Sunday, 23 August 2015

Ethics and Crime

Someone could say I do not have the rights to expose Academia and tell others, especially from outside of it, about what is happening inside of it that is highly unethical, unprofessional, and criminal.

In most situations, those people would probably be right.

In a situation in which I am criminally excluded ALSO from Academia because of the acts of academics or because of also their acts, however, I am obviously forgiven, since ethics is about our profession, but the law is about our lives in general and, therefore, it has to be superior to any ethical code.

First of all, there is Newton’s Principle of action and reaction: To every action, a proportional reaction is expected.

Second, there is the incapability of all ethical organs and support services to address the consequences of the crimes practiced by some members of Academia against me and I denounce all the time, and most of the time I have proofs and witnesses, like material proofs and people who are alive and ready to tell the truth.

Third, I really have no choice, since I am ALSO defamed by some members of Academia in a continuous basis since that end of 2001 at most and, despite the number of times and different authorities and people that I have tried, nothing ever happened to tell me that I am a human being, a citizen of a democratic Country, a professional or an adult in practice, like I know I am all that, but it definitely does not feel  like it, for it is now 14 ys plus without free communication lines, for instance: All my communication lines are criminally spied over and controlled by Rio de Janeiro. 

Given that the authorities and the rules are now suspended in what comes to defending my basic rights for more than fourteen years, and the constitutional laws certainly supersede the ethical code rules, I feel completely excused to expose is anything about anyone with names given and all.

I would further add that if one of those bother, that they please save me from all I endure guaranteeing that I have is maximum human justice. I will immediately, upon being saved from true slavery, which I now endure for more than fourteen years, and it is slavery together with a ton of other atrocities and minor crimes, delete their names from any of my public writings.

If they get me an academic position, that is already a chance of fighting, especially if that is in the USA, so that I will also accept removing their names from any public site upon getting this sort of help from the person.

I hope you all understand, since it all seems to be just common sense: I have done absolutely nothing wrong my entire life, rather the contrary. I was very humbly, and confused, and feeling humiliated to an extreme, and kinda depressed, trying to get the services from my Country, my authorities from law and order, Australia, Australian authorities, especially to protect myself from what seemed to be a new thread of crime against me coming from Rio de Janeiro in that end of 2001. From where I see it, the authorities had some sort of heavy discriminatory behavior toward me, so say it was my gender, origin, attitude or whatever, and they then attacked instead of helping: Instead of protecting my personal information, which I so confidently gave to them, they exposed it all in real time to my worst enemies from Brazil without letting me know they had done that. They then made me think or let others make me think that who was attacking me was exclusively native Australian people, when I then ended up in Brazil to bring much worse crime with me when coming back than what I had already endured in the Country before coming to Australia and also worse than what I endured in the Country in my stay there in 2003-4.

And, to those who may say, what is the difference between what you say about them and what they say about you, I reply: I tell the truth, so that I am not actually committing a civil crime against them. They, on the other hand, are telling lies about me, and therefore are breaching the ethical code and violating the constitution of both Australia and Brazil. Once more, the constitution supersedes any ethical code, quite trivially, and, if all the authorities and systems fail with a victim of crime, especially so badly, they are obviously excused to breach ethics at least until the crimes from the professionals from the class or the profession are over and adequately addressed. Once more, I was supposed to be awarded a special PhD title already in 2000. I have completed research of PhD level four times in record time (less than six months), but I have absolutely no title, and that is one of the reasons for the job offers to be so few. I do know a few tried to help and give me jobs and the communication crimes were on the way. I do acknowledge that. A fellow from Columbia tried to help me out at least three times. What counts for a victim of crime, however, is what is happening to them in terms of facts, not theory, right? I have gotten no academic position so far.