Friday, 12 February 2016

Question: What do You Have that Makes You Different from a Prostitute?

Today I was confronted with this question. Somebody asked me to make a point then.

Well, in a sense, we are all equal; we live in democracy, we may have the same skin color, we probably have human shape, etc.

In another sense, we are extremely different: I have an important and noble purpose, my life is here to serve what we called God, which is the collection of everything that is not harmful and is still helpful. I am clean, I can be trusted, I can be believed, and I am socially important. Besides, I respect my body and my brain, my health and my bed, my home and my feelings. I also have those. As a consequence of respecting all that, I respect other people's and other people.

I can converse, I can be a good and even nice companion, and I am a person one can count on.

The prostitute would have to be unclean, even if her body and intimate parts, such as mouth and vagina, look clean. The uncleanness comes from not respecting her body and the life of others, since they will accept lying down with married men, for instance.

Their purpose is not noble, rather the contrary: They exist to make sure men do not evolve, do not improve, so that if a man is being punished by his partner and is being denied sex because, for instance, he was violent with her or her kids, he could be being disciplined by the wife, assuming he likes having sex with her, of course, by being sexually rejected. The prostitute then approaches him and he will never be fixed. This is just one situation.

They are also harmful in general, not only in the situation of the man having a partner and being with them. The problem is that they would have to be unscrupulous. If they are unscrupulous, not only will they be able to go to bed with the man of another because, say, he is giving them money, but they may also lie to the government, to the police, and, with this, make an innocent person be arrested, for instance.

They would probably say I love you to a ton of men, and perhaps even women, so that their I Love You is worth as much as their vagina or mouth. The man who believes them is doomed to even kill himself as a consequence.

They cannot be good mothers because they cannot have a true family: They live from destroying the family of others.

They may pass diseases very easily and this is part of being unclean, so that the man may carry that disease to his faithful wife, for instance, who is now going to die of AIDS with him or without him, since he could be just a bearer. The wife never did anything wrong and she will pay for what they both did, which was the wrongest as possible. With this, the prostitute is now an assassin and so is the unfaithful husband.

Nothing that she says can really be believed, since her job is making men believe they are special, they are the only ones, but, as everyone knows, they are as good as a dildo or something and they are all the same. With this, her information is good for nothing, since it cannot ever be trusted on its own.

She probably does not have any skill that matters, that can get her a job that be not that of prostitute. She probably cannot converse about any topic, especially in a way to enrich the conversation, so say adding something. With this, she probably cannot entertain any intellectualized man. She will then be boring outside of bed and only diseased men can keep on fu….. forever, is it not? They would have to eat, to go out, to work, etc. Well, when they do that, then she is not as good as the housewife, who also lives in one of the poorest worlds as possible, she is much worse, since she would probably be thinking of being with another man. With this, disease, unreliability, etc.

The man needs her because he had a car accident, he is far from any police station, he only had those credits, for that call, and she will not answer or will not do what he needs because she is with someone else. Because of that, he will die bleeding.

Nobody lives for the catastrophes, but the truth is that any intelligent person would like to prepare themselves for such a time so that they have a chance.

The man’s clothes and shoes will unavoidably, together with his bathroom, toiletry, and things in general, be used by the other men, so that everything that he had that was brand-new and even smelt brand-new may be thrashed away when he comes back, for instance, and may also contain traces of smell and others. He may effectively rub himself against a towel that has just wiped the sperm of the other, so that he has just had homosexual sex by second-hand contact.

The other man may become violent with her, may be a criminal, and his entire property might be vandalized, with his kids or mother, or whatever and whoever else, when he comes back, and they may also be all dead.

Besides, there is no price for that sort of intimacy, of the type only I know you, but, if she is a prostitute, not only she is really plain, and easy to get to be known, but whatever the man knows about her will be a common place, and perhaps will be part of the knowledge of all his male friends, since if she does that, then she will probably expand the business sooner or later.

She will not have any skills to pass ahead to any kid or younger person, and she will also not add to his intellect or universe in intellectual terms, so that he will become dumber by relating to her, not more brilliant.

It is a choice, as my mum would always say.

You know, you can stop by the beginning, and never even do the on the mark thing.

You can run the entire marathon and at least reach the end, having then that group spirit: At least I participated, everyone was there, etc.

You can actually win.

When you win, you can be first, second or third, for instance.

The thing is that we all have a choice every day of our lives.

We should choose things according to what most matters to us: If we believe in eternal life, in the existence of the human soul or even in closest friendship allied to sexual satisfaction and a joyful heart, then we choose love, relating, and no prostitutes, as well as no one-offs; we prefer that. If all we believe is right now, regardless, like a fu.. might be worth our life, the life of our relatives, those we love, etc., then we may choose one-offs, we may prefer that. We obviously know human history and Mata Haris, so that we may actually lose our kingdom, our race, our people, our educational standards, our scientific standards, and everything else from choosing one-offs over love. There should perhaps be some statistics over wars and battles. Perhaps, if they ever put them all together, all the known ones, we will find out that more of them have been lost for one-off  or unclean men than for actual field confrontation.

If we want to be brilliant, we have to be with God, we have to be pure in our hearts and aim at a higher thing. In this case, only love can help us. Love creates alienation that is similar to the alienation created by the drugs, but it is healthy alienation. Love creates the energy of life, which is similar to Adrenalin, but it is more positive, more connected to productivity and to adding social value.

If we want to achieve maximum, also financially, we need to have our head in place, and therefore we need stability. Stability can only be given by a loving relationship, a true family, even if that is composed of only a man and a woman. In fact, it is much easier to get wealth if you only have two.

A loving relationship, if respected, will make us evolve in spiritual terms to the best that we can, so that we will become mature, we will have wisdom, and this in highest degrees. With this, we will be superior to other people and will be sought after for advice, rather than being left depending on it. Love makes us strong when it comes to confront others, human kind, problems, etc. True love make us solid, since it is two, but it is one.

One-offs or uncleanness makes us weak and vulnerable.

I don’t know, from any perspective, it is obviously way more logical to exist by the heterosexual couples and inside of a society where true love, and true family, reign. That is why I say that people from Academia would have to be judged ALSO in terms of their sexual choices, their intimacy: If you choose unwisely, you are obviously destined to have worse performance, to commit serious mistakes.

God’s World is logical if we define it as the Common Core of the Bible. I think I am sure about that.

As another point, it all depends on what type of royalty you target: You cannot be a king of love or sex if you choose to have one-offs or uncleanness because those who accept those are easy. There is no difficulty to be overcome, but we decided that nobleness comes from being superior, not mediocre. You can only be a king of love if you can impress the most selective of the women and you can only be a king of sex if that woman is actually crazy about you sexually speaking, right? In the one-offs or uncleanness thing, the woman is the queen, nobleness is obviously with her, for even being what she is, such an unlovable thing, she made you give what is most valuable, most intimate, the container of your soul, to her. When you do that, you bow to them, all is inverted. God lost. You lost. She won. It is definitely as if we have the devil and you and you have just had your soul taken.

As incredible as it may seem, if you choose to have sex with a prostitute, that is the same as signing under your incompetency in both emotional and sexual terms, perhaps even social and intellectual: It takes a lot to become a partner of people like me and to therefore be accepted in their sexuality and in their daily lives. 

Truly relating to others implies sacrifices of extraordinary nature, like someday you will not be able to sit on your preferred chair because they will be there before you are. You must then sublimate your desires and conform, change that into something positive. If you don't relate, so say you pay for sex, then you simply tell them to get out of your way because you really want to sit on that chair. 

Basically, truly relating implies exercising, on a daily basis, your skills in management and business, since lots of things come as if they were a trade, such as the chair thing.

You will have to make some concessions, so say you like having a shower when you wake up, but not when you go to bed. The person may argue (and they would be right) that you need to be clean to be to their side, not the opposite, so that you would have to accept logic, if nothing else, and have your shower when you arrive or just before going to bed. It won't feel good if that is what you are used to do, yet it will be the right thing to do, so that you will learn how to live for God and therefore in God's World, where almost everything is sacrifice, sublimation, and generosity. The beauty is that you only have to live like that with that person, only one, to prove that you can do it, so that you will be a king very easily: All your exams will happen inside of that couple. 

If you choose to relate to everyone in the same way and perhaps use a prostitute for sex, then you will probably never get to that depth of sacrifice, sublimation or generosity, what will basically make you be farther from God, and therefore from eternal wisdom, most perfect insight, etc.

If you are fully aware of what you are choosing and you are really choosing, then you should be happy as a result. Because you are happy, everyone around you will be happier, since happiness is contagious. Because you are happy, you will be a better person as well: more productive, more helpful, more generous, and more responsible. In this way, you will be more socially useful. Because you now have attachment, you will care about the life of others, since it suffices that you care about her life to care about our world, our Science, our health, our education, our kids, etc. You will now be a proper adult and you will not be harmful to your society, Country, and world anymore. Your soul will be preserved and will be kept in God's World, where all is preserved and protected to best.




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