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A Little Note on Possibilities and Weeping Statues:

It Is against the Catholic Church

Unfortunately, I had told Trevor that I thought those crop holes would have to be demoniac, first of all, since nobody would go around destroying my crop, for instance, and making it be a God's thing. In second place, I kept on looking at one of those pictures and found it all too geometric not to be a farce. I then imagined that we could do that with Science actually and suggested to Trevor that we got a university such as UNICAMP, in Brazil, one that I knew was really good in Applied Science, to do such a thing and see if they would not get the same result quite easily.  I was betting the USA would have done that to us.

Since then, we had at least two of those and they actually were about Hollywoodian movies. 

We, more recently, saw a picture/painting moving in Australia (Sydney, picture). That has just happened.

Unfortunately, we must admit that such things ONLY happen in the Catholic churches, first of all, or with their statues.

That, per se, is suspicious, since I really read the Bible, did what is there, and God sent me to Seicho quite a few years ago, as I said before. God could not really choose the Catholic Church over the other churches because plenty hold very similar philosophy, such as the protestant churches, and those are even closer to what is in the Bible because their priests are married.

Notwithstanding, I bothered doing some research and I then started thinking about when the Catholic church would have acquired Science because I then thought that some people were so fanatic about its teachings that they created Inquisition to kill scientists who disagreed with their theories, theories told to have been given by God perhaps.

I then worked out that if the Catholics ever truly accepted Science, that would have to have happened at least after Inquisition.

Inquisition was over by 1834 according to Inquisition is Over.

I then thought that the dates are compatible because the first apparition of a weeping statue happens in 1949 according to Weeping Statues. That means that they started weeping soon after the end of the WWII, right? 

What happened at the WWII is that the Americans, for instance, started to think they should rule human kind, since they won the war and had great ideas, as for what we all thought. They then came up with the idea of the CIA bug, for instance, and manipulate the will of people from inside of themselves, along with other things. 

It is not that I would not accept if they said that those are indeed miracles, but, first of all, what do they prove?

I am still alive and walking and talking, having survived more than fourteen years of the worst atrocities ever practiced against a defenseless innocent person in first world democracy, and this is definitely a proof that God exists, for instance, because I am a believer, God gave His message to me in 2002, and etc.

What is a statue, though? Why is that a miracle?

First of all, they adore statues in the Catholic Church, but the own Bible tells us not to do that: 

Ye shall make you no idols nor graven image, neither rear you up a standing image, neither shall ye set up any image of stone in your land, to bow down unto it: for I am the Lord your God.

I do think that the Catholic Church is a wonderful institution and still provides the best education available. As I said on my Facebook, had I become a nun, I would be in the USA in at most 10 years from the end of 2001, would never have stopped teaching or being formally connected to Academia, and would never have gone to Brazil, which is what I most wanted in life, and, if I never went to Brazil, I would save my perfect life, head, and body in full, and they were all absolutely magnificent, given by our God exclusively to me and guaranteed by every law of Australia and Brazil as an asset of my exclusive ownership: Here, in this world, exclusively for my enjoyment. The Catholic nuns have also raised plenty of kids that were abandoned at their doors before abortion and contraceptive methods became more popular and accessible. Every woman that becomes a nun gains a decent life: Wonderful and healthy food, safe environment, sponsored education, guaranteed work placement, and etc. My own mother and myself enjoyed the privileges of the life amongst them for about six months when I was a kid. I still remember the feeling of being amongst them and I will say to death that if I had ever been given the opportunity of speaking to them before mum takes me to Rio, I would have saved my entire existence because I surely never wanted to go to Rio and thought I had more than enough sample at home to know the place, like I was really sure in my heart and soul that the place was demoniac and would bring only loss to us, especially to me. Had I had an opportunity, and I was so little but knew so much, I would have managed to save at least myself and my future. 

We must never finish with things that work and serve God’s purposes better than other things we haven’t finished with, such as the public schooling system in Australia and in Brazil. We are not finishing with police either, but they certainly do not work and it is because of their generalized failure that I am suffering atrocities for more than fourteen years in Australia.

I am not saying never close the Catholic Church, but, before we do that, if our reasons are that it does not work, then close other things that are way more harmful and EQUALLY do not work.

I do not see the media working in our favor either. Jaime Olivier, for instance, is sick of knowing of some of the really heavy crimes that I endure, and he knows since 2005, but has done nothing to help me or stop them. If he simply opened his mouth on air and said that he saw me suffering crime, with his very eyes, and I read somewhere his fortune is above 30 million dollars, and he could therefore even buy a TV channel in Australia to do that if necessary, since Oprah, who is American, woman, and black, did that, I would be saved immediately. Should we close Jaime Olivier because he does not work in our favor? Yes, I think so. I do think he should never have fame or a space on TV if he is not thankful enough for that and for having us as his audience. Being thankful does include using his fortune for our common welfare. If people let me suffer crime, even when seeing themselves what I endure, then anyone can suffer crime in Australia as a derivation, since nobody was more productive and compliant than I was everywhere I have been and worked, and this since the age of 13 years old. I never had told a lie until the end of 2001, like I had told at most three lies in my life that far and one of them was undone on the same day and told for very reasonable purposes (all told before the age of 12 years old). I don’t even remember more than one, but I am adding two just in case. I had the purest heart on earth (the Bible puts this as a condition for God to trust us) and also the cleanest soul because God only trusted me to be a vehicle for His message in that 2002, this amongst nuns and everyone else. If people let crime, especially atrocity, happen against someone like me in first world democracy, capitalism, then they can let is anyone, anyone at all, suffer crime in it, that is for sure. I was still so blessed by God that I quickly became a phenomenon, having solved The Sorites Paradox on my first attempt to produce good Science and having full house on my first public talk on the topic, this in first world.

Basically, I had told Trevor ALSO about Jaime Olivier and I would think I was the one to put him to have a better show, where he would look better, since I told Trevor that he was, basically, kinda cute, but he looked dirty and weird. Some investment could make him look good. They actually did that and he then started appearing without dirty hands and without picking from his own home yard, which were two things I found really repulsive in his old show (up to the end of 2001).

All that I am saying is that, yes, close the Catholic Church, if you wish, but not before you close those with more sin than them.

Also analyze benefits and harm before doing that because, as I am saying, at least education and some sort of good support for women, they have provided throughout human history, and really good education, exemplary. I had classes with first class researchers when I was doing my college with the nuns in Brazil. I will never forget my teachers and their teachings. The professor who taught me how to really do Mathematics, how to understand all, was from the college, not from the university. I had classes on Philosophy and Sociology, for instance, that were absolutely remarkable and brought me a wealth of information, insight, and understanding that I have used throughout my life.

Obs.: Just to clarify, when I say demoniac, I am not talking about having sex being a demoniac activity, rather the contrary. As I keep on saying each and every time people ask me about that, the Bible, King James' version, is absolutely in favor of sex and even says that men should get a wife as soon as they have their first ejaculation, basically. It also says that women who are partnered should be absolutely satisfied in terms of sex and actually allows only them to walk away if they are not, and this even with the husband's best friend if they want. Demoniac is not about having sex, but it is about the reasons and how you have sex, on top of morality in general, and, for instance, being socially useful instead of harmful. I love sex, by the way, and find it hard to find people who like sex more than me. It is just that what I really love is sex with love and views to remain together, as a true couple, and therefore faithful and all else, for even after death. I hate wasting time and, if I could, as already said, I would have solved my sexual problem in the biblical way on the first boyfriend. I say I am biblical in love, but that just means choosing to have sex with love most of the time or all the time, either with love already built or on the way. The Americans talk about making love and this would make sense in my current context here.
As another point, in case you did not understand why I have referred to Inquisition and Science in the Catholic environment, let me tell you that before Inquisition we never saw statues weeping, as for all I could find today on the Internet, so that it is really not possible that God does that to us. First of all, we were hundreds of years after Christ when Inquisition happened and therefore we had before and after and nothing. It is really not possible that it be anything else because it would be a blasphemy of the own God with Himself if He did that to what He/His representatives condemned. I find us all, with all this, including the note on Islamism, really really stupid, sorry to say. How many years... . 




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