Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Asylum and First World

From reading Tracking, we think of quite a few things, such as biotechs and people bugged in their heads against their will, but what most comes to us is that we really will have even more struggle here in Australia than we currently have in terms of, for instance, job market. Our situation is already desperation: We kill each other for tutorships, basically. These are positions that are temporary, which will give us an income that equates, or is lower than, that provided by the dole. 12,000?

First of all, the roots of asylum seekers' acceptance are in the fact that they are being kicked out of their original Country, so that they never really intended to leave it, like, if it depended on them, they wouldn't. Well, that means that they actually liked or even loved their original last world countries. 

In this case, it can only be part of the logic involved that any last world Country would make them happy: As happy as they were in their original countries, from which they never intended to move.

Why is it that this onus ends up always on the First World Powers then? 

That will slowly change the First World Powers into last world ones. That sounds stupid. 

If anything, we should try to change the last world ones into first world ones, is it not?




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