him in the condition of psychiatrist, but he was a taxation officer who was doing hypnosis with me instead, not even therapy. In second place, who knows of a schizoid who has been formally told to be that, and is allowed to go around without medication, and frequent attendance to a psychiatrist's office? That would be calling her friend insane. It is obviously not possible. As another point, even if I had been some day formally classified as that, people are seeing me, and they then know that I cannot be a schizoid, for no schizoid can take a tram, and go to work every day without medication, so that I couldn't possibly be one of them, like everyone knows that they would not be able to be at work not even three days in a row at the same hour on their own without medication. I know this conflicts with me saying that I thought that Sever was a schizo and Florica a bipolar, but what I meant is that Sever had higher degrees of schizophrenia than most of us, since the psychiatrists say that we all have all mental illnesses by default, and it is all a matter of degrees, so that I never meant that Sever had like full on schizophrenia. That would imply, once more, that he would not be able to ever work regular hours if he were one of those. Of course, I don't actually know if he does or does not take medication, but I assume that he doesn't, even because the symptoms would not be present if he did. He needed medication, as for my evaluation, and that was mostly to stop intellectual/brain damage, as I explained to Trevor, but also to stop the possibility that he would keep on calling us, the members of his group, names, and also so that he would stop expressing paranoia toward us, like just to mention a few things. What is fearful in mental illness is not the damage to us, but to themselves, quite sincerely. The only mental illness that should scare people to death does not seem to affect them at all: Psychopathy. Psychopaths do not show any signs of being such, I am afraid. They are people who look quite normal, like João Carlos, Rogério, Cameron, Trevor, Cook, and Bradley. Fear those! And fear those with your life, with all your being: See my case. All other mental illnesses, I am afraid, harm only the victim of the illness, nobody else. As explained to Trevor back then, it is not that I thought that Sever could hit me, but he abused me verbally, abused others, was violent in general, and clearly had a non-scientific and non-mathematical attitude, this to the point of stopping speaking to me after I changed supervisors (stopped having him as a supervisor or as the main supervisor). And he actually got to the point of threatening me through his friends/colleagues. He was and is a psychopath, and he also connects to terrorists. This is not a joke, and I was so scared of them (all) that I went to see the support services people on the hope of organizing a strategy. See what happened to me and to at least thousands of people, including top researchers/academics, and this is only because we simply tried to do the right thing for Science, for Mathematics, and for ourselves. Have mercy! I now believe that I only got the next-door neighbor, who I believe caused the Trevor Effect, because Sever did not go only after Tony Milone: He went after Judith Cook as well. I believe that the same people always have the same effect, so that Cook was probably helping me that far, but then got scared enough and decided to basically attack with him. Because he did that, we got the lady who said she was Italian, the lady who oppressed me through Shirley, who got me to speak to her against my will, and who passed my address to the marginals who ultimately caused all the atrocities I now endure for more than fourteen years in First World democracy. Please remember that I ALSO think that Sever got Gani, for instance, to threaten me at work, and that he also got both Eva Stenzdur and Florica Cirstea to destroy my environment in the 7th floor room, where I was so happy that far, to which I went after getting a new supervisor, who I was also very happy with that far. Sever had basically warned me: That I could have no supervisor that were not him. Every time I approached the topic with him, he seemed to become a changed person, quite sincerely. Yet, when he got me as a student, he said that he was offering himself for not being able to think of anyone else that could be my supervisor at that time, so that it was definitely as if I could get another later on if I wanted. Tony Sofo did ask me if it could be just me and him, without Sever. I unfortunately did not realize what that was in time, I reckon, since I answered in the Brazilian way (like not choosing sides, in fear), and I then said that I did not have anything against Sever still being my supervisor and Tony being perhaps in the middle, like communicating with Sever directly himself, so that he would be a second supervisor or a co-supervisor. Sever did not want to drop, and that must then have caused the explosion that determines the end of my life at VUT, I now reckon, and perhaps the end of my life in general. I put several possible stories to Trevor, each one depending on who had sent him. I told him that if somebody had sent him to kill me, since I had so much threat in those regards in my head, soul, and heart that far (Hyde, Sever, Bradley, etc.), that he did the story that he actually did. He himself however told me that who sent him was Cook, so that she wanted to kill me too, I infer. 

Anyway, please do that if any person who could be informing Brazilians about me and what I want approaches you, and that should help somehow. Only the banner in a live show with real time transmission can save me and guarantee justice, this for long, but, in second place, comes this sort of help, OK?

We must do whatever we can to protect each other's rights. Observe what the government, and others do in general, and learn our chances, of the good people: Really really help with whatever you can whilst there is still time. 




Wednesday, 25 May 2016

VACAS United

Oh, well, if someone ever asked or wanted to hear: Márcia, how do you see yourself during this more than fourteen years of martyrdom, of full violation of all your basic human rights?

I would say that I see myself as someone who was too kind and too generous to realize the intentions of those around her, too optimistic in what regards human nature, too optimistic to realize the clear opposition between what the person declares that they are to me and what they really are. 

Basically, I have been entrapped by Australian native men from beginning to end. These bastards seem to have decided to make marketing of themselves by usurping all my basic human rights and taking advantage of my situation of needing their help, basically. Instead of helping me, when I was declaring myself as one of the most oppressed creatures in the First World precisely because of the way they treated me, they decided to sacrifice my life to get easy sex at my enslaved expense, together with priceless millionaire original ideas, and other luxury items that they certainly would never be able to get at their own expense. It is a lot of cynicism saying that I was romantic before this all started, instead of absolutely practical and realistic. I was after romance, but not from my share. I wanted the most romantic guy on earth to do all for me on earth, and, if possible, remain myself very very cold but looking romantic, just because I had been incredibly hurt since early in life ALSO in those regards. It is a lot of cynicism saying that I needed anything else apart from some three million dollars from my first seven and something original ideas given to Trevor personally in that end of 2001 to be happy for the rest of my life, that I couldn't simply buy a Mathematics institute or build one, buy my PhD title, my journal, etc. You can only be joking. I still said to that damn Trevor that all that I thought I really needed at that age and time was money and power. It is incredible! They go with stories that range from me not having passed some evaluation, so say resume, English or whatever to me behaving like a prostitute and wanting the man of others, but the only story that there is is two absolutely unscrupulous races, peoples, countries, absolutely criminal, without any honor or discipline or compliance, who respect nothing and nobody, simply deciding to live at my enslaved expense, especially intellectual, nothing else. Cretin and hypocritical is compliment here, quite sincerely. 

I mentioned to Trevor that I saw some similarity in treatment between the Asian women and me back then, in the end of 2001, but I also observed that the Asian women were actually being proposed official marriage, with certificate and ring, whilst I was being proposed De Facto. Not that I wanted to marry, but I do think it is a difference in treatment, and a relevant difference. This difference told me that the Asian women were not even half as oppressed as I was. What happened then is that I became infinitely more oppressed and violated after denouncing oppression and violation of the Australian native men to the own Australian native men: That is basically what it is, is it not? Trevor Skinner was, according to himself, and I am not police or anything else, so that I have to trust what I was told, a native Australian man. I still cannot believe the courage of Australian men: All these years pretending it is a matter of respect with the Asian women what they are doing to me. It can only be a joke!

Bradley Paul Neal was completely out of my life and I could not be any more beautiful, happier or healthier than I was in that end of 2001 ALSO because of that. All Australian men came to oppress me and force me to him again with all crime and deceit on earth. Bradley himself came to propose to me in a cinematographic move, swearing that he would not fail again, that, from that date onward, he would tell me the truth and others. It looks very much like the story of Jesus with human kind at that stage, since I then immediately ask him to confess that he was reading my e-mails at VUT and, like the bad apostle, he denies three times, basically. I am so full of honor that I don't kiss or hug him that day because I was, in my point of view, already dating somebody else, and I did not get not even slightly convinced that Bradley would be telling me the truth or acting as he promised from that date onward. I call the man I thought I was with, and I also consulted him before meeting Bradley and insisted with all my life, heart, and soul that he accompanied me, and he seems to think that I am or that I should be with Bradley instead. According to him, the fact that I went there and spoke to Bradley and that I then took the ring in my hand, was enough to say that I was with him. If he had done what I asked, my entire life, career, head, and body would have been saved, believe it or not. Getting the ring was a gesture of minimum cordiality, minimum politeness, that I would think I should have because proposing in the way he did is considered beautiful and nice. It is just an object and  a gesture of politeness. He was then another Australian native man of little or no value. I think that he did not think we were together, but, for me, it certainly suffices that things are in the levels that they were for us to be a couple, to be together. I do know he tried VICPOL a couple of times, but, if I am suffering atrocities, which is the case, then I don't think he could have stopped by there, quite sincerely (minimum politeness/cordiality?). I go, from beginning to end, in shock with how uncommitted their actions and beings are. If they have any commitment, it is with damn hell, with the own devil, quite sincerely. Anyway, in that 2002, one of the things Bradley did was appearing with an Asian woman by the beach where we lived as if they were dating. I had no choice in terms of moving out of his apartment, as I told Joanne, but not only he was not doing his share on the agreement, and they were all attacking me criminally at the university, but he prohibited me with what I see as practically a death threat from even trying to get to the real state agent to pay half of the rental. I insisted with my life that that was what I wanted and he insisted with all his criminal forces that that could not happen. I then inferred that all was being controlled in a way to favor me in something, that it could only be, what, very unfortunately, now we know for more than fourteen years, was never true. Bradley had promised me marriage, truth-telling for life, true partnership, and others that day at the beach. I was then in that apartment getting infinitely worse than he had ever done to me. I had requested an agreement from Trevor and through Trevor, who I believed was at least Bradley's best friend, the one that commanded him even in what regarded his furniture, Cameron Plant, which was that Bradley and him guaranteed my PhD title and my job at most in 2002, maximum protection against Brazil, and a few other things. All that I get that I cannot deal with is a consequence of Brazilian crimes after I was criminally forced to go to Brazil in that 2002/3 ALSO by Bradley and Cameron. All that gave me no choice or chance was that visit to Brazil and the infinitely more serious crimes I there suffer, which then accompany me on the way back and until nowadays. 

Prostitute was Lara Mente, Raquel, that Asian, the Australian native women's group, which may include Joanne Kelly, but DEFINITELY not me. I am sure I could at most be seen as a poor thing, the betrayed and infinitely oppressed woman, the never served DE FACTO partner. I don't think people have the rights to lie to society in general, as said on the blog about PTSD: Adults are obliged to commit to what they say. Hamish, more recently, said that he was mine, that he loved me, and that he was going to do my banner. Not only you cannot do this in general if you don't really mean it, but you should prefer death to doing that to a person in my situation for more than ten years when they hear that from you if you don't really mean it, quite sincerely: There had to be a limit for disloyalty and dishonor in human kind, that is what I think, and I keep on saying. Whatever you say or do DOES imply something very meaningful in the life of others, and, in my case, Hamish was my only hope in the entire world that I would ever have human rights and justice again. He made me count on him with exclusivity, complaining even if I looked to the side. I don't know, but, once more, human kind had to teach them better and make sure their authorities for law and order complied themselves AT ANY EXPENSE. Violation of human rights is inadmissible in the world of nowadays, quite sincerely, especially in First World, who would say more than fourteen years in a row of all the violations together and me attacked by Brazil institutionally and governmentally? Basically, give me my existence back from the moment you stole if you think you can say that you could have done it or let it be done. Brazil was not only dumped, they were absolutely hated and never wanted. There are laws in both Brazil and Australia that make all that I go through impossible. Yet, it is happening, and it is happening for more than fourteen years in First World Democracy. I did everything right my entire life on earth, and I challenge people to find more honest, more ethical, more professional, and more serious with all she did than I was before being attacked, in that end of 2001. Is that the way human kind pays me? Hamish? Hamish made me love him with all my soul, all my heart, and all I am getting all these years is worse and worse. It simply cannot be. Where is the PTSD guy, for God's sake? Go killing them all before they can come close to me, this for end of 2001 at most!

Prostitute was the Asian woman, going around with a married man, basically. Bradley proposed to me in public, we were a DE FACTO deal, so that she is the prostitute. If she ever wanted to be with him with exclusivity, then she should have at least called me, is it not? She should at least have helped me with my difficulties back then, which included understanding who Bradley was in my life, who he really was, and what he was doing, if possible why, and protecting myself against Brazilian people by being somewhere where they, in principle, would not go. Prostitute was Lara Mente, married to the guy who was the son of the AUSIT manager, native: A person who went to my apartment to have intimacy with Bradley when I was not there, and I myself never gave her our address. Prostitute was Raquel, married to a Brazilian guy: Went there, to my apartment, once more with address that I myself never disclosed to her, to have intimacy with Bradley. But prostitute was definitely not me, who was officially living with him in a DE FACTO since 2001, beginning or something like that. I am martyrized now for more than fourteen years and Australia, as a whole, treats me as if I were a prostitute and the Asian, Raquel, Carla, Lara, and God knows how many more, including Julie Saunders by the way, as if they were the ladies. If you are going to commit atrocity against somebody, that at least they deserve it, I reckon. It definitely cannot be. Now, Agnella Ricci Terra is a prostitute herself, a secretary, so stupid and ignorant, and my only life, of an absolutely brilliant and independent woman, as for that end of 2001, is fully governed and ruined together with everything else by her for more than fourteen years in First World Democracy. I was an adult woman and a Brazilian or Australian citizen, therefore someone absolutely entitled to maximum protection to her privacy, property, and freedom rights. I would not understand not even why Agnella Ricci Terra would ever have a say in my adult life, who would say this? What is the explanation for this? Agnella had already been denounced by me to the Australian government through the figure of Trevor Skinner. She would have created the problems that generated the worst attacks of De Oliveira against me since that 2000 for being intrusive and disrespectful, for acting in gang, for committing crime against me together with her son, for being therefore disloyal to an extreme with her own blood relative. Who is Agnella? Who on earth would like her to be someone? To be somewhere? Why me? If anything, the opposite: I kill her, I command her, the highest IQ, obviously and trivially. What sort of thing has made the world act in the way they do? Why supporting Australia in what they decide instead of doing what they would normally do to Brazil and impose retaliations to them until they do what they should or at least saving me from both BR and AU through an academic job in the USA or something? Why this and why precisely with my existence? When did I like Brazil? When did I choose Brazil? For what? I was asking more than eight world authorities to guarantee my rights against Brazil and Brazilians in that end of 2001, also the entire AU TV press. What else? How could this even start, for God's sake? What did I owe and to whom instead of the opposite? Anyway, the Asian women would then be attacking me, even though they were already attacking in support to the Asian men who simply hated any woman from Brazil gratuitously, because they say that prostitute was me, imagine that! You've gotta be insane, like what is the piece of evidence that they have to support what they are saying? What I have however are very solid truths and public facts. Who lived with Bradley was me. He did not let me pay half of the rental and still did that in a very coward and criminal way, what definitely points at marriage and responsibility that is voluntary over my bills, generosity that is clearly of marital type. I wanted to start being a proper flatmate and pay half from the moment I thought he had been with someone else again, which was after Asha dropped. He did not accept and still did all that not to, so that prostitute would definitely have to be the others, I am sorry. I was never with anyone else in my intimacy during the entire time Bradley paid my bills or was with me in public, so that I was behaving as a married person should at all times, and slut was definitely him. In this case, what on earth can justify the words that the Asian or Australian women have used all these years to justify their atrocities against me? I don't even see how a person can decide not to do what they get paid to do for the other, who would say this? One second, one woman, would have been enough. One man, whatever. Imagine more than fourteen years in a row, 24/7? It all can only be a joke, quite sincerely!

Hamish, you say you are going to do something, you do. You did not have the rights to do anything else, I am sorry. You do the damn banner, you save me, you make sure I get the best justice and compensation as possible, quite sincerely, and nothing else. 

Basically, it is blessed be who kills whoever states things that are this serious to others and don't mean them: Nothing better than a dead traitor, a dead deceiver, quite sincerely. That they are killed way before they can harm us: good people, hardworkers, achievers, God's fighters, etc. They don't have any shame, they don't have any shame!




Tuesday, 24 May 2016


I call VACA a person without any discernment or respect for other people or for the human conventions. I call VACA the person who is a parasite, a free loader, a violator of human rights, and is incapable of having minimum understanding as to why the laws should be followed and human rights in general should be respected at ABSOLUTELY ANY EXPENSE. When it is a man, we call him MALE VACA, and, when it is a woman, FEMALE VACA or just VACA, since VACA is originally a female (cow). 

I call VACA someone who is not worried as to whether they have done things right or nor in terms of morality. 

Basically, I was told that the problem the old women had with me has been solved by the atrocities that they commit since that end of 2001 against my life and organism and I was told that the problem the young, but incapable-of-living-and-let-live women had with me has been solved in the same way. The former could not see me happy, active, and achieving highest at work. The latter could not stand their men being sexually interested in me or the possibility that I were interested in them. 

All that I have to say is that there cannot be a race or a world without rules. If those did not exist and all was theory, then I should have been informed, so that we would be playing the same game. I am sorry, but we cannot start playing chess and then, all of a sudden, everyone changes the game to checkers, tells me nothing, and, because of this incredibly disloyal move, they win. 

I don't care what your reasons are for you to attack my basic rights or let be attacked, but I do hope I will have your collaboration, even with you being a marginal and all the authorities on earth supporting all these atrocities, even with all the media on earth supporting with them all that you do, so that we reach an end that will displease me and God less than the current possible end would: Stick to me and my rights even being a marginal. I know you ALSO expect to be punished. I don't necessarily want you to be punished. I just want you to help me get all printed in the media as it is to me. I can even reward you for staying with me to the end and guaranteeing the truth is told as it is. I have no choice, despite this being my only life, body, perfect turn, as for end of 2001, etc. I know we should get a lot of money out of this if justice happens as it should, so that I can even give you some, but please help me first. Stick to whatever you can do in this journey until we can get this all published.

The Australian native men seem to think that they can do this to me because they invented some parallel story since I became heavily victimized by Brazil and Australia, and they then decided that they can put people outside of their professions and normal lives by means of violation of human rights, like that basically they can command Brazilian women's lives, especially if they need the services of the native Australian men to protect themselves against aggressors/violators of the Country of origin (in my case, they simply served me to Brazil through that Trevor instead of actually serving me, and therefore protecting me, especially my basic human rights, especially against Brazil, as said so many times). I am not good at dealing with marginals and getting what I want, otherwise I would have gotten what I wanted from Priest, Bradley, Cook, etc. I am really not good at it, like I seem not to be able to negotiate with them and get what I want to get. I also don't know who can do that. I cannot think of anyone I know who has someday managed to get something from marginals and was a honest person. I noticed that between marginals the thing is fear factor and threatening power, so that it is all realistically about how much we can do against them. I think that we have created the laws to guarantee that people would never do what they wanted to us, and that we would all have a fair go whilst on earth. We created the laws to replace God, basically. I think I am sure that the majority of the people everywhere I go would like the laws/rules to be obeyed, even the own marginal. Several times I heard, as an explanation, from the own marginal, so say Léa Ricci Pinheiro, that the other people, those she injured, did not respect the law either, or their professional class didn't or whatever else to that extent. I also noticed several times that she herself got disappointed for not being punished, like I could tell by her face, expression, etc. And that is when I learned that what they say, that Satan is part of God, could actually be true. The psychopath, and all those who let me be attacked, and, in particular those who attack, would have to have this nature, seems to always increase the level of the clarity of their crimes, as if asking the authority to notice them. I think I am sure that the marginal really wants to be caught, that what they really expect is that they are arrested/punished, as weird as it may seem. Most of them seem to keep on committing crimes just for the love of being caught, believe it or not, like it is never enough. 

Anyway, I hang on to that hope, and I truly expect that the fact that I was kept alive somehow by the own marginal all these years makes us fulfill the spiritual promise recently made to me: That justice will happen in an exemplary way soon, and God's people will, once more, reign sovereign, this time forever. 

As another point of learning, the pleasure of the marginal seems to be this game with the own authority, since I have already offered agreements several times, and, if they were really unscrupulous and after money or fame, they could have gotten those. At this stage, and for long, I reckon their pleasure is more that of a really sick person: It is definitely about the game, the chancy factor. Not even millions of dollars, possible fame of the type being seen as a hero, and things like that, would make them choose what I propose over what they have, and some would have gotten nothing, like would still be completely miserable, to the same level they were before they attack me. It is all very shocking, but if you are going to pray, please pray The New Rosary only, not the old one. This will ALSO make a lot of difference. Thanks. 

After putting this all in the press as it is for me through a surprise banner, you saying you are a witness, and there is no other way to get it, trust me, comes an academic, permanent position, in the USA, so that I have a fighting chance, and, after that, an academic position, permanent and non-virtual as well, anywhere, so that I feel less worse and go through fewer difficulties, and also suffer fewer crimes. Thanks. 

I can create disciplines, if necessary, so that chancellors and people like that can create positions, all based on my research: Paradoxes of Language, Real Analysis, Small Worlds, Alphabetized Convexity, Common Mathematical Fallacies, Mathematical/Classical Logic, etc.

If you find me a collaborator in the USA, we can try to get a postdoc scholarship. I found something online. In this case, any of the projects I offer on my Linkedin, the one connected to, can be used. 

Please help ASAP, for the end of 2001. If you save me or get me a chance, plenty of people shall be saved or get a chance as well, as you probably know: I always care. If you see the profile I recently got from a famous psychological test, you will see that I am THE GUARDIAN, and that means that I watch over the rights of ALL OF US, not only mines. Rarest case of all. Please help. 




Thursday, 19 May 2016

My Personality at Work

God knows that we could have saved our entire perfect life, career, organism, age, and all else if we were simply given what was fair that we were given at most in 2002: Our permanent academic position and PhD title.

It is actually impossible to conform with injustice, gratuitous aggression/violence, and, in special, with human rights violations against us. 

It is also impossible to conform with immorality and corruption of the only authorities for law and order that we have if we always proceed with maximum compliance and morality, as we always did. 

Apart from crying over the spilled milk, as they say, we are left with trying to acquire at least a fighting a chance, even if such comes only by now, in the fifteenth year of slavery in First World Democracy, slavery together with several other types of atrocities. 

Unable to determine the cause for us not to be offered a permanent academic position in a way that we could take it so far, a non-virtual one, we ended up subjecting ourselves to a few psychological exams, exams that tell people who we are at work. This is just in case: You will find a psychiatric/psychological profile for us on Keirsey Tests




Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Successful People x Upbringers

So, I have already apologized for liking creating new words at least once in a while. Well, as you noticed, upbringer is one of them. 

I was reading Success, and it immediate hit me: I am a successful person, I immediately thought. After one or two seconds, I recalled my current situation and the atrocities I am enduring since the end of 2001, also the nature of those (institutional, governmental, gratuitous, against common sense, illegal, etc.), and I then thought that I am clearly NOT a successful person, what then matches my analysis of the website that I just mentioned. I was marking a no on the item Relationship with my Parents (item number 7), since I don't think I had a true relationship with them, like I definitely did my share and what is expected that I did in order to have a true relationship, but they were frequently letting me down, as I have already printed on quite a few blog posts by now: they promised things and did not honor those promises, they hid things from me that were fundamental in terms of our bond, my mother told things to people who I consider to be my mortal enemies against my request, etc. 

It is possible that Science has said that, even because they mention sources, but I doubt. I actually think that if you want to have success in your partnership with men, when you are a woman, then you should have a true relationship with siblings and cousins instead of mothers and fathers or upbringers. I ALSO did not succeed in having that or I had for a time and it got lost, but I do think that the expression True Relationship would have to mean for life like that. If you are able to establish a true relationship with a relative who is to your side in a family pyramid, then you should be able to get only true relationships with men, I reckon, especially if those belong to the masculine gender. As for success in life, I reckon it depends on way more than what they mention, just for starters. One of the items would obviously be ideal conditions of upbringing (health-minded parents, generous and diplomatic, beliefs that include superior forces for the parents, logical environment, etc.). Another would be contacts: It is very important to have access to the right people, to have the opportunity of mingling with them and mingling with them in ideal conditions (equality, wisdom, etc.). 

They say that it was Science who said Relationship with the Kids, but I got the following quotation from their paragraph, the one inside of the 7th item: 

As reported on PsyBlog, parents who are sensitive caregivers "respond to their child's signals promptly and appropriately" and "provide a secure base" for children to explore the world.

That clearly points at high distortion of the intended message when printing the article: What is mentioned in the above paragraph does not equate true relationship in my humblest opinion: These are just two of the most primary functions of upbringers. 

I see the relationship between parents and kids, the ideal one, as a trade: They work for human kind when rising us, and we work for them and for human kind as a whole when we become socially useful, what, in a rational family, would happen at most when we conclude our undergraduate, but we should be working since at most thirteen years old; it is just that we should do probation, apprenticeship, and this sort of thing at this age, so that our salaries and the application of those would not really count much. We usually would have no salary.