Sunday, 8 November 2015

Cleaning and Joint Work

Since the beginning of what I call my martyrdom, in that end of 2001, I keep on wondering, and I was actually already, when I spoke to Trevor, wondering about that, about whether I am guilty of some violence/aggression/crime that I suffer.

With time, I got convinced that every victim who never found ethical services in the authorities for law and order, especially in a timely manner, if left on their own, starts wondering about that sort of thing: Why me, what have I done to get this, why God let this happen precisely to me, and etc.

The loneliness of being a victim, the complete abandonment in terms of respect, care, solidarity, and etc., the impossibility of doing something yourself to get rid of the atrocities you endure, the absurdity of depending on others to enjoy basic rights, and others really make of it all something way heavier than it would be otherwise.

Because I know the police of Australia, together with the authorities for law and order, are actively involved in all, to the wrongest side as possible, since at most that end of 2001, I engage in this sort of concern quite frequently: So, they have judged me and they then decided that I was worthless and my only perfect life and body and career could simply be wasted by marginals from last world, more specifically from Brazil. How can I prove to them that I am neither worthless nor less valuable than any of the marginals whose atrocities they are unconditionally supporting all these years?

I have already tried to expose the life of a few of the marginals online (Example), even because they make sure mine is exposed to maximum to every sort of person since at most that end of 2001, I have already tried to prove my value in Science and teaching by getting endorsements (Linkedin), compliments on specialized sites (Students and Language), and others (, I have already tried to write popular books, even about jokes (Jokes) and homosexuality (Terra Australis), I have already tried to compose and sing and prove that I also had some value in Arts in general (Music), I have already tried to do so many things since that end of 2001, it is unbelievable.

Decided for believing that the police, federal and civil, of Australia does not care about my scientific value, I then come up with this one: I am quite helpful even when there is no need. I really go the extra mile to please even my servants.

I have not only recorded where I am staying to show my three-month mess to my candidates to cleaning (the usual cleaner could not come and it was a miracle that I could finally afford their services, since I was actually cleaning myself, what costs me quite a lot in all senses, and this is all because of highly criminal inspections that happen quarterly where I am at the moment. I am sure this is against human rights, but what about all else I endure since that end of 2001? Something wrong with the entire human kind: It is precisely human rights violation that nobody cares about in the way that they should. It is precisely when you suffer human rights violations that you will never find a way out in the system, especially if it is all caused by the own authorities, as in my case), but I also have disconnected my equipment, and rearranged all, so that they could easily move around and do what they had to do, believe it or not.

Please remember that I then have to put it all back to place after they finish.

This is just to say I do consider us a team even when people are supposed to be servants.

My grandma and my mum, also the greatest victims of all of the violence of their relatives their entire lives, also always treated the servants with a lot of respect and consideration and were always quite helpful, always almost working with them, as if they were part of a team, a family.

In the case of my grandmother, she would quite frequently personally instruct the servant in the ways of cooking. I think she had the entire Ana Maria (this book had at least one thousand pages) in her head, with no lie. I watched her doing that a countless number of times. And she had a lot of patience, so that she was a really good teacher. So was my mother. I definitely think I inherited their teaching powers plus my father's.

Anyway, it is really repulsive how being kind with those in an inferior situation in life does not pay: The amount of people that have violated my rights all these years and who they are still shocks me. Not a trace of guilt. I don't get not even a witness' letter from any.

I am in real shock as to how much Anna Fillipecki, Lea Ricci Pinheiro, and Renato Gaui Filho committed no mistake when saying that the world splits into oppressed and oppressor and if you choose defending the rights of the oppressed whilst your natural class is that of the oppressors, you will end up just like them.

Even though this teaching is powerful, it still does not tell you that the own oppressed you favored so much when naturally belonging to the class of the oppressors will realistically never help you save yourself and will still frequently do precisely the opposite.


Anyway, the second movie shows the place after I stepped (on the same day as the movie) on the bathroom with my cheap thongs, which cost me 10 bucks and I got from the most popular shoe shop in Australia because of the crimes I endure (they steal millions from me in intellectual property since 2001, but I cannot ever have not even a regular job all these years, so absurd it all is) but stain wherever I step that is wet. Even so, you can tell, since this is a three month period with no cleaning properly said, like at most I would wipe a thing or another once in a while, that I am really really nice, like really neat, the dream daughter, especially for my mum, who was an adorer of perfect cleaning and perfectly cleaned places. You definitely should see what the others did. The first movie shows the place after I spent some time preparing it all for the cleaners.

Anyway, here it is, my house wonder:

Movie to show the mess:




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