Friday, 17 July 2015


This is nothing that came to me as a revelation, it is only my own imagination, OK?

The Catholic Church invented the Holy Trinity and I always got impressed with the term and the meaning each and every time people talked about that around me.

I now am connecting Elohim to El-O-Him, and therefore El in Spanish, O in Portuguese, and Him in English or Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 

I am thinking that it is possible that the Elohim are simply highly developed spirits that can materialize at their own will. I connect this to several things, including the black holes.

I initially had the image, in my imagination, of a membrane and our spirit coming out of something already in materialized state.

We then become Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, all together, basically.

With this, all our gods could be the same, that is, highly developed spirits, and no conflicts would exist with the fact that we have so many here and so many people claim that theirs is The God and they have had contact with Him/Her or their intermediaries.

That a sort of unifies all religions on earth, makes sense of the Catholic Scriptures, and make us all understand better both the start of human kind and how it has been managed.

I then imagine that the last stage in the spiritual development is the Elohim and it all makes sense to me somehow.

Lots of people who had near-death experiences report to have seen a light and having people who have already died coming to pick them up and show them the way, which would be the way to get to the light.

The Bible talks about burning bush and the skies opening for the face of God to appear, for instance.

There is also a funny passage in the Bible that refers to a vision of one of the biblical characters and, on it, some three or four pairs of feet and eyes are seen, and they are flying, so that it did give me the perfect idea of a flying saucer. 

That would also explain the seas opening, since it could be the spaceship making some sort of transmission and opening them.

It would also explain offering meat to god (lambs, plenty, Bible) and things like that.

I think it was in Genesis that even an apple would have been offered to God, what then made me remember the arrival of the Portuguese at the Brazilian coast and the Indians offering them gold and other things.

People fear who they think is more powerful and start offering stuff, I reckon.

I also offered Trevor a lot of things trying to negotiate my rights. One of them were some 7 original ideas worth millions, and one of those ideas was Deal or No Deal, which is still on TV.

That is a natural reaction in human beings, so that it would be expected that God arrived in a spaceship or something that was unknown to us, but that seemed to be more powerful than us.

I do think that things make sense like this. 

When they materialize, it would be expected, as for the laws of Physics, that some energy were released, so that we could have the burning bush and the light appearing even without any spaceship. The Egyptians had the Sun God, for instance, and their drawings seem to point at an arrival of a human-shaped being with light around or close to him. 

In this case, the god of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, our God, would be one of the Elohim, but the nicest, the kindest, and the most helpful one, which is, coincidentally, what the Islamic chose to say about Him, that He was the Most Merciful one (True Name of God).




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