Friday, 17 July 2015


You won't really believe this, but it all now looks like the same to me, and all looks like a big joke.

Once more, THIS IS NOT A REVELATION, but if I apply the same reasoning I applied to Elohim, Ya-we-h may as well be Ya from German, We from English, and H from Portuguese, and we then have Yes, we are men, what DOES MAKE A LOT OF SENSE: Maria had sex with one of them, one of the Elohim, and Yaweh was born to be sacrificed so that she would not be killed: We all know that, according to their custom back then, she should have been stoned.

Ashamed, the Elohim disappeared after that, basically took off, but Mary was left with a wonderful husband and sure protection against stoning. She so much knew that Jesus had been born for that purpose that, even being a woman and a mother, she sends people after Jesus when he was in Egypt trying to enjoy his human life. Mothers would usually sacrifice themselves, take the loss, especially a woman who is told to be so good and religious. She knew that he was born to be sacrificed and that is why she did not hesitate in interrupting his human life with a request for help. 

Yaweh is then told to have appeared to Rael, and have told Rael that our kind came from their Science. I am still trying to make sense of their life style and thinking that the only way out is that we are a perfect copy of them, like we are their materialization, but we do not have the mastering of life and death and we depend on the human body, different from them.

That also makes sense with the fact that Yaweh, who is supposed to be Jesus, likes men and gets 12 to go with him, and we understand that those went without their families, so that they were just men. They took one woman, however, right? The one they saved from stoning.

It is also understandable that the Elohim would not appear on earth talking about morality again if what has happened is that one of them had sex with Mary and their own laws were broken because of Yaweh, who sacrificed himself so that Mary would not be stoned.

The detail is that that one who broke the law and had sex with Mary was not the god of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, who would not have to be ashamed, therefore.

Yahweh brings something about Yaweh, just spelled differently. Yahweh, discussion brings a discussion about how Jesus and Yahweh could have been different figures.

As another point, I could never before make sense of why we would have a Jewish god or a God that was told to be the God of the Jews (Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob), like why would He ever work for us, for instance? Now, however, with the name being a mix of languages, I can finally accept that God is also ours.




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