Thursday, 23 July 2015

On Gym Equipment You Can Have at Home: Step

I have just acquired, in a true bargain (less than 30 bucks), a step through the Internet.

I am very happy with the delivery and the fact that it appears to be what I saw online, but I am unhappy with its shape and the fact that we cannot really tell, from seeing it online, that it is what it is.

I have just watched some professional step class online and they actually use this sort of equipment in the First World, so that it is not something outrageous for those born in The First World.

I, however, came from Brazil, and spent a few years in Rio, and my mother and grandmother were really nuts about body shape whilst my father was nuts about health in general. I married all their best instructions and learned a lot about all, but mum also always put me to do the best that was around and I then also learned from her what a good place/environment/professional is.

Basically, this step is, very unfortunately, CRIMINAL.

I have attended numerous step classes in Rio, since I really like dancing, but I like Jazz, and that is the closest thing we can find in terms of gym.

My teachers were definitely amongst the best in the business, and I have learned that from attending classes in Australia. My teachers had a choreography and a music to match it, but, most importantly, they had true teaching to give and true care with my body.

The first thing I observed from trying to use this step is how dangerous it is: When we move frontwards instead of sideways, for instance, we may easily get in trouble with our feet, since it is not wide enough.

It is also too wide to the sides, what makes choreographies a bit troublesome.

To make it worse, the design is not really smart: Why do they have these gaps, for instance? We should have a flat surface. The idea of having something that sticks more to our shoes might be good for safety, and it does work for cars, so that that is better for our runners because we then should be stopped from sliding when they get wet, but the gaps between the elements of the decoration are stupid. Not only will they accumulate dirt, but they can get us to have an accident. The round shape to the sides is also stupid because we get much more from an evenly cut step than from a rounded one in terms of calculation of our moves, for instance.

It should just be like the ones we have in the clubs that I attended in Rio, what means more square than this and more rational in general.

Anyway, I do think that the First World is not really paying attention to our health when giving permission for equipment to be sold or used for gym.

As another point, I just watched a video online that scared the crap out of me, realistically: The lady had two other ladies and the way she moves on the step looks like me on my lousiest days in class (like a drunk person perhaps): Definitely not acceptable for a teacher. No, no, and no. She should definitely go very slowly and carefully with her feet in order to instruct her students well AND not injure herself.

I found another one that is not too bad.

It is all here, on the next lines:

Step I am talking about

So, here, ALSO in my picture, you think it is the same step we get in these gym clubs I have been to, but it is not. Its dimensions are 78 x 28 x 19.5cm (Page of one of the sellers).

Right class: Right Step Class

Wrong class: Wrong Step Class




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